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 1  High LDL I was on Crestor about five years ago. About two months after I started that rotten drug, I was plagued with achy and weak muscles. I would wake up in the morning aching all over.I had been doing all my heavy housework and yard work and lifting 30 to 40 pounds easily. I got so weak that two small grocery bags weighing less than ten pounds were all I could carry. I was miserable and couldn't figure out what was wrong. I was lucky finding the information that linked the muscle pain and weakness with Crestor (although the info that came with Crestor said it was "extremely rare"). I quit it and within a month I was waking up in the morning without the pain and lugging cement blocks in the garden again.It is hard to associate muscle pain with a cholesterol medication, so many people are probably suffering with the same problem without connecting it to the Crestor (further research told me that it is NOT "extremely rare" that about 15% of users get the pain and weakness that is the first sign of a serious kidney problem). I hate that Crestor ad on tv, it really burns me up when I see it, like rubbing salt in a wound. F 70 3 months
20 1X D
 2  High LDL Nausea, sore throat, indigestion, feeling like food was stuck in my throat/chest, burping, heartburn, headaches, constipation, stomach pains, and fleeting muscle/joint aches and pains. All of these afflictions are highly unusual for me. I REALLY wanted this drug to work. I have a very good diet and exercise regularly but I could not lower my LDL. I systematically tried various supplements but nothing worked. So, I finally accepted that a statin would be good for me and had high hopes. I had no side effects the first month but then constipation set in. I took extra magnesium and vitamin C to keep things moving but still I had to use a laxative at times. Still, so far it was bearable and I was hoping that these side effects would subside. Then, indigestion became frequent and a sore throat became constant. Then I became nauseous but I thought it was a flu since I had some aches. When these symptoms did not subside, I started to think Crestor was to blame. Finally, stomach pains and heartburn that made me not want eat led me to quit the drug. After four days, I am feeling better but not totally back to normal. F 48 9 weeks
5mg 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol / Heart Stent Extream fatigue, shortness of breath, nauseous, stomach cramps with bloating, can't sleep. Had several trips to the ER from extream fatigue (can't walk). The Drs. could not put it together. Last ER trip was Monday, got home today (Thurs) after many tests. Now they thinks its Crestor. I'm off it now and for good. My total Cholesterol is 153 and LDL is 51. There is a such a thing as being "too" low. M 51 1.5 years
40MG 1X D
 2  high cholesterol I felt so exhausted that I didn't even want to exercise anymore, which I need to do to control my blood pressure and lose weight. On the last day I took Crestor, I could barely climb the stairs that night to go to bed. I stopped Crestor on my own but when I went back to the doctor he put me on Zocor 40mg, so far so good but it's only been about 1 week. F 43 12 days
10mg 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol Sickness,nausea and stomach pains. Unbearable muscle pains, low back pain that has nearly crippled me. Headaches and dizziness, insomnia. Hot and cold flashes I feel really ill on this drug. After only 5 days ! In the bin with it. I thought I was dying. F 49 5 days
20mg 1X D
 1  250 I feel sick 24/7. Leg cramps, feet sore, achilles tendor.Headache. Wrist weak, back is sore can't sleep on the right side. Do not take Crestor even when the dr gives you free samples. :You will be in a wheelchair in 3 mos time. I wasn't sick and weak until I started on this drug Crestor AstraZeneca is doing harm to the population. Lot TN50200 F 63 60 days
10 1X D
 1   cramps M 54 90 days
10 1X D
 1  high cholesterol started with sore joints, hot flashes, overload of energy, stopped monthly cycle,weight loss extreme energy, anxiety. I believe Crestor caused me to have hyperthyroid: I am still having MD's try to address all of symptoms. These all started within 3 weeks of this medicine. three months and still no monthly cycle. This is awful med. F 45 1 months
10 mg 1X D
 1  upper arms upper back muscle spasm upper arm upper back F 41 2 weeks
5mg 1X D
 2  High LDL Leg cramps. Doc told me to stop taking it for a few days when it started causing cramps then start back up. That only worked for a little bit then it happened every time I took a pill. Did lower my LDL - but I was improving my diet too. M 28 30 days
10mg 1X D
 1  High cholesterol I started to experience numbness in right arm and leg, dizziness, blurred vision. Could barely walk. Numbness lasts 3-5 minutes. Then numbness started on left side, arm and leg. I'm not sure if it is from Crestor, but beside that, I'm taking Azor for high blood pressure and chalk it up to one of these medicines. Stopped taking Crestor for two days and numbness is subsiding and not getting it as much. Was getting numb 4-5 times per day. I feel these symptoms are related to Crestor. After reading other comments, I'm staying off Crestor and going to try alternative methods to drop cholestrol. My niece works for a doctor and has advised me to try RED YEAST RICE OR ARTICHOKE EXTRACT (pills) from Health Food Store. Ask you physician about this. F 56 8 days
1X D
