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 2  Cardiologist recommend, Cholesterol Within 3 months began to feel fatigue, overall weakness, muscle aches, cramping in calves and abdomen. Recently have become lethargic, foggy, slurring sentences and no energy. Total cholesterol was 150 and LDL was 100 but doctor pointed to the Jupiter study and indicated I needed to be at 70 to 80 LDL and put me on 5 mg of Crestor. Starting feeling side effects after 2 months and became steadily more noticeable. Cut the pill in half to 2.5 mgs but no improvement in symptoms. Blood pressure has lowered to 125 over 75 and I thought the lack of energy and weakness was due to my heart not having to work as hard. Going to discontinue the drug completely and have my internal medical doctor perform new blood and liver tests. would rather live with slightly elevated BP than live with the symptoms. M 51 6 months
5 1X D
 1  Cholesterol level was 297 I was taking another medication but my level only went down to 273. The first month my cholesterol went from 273 to 155 on Crestor. The doctor wanted me to continue and wrote a script for a few months at the end of March. I have been having trouble losing weight even though I have been exercising and eating less. I have been having headaches recently as well, last night was bad. Brain fog, definitely. Last weekend I experienced flu like symptoms, my back ached all over and I was very sensitive to the touch. I did not have the flu. Woke up the next morning and I was fine. I called the doctor's office this morning to advise and when they called back I was told to quit taking crestor for the next 3-4 weeks and then schedule a visit. F 50 6 months
20 mg 1X D
 1  High cholesteral Believe me,when I say, the pain is UNBELIEVEABLE !I have ALL of the following.......Severe leg cramps, the whole leg, in both, spasms.Swollen legs.Can't walk, stand, lay or sit down for long, as the muscles spasms, are just to severe.Can not bend over, most of the time, as the muscles just lock up.They feel like they are tearing.Right leg swelled to double its size. Hard to rise from a chair or bed.Skin tender to the touch. Severe lower back pain.Atrophy.Sunken,shoulder muscles. Poor balance.Feel like I am going to fall, if I turn.Weakness. Insomnia.Mild nausea.Poor memory.Trouble concentrating. Have a hard time, finishing sentences.My thinking just goes blank.Cold, most of the time.Hard to climb stairs.Thinning hair. Vision is worse and blurry at times.I have seen the eye doctor. Gagging in my throat at times, when I try to talk, it's getting worse Slowly I have become more and more weak.There have been so many things,creep up on me, I just thought, that it might be old age.I had the TV on the other day and I heard someone mention, that if you were on a cholesterol lowering medication and your legs were bothering you, that you should have it checked out by a doctor.I would rather live with high cholesterol, than take Crestor !I just hope it has not damaged my liver,kidneys or legs permanently F 61 2 years
low dose 1X D
 1  High cholesterol You might as well take a cyanide pill if you take Crestor. I took it for one night and work up feeling like I had been run over by a Mac truck. I only took 1/2 tablet of a 10 mg because I was nervous about taking it. I barely slept all night, had frequent urination on the hour and woke up with severe muscle aches. I still ache after 3 days. I have tried Simvastatin 20 mg and after a month on that, had peripheral neuropathy so bad I could barely sit still with my feet just buzzing away like a million pins were in them. Also, increased GERD and mouth sores. I am ready to give up on statins. I wasted $65 copay on Crestor while Simvastatin is $10.00. I wish you could return pills to the pharmacy when they don't work out. F 53 1 days
10 mg 1X D
 1  high cholestrol Severe knee pain. I could hardly get up the stairs after two weeks. Pain in the lower right side. Trembling thumb My doctor prescribed Crestor after I had muscle and confusion side effects from Zocor. I tolerated Zocor for 10 months. I can no longer tolerate the pain that has come from Crestor. F 50 2 weeks
5mg 1X D
 1  HDL/LDL ratio bad Brain Fog, disorientation. Scarey experience. Would like to know exact cause of side effects M 52 45 days
5 MG 1X D
 1  High cholesterol Who needs death panels when we have Crestor? Just a few weeks on this stuff nearly killed my 83 year old mother. She became so weak that she could not lift herself up from a chair. After rolling off of her bed, she became trapped in her comforter and almost died from heat and dehydration. Thank God I found her and called 911. After 2 days in the hospital, she is still too weak to even crawl onto her bed. Before Crestor, she was walking to the market by herself. F 83 22 days
10 mg 1X D
 2   Severe constipation. Although, Crestor has worked well, I can no longer deal with the constant constipation issues. I'm going off it. If I don't take Crestor for a week or so, my digestive system works beautifully. F 62 2 years
10 4X W
