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 2  high LDC Calf muscle pain, pins and needles in feet, sore arms, numb fingers, abdominal pain, anxiety. Arthritis pain much worse. I had mild paresthesias in my left hand before, but only while sleeping, it got much worse, now is in both hands and feet (never had on feet before) during the day. My arm and shoulder hurt pretty bad. Unexplainable stomaches. F 44 15 days
 1   High cholestorol and family history; CAT scan showed plaque in left descending artery without blood flow obstruction yet. weight gain; swelling in hands, itchy all the time, especially on my neck, back, and chest; extreme pain in right foot. F 57 6 months
 1  High cholestrol Elevated liver enzymes, memory loss, ringing in ears, joints ache and crack, night sweats, depression, and lower back pain. It lowered the cholestrol, but I think it is killing me. The side effects are typically not something you would associate with the medicine since most people do well with regard to lower their cholestrol. I stopped taking it 1/1/08. Does anyone have a success story about when and if the side effects will go away? M 40 2 years
 2  high cholestrol/ high triglycerides The first year it helped with no problems but then gradually I began to feel tired all the time. Then I had flu like semptoms, I could not rest with out the need to cough, almost like a smokers cough. All my muscles began to ache, nightly leg cramps, sever constipation, night sweats and all the while my doctors are not even considering that the meds have anything to do with the way i feel. 2 monthsagomy hart started jumping as if it were trying it get out of my body,I sat for five minutes trying to figure out the name of the fruit that was sitting right in front of me one day, my memory was getting worse. I just overall felt like a young woman of 35 stuck in the body of an elderly person. I had enough, so i dedcided to see if the medication was the problem, been off of crestor for a week and now have another doctor and most of the semptoms have almost gone away, feeling like me again. they say the side effects from the drugs far out risk the health benifits, i say not F 35 2 years
 3  300 plus total cholesterol 20mg Crestor+10mg Zetia result in shortness of breath,sore heels, left knee aching, pain at the top of the head nightly,short term memory loss, gained 10 lbs, frequent dry cough, pain under left breast and under the rib cage. Just read that my 20 mg Crestor Rx is equivalent to 12 times the strength of 20mg of Mevacor. Tried Zocor, Mevacor, Lipitor--leg cramps. Been on Crestor 2yrs and total cholesterol down to 150s. It works but the contraindications are miserable. Am ready to bail out of the Crestor and Zetia combination program and try Cholestasys-natural nanoblended ingredients their website states. Has anyone experience with it? F 70 2 years
 1  high cholesterol waves of muscle spasm/weakness across upper arms, upper chest lasting about a minute. These became more frequent over the months I was on the drug and were later accompanied by inability to move arms/hands during spasm. Severe pain involving upper chest/back/neck muscles that seemed to be located at the muscle attachments to the bones - not the muscles themselves. Severe fatigue, pin-prick sensation over trunk and legs, low grade fever during chest/muscle pain attacks and a few episodes of a reddish-brown colored urine. Shortness of breath, joint pain in knee, hip and wrist and severe muscle cramps in legs, feet, and hands. After a fall from my horse, it was discovered I had "floppy heart valves" and needed valve repair. I started with a cardiologist who was very upset with my cholesterol ( LDL - 169mg/dl and HDL - 93mg/dl )even though HDL greater than 59mg/dl is considered protective. I also had a cardiac catheterization which showed clear arteries ( one 10% blockage )and clear carotid dopplars. Began 5mg Crestor in 11/06 and experienced mild muscle spasms in first week. Had my heart surgery Jan. 22, 2007 so any symptoms caused by Crestor were interpreted as post surgery pain. I've since read on the Crestor website that Crestor is not recommended when surgery is scheduled. Why did my cardiologist not know this? My chest pain symptoms grew steadily worse through July. I began to think that something was left behind during my heart surgery...especially with the low grade fever I began to run during chest pain attacks ( brought on by the slightest exertion). In July, during a bad attack I F 59 8 months
 1  High LDL Horrible pain in both feet plus they are swelled up (have to climb stairs slowly one at a time and can barely walk unless I take a prescription pain killer), one knee has such muscle/joint pain, especially on the side, that I can't even bend it, trouble sleeping, eating less but gaining weight, pain in my arms, anxious alot, flu-like symptoms, upset stomach, just an overall bad feeling. I am a fitness instructor, so imagine the fun I am having! I am not a sickly person and couldn't figure out why all of these things were happening to me. The only thing different I've done in the time period that I've been bothered is to take the Crestor. So, I decided to get on the internet and see if I could find anything and came across this site. Thank God I found it!!! I wish I would have done research beforehand and found this earlier and not relied on just reading the small insert in the script bag! F 48 26 days
