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 1  cholesteral, lipids hoorible nightly leg and foot cramps at first did not associate with crestor, stopped taking and after four months the cramps are diminishing never again, I was in complete agony F 55 6 months
 1  High Cholestrol None yet--Dr. wants to put me on it---I'm not sure. F 71 0 days
 1  High Cholesterol Recently i was having severe muscle and bone pain and nausea. I was Crestor for maybe 2 years and taking other medications. I recently went off of Effexor XR and Klonapin (only taken at night for insomnia and for muscle painc associated with Fibromyaglia. These 2 meds stopped working, so I was taken off slowly by the doctors. Couple months now I am haveing severe body pain and sinus and swelling in my hands. The crestor was stopped 6 days ago. I believe that the 2 meds previously taken were masking the pain! I have had the worst withdrawal then any other drug that I was weined off in the past. I feel alot of bone and musle pain, nausea's all the time, so I have lost about 5 pounds. I just got my bloodwork back, taken in April 20th and guess what my Cholesterol and LDL and Triglysersides are high!!! Go figure!!! I am drinking alot of Teas and bottled water, today the pain is not as sever as Monday, wich was the 4th day Crestor Free. Now I am collecting data to show the doctors, F 59 2 years
 4  High Cholesterol None. Especially none even remotely close to some mentioned on here. Am on 5mg, no problems and it did lower my cholesterol level within the first 3 months. Am still taking it for now and with any luck if my cholesterol levels keep decreasing i may be off any medication in the future. crosses fingers. I do not currently have my last levels, forgot to ask when i received a call after my tests and was told that they did go down. I still am taking the medication at the 5mg dosage. F 45 5 months
 4  genetic high cholesterol I've been on crestor for 6 months. A couple days ago I started experiencing muscle pain in my neck and sometimes severe pain in my right arm. It comes and goes. The medicine does work though. It brought my cholesterol level down 94 points in a relatively short amount of time. F 25 6 months
 1  High Cholesterol Swelling in lower legs first, then swelling in arms with soreness (felt like a rough work our or flu), tired, light grade fever which caused chills. Those symptoms didn't occur for me every day, but ever 5 days. I had flare ups when I over worked myself like yard work, etc. Also had shortness of breath. Doctor didn't think it was from the drug. Shortness of breath occured when swelling in arms occured. May lower my cholesterol but it scared me. Will never take it again and will look for a more natural way to control. Sure hope it gets out of my systems quick. F 39 4 months
 3  High Cholesterol Muscle aches and nausea in the beginning. Now have "itching" feeling under the skin on right side which graduates to nervous chills that run up my back between shoulder blades. When stopping Crestor for a few days, side effects go away. Laso notice that I am having some memory problems. When telling my doctor about the feeling on the right side, she said it could not possibly be caused by Crestor and chose to send me for an ultrasound suspecting gallstones. Have told her I am not in any pain in the area of the gall bladder and liver, just this itching sensation and nervous chills when on the medication. F 56 2 years
 5  High Cholesterol None This medication worked miracles on me. In the first year of taking it, my cholesterol level dropped from 400 (!) to 240. Good cholesterol up; bad cholesterol down. Cannot sing its praises any louder. F 56 1 years
 1  High Cholestoral Lower back pain, dry mouth, shortness of breath Could not catch my breath for a week. It got worse every day. I ended up in the ER, but the doctors insist that it was not from Crestor. I believe it was. I have been off of Crestor now for almost 2 weeks and feeling much better with drinking lots of water to get this out of my system. This drug stinks. No more statins for me. I will try natural remedies from now on. F 33 2 weeks
 1  To get my LDL below 100. The side effects were intolerable and still continuing though I've been off this drug for 3 days now. Severe abdominal pain, cramping, anywhere from 5-10 bouts of diarrhea a day, muscle pain that I've never had on other statin drugs. I am very careful with diet, exercise, etc. and do not believe these side effects are related to either. One person talked about how much weight they had lost taking crestor -- I see why. I'm going back on Lipitor (+ Zetia) which gave me side effects that were much more manageable. I want my life back, not hours in the bathroom at unpredictable times. F 63 12 days