 2  High Cholesterol Unbearable heartburn and acid reflux I am not sure if this medicine helped my cholesterol. I could only take it for ten days before the side effects became unbearable. I have controlled GERD, thanks to Prilosec, but with Crestor, my acid reflux and heartburn was out of control. I simply could not eat or drink anything without extreme pain. Thankfully, my doctor has called in another medicine for me to try, hopefully, without these side effects. Crestor may work for some, but not for me. F 28 10 days
10 mg 1X D
 5  High cholesterol None. My total cholesterol level was lowered by 117 points. This pill was the only change I made to my diet/exercise routine. F 50 70 days
30 mg 1X D
 4  high cholesterol levels None, fortunately. I was previously on Vytorin and experienced muscle aches, so my Doc switched me to Crestor. M 50 3 years
5 1X D
 2  High Cholesterol Thank God I haven't experienced any of the severe side effects that I have read on this board. However, Crestor makes me feel very jumpy most of the time and my thinking is not very clear at times. The jumpy feeling is similar to having had way too much caffeine (which I long ago cut completely from my diet) or not having eaten in a long time. I don't like the feeling at all! I have lost 22 pounds in two months through eating properly and regular exercise. In a month I will get my blood tested and if my cholesterol levels are down, I will go off Crestor for good. I have proven in the past that I can control my levels through diet and exercise. Giving up sugar and fatty foods and adding regular exercise into my routine are small prices to pay compared to the side effects of Crestor. M 45 27 days
10 MG 1X D
 5  High LDL No side effects, whatsoever! As I am of Asian descent, my doctor started me on this dose. I also decided to take two 60 mg capsules of Coenzyme Q10 starting with the first tablet (I did not want to wait and find out!). My February blood test indicated LDL level of 150. Last week, my test revealed a reading of 52! I am very pleased! I feel no different from before I was taking the drug. However, next week,I am going for a blood test to determine my liver enzyme and Creatine Kinase levels, which would eliminate any doubts of potential side effects. M 57 90 days
mg 1X D
 2  control cholesterol gastric/bowel upsets. Flatulence+++ No big drop in cholesterol M 68 2 years
1X D
 1  To increase hdl Severe pain in both knees & right shoulder pain. Weakness. M 41 2 months
40mg 1X D
 1  high cholesterol insomnia, muscle aches uper arms, burping, mild nausea, mild headache, unexplained depression feelings,muscle weakness tested ldl went from 4.1 down to 1.7, hdl from 1.0 to 1.45. stopped crestor, everything went back to normal within 4 days,excpet the nausea which took another week to subside. stayed off statins for 2 weeks, started again 5mg per day...its been 3 days and I have insomnia AGAIN and burping, and a mid headache. I am perfectly health otherwise bp 100/60, bmi 21, resting heart rate 40 bla bla low GI diet, plenty exercise cannot go on like this. M 46 23 days
20mg 1X D
 1  lower cholesterol After being taken off Lipitor due to muscle pain in both shoulders I was switched to Crestor 5mg about a year ago. Then 4 months ago dosage was upped to 10mg and gradually developed muscle pain in both calves,culminating in intense pain and severe cramping. Otherwise very healthy and active, and run once a week four to five miles and weights once a week. Only muscles affected on Crestor were calf muscles, and only after dosage increase. M 50 1 years
10mg 1X D
 2  Cholesterol is High I have had unreal pain in my legs, hands, knees, ankles, shoulder and feet. It has become a struggle to go up and down the stairs. Doctor is pushing this medication even though I had taken Lipitor previously, and it was damaging my liver. It took my liver 1-1/2 years to go back to normal. My liver enzymes are rising slightly and I have agreed to use it for one more month and if they rise anymore, I am going off the crap. It was good to read that others have the same discomforts that I have. This way, I don't feel like an oddity. I did tell the doctor that I did not want to take 20 mg everyday, so he told me that I could cut the pill in half and take it every other day. I would hate to think what would happen to me if I took 20 mg. every day. On top of everything else, it costs me $49.00 co-pay a month for this junk. I am sure that there are people who can take this medication and not have adverse effects. There has to be a safe way with which to control cholesterol. Statins seem to have adverse effects on a lot of people. F 69
20 mg 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol Started with 5 mg which did not lower my cholesterol level. Dr. doubled the dose to 10 MG and shortly thereafter I started experiencing symptoms including: stomach pain, diarrhea, arm pain, nausea, weakness, fatigue, dehydration, shaking, dark brown urine, pale stool, bloating. Ended up in intensive care to rehydrate and get oxygen. Liver function tests have improved slightly, but it is still swollen. This is a horrible drug. If your doctor tries to prescribe it to you, just say "NO". F 46 14 days
10 MG 1X D
 3  both Cholesteral are high: genetic shooting pain and electric like heat on a palm sized area in middle of right calf. Odly, only when it touches an inadimate object of any kind. Not while laying down while doing sit ups. daily tred mill fast walking. F 48 25 days
20mg 1X D