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 1  cholesterol Really bad stomach pain leg cramps very tired all the time couldn't sleep people would tell me I looked bad. Knees hurt more today than they did while taking this mess. Needs to be a law suit. F 55 1 years
 1  high cholestrol 40 years old always been strong, happy and ready for anything. After these last 3 months of taking this I'm depressed, weak and tired. I'm stopping this immediately. Thanks for wasting three months of my life M 40 3 months
 1  High cholestoral Severe muscle spasm, sharp stabbing pain in my stomach, intolerable pain in left hip, extremely tired, laid in bed all day, could not go down the stairs because of sore tendons behind heals, rashes on legs, stomach, eyes and ears extremely itchy, it was driving me crazy. Off crestor for 3 months and not much has changed, still feeling side effects, wondering if my liver will recover. Apparently, this drug was tested only on men not women Should be taken off the market, patients should be made aware of all the side effect. Doctors should be responsible to tell the patients of all the side effects. Drug manufacture should be responsible for all the damage they have done. F 66 6 months
5 mg 1X D
 1  To lower cholesterol After about 24 hours experienced excruciating stabbing muscle in in chest. Headaches, runny nose causing sneezing, Extreme tiredness Gave it a go on doctors advice. Could not tolerate massive side affects . Took myself off after. 5 days. Best decision I ever made! M 59 5 days
 1  High colesterol Extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, pain in hands, feet, neck and shoulder Painful swollen gums. I have a pacemaker to control afib. I believe crestor is the cause of my heart problems. Also muscles are extremely weak. Can't remember anything anymore. Discontinued this crap 4 days ago and feel much better. Actually feel like doing something now. Don't take this stuff it will kill you! This drug should be banned. M 60 10 years
 1  High cholesterol I started having all kinds of terrible muscle and tendon problems. Tore both rotator cups in one day. I got to where I could not hardly get around. My doctor started giving me pain Meds and monthly steroid injections. About 1 year later I was diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica. Still sick since 2007. M 64 1 years
Don't reme
 1  my husband for slightly elevated muscle pain and tiredness after 3 weeks. He stopped taking it. 3 weeks after that he jaundiced, and 10 weeks later he died of liver failure. coincidence? I don't think so. He was 55. In the 10 years I knew him he never even had a cold. His liver function was perfect till crestor. M 55 3 weeks
10mg 1X D
 1  High cholestrol-trigl-familial Extreme tiredness, need a sleep in middle of day, still tired. During night very restless sleep. Havnt had hot flushes for 2 years now I get them again, even during the day. Very depressed, achy. Can't do much, feel listless, produce lots of phlegm, heart going out of rhythm Was on Zocor years ago, when it was down to 4.4 (live in Australia) I took myself off them. In Nov 2014 it was 9.3, Tigl 2.8, LDL 6.6 and was put on Crestor. This is POISON, I won't take it anymore. In a few years time they will probably find out it kills your kidneys etc and take it off the market. F 68 2 months
10 mg 1X D
 1  High Cholestrol Vertigo, ringing in the ears, reduced Sex Drive, severe neck and right shoulder pain, depression. I have had high Cholesterol since first being tested in the military at age 18. Upon retiring the VA recommended I take a Statin to lower my chances of a heart attack. That was 10 years ago, I tried other statins until arriving with the choice for Crestor. Prior to taking Crestor I was very active, bike ride 60-100 miles a week, jog, swim, sex 3-4 times a week. Not the case anymore! I ended up having cervical fusion in my neck for persistent neck pain (ended up with 3 discs blown), servere pain in my right neck and shoulder radiating down my right arm and elbow. The ringing in my ears is unbearable, I get extremely dizzy while taking a shower (especially when I close my eyes to shampoo my hair, my legs feel like I have weights around my ankles, I feel like I'm 90 years old, no energy or drive, sex drive is non-existent, I am simply not myself and I drive my wife crazy with all my complaining. Good news...I quit taking the poison a week ago and notice vast improvement! Everything seems to be returning to normal with the exception of neck pain (better but not gone completely). STOP TAKING THIS CRAP! Life should be lived not tolerated!!! M 48 5 years
20 MG 1X D
 3  high cholesterol Have recently had memory problems, confusion and have had trouble with my balance-have fallen several times in last few months. Lowered my cholesterol in 1 month but when I started having memory problems I quit taking it about 3weeks ago. F 59 3 years
