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 1  High Cholesterol Had muscle pain from Lipitor and was switched to Crestor. Crestor has five times the side effects. Severe muscle pain/spasms in back, upper arms. Bloated abdomen and gas. Depressive thoughts, suicidal thoughts.Numbness and tingling in hands, allover body aches, pain in hip joints. Sinus pain. Don't want to do anything - miserable. Taking myself off. Seeing my Dr. in three days. Serious progressive side affects. I would suggest exhausting all other options before taking this drug. F 54 1 months
 1  High Cholesterol unable to sleep, severe muscle & joint pain, moody, zero energy i have blood tests run every 2 months to check my kidney function because this is one of the side effects from cestor. my kidney function has come back abnormal 3 times but the doctor has not taken me off crestor. i complained of joint pain so she sends me to an ortho who just put me on pain med. had another round of blood and urine tests done now i'm dealing with severe kidney problems, have to have more tests next week. all 3 of my doctors know i'm on crestor why are they not putting 2 and 2 together. after reading all of this i will be taking myself off crestor today. hopefully its not too late for my kidneys. thank god for this website. F 42 8 months
 1  High Cholesterol Very bad leg aches, very painful, had to take Tylenol Arthritis pills. Pain worse toward evenings and bed time. I was taking Crestor since July 8,09 until now.Was on Provachol prior. I did have leg cramps at night before but this was different. This was an annoying ache that I could not do anything until I took the Tylenol. F 67 51 days
 3  High Cholesterol extreme lethargy, body aches (muscles, joints and bones), feet hurt, back aches, I felt 60 and I'm only 48. I'm not overweight, I run 3-4 miles per day and eat half healthy. This medicine was effective in lowering the bad cholesterol but at what price? Exit this medication ASAP and take an OTC bottled Red Yeast Rice and CoQ10. it's all in one pill at GNC. You have got to take CoQ10 even if you decide to stay with Crestor as the CoQ10 depletion caused by Statins are much more overwhelming than having high cholesterol itself. Please google CoQ10 Statins after reading this. M 48 1 years
 1  cholesterol I hated it I had achy muscles and just felt generally like crap!! I took myself off and told my Dr I'd rather run the risk of a heart attack then feel so horrible at 52 yrs young F 52 8 months
 1  lower cholesterol severe personality change, general malaise, low energy, blankness, "out of it" feeling all the time, disengaged from things happening around me was on 40 mg, have been off it for 3 months and I'm a different person - back to my old self, have energy, my personality is back, I'm engaged in my life! M 71 1 years
 1  high cholesterol I took Lipitor about 3 months and have been taking Crestor for about 3. I began having joint and muscle pain, itching. excess tiredness. I thought it was due to aging until my chiropractor told me it was the Crestor. I began to find I had a lack of strength. It was an effort to get up the steps, to carry light objects. I began taking 100 mg of CoQ10 twice a day which greatly deminished these symptoms. I intend to stop taking Crestor and take my chances with high cholesterol. I don't want to go in for a doctors visit and have him tell me my liver is shot or that I have severe neuropathy. F 74 3 months
 1  High Cholesterol Started taking this drug at the direction of my VA health Care Provider. This is only One in a long list of ( Statin ) Drugs that were recommended that I should take to " Get the Numbers" "Side effects" included Arm,Shoulder,Neck,Back,Legs,and Foot Pain. I was not able to walk any distance at all and Finally Stopped Taking ( Crestor ) After Three days my pain has lessened and I feel like taking walks again. How good can this drug be if it stops you from doing things you care about,and makes Pain part of your life. I can only hope that more people will become aware of the serious nature of taking Statin drugs, This has led me down the path to needing pain reducing drugs and at one point was given Narcotics to stop my disabling PAIN . I would not let the medical establishment rule my world ever again ! I fully believe Statin drugs led me into major Heart problems. DON'T Take This Drug ! M 61 7 months
 3  High cholesterol & T.I.A. sore throat? Dizziness. Just changed to this statin - first one gave worse symptoms. My G.P. assured me that this was the most effective statin, with the fewest side effects. Apparently it's rarely prescribed here, because it's so expensive. So sorry you're all experiencing such bad effects - just waiting for mine to get worse, now! comments F 58 2 weeks
 5  cholesterol to high Lowered the numbers BUT my legs paid the price. Swollen knees and sore angles... Stop taking crestor and the legs starting to feel better. After many visits to the knee doctor no help at all from them. They don't even actknowlege the connection I don't get it. Stop taking and find a Healtheir way to lower your cholesterol. M 61 15 months
 3  high cholesterol fatigue and muscle weakness while using lipitor and was moved to crestor, fatigue is there but a lot less, saw a drop in cholesterol and increase in good one... my doctor put me on 200 mg CoQ10 vitamin which I guess is depleted with the statins, saw improvement in my symptoms within a week M 55 4 months