 1  high cholesterol bloating, muscle aches, pains, couldn't walk, weird dreams cause of jumping out of bed injuring self; sharp pain in right arm; numbness in middle finger; weight gain; dizziness, dry mouth; anxiety, depression worsened; missing time from work; went for xrays on knee and foot; blood levels checked okay doctor prescribed 40 mg. pain began; he cut to 20 mg. pain weakness continued and worsened to point where pain was excruciating; couldn't stand on legs; stopped taking 2 1/2 weeks ago but pain weakness persists; living on extra strength Advil; switched from Lipitor to Crestor when cholesterol still high F 59 4 weeks
 1  Moderately high cholesterol Severe pain in shoulders and back of neck. Shooting pains in joint of index finger (severe), loss of sex drive, tiredness, weird dreams, night sweats, forgot to pump my gas after going to window and paying for it,bad short term memory, blurred vision. Just started looking for side effects on the web and found this site. I am stopping this med immediately. M 57
 1  High Cholesterol Significant abdominal pain, long periods of stomach pain, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. For the last month, progressive, although mild neuropathy in my lower arms and legs with some aching pain in my feet. I have stopped taking Crestor and symptoms seem to be decreasing. I would take care with this med and make sure a physician that you trust monitors your situation closely. M 55 2 years
 1  cholesterol Intense scapular pain right side. Not crestor but generic simvastatin. This is bad stuff M 53 14 days
 1  High Cholesterol Accute Anxiety, Cold Sweat, constant ache in lower back area, headache, nausea, calf muscles sore, shooting pains on and off, pain in eye muscle areas. Tired, irriatable, No desire or drive. Always needing to take deep breaths. Took Crestor for 1.5 months with no real noticable side effects. Started work out program to get in shape. Then came the back pain. I have a bad back so I thought I hurt it. After taking the Crestor for 2 full months and reading this web site, I find out it was my Kidneys screaming at me. I have stopped for 2 weeks and the pain is not managable. I drink alot of water and it helps. Still have some anxiety episodes but minor, also experiencing pain on and off and still need to take deep breaths. My questions is how long does it take to get this stuff out of your system so you feel like you were before taking it. M 45 2 months
 1  Doctor's perscription Problems with severe pain in my legs, heavy feeling, weakness. So bad sometimes at the end of the day, I need a cain. Almost feels like restlass leg syndrom, can't relax. I went to the internet and saw the warnings, I called my doctor and he said to stop immediately and come in for tests. Took muscle relaxors for 3 months because I was limping. That was 6 months ago, still having pain in my legs, now going to PT for electrical stimulation. F 67 6 weeks
 1  Cholesterol Muscle aches in neck, shoulders and especially under the right shoulder blade. So much at times I could not sleep without placing arm in certain places. Energy level low most times, depressed, anxiety at times. Flu like symptoms often which gave me the loss of motivation and confusion. I have been taking statin drugs for six years like Zocor and the last two years Crestor (10mg). I never noticed the side effects as bad with Zocor even though I recall having the neck and pain under my shoulder blades for several years and was in PT for several months because of this muscle pain. When the doctor switched me to Crestor I really noticed the side effects mentioned. I was always thinking it was something else not thinking about the side effects of statins. I quit taking Crestor (and all statin drugs) for ever. They are very bad and I am a witness to this. It was very comforting to see this forum to see other revelations to these side effects. I started a vitamin regimen on April 1st 2007 from Dr.Matthias Hahn's book "Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks...But People Do!" and I can tell you that after only two weeks my energy level is up considerably and neck and shoulder pain is reduced. I believe it will take months to get back to somewhat normal but overall I in M 49 2 years
 1  high cholesterol insomnia.muscle ache tendon ache vision affected so badly that I can't see clearly anymore memory loss and confusion irriatable depressed moody extremely fatigued headaches weight gain finger and foot pain only on 2.5mg every other day because of sensitivity to meds.cognitive disturbances. even difficult to type this.after reading this I am going to stop taking this.Now I know why I feel so bad. F 64 10 months
 2  High Lipoprotein a levels--Lp(a) This is the first website that I found where I see others have had similar problems with Crestor. Before finding this site I attributed my symptoms to my getting up in age and/or to a virus bug that I couldn't shake. Thanks for everyone’s personal experiences. It helped to support and confirm what I have been experiencing. M 55 7 days