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 1  high cloresterol depressed, muscles pain, sciatic pain, kidney problems, F 79 2 days
 1  High Cholestoral All the symptons except for constapation and weight gain. Also severe swelling and rash on both legs from my toes half way up thigh. Very itchy. Continually scratching. Severe burnibng in my urinal tract when trying to pass water. My doctor took me off Lipitor which was making me feel off with a bad stomach and nausia and put me on Crestor 10 mg. After approx 2 weeks started with lower back pain then slowly all other symptons started to appear. It is difficult to imagine how difficult how ill I was. After weeks of wondering I came to the conclusion it had to be the Crestor as this was the only change I had made. I found this page on the web. Comments in here from other users confirmed my suspicions. Stopped using 3 days ago. My condition has improved a lot but still someway to go. Would definitely not recommend. M 54 10 months
 1  cholesterol severe aching in hands,feet and knees - general aching throughout entire body. Elevated liver enzymes I am aching so badly today that I went to the internet to see what I could find out about others who have taken Crestor. My liver enzymes rose to high levels (I am a non-drinker) - I was taken off Crestor - guess what? my aches went away!!! Once my liver function returned to normal, I was put back on it. That was a month ago and here I am aching very badly again. The funny thing is, the aches creep up on you - thanks to this web-site - I'm discontinuing Crestor tonight and I'll call my doc tomorrow. Also, my weight is normal - 135 and I exercise everyday at my gym - guess I'll just step it up and figure out alternative ways to cut my cholesterol! F 59 2 years
 2  high cholersterol Memory loss and inability to concentrate. Vision problems with reading, weight gain, muscle soreness, vagueness. I have had sharp pain from my upper outer thigh near the hip and calf muscle soreness also. This is combined with a sometimes excruciating pain between my left shoulder blade and spine that cant even be releived through vigorous massage.I've been on Cresot 20mg after doc took me off lipitor after I complained about above symptoms including loss of libido. My family physician had me on anti depressants for about 12 months before I got onto which first alerted me to side effects from taking these drugs to help with cholesterol and high blood pressure. I didnt know they would lead me to think I had depression! I stopped taking these after an in depth conversation with my Doc who can really only advise on what has been thoroughly tested so for that I cant blame him, however I do hold him resposible for NOT alerting me to the side effects.This has all been the result I am looking for natural alternative to this drug in the hope that my life will return to normal. M 48 90 days
 1  elevated cholesterol 265 muscle pain, short term memory loss, fatigue, altered sense of taste I took 10mg. of Crestor as my first ever prescription of a statin drug for only one month. After only two weeks, I noticed extreme fatigue on my normal schedule, soon followed by pain in my chest, forgetfulness at work, and an alteration in perceiving different tastes and flavors, very troubling as I am a professional chef. I stopped with the drug four days ago and so far have noticed little or no improvement M 53 27 days
 1  cholesterol I had been taking Crstor for about 2-3 years and all of sudden began having severe pain in my hips to the point I could not walk. I have had pain in my shoulder blades, hips, hands, toes. I have not been able to work in 3 weeks. I have been very weak and also have muscles spasms. M 33 3 years
 1  High Cholesterol Severe lower back pain, muscle cramping in lower legs when stretching feet, general lack of energy. The side effects were not worth the benefits The level of lower and spinal area back pain I endured with this drug led me to the doctor several times, stopped the 5mg dosage several months ago. Back pain continued, but has subsided some. Energy level is returning to normal. I took lipitor for 5 years with good results, except for elevated tryglicerides. Another apptmt next week. M 49 3 days
 5  To advoid another stroke. Sore Throat and runny nose. I have an underactive thyroid condition and it made my thyroid level drop low. My Cholesterol level was 294 and in a few months it dropped to 131. I am very happy it dropped my cholesterol level to prevent me from having another stroke, but the sore throat is a TRIP. F 52 3 months
 3  10 mg. Increased/prolonged anxiety & depression About 1.5 years ago, I started taking 10 mg./day. Had a period of extreme anxiety & breathing problems. Went off for 6 mos. & things improved a lot. But my cholesterol counts were great! Started again & have been on it 6 mos. Same depression, but no breathing issues. I'm going for a count tomorrow & if it looks good, I'll probably go off again for 6 mos. Seems like I can tolerate it for 6 mos. at a time. I have no muscle or joint pain. F 52 6 months
 1  elevated cholesterol Brain fog non stop, left knee, finger and arm numbness, skin crawling, depression, anxiety, cramps in both legs, toes locking up, flu symptons, cough, dark urine, recently back pain around kidneys, memory loss. No motivation. Take this poison off the market. I am stopping this med today. F 52 45 days
 4  High cholesterol Some cramping in calf muscle that diapeared after a few weeks M 53 6 months