 1  to lower cholesterol levels I developed headaches after 8 weeks and more frequently after that, at times very severe especially after even just 1/2 glass of wine. In addition to the headaches, I develop pins and needles in my feet during week 20 of taking the drug. Since I stopped taking Crestor 10, the headaches have subsided and there is still a mild reminder of the pins and needles in both feet. My doctor prescribed Crestor 10 after several other products on the market had very little effect lowering my cholesterol levels over a 3 year period. Crestor 10 did indeed bring my cholesterol level down from 6.8 to 4.3 after a 6 month trial period, but the frequent headaches were a concern. I had flue and colds more often than before and I suspect that the use of the drug suppresses the immune system (Cyclosporine)? I also developed shingles for the first time ever during week 25 of taking Crestor 10 maybe as a result of a low immune system (for the records, I am NOT HIV positive, and do NOT suffer from cancer and I am NOT a diabetic). M 42 180 days
 3  High cholesterol Severe anxiety. My cholesterol levels have decreased in these months. I think it's a good drug for it, but an incredible anxious feeling appears when I take my 5mg pill. M 34 5 months
 4  High Cholesteral and Triglycerides It was a shock when I found out my choles and Triglycerides I've been on Crestor for about 3 weeks and the only absolute side effect I've had is that I lost about 10 pounds so far .... which I needed to lose!! We will see in the New Year if the HDL's etc and going down. F 43 12 days
 1  slightly elevated cholesterol insomnia, achiness, sciatic pain, diarrhea, weird dreams during the rare moments of sleep I have only been taking this drug for a few days along with a very low dosage of a beta-blocker. I feel absolutely lousy from lack of sleep. The diarrhea also causes dehydration which leads to unbearable headaches. I will live with the cholesterol if I am going to feel this lousy. I was feeling just fine before. F 48 4 days
 2  High chloresterol Flue symptoms. Low grade fever, pain, weakness, and numbness in feet and lower legs up to the knee. General malaise. Symptoms started after about two weeks. M 65 20 days
 1  High Colestrol I felt like I was 80 years old (I'm 49 and never had this problem) I hurt everywhere, in my joints muscles head. I have been off this for two days and still cannot get up from a chair without hurting in all my joints. I give up, this is the 6th med that I've tried and my cholesterol just keep going up and the Meds are killing me.
 1  high cholestrol back pain, right shoulder/scaplular pain, rib pain, problems sleeping, moodiness, pain in feet, 3 vertebral FRACTURES. WARNING TO ALL DANGEROUS DRUG-Active 41 year old with physically demanding job.Took Crestor 2months started experiencing pain/fatigue.Doctor didn't consider problems related to Crestor but had no other explanation.I didn't stop drug.Got progressively worse.Doctor said-part of aging process so I figured must be "getting old".Soon after, started to have positional sharp pain upper right area of chest&thought must have pulled a muscle.Within 48 hrs sharp pain right shoulder&scapula migrated under arm&around back.Fearful of heart went to ER.Not heart related but diagnosed with 3 vertebral fractures.No prior trauma,accident,anything to explain this.Followed up with X-rays,dexa scan,bone scan,MRI which ruled out osteoporosis&bone cancer.Still no answer for fractures.By now,was flat on my back,unable to get out of bed.At this point,best friend said try stop Crestor-was only change prior to onset of problems.Fortunately,I stopped Crestor.Within a week I could get ou F 41 4 months
 1  High Triglicerides and Cholesterol Sudden attack of painful side muscles near hips..inability to climb stairs..flu like symptoms were there first sign of an far after more than 3 weeks..I still have problems with stairs..and still a sharp pain in my left hip...and some in right...I took this for a year without problems..great results with the drug..along with Metformin..which also helps lower cholesterol..(I have type 2 diabetes)..prior to that I took Lipitor for about 8 years..had aching muscles but did not associate it with the I do. F 61 1 years
 1  Elevated LDL Crazy, weird dreams. Mild muscle soreness. Waking up 3 or 4 times thru the night soaked in sweat. I've only been on this toxic thing for 2-1/2 weeks but after affirming my stmptoms here I'm taking myself off this drug. It aint for me ! M 48 17 days
 1  Elevated cholesterol Flu-like aches all over (hard to describe, but feel terrible); anxious, headache, lower back ache, extreme fatigue, depressed, not sleeping well. VERY DANGEROUS DRUG!!! F 46 7 days
 1  High Colesteral it was the worst experience of my life. admitted to the hospital as i thought i was taking a heart attack. jaw pain swelling in different parts of my body.heart was racing for no reason. mussels and joint swelling. hip and leg pain. difficulty breathing. blood pressure went high(was always normal).pain in the top of my head. I honestly believe if i wouldn't have stopped taking it i would have died. I was taking 10mg daily then cut back to 5mg a day to keep it under control. i wouldn't give this drug to my worst enemy. it is a very dangerous drug. M 41 4 days
 1  Low good to bad ratio Nightmares, bloating, irregularity, muscle wasting, sore heals, severe cognitive loss, severe memory problems, vision and hearing affected, fatigue, lack of motivation, lowered sex drive, dry mouth, 20lb weight gain while eating less, joint pain, weakness, possible kidney issues, no patience now, anxiety, some depression Fewer side effects at start than Liptior but after 2 yrs I'm stopping this drug too and hope that the damage is reversible, works for a time but then decreases, don't ignore the slow progression of the symptoms by blaming other potential causes like your age as it is the Crestor, when they start to show up STOP taking this stuff, better yet don't start. M 51 2 years
 5  High cholesterol No side effects at 10MG daily dosage. Had tried Zocor, which gave me extreme leg aches. No side effects noticed at all with Crestor. M 52 4 years