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 4  High Cholesterol, I have a strong sensation of arthritis in both hands, fingers. Extreme tiredness after exercise, desire to consume sugar, lower back pain, constipation, and problems with food getting stuck in the esophagas. Physician does not monitor liver levels on a regular basis, once every 6 months seems like an appropriate check-up period, which is not conducted. Cholesterol was 279, is now down to 163. I was very leary about taking this drug, I tried to lower my cholesterol using Red Rice Yeast, COQ10, and Vitamins. My doctor said he was really concerned with the level of my cholesterol and threatened to drop me if I didn't follow his recommendation to lower my cholesterol. F 59 2 years
 1  high cholesterol hives F 48 6 days
 3  high cholesteral I have taken Lipitor (3years), Zocor (3 years) and now Crestor (for about 3 years). It seems I develop odd symptoms, which get worse after a long period of time on the same statin. I have been having problems with muscles/tendons in feet, arms and hands. I am also experiencing muscle/tendon soreness in upper back/neck area. All unexplained. I underwent numerous tests with no indication of a potential cause. I do not have diabetes. I am concerned that the Crestor (as well as the other statins I took)has caused the numbness. At night, my hands go completely numb, often waking me up. Hands also get numb/tingly when held upward, such as while talking on a phone. Symptoms seem to be worsening. Crestor (as well as the other statins I took) did reduce my cholesteral level dramatically. It went from 247 at the time I had a stent placed for a blockage 9 years ago, to about 130 today. I am considering getting off Crestor for a while and seeing if the symptoms improve or not, but have been told it can take a year for improvements to show. M 62 3 years
 2   is this possible??/ I was on Simvastatin for high cholesterol (around 200mg) but was put onto Crestor to try to hget it lower, as I have hard 2 stents fitted. I started on 5mg/day for 2 weeks then upped to the correct dose 0f 10mg. Have only taken 10 3 times and today went out for a short walk and i thought my legs were going to stop working, pains in thighs and calfs, really as if i had run for 100 mtrs. Is this possible so quickly??? No side effects of simvastatin M 59 4 days
 1  high cglesterol extreme fatigue within the first week of taking crestor 10 mg. muscle pain on arms and shoulders. confused,strange dreams as if hellucinating please refrain from taking crestor if you value your health and your life. as a health professional I spoke with many people taking crestor and to my dissmay they all had severe side effects. However they are missinformed by their physician about the truth regarding crstor. M 53 10 days
 1  over 250 Severe joint pain in hands and wrist and feet. Exrays and blood work, found no arthritis, lupus, etc. Was taking only 5 mg once daily Crestor brought my cholesterol down from 255 to 180. The joint pain was too severe to continue medication. After reviewing all of the comments listed, I am now sure it was due to Crestor. I will consult doctor for plan B. M 35 6 months
 1  Hyperlipidema muscle and joint pain, involving shoulders, upper arms, chest wall, lower abdomen, both thighs. extreme tiredness. I was started on Crestor after virtually the same side effects with Pravacol. I went off the Pravacol on my own, then call the physician who recommended Crestor. I waited until almost all of the pain was gone (approx. 1 week) prior to starting the Crestor. Within 72 hours all the symptoms had returned only worse. I again have stopped the medication on my own. I am not going to go back on another statin. From the research I have done, cholesterol numbers do not effect coronary artery disease in women as it does in males. I sure hope that is true. F 62 2 months
 3  Elevated cholesterol and CAD Persistent stiff neck, lowered energy, 5 lb. otherwise unexplained weight gain. Lowered libido. Taking Crestor for cholesterol level of 178, which is too high for someone with coronary artery disease compounded by high blood pressure. Lowered cholesterol to 117, but at the expense of 5 lb. weight gain, lowered energy, and libido. M 68 3 months
 1  high cholesterol First three weeks everything was normal, I was taking 10mg Crestor. Then, my right arm started to hurt, and my elbow was so swollen, I began to think I had broken my arm in my sleep or something, the arm was so weak, I could not do anything with it, I couldn't pick up first I thought it was arthritis, I didn't tie it to the medicine, until I started reading this blog. After a week of pain, I was leaving on a company trip to Italy, I stopped taking the has now been 10 days off, pain is reduced, but still there. I have still not been to my Doctor, (only three days home)I don't know if it helped the cholesteral or not, but it just ruined my trip to Italy, I was in so much pain. I will not take it again. F 63 3 days
