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 2  Heart Attack with Stent Extreme Nausea and Stomach Pain! No energy! Numbness in toes~ I have had extreme nausea and stomach pain for the last 11 months and can no longer take way to live! I have just come to the realization that it has to be this drug....I started taking about 11 months ago. I am stopping it today~ F 46 330 days
 3   High Cholesterol Carotid Blockage I have posted earlier about the side effects I experienced -- extreme fatigue, unexplained weight gain, joint and muscle pain. After taking Crestor for 6 weeks (5 mg.) followed by 2 weeks of Red Yeast Rice, my LDL dropped from 235 to 155. That's pretty substantial ... but I still hate the side effects. F 62 2 months
 1  High Cholesterol Costochondritis for months, sometimes severe. VERY swollen left hand; puffy feet and eyelids. Major, major insomnia. Blurred vision. (I got a stronger glasses prescription a couple of months after starting Crestor and now another few months later, cannot see... again.) Tired, burning eyes. Fatigue so bad I feel 98 instead of 58. Gained about 10 lbs. in a flash when beginning this drug. Have NOT been able to get these pounds off. Depression. Fuzzy memory. Hard to concentrate. Loss of strength and greatly reduced stamina. Arthritis has been much worse since I started it. When I started Crestor I was having a run of upper respiratory viruses and felt bad anyway, so I think that masked the fact that Crestor was making me feel lousy. The viruses finally stopped but the feeling lousy didn't and I just didn't put two and two together for nearly a year. Then to add to my misery, I started on Lisinopril last November, which has some of the same side effects as Crestor, notably swelling in the hands. (Since on both drugs I am now at the point where I often cannot close my left hand enough to make a fist, it is so swollen.) I stopped them both cold-turkey two days ago. I hope my body will heal from these nasty symptoms and I can begin to feel like myself again. I will NEVER let my doctor talk me into another statin or hypertension drug. Good food, exercise, weight loss and most of all, prayers, are what I am going for now! F 58 1 years
 1  To lower my LDL Cholestrol levels Moderate depression,joint aches,extreme tiredness,lethargy A dangerous drug..more info needed on precautions and side effects for doctors and patients alike M 31 2 months
 1  high cholesterol muscle pain,memory loss,joint pain beware of all statins especially this the most powerful one. if you have had a heart attack or documented coronary heart disease maybe the side effects wont outweigh the benefits. but if you are a healthy active person who happens to have mildly elevated lipids dont buy the bs saying "lowers the risk of heart disease by 50%". ask what your actual risk is. it is minimal if you are reasonably healthy and active.the drug companies want everyone on their drugs for $$$$$. they are even now recommending that everyone take statins as a preventative.this is outrageous and malpractice. M 53 6 weeks
 2  High Cholesterol (263) Joint pain, shortness of breath and chest pain (stabbing pulsations)within 3 weeks of taking 10 mg.Crestor. Cholesterol came down to 175. Am taking 5mg (half dosage) every other day to see if I can maintain cholesterol at under 200. It is yet to be determined if chest pain was related to Crestor but at the same time I began taking, I also adopted a healthier lifestyle (mediterranean diet and exercise). I suspect it's the Crestor because it wasn't logical to me that I would have a heart attack 3 weeks after beginning a healthier lifestyle and losing weight... F 73 3 weeks
 2  High LDL After taking 10mg for two weeks, I was hopeful I would be able to tolerate Crestor. On the 16th day, I started with leg cramps, muscle twitches and a sensation of somthing running up and down my legs. I have experienced extreme tiredness and assumed it was just from work demands. Strange dreams are a usual occurrence for me but they seemed more frequent. 5 days after starting the med, I experienced itching on torso. I called my DR today regarding the leg pain and was told to start taking the med at night. After reading others experiences, no thank you. I think there has to be a better solution than Crestor for me. F 51 17 days
 5  to lower cholesterol no side effects Taking 5 mg per day. It has greatly lowered my cholesterol where a low cholesterol diet didn't help at all. Have been taking it for 4 years or so now. M 57 4 years
 1  high cholesterol I had been taking Lipitor and got along well with it. I decided to take Crestor because I believed it would reduce build up of plaque. That was a bad decision on my part. I am having extreme muscle pain in my right hip, back of my right thigh, and back right calve. The only thing I have done differently is take Crestor. I am not a whiner but this has been very unpleasant. I saw my doctor yesterday and we agreed that I should stop the medication immediately. He said my symptoms are not uncommon. I am hoping these aches disappear soon. F 59 10 days
