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 1  High cholesterol Sore throat, wet chronic cough,muscle ache…. I am in great shape and this drug brought me down after only 2 days… I'm just going to have to try limiting my diet… I feel horrendous on this … I'll risk a heart attack thank you very much F 45 2 days
10mg 1X D
 1  Dr wants me to try again. Charlie horses in legs, thigh, severe pain in legs, heel,ends of my toes. Dizziness, extremely tired. Have tried every cholesterol drug out there. Same thing happens,except it has been years since I tried it and this time is worse. Dr prescribe 5mg every other day. Now on third week got really bad by Dec 25. I'm about ready to scream. Pain pills work somewhat. I would not recommend any cholesterol drug to one single person. I think we are being poisoned. F 64 3 weeks
5 mg every
 3  Dr. prescribed Very less sleep or almost no sleep,headache,tingling in ears,dizziness,left shoulder pain and jaw/teeth pain Blood test report shows creator helps me but because of non stop pain and zero sleep I decided to quit with this medicine M 44 2 months
10 mg
 3  high cholesterol Severe ear infections, itching, tinnitus, deafness; memory lapses; fatigue, joint pains, abdominal pain; nerves on edge most of the time, with leg spasms; muscle weakness. Shortly after I started taking it, I cut down to 5mg every other day with the same side effects. Then I cut down to half a 5 mg tablet, every other day, and continued with these symptoms, but not as bad. It did lower my cholesterol, but the side effects are intolerable, and I have just gone off it. Hopefully I return to normal soon. F 62 8 months
5 mg 1X D
 1  high cholesterol Muscle pain and weakness, sweating, can't walk very far without feeling need to vomit, passout or faint feeling. Depression from feeling so limited and ill, a feeling and sense of unwellness I never want to feel again. Definitely felt fear, heart elevation, omg too many side effects to try and cope with. Told effects should last a week but instead are worsening. NEVER TAKING AGAIN!!! Any suggestions to another Med that might help without all these effects? F 47 1 weeks
 1  High cholesterol Developed extremely bad muscle pains to the extent I can hardly walk. Dizziness, an intermittant cough, mind fuzziness, headaches, depression and list goes on. Doctor was not really interested in my pains as I was having achilles problems before taking the meds. My achilles is the only part of my body not aching. My cholesterol is down but at what cost. I stopped Crestor 3 days ago but still living on pain killers. Currently waiting on blood test results. Doctor not convinced its the Crestor. Will never take it again. Normally I bushwalk and now I cant even walk 1km. F 53 35 days
20 1X D
 1  high cholesterol Anxiety and muscle pain. Nausea. M 60 1 months
 1   I was put up to 40mg 6 days ago from 20mg which id been on for 6 weeks . As soon as the dose was increased I started having violent shakes and developed a high fever as well as muscle and hip pain . I've been off it altogether now for 4 days and am still having shivering attacks pretty much all day due to my fever. Does anyone know how long the side effects take to go away after stopping it ? I'm desperate, feel so so sick and will NEVER take statins again . F 6 weeks
 1  High cholesterol Severe lower back pain, shoulder pain, numb hands, some ringing in ears, tired, constipated , lack of sex drive! This drug is so powerful at 5 mg with all the side effects I have experienced I can't imagine what I would feel like on a higher dose! I will call Dr., to let them know I will NOT be taking it anymore. I feel like I'm 90! I want a better quality of life ! F 58 4 months
5 mg
 5  High Chlorestorol Lowered my LDL & triglycerides significantly. No noticeable side effects. And multiple check ups shown continual improvement. M 42 10 months
 1  Elevated LDL level Malaise, numbness, sharp transient pains in arms, wrists, neck, shoulders, severe sudden cramps with change of position or slight exertion. Headache, depression, confusion, weakness, falling, impaired balance and coordination resulting in fractured fibula. Splotchy rash on legs after exposure to summer heat. Sexual degradation. Very sore feet and body every morning, tired by noon, completely fatigued by late afternoon. Tried another generic statin but had severe aches and pains in joints and muscles, this should have been reason enough not to try Crestor but the doctor considered that if I had a problem with the first one, it just wasn't expensive enough so I should go to the top shelf. Actually, one reason not to prescribe Crestor is an adverse reaction to another drug in the same class. GP said pain in joints not a side affect but he is wrong. Doctors had me on five Rx per day, That was insane, looking to be free of pharmaceutical meds soon. M 57 1 years
20 mg 1X D
 1  cholesterol, LDL management renal toxic research indicates 10% of patients taking Crestor experience diminished kidney function. 1 in 10 is too high. M 66
20 MG 1X D
 1  high cholesterol headache, insomnia, numbness across forehead, dry mouth, neck pain First doctor recommended Crestor because I had high cholesterol. Took 1 10mg pill. Felt horrible. Did not take it anymore. Saw another doctor several weeks later for what I thought might be a thyroid problem. He reviewed my blood work, saw the high numbers, recommended I try Crestor again. Tried it once more. Felt horrible. The neck pain that I thought was my thyroid acting up, I'm sure now was caused by the Crestor. Right in the middle of my neck. That pain had gone away after I stopped taking Crestor (but I thought I should get it checked out). When I took the second dosage of Crestor, yep, it came back again. After reading these comments I am sitting here (at 1:30 in the morning, I might add, I cannot sleep) feeling dizzy, with my head hurting, and I'm pretty mad. Will not take this again. F 1 days
10mg 1X D
 1  High triglycerites Muscle aches and spasm, depression. I think the medical field gets a kickback for prescribing this crap. Spoke to my Dr. And he acted as if i was creating these side effects. M 57 2 months
2x weekly
 1  high cholesterol Headaches, stomach pain, tingling near ears. Works, but to many side effects M 35 5 months
20 mg
 1  Cholesterol Extreme muscle pain , neck pain, congestion, anxiety and panic attack Been off of it for a week and still have some symptoms M 30 5 weeks
 1  high cholestrol tiredness muscle wastage uri.e infections congestion M 1 days
 1  Type 1 Diabetes Caused severe vulval burning and associated rash which was not linked to the drug. Misdiagnosis created other complications. Took several months to resolve after precautionary discontinuation. Resumed on lower dose and condition re appeared in exactly the same timeframe of one month. Very severe impact on my life and wellbeing and with a relatively good cholesterol count I will never resume Crestor. Doctors fail to warn patients to be vigilant about the full range of potential side effects and Crestor notes do not warn women of this specific effect although cases have been reported. If I could sue I would. Out of pocket expenses and severe discomfort over several months have been distressing. F 62 3 months
 1  reduce cholesterol levels From the get-go I experienced leg weakness, cramping ,numbness and pain. Initially was on 20 mg then after several months my cardiologist bumped up the daily dose to 40mg.....symptoms magnified compaints fell on deaf ears and he insisted I maintain the dose which I stupidly adhered to. Muscle mass became highly evident from a once athletic frame. CK levels of 1200 substantiated loss of muscle mass and myopathy. Family practioner through a recent blood test picked up on the high level of CK and attributed loss of muscle as related to the symptoms was most likely caused by Crestor. Next stop is to get the cardiologist to prescribe another statin and abandon Crestor ...... and also monitor blood levels lest I drop the cardiologist and seek cardio expertise elsewhere. I need to get off this disabling drug and recapture life as it was before using this dreaded crippling drug. M 72 3 years
40mg 1X D
 5  High Cholesterol I have experienced no negative side effects with this drug. My LDL and total cholesterol have been reduced significantly to well within normal range. My HDL is a little low, but exercise helps that. M 59 11 years
10 1X D