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 1  Lipator not fast enough for Dr. Nausea, Acid Reflux, Soles of feet sore after short walks, loss of energy, dry eyes and today the Dr. said my Kidney Functions were elevated. I was on Lipator for 6 months with no ill effects and began seeing symptoms develop after about 2 weeks on Crestor which got worse over time. The nausea is to a point that I have no appetite most days. I have never had any health problems until I started taking Crestor. I am stopping Crestor today and hoping that the Kidney Functions return to normal. (Rare but serious Side Affect according to their warnings) I hope it is reversable. M 62 90 days
 1  high cholesterol I have muscle weakness and joint pain. I have stopped taking Crestor over 2 weeks ago and still in alot of pain Blurred vision. I have fatigue get out of breathe very easy. I was taking Crestor 10 mg a day once a day took it for about 2 and half months. Never took a medication for this amount of time I am a very healthy person. Except for my high cholestrol. It was 236 total dropped to 163. This medication has left me feeling very exhausted . My joints ache terribly. Doctor doesn't want to say this was caused by the Crestor. Doctor acts like it must be something else causing this not the Crestor. I could walk 15,000 steps a day 5 times a week without any effort today I can walk up the stairs and I am exhausted. M 45 3 months
 3  High Cholesterol, Carotid Blockage Blurry vision, tired eyes, extreme fatigue My doctor prescribed 10 mg. but I could not function at work (incredibly tired, foggy, etc.) so I have been cutting the pills in half, thus taking 5 mg. For the past 2 weeks I have been unable to focus my eyes. I don't like taking statins ... and I have read and heard that taking Red Rice Yeast is just as effective with far fewer side effects. F 62 6 weeks
 1  High cholesterol Started this drug 5 days ago. 10 mg. a day. On second day, starting getting skin crawling, pins and needles type sensation on my legs and feet. I also starting having really strange dreams at night. Getting to sleep wasn't a problem but I'd have a bizarre dream and would wake up really early (3:00 am) and not be able to get back to sleep so I have been exhausted during the day. I also started having blurred vision and an inability to concentrate or get motivated on what I was doing at work. Dizzy sometimes as well and got the creepy crawly pins and needles sensation all over my body. All I could think about was how awful I felt. I took my last dose yesterday and can still feel the effects today. Just now I had an hour long "burning skin" feeling all over while I was reading some of these posts. I can't believe I've only taken 4 pills and feel this bad. I tried fenofibrate and pravastatin and had a horrific fever with that combo so I think I'm going to go back to the niacin and red yeast rice regimen and let my doctor know that I'm not taking this nasty stuff anymore. M 47 4 days
 1  high cholestrol pain in joints and weakness. Could not catch my breath. No energy. Crestor makes you feel terrible . No energy couldn't walk up the stairs without feeling like I was going to pass out. Trouble breathing F 48 2 months
 1  High Cholesteral Pain at all joints started 37 days after starting 10 mg per day of Crestor ( Hell's medication ). This along with other conditions, I could not take deep breaths, I could not walk without pain. I itched all over and had head aches. I went to the ER and after a their examination, labs and chest x-ray I was told to get off of this crap at once. My condition by then had gotten so bad that I could not even get up off a toilet seat by my self. Today, two months later I have less then one half of my strength Back. Before the medication I was Walking my dog 3 miles a day, and for a vacation I had climbed Mt. Wilson in Alaska with a 30 pound pack. Today, 8 months after the hiking and 2 months after Crestor, I do well to walk the dog 0.6 mile. Lets all work to get this poison off the market! M 78 37 days
 1  High 225 Heart racing 140-180 sitting, unable to walk, unable to pick up anything over 3 lbs. Landed in Hospital, experiencing Heart Attack systems. Held for 1 week because couldn't stabalize heart rate. Now being tested for damage to heart due to Echo's showing strain and loss of flow from heart. This drug should never be prescribed to anyone! F 45 35 days
 1  High 225 Heart racing 140-180 sitting, unable to walk, unable to pick up anything over 3 lbs. Landed in Hospital, experiencing Heart Attack systems. Held for 1 week because couldn't stabalize heart rate. Now being tested for damage to heart due to Echo's showing strain and loss of flow from heart. This drug should never be prescribed to anyone! F 45 35 days
 3  Lower cholesterol I have been on and off this med for 4 years. This well may be the drug that makes me feel 100 years old. I use to zip thru the house and now it is an effort to get up and move. Yes, I have gained weight but God only knows why? Meds? I eat less now than I did 4 years ago. I too have chest discomfort and back pains and feel like I have been rode over by a Mack Truck. I do know that it can bring my cholesterol down to 160 but if I do not take it for a shoots back up to 200 and my cardio has a hissy fit wanting to add 500mg of Niacin. I have 4 heart stents and CT scans show all heart arteries with scattering of calcium. Just don't know if I should live like a veggie with this med or quit taking it and die sooner. Hmmm! F 66 4 years
 3  high cholesterol level uncharacteristic fatigue, muscle weakness and aches and pains; short term memory problems; and changes in sleep patterns. Was on Lipitor 80 mg daily with marginal success. Doctor switched me to Crestor 10 mg daily and cholesterol levels dropped significantly (100 points) from 280+ levels. All blood work "normal" but I don't feel like myself anymore. M 52 5 years
 2  High cholesterol Began taking Crestor in July of 08, by November I began experiencing upper chest soreness above my breastbone. I attributed to my swimming regimen, so I discontinued swimming. I began to experience acid reflux, nausea and weight loss..lossing 9 pounds in 2 months. I do have a hypothyroid and am on a hormone supplement. My meds were changed to prevent further weightloss; however, I continued with the chest pain which my doctor diagnosed as inflammation of the cartlidge between my chest bones and recommended Aleve. Sure Aleve helped with the discomfort, but I have no intentions of taking Aleve everyday. I have discontinued the Crestor and my acid reflux has subsided along with the nausea;however there continues to be faint discomfort in my chest. F 37
