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 1  triglycerides Extreme pain in wrists and hands. Crippling swelling in those areas of my body. Unable to close my hands at all due to pain and swelling. Doctor tells me not to worry. I'm changing doctors. I've had one heart attack and the pain in my wrists and hands is worse than anything during the attack. If this stuff won't kill you, it will come doggone close. M 53 1 years
 3  Doc kept pushing Pain/cramping in the calves of my legs when walking, especially climbing small knolls. On the days I don't take this drug, there is no pain. My heart specialist said we don't have to take a statin everyday. Taking it every other day or even a couple of times a week will help and it will cut down on side effects. I noticed on the days that I take Crestor, my calves ache/cramp when I walk any distance. Other statins upset my stomach. So far, Crestor has not. I will not take a statin of any kind on a daily basis. F 61 2 weeks
 1  High Triglycerides I have experienced dizziness, constant bloating and gas, bloody sinuses,muscle weakness and insomnia since I've been taking this drug. Today was my last day. I've had it. F 43 30 days
 1  high cholesterol Severe muscle pain-left arm, Severe mid back pain, left foot underside pain when jogging, short term memory loss, fatigue by mid afternoon, eyes- oversensitive to light and broken blood vessel. Chest pains. As I ran into these side effects, I would think I was injured, but could not figure out how I got injured. More recently, my pains got more severe, instead of better. I realized that what was causing my problems was still happening. I then suspected Crestor and realized I had many of the same symptoms others had. M 51 90 days
 1  Doc's order pain in abdomen, btw shoulders, across chest, shortness of breath, slight anxiety I was at 255, and have gotten down to under 200, but now realize that these side effects are related to this pill. i have had xrays, Cat scan, etc. Everything normal. i am going to defy the doc and get off the pill for a month or two. it has to be the pill. M 43 3 months
 1  Familial hyperlipidemia Very sore shoulders and neck, constant headache, constant stomach pains, sore joints. Side effects were all at 10mg. Stopped taking it after 6 days. Cardiologist recommended discontinuing for 2 weeks and trying again. Exactly the same problems. Stopped taking it after 7 days this time (tried to tough it out!). M 41 7 days
 1  High cholesterol After first day felt slight headache, then flu-like symptoms day 2-3. Day 4, woke in middle of night feeling nauseous. Called my physician who told me to stop taking it for a week, then go back on and see if the symptoms return. No thank you! I'm done with this med. M 54 4 days
 2  High Cholesterol Weight gain, crankiness, loss of short term memory. Reduced libido. General fatigue . Last 4 months, increasing knee joint pain. Originaly on 10mg a day & in 3 months HDL/LDL/Trigl. were down to acceptable levels. Weight gain of 1 pound a week until GP put me on COQ10. Apparently Crestor decreases metabolism rate. Need COQ10 to compensate. Some specialists know this. Some don't. 10mg got figures down but made me cranky. Went to 5mg, blood work results ok, but have now started to experience pain in both knees to point where going up or down stairs is difficult. Not far off going off Crestor to see if knee pain goes. Crestor gets cholesterol down & can give impressive results, which is why some specialists push it, but side effects can be major. M 59 1 years
 1  Colesterol Was 4.5 Ended up getting itchy , mainly under arms, but also mildly itchy all over. My concentration levels started to decline,this effect is very slow, and you would not notice it if you were not doing work which required concentration. Sexual function has declined as well. Crestor certainly does reduce colestrol very quickly (4.5 to 3.1 in 10 days), but, is it worth it considering the side effects.In addition, when you find your colestrol levels reducing, you tend to get more careless with your diet.. Crestor will fix it !!! pretty dumb.. M 66 60 days
 1  high cholesteral I am 50 years old and feel like 80!!! I have been on 5mg crestor for about 1 1/2 years. Experienced extreme joint pain in my knees. Felt like I was getting arthritis...have recently been sent for x-rays of my knees, but have not learned the results of that, yet. I have also been experiencing memory fog, upper arm stiffness as well as upper shoulder and neck stiffness to the point of visiting a chiropractor almost weekly. I have just quit taking crestor on my own to see if any of the muscle and joint pain subsides....and I can honestly say I feel like celebrating!! The achiness is gone! I can't believe it! I should have quit taking it a long time ago. I could hardly bend down to pick things up and always felt like my knees were swelled when squating down and now I do not have that feeling at all. I was diagnosed with west nile virus about a year ago and discussed all of the symptoms of the virus with my doctor. Alot of what I was experiencing was blamed on the virus, however since I have quit taking crestor I feel so much better. Way less fatigued and sleeping much better. I would not take this drug ever again! F 50 1.5 years
 4  bring cholesterol down muscle ache in legs and back, doctor says there is an increase in Liver... ALT(GPT)and Liver…AST(GOT)... so i have cut back from 2.5mg every day to every other day. I also take 5mg of zetia. lower back pain may not be a result of the crestor since I had that condition before, but the leg pain is either aging at 58 or the crestor. doctor says stay with it another 6 months and will then revisit the liver issue which affects the muscles etc. M 58 10 months
