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 1  hereditary high cholestral Knee pain and leg pains. After taking Crestor for several years I began to have changes in my leg like swelling. I continued to take it and now I have a knee so bad that I can't squat down without pain and I can no longer get down to play on the floor with the grandkids without extending my leg out. No sitting Indian style at all. There is also tenderness in my lower leg like it has been bruised but there is none. Been off of Crestor for 2 weeks and my knee is almost back to normal. I would never have believed it without experiencing it. F 66 3 years
 1  High cholesterol Severe leg cramps, mostly in left calf and thigh. This is the second time I have tried Crestor. First time 10 mg., this time only 5. It is the second day and already I am experiencing severe leg cramps. Even worse than those I had with Lipitor. After only two days!!! This stuff is poison. F 52 2 days
 1  High Cholesterol, diabetes taking 20 mg daily, gradual increase in lower back and leg pain, fatigue, inability to exercise more than a few minutes without tiring. 'Wobbly' legs, loss of co-ordination due to leg weakness. After about 4 weeks, had to stop taking it. Tried two cycles of about a month each to be sure the effects were caused by the Crestor. Pain relief was immediate; within 48 hours of taking the last dose, pain was mostly gone. Completely gone after a week. Haven't yet found out how well it works. Was on Zocor for several years with no noticable effects. M 51 3 months
 3  elevated LDL and cholesterol of 225 Left hip and knee pain, anxiety, headache The Crestor did lower my LDL and dropped my cholesterol from 225 to 186 in 3 weeks. I stopped taking it due to the hip and knee pain which then subsided within 2-3 days. My doctor stated there was nothing in the literature that reported Crestor caused joint pain and advised me to continue at a lower dose of 2.5 mg. The pain has returned along with a general feeling of anxiety which I have never experienced before. I intend to stop the Crestor and seek alternative ways to deal with the cholesterol issue. If the "cure" is as bad or worse than the disease where is the benefit? F 60 2 months
 1  diabetic, preventative measures Upper arm muscle pain,bloating - sometimes severe, hives on belly, constipation, knee pain, foot and ankle pain, sleep problems, arthriic like symtoms, fatigue. Had been taking lipitor for several years and new specialist put me on crestor. No noticable side effects for about 8 weeks. Had some of these same side effects with lipitor. Now my legs, hands and especially my feet are so swollen I can't put my shoes on. I can't bend my left knee. I can't sleep at night because of muscle pain and have to take pain medication. I won't be taking any more statin drugs. When I couldn't get out of the bathtub one day because of muscle weakness and took this up with the doctor, she told me I was old, fat and arthritic. (I am 51 years old, recently lost 40 lbs and have no past history of arthritis) My colesterol is now 3.5 (Canadian scale) This is below average. When I asked her if I could take a break from the crestor she said, "you will be on colesterol lowering medication for the rest of your life". No I won't. I am done with statins. I'm off to see my naturopath! F 51 10 weeks
 3  Dr. recommended a switch to Crestor Lower leg, knee's and feet pain. Cramps at night, with difficulty sleeping! Very sore feet with joint pain in both knees and both feet! Depressed and feelings of despair. Dr. suggested the switch to 10mg of Crestor from Zocor and it lowered my overall cholesterol levels approximately 20%. My numbers are great, however, I'm going to stop taking the drug for a month to see if the pain in both of my legs and knees go away! M 60 4 years
 2  Atheroschlerosis & high cholesterol Lightheaded, numbness in feet, sleep problems Had 3 stents placed this year and must work to keep cholesterol level below 200. Started Crestor 10mg a few months ago and am now feeling lightheaded and experiencing numbness in my feet. Will try taking Crestor at different time of day/evening to see if it makes a difference. Am also having problems falling asleep at night. If this continues, will ask doctor to lower the dosage. M 3 months
 4  very high cholesterol leg muscle pain, insomnia F 60 3 years
 3  High Cholestrol sore muscles and fatigue which is why I take it at night. I'm on 10 mg a day. I'm 28 years old and in the 2 months I've been on it have lowered my cholestrol over 100 points. F 28 2 months
 2  High Cholesterol & Tryglcerides At first, (5mg daily) nothing. Then the doctor upped the dosage to 10mg daily. Within days I began to experience stiffness and (Rheumatoid arthritis-like) pain in left hand. Muscle pain shoulder. I have been on medication for Osteoarthritis for a year. Then the Cholesterol problem entered the picture. The first doctor put me on Crestor (5mg) which I took for 6 months. He left town to establish a practice elsewhere. I was assigned a new doctor who said that the 5mg Crestor wasn't doing enough with the Tryglcerides levels. He upped the dosage to 10mg daily and the Rheumatoid Arthritis pain and stiffness began. Great, so now I have no knees due to the Osteoarthritis and losing left hand to Rheumatoid Arthritis. As you can guess, I am not completely sold on this drug. I am going to ask the doctor if I can try something else. 71 6 months
 1  High Chlestrol Have been taking Crestor for two weeks and have developed pain in my back, arms, shoulders and pains in my left chest. I am 61 years old and this is not normal for my body since I worked out and got sufficient exercise. IF the pain/etc continuse I will definately stop taking crestor and take my chances! M 12 days