 4  high cholesterol none 5mg m/w/f lowered my total cholesterol from 247 to 202. (15mg per week). Doc recently suggested 5 days (25mg per week) to get it below 200. M 59 4 months
 1  high cholesteral severe muscle aches & pains, including joints, achilles tendon & foot pain, hands, arms, legs, water retention have been off Crestor about 2 weeks now and am not feeling better yet. worried that this won't go away, not sure how long it takes for Crestor to get out of my system, was on Lipitor before that for quite a while (2-3 years) F 50 1 years
 1  High cholesterol Taking 10mg for 3 weeks (about 20 pills). Also taking it with aspirin, benzapril for high blood pressure, and some Vitamin E and C. Into the 4th week I had blood in my urine for almost a week, burning sensation with urination and now into the 5th week my urine is cloudy. My physician is testing me for kidney stones and doesn't think Crestor is the culprit. M 33 21 days
 2  high bad cholesterol Severe stomach pain and headache M 53 2 years
 2  Dr Recommended that I switch to it Just an overwhelming sense of despair. Hard to tell what part the drug caused in side effect. I must admit I have not felt that depressed since. M 44 45 days
 1  cholesterol and a heart attack Extreme joint and muscle pain. constant fatigue, some mental confusion, hives. I feel like I have been beaten with a baseball bat and just want to get back to normal F 65 6 weeks
 3  To lower my bad Cholestrol My Cholestrol and TriGL. were off the roof, Started taking this (10mg) for about 18 mons. Now getting calf muscle aches here and there, back aches. It feels more like fatigue due to running around etc. Did not notice memory issue. Although the numbers did come down to normal I may ask my Doc to bring it down to 5mg, I just have to start living healthy stop on donuts, Cinamon Rolls etc. As all drugs have side affects. M 37 18 months
 3  high cholesterol Muscle pain and weakness in shoulder and upper arms. Did lower cholesterol by almost 50%, but am concerned about muscle pain and weakness M 53 2 months
 2  Heart Bypass Unable to Breath - I switched from Zocor to Crestor 10mg a few months ago and noticed I no longer had muscle pain. My lipid profile was getting better, LDL 3.7mmo/L (143mg/dL), HDL 1mmo/L (39mg/dL), but I noticed what I thought was a continous continous acid reflux (but wider, not just in the center of the chest), and occassionally woke up gasping for air. My Cardioligist then increased the dose to 20mg. During the days that followed I found it difficult to breath, and after 3 days woke up unable to get enough air. I walked to the hospital and noticed I could regain my breath whilst active, but when I relaxed in the waiting room it returned. Chest X-Ray, ECG and blood tests later, it seemed I was not short on oxygen in the blood, and it wasn't a heart attack. They couldn't say what was causing it, but suggested I sleep with two pillows under my head. Switched back to 10mg the next day and it hasn't returned. I'm thinking now that the continious stomache ache is actually a lung ache! I had my bypass in 1997. And have in the past tried Lipitor, Pravocol, Simvahexal and Zocor. Think I'll switch to 5mg Crestor + Ezetrol 10mg (as well as Plavix 10mg + 4g Salmon Oil which I'm on now), and see how that goes. Plavix is much better for me than 81mg asprin was (it used to give me intestine pain). Hoping that D-4F or something similar will come to the rescue in the near future. M 46 4 months
 5  Very high cholesterol levels No side effects I've had high cholesterol ever since it was first tested about 12 years ago. I already exercise daily (always have done) and have been in the normal weight range or slightly overweight all my adult life. Iíve never smoked or drunk alcohol excessively. I've tried Lipitor, and two other statins (simvastatin and some other I don't remember the name of) but had terrible side effects from them (muscle pains and flu-like symptoms). I then tried fibrates; which caused nausea and didn't lower my cholesterol at all. I tried niacin - didn't work, plant sterols - didn't work. So I forgot about my cholesterol seeing as there wasn't anything I could do about it. At the end of last year I had a check up and my cholesterol was higher than ever and the doctor prescribed me Crestor 10mg (rosuvastatin calcium). I didn't have any problems with this drug and it has worked well for me. These are my results after 2Ĺ months of being on Crestor: Total cholesterol BEFORE 297 mg/dL NOW 142 mg/d M 47 75 days
 1  Cholesterol terrible muscle pain, can't sleep Do not take it! It is dangerous M 62 1 years