 1  blocked artery in heart, chlorestor Blood Nose every few days My Cardio switched me from Lipitor to Crestor. Within a week or so I started to get a nosebleed from left nostril, I have never really had nosebleeds before. Ran out of the tablet for about a week (was slack getting new prescription) and no nosebleeds during this time. Started taking Crestor again and had nosebleed (real gusher) within about 4 hours. Stopped taking tablets for another week. No Nosebleeds. Took tablet today at 9.00am, nose started bleeding around lunchtime. Have had bloods tested since using Crestor and they were fine, but I'm not going to take anymore, and am going to ask my Cardio to put me back on Lipitor as I never had any problems with this medication. M 51 4 months
 1  high cholesterol My husband has high cholesterol (over 300). We tried to bring it down naturally but that did not work. Was on Lipitor years ago with flu like symptoms. Has been on Crestor 2 months with 2 ER visits and 4 doctor visits. Swelling of knee and calf. Pain so bad he has missed work. He has never missed work. We just returned home from the ER with no answers. We have yet to find a Doctor that will back up this information. All say there is no way this is from the Crestor. After reading the post I can not imagine why they have not pulled it and why they are not seeing these problems. M 35 2 months
 1  high cholesterol Lowered my bad cholesterol nad raised the good, but at a terrible expense on my body. Took crestor for six months - Upper back pain, lower back pain, shoulder blade pain, chest pain, abdominal pain, burning sensation under breasts. Fired last doctor because he denied for months that crestor was the problem. Last visit I complained more about pain, he told me to quit taking it immediately. Been off it for 2 1/2 months. Most pain gone, but some still lingers. Terrible drug. I wouldn`t use it to poison a rat. I will never take a statin again. The medical community does not know enough about statin side effects. M 6 months
 5  High cholesterol and LDL Couldn't tolerate other statins but Crestor at 5 mg worked well with no side effects over 2 years. Then I began experiencing weird nightly occurrences--rapid heart beat, burning heat through my arms and lower legs. This began slowly and then accellerated to the point where I couldn't sleep at night. Had to take sleeping pills to sleep and needed tranquilizers to cut down the extreme nervousness. Finally decided not to take my nightly dose--was able to sleep and had no burning heat incidents. I am going to explore other possibilities. Crestor worked well to bring down both my cholesterol and LDL--but it's not worth it to continue! F 77 2 years
 2  high cholestral Initially, I was on Lipitor for about 3 years - experienced muscle pain/soreness. Changed to Zocor for about 3 years. Same results. Now I am on 10 mg Crestor (has been close to 3 years), and began experiencing tendon problems. Tendonitis in left forearm,both hands, and left foot. No explaination as to pain. Recently begun taking CoQ10 and Gloucosamine/Condroitin to try to improve conditions. Not too much improvement yet. I feel that statin drugs in general affect muscles/tendons in the long run. It may take a while, but they seem to begin chipping away at them and eventually they break them down. I plan on reducing my intake to 5 mg for a few weeks to see if that helps. Before Crestor my cholestral count was 226. Now it is 129. IMPRESSIVE RESULTS BUT MANY HIDDEN, AND SOME NOT SO HIDDEN, SIDE EFFECTS. M 62 3 years
 1  High Cholesterol Memory failing, depression, dizziness, weakenss, sleeping badly, general feeling of ill health The symptoms became worse with excercise with personal trainer. This stuff is poison, the worst I have come accross. I refuse to take any more drugs. F 50 3 months
 4  High Cholesterol All my life May be experiencing a bit tired at the moment. Crestor may or may not work for me. I just have to wait and see. I've being taking Crestor for 2 1/2 months. The first month was every other day but then I had a 5 by-pass operation done 5 weeks ago. Now, I'm taking it every day. My Total Cholesterol used to be between 247 and 300,now it is 136. My LDL was 170 and the HDL was 40 in the last cholesterol test that I had done. Now, the LDL is 43 and the HDL is 65. The triglicerides is 143. I must mention that I have taken drastic measures to manage my cholesterol. 1. I stopped eating all red meat. Just chicken and fish. 2. And I have incorporated all king of food that helps with cholesterol. (email me if you are interested on a basic food list) 3. I don't smoke, drink alcohol and have exercise all my life ( I mean pretty intensive workouts) Will continue my exercise routine as soon as I finish th cardiac rehab. Since I'm still recuperating from the heart surgery, I'm not sure where my tireness come from yet. Will see... once I have the enzimes blood test done I'll know if the liver is being af M 53 75 days
 4  High Cholesterol Slight muscle pain Was on 40mg Lipitor for years. Finally figured out where my joint pain was coming from and switched to Crestor. Much better M 42 10 years
 1  Elevated cholesterol Took the drug (5mg - lowest level) and quickly got good results (total cholesterol dropped from around 220 to around 170). Kept swallowing the daily pill with no apparent problem until 6 weeks ago. Muscles throughout my legs ached until the pain got so bad I couldn't sleep at night - however I positioned my legs I was in pain. Figured it was the bed, bought a beautiful new one - but still no sleep and the pain started in my lower back too. At the same time I was suffering terrible night sweats. One day my wife insisted it was Crestor - stopped the pill - after 24 hours 90% better, 48 hours later all these symptoms and more gone! Am now on natureopathics, cholesterol seems fine and NO poisons involved (turmeric, fiber, exercise etc). AVOID CRESTOR!! M 58 18 months