 1  high cholesterol joint pain, muscle pain, muscle ache, loss of strength, fatigue, fevers, headaches, abdominal pain, After 3 days I noticed flu like symptoms--aches in muscles and a crawling sensation. Symptoms got worse. Joints in hands, wrists, ankles, hips, neck painful to the touch. Severe fatigue and fevers. In 2 weeks i felt like I had become 90 years old. I am quitting this drug and will try diet changes, more exercise, policosanol, and see what happens. I have put on 15 pounds over the last 6-8 years and that should probably come off. I have very good triglyceride levels and HDL levels. Just need to get the LDL down. F 56 14 days
 1  Slightly High Cholelestrol Initially i had no side effects, but, after about 6 weeks i noticed that i was not sleeping well, and sexual desire was almost gone. Suddenly i noticed that i was developing rashes, mainly under my arms. I visited the Doctor, he was not real sure about the type of rash, it did not look like anything he had seen before. He prescibed a cortozone cream, this did relieve the itching, but the rash will NOT go away.6 weeks of rash, and its still here.Been to another doctor and he was not real sure as well. Cannot be 100% sure about my problem being caused by Crestor, but it is the only thing i can connect to my problem. Not taking any more chances, no more Crestor for me. M 66 3 months
 1  moderately high cholesterol Depression. 5mg (half pill) daily Crestor drove me into a nasty depression - just bawling and sobbing really hard, over absolutely nothing, over and over, day after day, which I had never experienced before in my life. So stopped taking it and felt normal again. Tried taking it again 6 months later, and on the second day unmistakeably felt the major blues coming on again and immediately stopped taking Crestor. Not worth it - not even close. M 45 180 days
 1  High Chorestrol There is nothing brief about my side effects from crestor the are horendous every jointg and muscle in my boby is aching and some are ready to fall off like my right shoulder. F 46 4 years
 1  High Cholesterol I was diagnosed with shingles in Oct of 07 and in November I started having pain in my right rib area. the area cannot be touched. Over the past year I have been to 4 different specialist had all kinds of scans and sonograms with no diagnosis. I went to a pain specialist who started me on Cymbalta which I was on for about 6 weeks and then after bad side effects I went off and thought I was going crazy. Over the past 6 mo my knee pain has gotten much worse and my left small finger has developed huge arthritis. I have to make myself get up and move and even though I am very active I pay for the activity I do with pain. I went to new Dr last week and he ran a lot of blood work and it came back today showing i tested positive for muscle deterioration. He looked back at my records and noticed I had been put on CRESTOR in Nov of 97. that sent up alot of red flags for him and he has taken me off the drug to see if my symptoms go away. Since I had shingles everyone was going with the F 60 11 months
 2  lower cholesterol I started taking Crestor Aug 22/08. At first I had an upset stomach, but that only lasted 6-7 days. Since then I have had increased joint pain in my knees,hips,right wrist, and collar bone and shoulders. Along with that I have been having severe muscle pain in my legs especially at night. If that is not enough, I also am very fatigued, feel cold all the time, and have been experiencing off balance and anxiety. Who needs this crap. Tommorow I an going to do some blood work to check my levels, but will tell my doctor I now longer can do this. At the same time as I started Crestor, I staraded to eat more healthy, walk daily, and have lost 21 pounds. How can I now measure whether my levels have dropped because of my life changes or the Crestor. This will be an interesting visit F 53 2 months
 1  high cholestrol After being on Crestor for 3 yrs I developed extreme cramps in my feet and legs which then extended into my arms shoulders and back. Numb-like feelings in feet & hands that went into my face making me think I had had a stroke. Head also felt funny. Went to ER and had brain scan-negative. Was referred to cardiologist due to pain in neck-stress test also negative. Went to neurologist who did test for neuropathy due to numbness in feet and leg/arm cramps- also negative. Had MRI done on brain due to extreme feelings of something very wrong-also negative. Now realize that along with all of the other problems, I was having anxiety attacks without realizing it. This has also messed my stomach up-lost 20 lbs. Everything has been ruled out-now after 4 months I am totally convinced it was the Crestor although no Dr is willing to say that was the cause. I am better except for the anxiety for which I am now taking medication. I am a retired person who worked for 30 yrs in a stressful job & F 63 3 years
 1  High LDL Cholesterol Extreme left hip, leg and foot pain, irritability, unable to sleep, crazy dreams, fatigue. I noticed a change in my personality while taking Crestor. I'm usually a happy go lucky type but recently I feel depressed. I work out at Curves 4 days a week but find it is becoming increasingly difficult to go through the entire rounds because of lethargy. I plan never to take this medication ever again! F 62 4 weeks
 2  high cholesterol General flu like symptoms. Muscle weakness, and some pain, particularly in legs, and lower back. Suspicion of fever and headaches. Above all, fatigue, and a desire to stay in bed. If it works, and I wasn't on it long enough to find out, then try all other possible routes for lowering cholesterol before risking this drug. M 63 49 days