 5  High LDL & Low HDL Cholesterol Was on Lipitor 20 mg daily with marginal success. Doctor switched me to Crestor 20 mg daily and Niacin 500mg OTC and LDL cholesterol levels dropped significantly (50 points) & HDL raised 10% in just 6 weeks. NO muscle pain, NO joint pain, NO anxiety. NO real problems. Slight flushing within 30 minutes of taking Niacin, but this disappeared 2 weeks after starting Niacin. M 54 42 days
 5  High Cholesterol None Lowered my Cholesterol about 30% M 38 8 months
 1  high cholesterol muscle pain, headaches I've only been taking Crestor for less than a week. I'm already having pains throughout my body, which led me to this site. I've been on other "statin" drugs and had similar symptoms. I started thinking I had rheumatoid arthritis. It's no way to live. Looking for natural remedies!!! F 38 4 days
 4  High Colesterol I have been having problems with joint pain but never connected it to the Crestor. I was aware of muscle pain being a side effect, but not joint pain. I have been to a neurologist who said my nerves and muscles in my arms and hands are fine, but the pain and tingling continues. The orthopedic surgeon is not sure what is causing the problem. I am going to quit the crestor for a while and see what happens. Also have lots of GERD, almost every night. F 58 2 years
 2  High Cholesterol, Carotid Blockage I posted last week and listed extreme fatigue, blurred vision ... and forgot to add short term memory loss (more than usual for my age), but now add unexplained weight gain. I have been going to Jenny Craig and was doing fine with my weight loss. However, since taking Crestor for 6 weeks I suddenly gained 2 lbs. For those who deny that Crestor can cause weight gain, check out this NIH website: F 62 7 weeks
 5  Extremely high cholesterol none I take 40 mg of Crestor, 1500 mg of niaspan and 10 mg of Zetia. I have taken this much for years now. My cholesterol is finally under control. I took every other statin and non of them worked. F 54 4 years
 3  Lipids panel. Hi C-reactive Protein Am taking another drug, Aciphex, which may be compounding side effects but I can relate to tight chest, fatigue, pain in left shoulder and arm, and weight gain describe by others here. I am taking this not for high cholesterol, but for inflammation (c-reacive protein off the charts) and bad lipids size profile. Started with Vytorin and asked Dr. to switch as I experienced muscle pain. On 20 mg, my cholesterol went to about 105, so changed to 10 mg and not so low any more. ANYONE taking ANY statin should be taking Coenzyme Q10 supplement. This drug impairs mitochondria function for cellular energy production and could explain the many reports of fatigue here. My Dr. didn't tell me this.... F 54 500 days
 1  high chloesterol This is an update to my post of 10/25/08. I took Crestor for 3 yrs and experienced many of its worst side effects. One of the worst is the anxiety it left me with for the 1st time in my 63 yrs. I wanted to advise everyone that I discovered Sam-E Complete which has been a godsend in helping with the anxiety. Many of the problems I thought were purely phyical - stroke like feelings, numbness in lips, feeling like something crawling on the skin-were manifestations of this anxiety brought on by this terrible drug. Hope the Sam-E Complete can help you too!! F 63 3 years
 2  High Cholesterol Tightness in my chest, where I feel like I could be having a Heart Attack or something. Sore muscles but I thought that was from working out. But crick in my neck will not go away. Knees are painful to walk or run on. I may have just go the Flu as well. My Cholestorol was a whopping 329 and I'm 36years old. So I started 20mg a day about 28 days ago. I immediately started feeling funny. Especially in my chest. I'm afraid to work out too hard because it feels like my chest will explode sometimes. M 36 28 days
 1  Elevated lipids 10 mg/day dosage: Muscle weakness, parasthesias, clouded thinking, chest pain, constipation, abdominal pain, generalized weakness and fatigue. This seems to be a dangerous drug, and should be taken (if at all) with extreme caution. I have stopped taking it, and will try other therapies. Have had similar problems with other statins...but more severe with Crestor. M 45 2 weeks
 1  Lipator not fast enough for Dr. This is a update to my post of 1/16/09. The doctor redid my blood test to see if the kidney function elevation was a fluke in the first test and it was still high. They also discovered that my Potassium levels are very high. High Potassium is evidence that Crestor has been breaking down my muscles, which is why they felt sore. This condition can lead to Hyperkalemia which is deadly. From what I have been able to research on my own, Crestor muscle pain and rhabdomyolosis are the result of toxic levels of potassium and myoglobin release into the blood stream. This causes a decrease in the amount of blood that is circulating in the body (called hypovolemia). This can lead to the inability of the kidneys to function properly. The symptoms of Crestor muscle pain may indicate this condition so if you have advice is to stop taking it and alert your doctor...I stopped taking it two days ago and feel better already. I am going to drink plenty of water then go for new blood This medicine has problems and I will never take it again. M 62 90 days