 1  High Cholesterol I've been taking different types of cholesterol meds for about 3 years but didn't put two and two together about a side effect I was having until I tried Crestor for 3 weeks. I would be having a regular conversation with someone when I would literally run out of breath and would have to "noticeably" take a breath to go on. I was first diagnosed with Airway Sensitivity after I was on Lipitor. I believed my Dr. because I had a history of smoking but had stopped about 5 years prior to starting it. Even with taking it every other day I started having problems with my muscles aching. When my aches got so bad I finally switched to Zetia. I was diagnosed along the way of having bronchial asthma, which I thought was a good possibility since I've had bronchial problems since I was a child. The thing I couldn't figure out was why after all of these years I was having problems with my breathing, especially arround people having perfumes, or even after shaving lotions. It would s F 56 3 years
 4  Heredity high Cholesterol levels Tiredness, Weakness in the Legs, Dizziness, Hightened Anxiety levels I had been suffering high Cholesterol levels for years. Tried Astrovastatins, Simvastatins of brand names such as Zocor Provachol. Hope i spelled that one right and Liptior of some that I rememeber. Lipitor worked well for me in getting my Cholesterol level down. Unfortunately I was very intollerant to it. Being unsuccessful in keeping my Cholesterol down with adequate and effective treament without drastic side effects was not good for me. I ended up with a triple bypass. Cardiologist got me on to 40 mg Crestor since along with Lipidil. Lipidil works on my lower intestine enzime and Crestor on my Liver to reduce my Liver from producing too much of the Bad Cholesterol LDL. This combination worked great and my Cholesterol is now down to a correct level. Good for me, because I don't want another zipper down the middle of my Chest again or worst just drop dead one day. After all" I am only 53 years old and I like to hang around a little longer yet. Now Crestor is giving me trou M 8 months
 1  High Cholesterol/Blood pressure light headedness, nausea vomiting, diarrhea, metallic mouth taste, strange smell,burning in the throat, esophagus, stomach, and mouth with continuing gas, bloating, heaviness in the intestinal and esophagus area, burning nipples, pain around the under arms Stop taking it immediately if you have any of these reactions! M 55 11 days
 1  total cholesterol 154 Pain with urination and dizziness after taking Crestor 5 and 1/2 weeks. I thought I had pain during urination because I teach school and have to go when I get a break but then I read that many people have these side effects. F 29 5 weeks
 1  for a preventive terrible pain in my ancle just above me heel. Stiff knees. loss of balance ! fallen three times in 7 mo, since starting this medication, like someone pulled the floor out from me! trouble sleeping at night because of pain in ancle. Sooting pain in hands , bruising easily on skin. works good at lowering the colestrol but not worth all the side affects. Not taking it ever again after today. F 49 7 months
 1  genetically high cholesterol haven't started yet but hesitant to take due to patient complaints I am reading...tried for 2yrs to use diet & exercise to lower my numbers, I was NOT over weight but lost 18 lbs, numbers con't to increase. I am accepting the fact that it's genetic...BUT I do NOT wish to experience any of the side effects listed. Would like to hear from 1) anyone who has been diagnosed w/ rheumatoid arthritis prior to taking this medication AND 2) has anyone benefitted from a NON statin? please email me to help me decide IF I should NOT start this med and/or possibly look into other meds, maybe NONstatins F 49 1 days
 1  adviced doctor swollen windpipe,angioedema freguently each occasion admitted to hosp once on HDU ward,blisters on head,ulcers severe in mouth,more angina attacks,infegtion in leg veins also DVT after only 4 wks on Crestor have been told 6/12 mths recovery no need for myself to be on Crestor. eveyone should be more aware of the side effects of this drug,even doctors are not always aware as i have been informed,my side effects were so serious it was life threatening,and still is i have to be monitered wkly by hospital. M 60 30 days
 2  High Cholesterol (hereditary) Fatigue, depression/anxiety, bloating, leg cramps, leg heaviness. I was on Zocor for approx. 3 years and it was working fine, but I did have fatique quite often. Dr. switched me to Crestor, thought it would be better for me. Took Crestor for 6-8 months, started having leg cramps, crawling sensations and nerve twitches in legs and ankles. Also, had increased anxiety and depressed feelings. I am a HAPPY, outgoing person normally, but I lost interest in things that I enjoyed and looked forward too. Also, gained 4-5 lbs and constantly felt bloated and like I was retaining water. Legs started cramping at night, with charlie horses and toes curling up. Definitely knew something was wrong and I did suspect the Crestor. Made appt. with my Dr., she took me off the Crestor. On my own, I am now taking Niacin, to see if this will keep my cholesterol down. It is 197 now. Heart disease runs high in my family, and my Cholesterol ran about 230, before I started taking any statin drugs. Quality of life is very important and this drug ruins it for me. F 50 6 months
 1  High cholesterol Nausea, dry mouth, aches, sweats, chills, flu like symptoms...not able to work today! Blood pressure (which is normally on the low side) dropped out and pulse elevated. VERY ill and it was the FIRST dose of Crestor for me. I think I had a severe allergic reaction to it. Ended up in the doctor's office and have been in bed all day. Sucks, because I'm a teacher and this was 3rd day of school. I eat right, exercise, and have normal weight. Cholesterol in 230 range and bad stuff very high...157 F 48 1 days