 1  High LDL Started on crestor six years ago, stopped three years ago due to pain in lower back,hips and thighs. I constantly feel hot to touch and wrongly thought it was menopause. Spent a fortune on pyhsio etc. with no help. Exercise doesn't help. Family doctor refuses to accept it may be crestor-related. Q10 doesn't help. Any solutions three years later? I am a nurse and can't find solutions to the dramatic change in my life...any scientific solutions? The physicians are unable to keep out of the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies plus they are too busy to care. Be very aware of all meds taken, no one elae will. F 59 3 years
 4  high chloresterol after taking it for about 6 months i got a sore shoulder, tingling sensation in right arm and hand. Dr prescribed Diclofenac, which i took for about 6 weeks. it might have helped the soreness but did not eliminate the tingling. some trouble sleeping and going back to sleep after waking. facial features seem to be bloated, though it may just be aging. havent stopped taking crestor, but will consult with my doctor soon. after about 3 mos. crestor lowered my chloresterol by almost 50%. havent checked levels since then. M 70 315 days
 4  high LDL Some cramping and muscle pain until I started taking CoQ10 F 53 2 months
 3  high cholesterol can anyone tell me if they have experienced itchy scalp or skin while on this medication I do not have dry or flakey scalp, just constant itching with no redness, seems to worsen at night F 49 1 years
 1  High Cholesterol I took 5 mg for about 4 months. Developed neck pain. My Dr. took x-rays and nothing showed on them. Developed hip pain had x-rays nothing showed on them. Went off crestor and pain did not go away. Doctor put me on Diclofenac for inflammation did not budge the pain. Crestor worked, my number went from 250 down to 97. Went back on Crestor because the pain was there when I went off it. It has been 3 weeks and I feel like I am going to die. I have pain everywhere now. My neck, my shoulder, my arm and hip. I have spasms in my back and twitching in my fingers. I have no energy. I am off the meds and have a call into my Dr. If he orders another x-ray I am finding a new Dr. I have never had pain my whole life. I am a healthy 50 year old and weigh 115 lbs. I hope my pain goes away after time if not I am calling a lawyer. Take the meds but if you have any type of pain get off it immediately. F 50 4 months
 1  High Cholesterol Leg cramps, especially in calves; pain in between shoulder blades with pain migrating down left arm and triceps My cardiologist suggested Crestor for elevated cholesterol.I've tried other statins for this but have not had this severe pain.Thinking the pain was not related, I went to my chiropractor for this extreme pain in my upper back and left arm.After his adjustment, I am still unable to sleep any longer than one hour at a time. Heat packs and Aleve don't even come close to giving me any relief. I'm calling the cardiologist tomorrow to get off this crap and will work on a more holistic approach to my cholesterol problem. M 57 21 days
 2  i have super high cholesterol - 600 After three weeks on 10 mgm crestor, my cholesterol dropped to half of what it had been [about 300 in your system] then i went to 20 mgm and it went to just above normal - but i failed the first liver function test taken 12 weeks after i started on crestor. My sister got muscle problems after some years on lipitor and she switched to crestor - she's on 40mgm which is a real lot - so far so good but i expect she'll get more problems. I have stopped taking crestor while I think about what to do next. I think i'll try Dr Linus Pauling's advice - vitamin C and L-proline and L-lysine. They are natural stuff. If Crestor gives you muscle aches, that can kill you! F 64 12 weeks
 1  High Cholesterol Started on 5mg October of 09. Progressive joint pain with swelling in knees, fluid retention, acid reflux, general malaise and fatigue, horrible shoulder pain. These symptoms progressed to the point where I could not sleep at night due to the pain, also had leg cramps/spasms at night, and just generally felt like crap. Wrote it off to age/arthritis/wear and tear. (55 year old former firefighter/nurse/paramedic, still nursing/paramedic) I have a great doctor/patient relationship and tried different remedies for what I though was OA finally catching up with me. exercise, yoga, lots of Advil, etc...... I finally called the office in mid December and asked for pain killers (for what I then thought must be flare ups from old injuries) and took vicodin for a month and yet the pain just seemed to continue to grow. I've lived with some degree of pain for years, but this was different, the pain meds dulled it, but the pain never actually went away. Visit to the doc today, d First: Run away as fast as you can if your doc prescribes this. Second: (And SHAME ON ME BECAUSE I KNOW BETTER! LOL) Read up the side effects BEFORE you start a drug. I could have saved myself a lot of pain. Third: Out of this world expensive (and I had the drug company "discount" card to boot!) and the side effects are not worth it. I can buy a lot of Cheerios and oatmeal for what a month of this junk cost. F 55 3 months
 2  high cholesterol/stroke Leg pain and weakness. Flushing and sweating. Got to point could not go all the way up a flight of stairs. Dr did blood test,muscle protin was neg. Kept taking it but got so bad hurting, I stopped one week ago and already much better. Interested in postings regarding feelings of being hot/sweating F 38 7 months