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 1  lower cholesterol I took it for two weeks and began to feel lethargic and sleepy during the day but having insomnia at night. Developed muscle pain in arms and legs.Feel weak and faint and now having vaginal bleeding and cramps. Took myself off of Crestor! Do I worry about stroke or heart attack from high cholestrol or liver damage, diabetes or kidney failure or muscle myopathy from taking Crestor??? F 62 2 weeks
20 mg
 1   Extreme shoulder pain. Upset stomach. Memory loss short term.Can't stay awake after lunch. Should never been given this level of dose. M 73 5 months
20mg 1X D
 2  Had mild heart attack. Lower back pain, ringing in the ears, anxiety, panic attacks, foot cramps, shortness of breath, feeling of sweating under the arms but it's dry. Started with Lipitor in 2013 but could not tolerate it due to severe lower back pain. Doctor switched me to Crestor 10mg but I had the same results. Changed cardiologists and new doctor put me on 1 5 mg pill every week. Not a happy camper with the side effects listed. Had a very bad day today with panic and anxiety. M 60 6 months
5 mg 1X W
 1  To Lower Cholesterol I experienced head tingling throughout the nest day in intervals just from take one 5 mg tablet of Crestor. I don't know what it was doing to me but it can't be good. I didn't take another. It was a Saturday so I couldn't call the cartiologist so I consulted a pharmacist. He said he had never heard of this reaction. I am sensitive to any outside non natural things in my body but I never expected this side effect. F 67 1 days
5 mg 3X W
 4  high cholesterol, high BP muscle cramps and arms, confusion & memory loss, mild dizziness, tingling/shaking in left arm, drowsiness, trouble sleeping, anger management better if taken at lower dosages than prescribed by doctors M 60 3 months
20 1X D
 1  high cholesterol Leg cramps and terrible muscle soreness. I quit taking it 2 months ago and my legs are still very painful, Would not recommend taking it, I won't take any more drugs or chemicals into my body F 60 60 days
10 mg 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol My Elbows hurt and my knees and ankles feel damaged as if I injured them ever since being on crestor my legs are constantly killing me and when I kneel down I need help getting back up and then I limp for awhile. This drug has ruined my life, I cant run or anything and I am a sewer cleaner, I have a hard time doing my job. Dont take this crap!! M 49 3 months
5 mg 1X D
 1  High cholesterol I have been experiencing all these effects; After a mild heart attack my medication dose was increased to 30mg from 10mg. However none of the doctors can tell me why I had a heart attack, my arteries are not clogged. I have discussed how I was feeling on numerous occasions with my doctor (side effects below) and he never told me it could be related to the Crestor... •Abdominal pain and nausea •Blurred vision - Started when the doctor changed my prescription from 10mg a day to 30mg a day •Confusion - all the time •Depression - I do not feel as chipper as I used to.... I was always the optimist however I do not feel myself at all •Drowsiness - so tired all the time •Memory problems - I forget everything now •Weakness, muscle pain, tenderness, Muscle aches - all the time I am going to take myself off the medication for 2 weeks to see how I feel and if I feel better I will be approaching my doctor and tell him I am not taking it any longer. I am so sick of feeling like this all the time. F 44 2 years
30 MG 1X D
 1  TAking it to raise HDL Muscle pain, especially upper arms, back, and neck. Then sudden sharp chest pains with nausea, dizziness, and sweating. Cost is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!! ˇ Insurance paid $300 and I was still responsible for $208 out .of pocket. F 59 5 weeks
5 1X D
 1  Hi Cholesterol Confusion and memory loss, unable to function especially at work I took Crestor for 3 years not knowing that all my problems were due to this drug. It lowered my cholesterol quickly but I lost my ability to think, to concentrate, to remember things that I knew all my life especially at work. I became the village idiot at work after 22 years of dedicated service to my employer - no one ever came to me anymore for information. I knew the information but I could not retrieve it/remember it. It was thanks to PBS, CNN, and FOX that I found out that Crestor can cause these problems. I stopped taking it and it took about 6 months to finally find my old self again, who I was 3 1/2 years before. What is criminal is that my doctor and my pharmacist did not know Crestor had these side effects. I recently asked my pharmacist again, he looked in his computer and said "no Crestor does not cause confusion and memory loss". My doctor accused me of making it up. I went to the Crestor,com and sure enough memory loss and confusion are listed but at the bottom. I suffered for 3 years for nothing! I am grateful I didn't lose my job and am off this medication. It is negligence that the company does not inform the doctors and pharmacists of this side effect. My heart goes out to others who are suffering like I did needlessly. F 54 3 years
