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 1  high cholesterol extreme left shoulder pain and fatigue i took 5 mg about a month, but it didnt lower my cholesterol so doctor increased me to l0 mg. after a week or so i had extreme left shoulder pain. thought it was from being on the computer too long. i was taking 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 hours and laying on a heating pad to survive. i finally couldnt stand it any more so i went to urgent care. doctor there gave me steroids for inflammation because i have bad kidneys and couldnt take motrin. steroids helped but after i had taken all of them, the pain came back. i went back to urgent care and same doctor gave me stronger steroids. after i finished this steroid pack, the pain came back. the only thing i had done differently in the past 2 months was start the crestor so i went online to see about the side effects. i found this website and immediately stopped taking it. within a day or two my shoulder pain was completely gone. i am still more tired than i was before, but i'm hoping i'll eventually be completely back to normal. it did lower my cholesterol 40 points but it wasnt worth it. i am taking fish oil now and walking. if anyone has any other suggestions on how to lower cholesterol without taking a statin, please let me know. F 54 2 months
 1  Elevated Cholesterol Pain and extreme stiffness in right hand. Never had this before. M 60 7 days
 2  High Cholesterol Pretty severe headaches and slight nausea. I am looking for a drug that will reduce my cholesterol without side effects. Lippitor caused muscle weakness and flu-like symptoms. Niaspan did no good. Now Chrestor's side effects were too severe to tolerate. I teach and could not concentrate to prepare and deliver lectures thru the headaches. M 56 30 days
 3  My Dr prescribed Around 3-4 years ago I had been on Lipitor, Zetia, Crestor and Provachol for no more than 4 weeks, all with the same results, muscle weakness. My Doctor recently put me on 5mg of Crestor, Monday, Wednesday and Friday only. I was fine for about 3 weeks then I got hit. Urinating more than usual with burning. I went to my Urologist and there wasn't a urinary problem. I also had noticed that I had more gas than normal with a feeling of incomplete bowel movement. I also noticed that I would get an occasional sharp pain in my right rib cage. At 4 weeks I was actually feeling better, but then I started to have muscle weakness and was dizzy. I have taken myself off Crestor and hope these symptoms clear up in a few days/weeks. M 58 5 weeks
 5  Extremely High LDL mild fatigue, mild muscle ache and a small amount of pain in my feet during the initial days of taking crestor. I had limited sleep disturbance, not sure if it is attributive to early menopause or the crestor. My cholesterol was out of control 3 months ago, After taking Crestor 5mg for 3 months, my overall cholesterol is at goal, from 301 to 165. I was totally shocked and amazed how well overall that I have done with this medication. I expected it to come dowm but nothig like it did overall. My HDL even went up 12 points. Although I had limited side effects, nothing was debilitating or overly aggravating. I found this drug to be exceptional for me and my situation. I commend my doctor for recommending this drug and I highly recommend it. F 47 3 months
 2  cholesterol level increasing General tiredness, easily fatigued, interrupted sleep, awake tired, no libido. I have noted many passing muscle aches and soreness in some area of the body is a frequent occurrence. Sept 10th a deep intense pain developed beneath the lower left rib, at the back. The pain intensified over the next 2 days. Sleep was difficult and constantly interrupted by the pain. I was continually fatigued. On September 13th, I took Tylenol. This relieved the pain, but it was necessary to take it every 4 hours. I was able to sleep. Around that same time, severe deep itching and numbness developed in the area below the left front rib cage. The itching and numbness were constant. On a short car trip I experienced intense sciatic pain that could not be resolved in any seat of the vehicle, or seated position. The pain mysteriously did not occur on the return trip. September 21, three large welts appeared on the skin below the left front rib cage, in an area where there had been constant itching for My prescription is for 5mg per day. The reduction in Cholesterol level very dramatic, and was almost immediate. My doctor has advised that the amount be reduced to 5gm every second day to reduce the side effects. After the welts developed, I decided to stop taking the drug, and try to determine if I am experiencing side effects, or if there could be some other reason for the many symptoms that have recently appeared. M 63 45 days