 2  Peripheral Vascular Disease Persistent low grade headache, becoming more severe on waking in the morning. My cholesterol has not been high for over six years - current ratio is 4.8. However statins are recommended for PVD sufferers as a means of reducing further plaque deposits and possibly dissolving existing ones. Throughout my whole life I have hardly ever suffered from headaches but after only two weeks on Crestor 10 mg I was having mild headaches all the time and started to have very bad headaches in the mornings. I stopped taking Crestor three days ago and the headaches have almost gone. I am going to see my doctor tomorrow to see if he can suggest an alternative drug M 68 14 days
 1  Lower Cholestorol levels... 5 mg. Shoulder Blade and Shoulder Pain. Beginning in left shoulder first and now both shoulders. Have been taking 5 mg. of Crestor daily for about 18 months. Began having left shoulder pain after about 8 months, but did not relate it to the Crestor. Now have pain in both shoulders, and shoulder blade area of back. Enough to keep me awake at night even after taking about 3 or 4 Ibuprophen every 4 hrs. I am now going to stop taking the Crestor and see if things improve. M 66 18 months
 3  High cholesterol Back pain, extreme stomach pain and constipation Prescribed 10mg, reduced to 5mg still with unbearable side effects. I have read an article that 1mg to 2.5mg is enough for some people, I will try a lower dose. M 40 1 months
 1  protect cholesterol levels Numbness in hands and feet, early onset perceived as cramps / charley horse in calves, large leg muscle weakness started 12 months ago and became more acute leading to legs so weak couldn't walk to mailbox, got winded walking up stairs, endured several falls. I am a long time athlete and avid golfer and have watched my physical abilities degenerate enormously. My lab tests are "all" on target but I feel terrible all the time. I noticed problems early on but my doctor insisted they were related to other things than meds. Aging, developing arthritis, diabetic neuropathy (even though glucose is low normal), cramps due to dehydration (I consume nearly 2 liters of water during a round of golf). I've seen a Neuro Specialist and he says I'm normal so I had a very direct meeting with my Family Practitioner after researching Crestor and advised I had stopped taking Crestor. We did more lab tests and guess what? All of the results were normal, again. In about 4 weeks my stength is returning, I feel much better, I'm sleeping better and plan to resume much of my physical activities. This product has proven dangerous for me and I will seek alternative remedies when I see indicative needs, opposed to practicing preventative medecine, just in case. Thank goodness for this exchange. M 61 30 months
 3  Heart attack, had stent implanted After taking Crestor two years I am now experiencing knee pain, vertigo, weight gain, bloating and, as a continual occurance, easily fatigued. The statin has reduced my cholesterol numbers significantly LDL 92. HDL was great at 68 but now is 63 don't like that downward trend. Cardiologist wants LDL in 70's and wanted to put me on Zetia as well but I refused. Since reading this forum, for the last 3 days I have been taking Crestor every other day and taking CoQ10. Will also get fish oil when I make my next run to COSTCO. Still have fatigue ut pain in knees is gone. Changing eating habits as well to see if the weight is due to Crestor or my eating. By the way, any question I pose to a doctor goes into the bucket of "they are the side effects". BS, I don't like to feel bad so I will attack this myself. Probably wind up with another heart problem. M 71 2 years
 2  elevated cholesterol Moderate to extreme muscle and joint pain especially legs,shoulders and upper arms. General overall rotten feeling and extreme fatigue it does lower cholesterol but are the side affects worth it? I feel doctors are overmedicating instead of trying to find the minimum dosage M 58 1 years
 2  HIGH CHOLESTEROL Tiredness, dizziness, weight gain. loss of libido and sore muscles are some of the mild side effects for me, but not the worse ones. I find the memory loss and lack of concentration very scary because I am only 45. These two side effects I noticed shortly after starting Crestor. I told my Doctor about it and she said that she had never heard of that side effect before. The good side is that it has lowered my levels on just 10 mg, but if the levels increase I will refuse to increase the dosage. I am going to try very hard to lose some weight and change my diet to a consistent program. F 45 13 months
 2  high triglicerides severe sciatic nerve pain down right hip and leg to the point that i had difficulty standing or walking for any distance. Fatigue and weight gain. I was diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol. I started taking metformin and working out. I'd noticed that when my blood sugars were under control and I'd gotten used to my work out routine that I had tons of energy. Then I started taking crestor. My energy seems to have deserted me, and I had debilitating pain to my right hip and leg. I was taking 10mg a day. I stopped taking it two days ago and am still having pain and fatigue. M 36 14 days
 1  High cholesterol Swelling around eyes, joint pain : knees, shoulders, back, neck, hands. Could not use my hands. Severe weakness. Fatigue (sleeping up to 20 hours a day). Extreme nausea and diarrhea. Ringing in ears. Chest tightness and pressure made it hard to breathe. Achilles tendons hurt horribly. Wheezing. I am allergic to quinolones, which are antibiotics. My physician knew this, but he did not realize that many statins are derived from mold and fungi... which is my severest allergy. This immune response was so great that I developed three different opportunistic infections. Thankfully, I discontinued use and called the doctor, and he put me on prednisone. Still, I was put out of commission for over a month, and still suffered symptoms for a long time afterward. F 46 2 days