 1  familial hypercholesterolemia flu like symptoms for three weeks with mucous producing cough, extreme fatigue, lower back pain, restless legs, increased irritability and insomnia This is my wonderful doctor's attempt to find something that I can tolerate. I have done all the lifestyle changes, lost 32 pounds, healthy diet, exercising and yoga but HDL only fair and LDL is horrible. My mother had heart attack at age 47 and I am now 65 and obviously at high risk. F 65 30 days
20mg 1X D
 1  carotid artery blockage unbearable pain in right thigh, leg weakness, hip pain My doctors did not believe the pain in my leg and inability to walk was caused by Crestor. Blamed my back and said I need to see a neurosurgeon. I quit taking it and 27 days later the stabbing pain quit. I am left with permanent damage to my hip and I limp. NEVER take this drug and don't listen to the Dr's ( I saw three). The evidence was clear......when I stopped the drug, the tortuous pain stopped, but I have damaged my hip joint. I can only hope that time will improve the hip pain and enable me to walk and climb stairs again! F 67 6 months
10 1X D
 1  to lower colestoral levels always very tired muscle spasms weakness in arms a rush of weakness with pain lasting 30-45 seconds hurts very much constipation weight gain aches and pains in muscles and joints can no longer walk 90 minutes a day too tired hip pain elevated blood sugars dispite a very healthy diet after reading the comments I think I know why I think Im dying yes its that bad...I never feel well anymore and I blame this drug. My doctor does not even listen when i tell him how I feel so Im taking myself off this horrible drug and hoping to see a difference on how I feel F 63 5 years
10mg daily 1X D
 1  Elevated Lipids Exhausted. In bed by 5pm. Anxiety. Angry. Jaw pain. Heart trembled/flutters. Joint point. Muscle spasms. Memory is shot. Can't walk far without feeling exhausted. Dizzy spells It just dawned on me today that it could be the Creator. I thought I was on my way to GLORY! F 48 2 months
 1  Genetic cholesterol Depression/Chronic Anxiety/ Suicidal thoughts. Lower back & bladder pain. I will never ever take this horrendous drug again or any other statin for that matter!! F 51 5 months
 1  lower cholesterol woke this morning with heart tremors...have had terrible "charlie horses" in the last week as well as intense heel pain...did not put it together until this morning...years ago, when first put on Crestor, I had heart tremors and stabbing pain in calfs...and immediately contacted the Dr...was attempting to slowly introduce the drug by taking in 3x a week rather then every day...not a good drug for my body F 60 1 months
10 3X W
 5  High cholesterol didn't have any side effects After reading all comments posted here, I was anticipating some type of side effect, but never had any. After 30 days, my cholesterol went from 297 to 180. I am very pleased! F 63 30 days
10 mg 1X D
 1  High cholesterol Can't continue it. Cholesterol went down almost 100 points but the pain is unbearable. Cannot get up or even turn over in bed. muscle and deep bone aches all over. F 61 3 months
30 mg
 3  Result of heart attack I started out on Lipitor after having a minor heart attack in 1998 at age 50. Several years later in 2002 my doctor enrolled me in the test study for a new statin drug that eventually became Crestor. My initial results were impressive and my cholesterol dropped to levels that pleased the doctor. Once he tried to raise my dosage from 10mg to 20mg and almost immediately I experience sever muscle pains in my abdomen and legs. I cut the pills in half and the pain went away. I then demanded to be returned to the 10mg dose. I have been using 10mg dose daily since I have been the brand name of Crestor after the study concluded. Over the past several years I have noticed an increase in leg muscle pain and joint pain in hips, knees, hands, and shoulders. I initially believe this to be aging. I also have numbness in both of my feet behind the toes. Thinking it may be related to diabetes I had blood tests conducted and that is not the case. I talked to my doctor about stopping Crestor Consult your doctor before stopping Crestor as you run the high risk of creating an cardiac event. Use common sense on how you disengage from this drug. Stopping cold turkey can cause your blood "stickiness" to increase dramatically above the levels that cause a person to initially take Crestor. I think all our bodies handle this drug a little different and we all run the risk of stroke or heart attack if we are not careful in how we stopped taking a statin. M 67 12 years
10mg 1X D
 1  High cholesterol/ lipoprotein A Anxiety & depression. Heart palpitations. Low back pain for the past 2 months. Feel miserable. I take Seroxat 30mg daily for anxiety. Relapse since taking Crestor. I have decided to cease taking Crestor & l am also rreluctant to attend anymore appointments at the lipids clinic!!! F 51 4 months
5 mg