 1  High Cholesterol 234 Forgetfullnes, swollen throat?, redness area in back of throat, depression, severe lethargy at end of day. 5mg, 1/4 pill, every other day. Started being forgetful, scary!, thought it was the reality of aging? Will be 50 in Oct. Usually very active and in excellent physical condition. Very tired, don't sleep well. Thankful that I don't have the pains reported. But, recently saw ear nose throat Dr. because I have a redness area on the back of my throat? Now I am experimenting with purple pill Nexiom for acid reflux? I don't have those symtoms but the Dr. says I could have it and not know it? I have never had reflux in my life! Hmm, time to stop Crestor and clear my system. Total Cholesterol was 203 at age 23, now 234? at almost 50. M 49 1 months
 2  hig hcholesterol dizziness, leg weakness, tingling in feet and toes,pain at base of neck, debiltating fatigue. Could barely walk across the street to get mail. legs felt like they could not support body. Felt 25 years older. Worked great at lowerng cholesterol but made me feel like I was going to spend the rest of my life in bed M 61 3 years
 1  atherosclerosis muscle spasms, pain in muscles, hot feeling racing up and down legs, numbness in feet. After CABY I was prescribed lipitor and used it for 7 years. I had similar symptons so the dr. prescribed 5 mg. of crestor. It was not lowering my total cholesterol, infact, at one check it was 243, then 295. At 295 he upped the dose to l0 mg. After 3 weeks I started feeling symtoms. Also this past winter I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia (which I didn't have) and now with AS, which I believe I don't have; especially after reading these experiences. F 55 10 months
 2  High cholesterol-family history Few side effects the first few days, but now after 2 weeks, I have arm heaviness and finger numbness. I also feel some kind of small pinches in my neck and chest. Heaviness in my arms and "pinches" in my neck and chest worry me because I'm thinking that I'm constantly on the verge of having a heart attack! I'm thinking that I'd like to see a naturopath for other options. My doctor says that nutrition accounts only for 20% of elevated cholesterol. I read that vitamin B3 is excellent to control cholesterol, but I took 1 caplet last night and had a very severe reaction to it within minutes (hives, lip numbness, throat constriction and weird delirum=trip to emerg.) I am not putting anything in my mouth for a while, and that includes Crestor. I want to see if the symptoms disappear. F 45 2 weeks
 1  High Cholesterol Started taking Crestor 10mg's a day back in February. After a month or so I started having general aches and pains, but was doing alot of construction work at home so I chalked it up to the heavy lifting and nonstop activity. After 2 months, I decided it wasn't the activity, it was the Crestor. Doctor advised me to stop taking it for a month, then start it back up again and see if the side effects return. Well, they did after about a month. Stopped taking the Crestor 3 weeks ago but still have serious muscle aches in my shoulders, arms and upper chest. Went to the Doctor again yesterday and he completely discounts the Crestor side affects and has ordered a Treadmill Stress Test. Not only am I still aching, now I'm obsessing over a stress test. I wouldn't recommend taking this drug. Its the most agressive statin and I think it may be more harmful than helpful. Can anyone comment on how long it took for their muscle aches to subside. M 50 30 days
 4  Plaque in artery weight gain I haven't had any physical pain, my doctor says my lipids now are like those of an infant. I have not taken a second heart scan now to see if the plaque has receded or grown. But I will. F 56 2 years
 1  High Cholesterol Severe muscle weakness in arms and legs, naseau, pain in arms and legs, confusion, unable to form sentences, unable to lift the smallest things (8 oz. bottled water for example), difficulty swallowing food, couldn't do anything without severe weakness and pain. Stopped taking May 21 at the suggestion of a neurologist. Doctors were testing for Myasthenia Gravis, Lou Gehhrig's Disease, neuropathy, all have come back negative. This medication is poison. Went from 10 mg to 20 mg and my life was turned upside down. During the time I had taken it, I couldn't do anything physical. I was off work, and eventually lost my job because the FML had expired. It makes me sick that a drug company can market a medication like this, when they are basically giving you poison. Doctors should be more informed of the risks and side effects. M 51 8 months
 1  High Triglycerides Extreme pain at the base of my neck, feels like a muscle spasm. Also experiencing right shoulder pain, left knee pain, and rib pain. I have been on the medication for about 8 weeks, and the symptoms started 4 weeks ago and are getting worse. I'm stopping the medication now. M 37 8 weeks
 1  Cholesterol Took for 10 days, 11th day extreme lower body weakness(had to crawl to get around) 12th day weakness followed by left hip/buttock pain (10:10 on pain scale) Doctor not have any suggestions to help get this out of my systme M 58 10 days