 1  high cholesterol anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping This is the second drug I have tried. I feel totally out of control. I am anxious and having anxiety attacks during the day. At night I cannot sleep. My mind and heart are racing. Thank you all for your postings. I am going off Crestor today. F 50 2 weeks
 1  high cholesterol nervousness,short of breath walking short distance,heart racing,at times feel like im on fire,unexplained muscle pain,dizzy-drowsey and my emotions are way out of wack..feel like putting myself in the hospital. has anyone else experienced the short of breath being on crestor 20mg once a day?or at all while on crestor?if so,please e-mail me and chat about this stuff with me.I have been going through strange emotional feelings also.As of tomorrow I am not taking anymore of this stuff...thanks M 37 10 days
 1  high colesteral swollen eye lids every morning. Affected vison tto. F 43 4 days
 3  High cholestrol Aches and pains, sleep problems. I have been on Crestor for many years. The past couple of which I asked my doctor if I could be taken off due to my side effects and he did not think Crestor was causing these problems. Less than a month ago I went to see him for a totally different reason and he told me he'd like to see me get off Crestor for 8 weeks and see if my aches and pains decrease. Not only have they decreased but I am sleeping better. WHY DIDN'T HE DO THIS YEARS AGO WHEN I STARTED ASKING!!!!???? F 63 5 years
 3  high LDL, trigs Neuropathy in arms and legs. Constipation on 5 mg, no constipation on 2.5 mg. My cardiologist, knowing my penchant for side effects, has started me out on 5 mg per day but says 2.5 mg can produce good results. Just read a book by Dr. Jay Cohen who wrote that the average percent of lower cholesterol with Crestor is 46%-52% taking 10 mg, 45% taking 5 mg, 41% taking 2.5 mg, and 34% taking 1.25 mg. Whether I lower my numbers by 46% or 34% is of no consequence. I'll take whatever I can get. I felt lousy after a few days on 5 mg, and have been splitting the pill in half for over two weeks now. The side effects are still there but much more tolerable. I'll know on October 12 how well the drug has worked when I get my next bloodwork. Meanwhile, my doc says he's okay with 2.5 mg per day if it produces results. And if need be, I'll go down to 1.25 mg and see how that works. M 60 3 weeks
 1  High Cholesterol Pain in lower back and legs. I was also having sleep problems but was not aware that this could be a side-effect of Crestor until I read other comments in this forum. Seven years ago, I was on Provochol (? dosage). Admittedly, I experienced "pain" problems after several months and stopped Provochol. Since that time, my TC Cholesterol level had elevated and my GP suggested trying a newer statin med.: Crestor. For the first week I was on 0.5 tab of the 5mg dosage (tab cut in half..i.e. 2.5 mg). At that dosage I had no problems. Great I thought!! The 2nd week I started the full 5mg dosage. Within 4 days of the 5mg dosage I felt lower back and leg pain. At day six, it is difficult to walk or even sit at the computer to write this comment. I am "disco'ing" this Crestor immediately. The FDA needs to look at this Statin more. M 62 2 weeks
 2  High LDL and total cholesterol After three days of 10mg I awoke from a sound sleep at night due to a severe very painfull stabbing sensation in my tongue; my tongue felt link it was twisted, the pain lasted only a second. I stopped Crestor for a several months and then went back on it, taking it every fourth day. After about 2 weeks with no problems I increased the frequency to every three days. After several days I experienced the same stabbing pain in my tongue but it was not very painfull; I went back to every 4 days. After being on creator for only about two months I am now experiencing a tightness and pain in my left archilles tendon; never had tendon problems before. I am 67 and very active. Have been doing resistance training for 50 years and jogging (mostly) and walking for 33 years. Walking causes discomfort in archilles tendon; can't jog at all. Today was last day for Crestor; I will rest tendon and see what happens. Also noticed my morning systolic blood pressure increased 28 points in the last two weeks M 67 3 months
 1  High Cholesteral 265 After one month had such severe leg pains I could not even walk up the stairs. Legs were like pure jelly, feet numb, severe headaches. I normally walk 3 miles a day, could not even get out of bad. Felt depressed, no energy. My whole body felt like it was on fire when I tried to sleep. I cannot sleep, my heat feels like is jumping out of my chest. I feel awlful! My husband says I am a different person, not the same, my whole personality has gone down the toilet. The side affects need to be discussed with each patient in details. I took Lipitor for a while and had some of the same affects, but Crestor is much worse. The doctors just throw these Statins around without really understanding how terrible the side affects can be. I hope they go away soon so I can get back to my normal life. F 60 4 weeks