1X D
 2  High cholesterol I didn't want to think I was going to have side effects from Crestor because of the placebo effect. I took the Crestor with trepidation because I have fibromyalgia. My pain is worse than ever. I'm sleeping 15 hours a day and have terrible anxiety and depression. There's no life circumstances to cause these emotional feelings. I have horrific abdominal pain and do not want to eat. I don't want to have another heart attack, but are statins worth the loss of comfort? I don't want to live this way. F 63 4 months
5 mg
 1  slightly elevated cholesterol Woke at midnight with the most horrific muscle pains through my whole body including heart. Over 4 years on I still have very disturbed sleep because of muscle pain in mostly my legs. I had the best sleeps ever until I touched a statin drug, never again. I have tried natural cures but am now waiting for an e consult with the Mayo Statin damage clinic. Statins have totally ruined my quality of life. M 70 4.5 months
40mg 1X D

 1  doctor prescribed as precaution Thought I was going mad painful stomach, rashes, joint pain, palpitations, sore backache, sore joints, uncontrollable weight gain. ANGER LIKE YOU WONT BELIEVE. Stopping this stuff now always felt better when I forgot to take my meds. Now I know better 48 6 months
 3  High triglycerides and cholesterol Dry throat in morning, occasional dry cough. I was taking Lipitor previously, with joint cramping in the middle of the night, and extreme fatigue in day at work. I could hardly stay awake. I have been on the Crestor for a couple of months and I don't seem to have any side effects other than an occasional dry throat. Havent had any follow up bloodwork yet to see what the cholesterol is. Prior to Crestor it was 270, with 565 triglycerides. F 49 60 days
10 mg 1X D
 1  High cholesterol I had memory loss, brain fog, muscle spasms in my feet and legs-at first at night then during the day as well, hip pain (surgery as a result), lower back pain to the point where it would wake me up at night, stiff neck-impeded my driving since I couldn't turn my head to the right or left, exhausted all the time and as a result had to get in bed when I got home from work everyday at 4 pm, constipated, night sweats, interrupted sleep...a nightmare! I am resentful now that I didn't have my wits about me enough to figure out it was the drug! I was going from specialist to specialist, but no one could figure out what was wrong! Imagine that! Then, finally, I went to a doctor who said, "I think you are having a reaction to Crestor. If it is the Crestor, you will feel much better in a few days." Sure enough, I feel like a new person! I am still having a few muscle cramps and memory problems, but other than that, I feel 100% better than I have in two years! F 59 2 years
10 1X D
 1  Colestoral Let me start by saying taking Crestor has been a HUGE mistake!! Feel old, very upset and angry!!!!!!!!, driving very aggressive, (had a few near crashes) crazy dreams and worst of all argued with my wonderful wife because I am feeling sooo upset and angry! A kid was standing in my walking path and had a thought to shove him out if the way; That's terrible!! That's it!!!! Called in to work today (Which I rarely ever do) Stopped taking this devil drug, I rather die early and treat my wife better and feel like a human in place of being part of this crazy Nazi experiment. I didn't bother listing all my side effects, to many to be honest. Will look into a new diet, praying to God and treat my wife as I used to before Crestor M 41 1 years
10 1X O
 1  Good out weighted bad Extreme pain all over my body irritable going to toilet a lot headache spins and needles and in bed it felt my body was vibrating F 57 2 months
 2  genetically high cholesterol Guys, I'm freeking out. I've had most of the side effects people have been posting, for years. Constant lethargy and feeling old, muscle pains, joint pain (especially my hip), leg pains in bed, terrible memory, night sweats, stomach pains, anxiety, depression...I put it all down to over-work and not enough rest. I think I'll ask my doctor if I can change to assess if it's the Crestor or my lifestyle. Will keep you posted. M 38 4 years
 1  Low good cholesterol Was on niaspan and had minimal night sweats. FDA saying niacin is bad for diabetes so switched to crestor. Took ONE dose and I feel terrible. Thank god I only took one dose. I'm done I'll handle cholesterol naturally. M 55 1 days