 1  Preventative Strong pain in neck, shoulders and left arm. Mild numbness in both hands, headache, some nausea, some dizziness, dark urine, disturbed sleep and a general feeling of weakness. I should have listened to the Pharmacist who warned me of these side efects. I can not risk taking this product again and only hope it hasn't done any long term damage. M 56 2 days
 1  high cholesterol Very strong pain between rib cage at the lower end of rib cage extending into my back. DOctor prescribed Crestor after I stopped taking Vytorin because of bad side effects. I was suppose to take 10mg to start with and then increase to 20mg over a six week period. I could not get past the 4th dose. The pain near my rib cage sort of reminded me of a gall bladder attack I had experienced 5 years earlier, but not quite as sharp. It hurt to take deep breaths. I have Atrial fibrillation so I knew it wasn't heart pain, it was more of a gaseous pain. I should have gone to the hospital(this happened at 1:00 a.m.) but I didn't want to upset my husband who has a heart condition. I took some Pepto-Bismal thinking it could be indigestion(which I've never had, that didn't work. A little while later chewed a couple of Tums...didn't help either! Meantime I'm trying to keep calm and rationalize what's happening to me and trying to catch some sleep. this went on for many hours(12 to be exact) and finally the pain subsided. I could not lie on either side as it just seemed to stimulate the pain again. Needless to say I suffered greatly! This is the 4th day of being off the med and am finally feeling human. I slept almost the whole 4 days because I was exhausted.I'm calling my Doctor tomorrow(this was the Labor day weekend) to tell him I won't be taking anymore prescriptions. I can't take meds prescribed by my Cardiologist either, because of the bad side effects. My Doctors are not happy with me because I can't tolerate those wonder drugs! . F 70 4 days
 1  High cholesterol I acquired Rhabdomyolosis after two weeks on this medication. My only initial symptoms were tiredness, clouded thinking, and a generalized feeling of muscle weakness. One day my legs seemed to turn to jelly, I fell and (no pun intended), I could not get up. I was rushed to the hospital because a stroke was suspected. Instead, rhabdomyolosis, brought on by this medication was diagnosed. My kidneys were barely functioning. I was immediately put on dialysis. I must now be on dialysis 3 times a week, for 4 to 5 hours at a time, just to survive. I have been told that my kidney function will not return. This "medication" destroyed my life. My chances for a kidney transplant are slim to none. After three years on dialysis, I grow weaker every day. The dialysis treatments have led to rapid deterioation of my muscle and bone and I have since fractured my femur, and both shoulders as a result of 3 additional falls. I am tired all the time and suffer from nausea frequently. My range of motion has become extrememly limited and I must now use a wheelchair. Prior to taking Crestor, other than my high cholesterol, and very well managed diabetes, I was extremely healthy, energetic and physically active. I urge you to pay attention to your symptoms while on Crestor and similar drugs (particularly if you have diabetes or any family history of kidney dysfunction). Don't end up like me. M 65 2 weeks
 1  High Triglycerides From the first dose, I immediately felt crummy...have problems with feet numbness and pain from diabetes and this just made it worse..heart would race and heart beat would be very irregular with chest pains, not good for someone who already has heart rate issues. I will not be taking this med again after only 3 days....seeing doctor tomorrow for something else. F 39 3 days
 1  moderately high chlorestrol extreme muscle pain in back, shoulders, and all over. Felt like was beaten with a baseball bat, weight gain, dizziness, almost passed out at work two times. Joint pain particularly in elbows. Bone pain, particularly in feet. Felt like I was aging 10 years per day. Depressed. Welts on body and itching. Could not exercise at all. I also have one instance where "my cell phone called my son-in-law" when I was sleeping??? I have never had an instance of "sleep walking" in my life, or whatever it was. Stunning! Took it for about 5 weeks. It is poisen. I will NOT take it. Went to the book store and bought books on how to reduce chlorestrol naturally. Told doctor I wouldn't take it. The Pharmaist was very concerned, and add to it that my liver numbers were up before I took it. F 62 5 weeks