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 1  High chlosterol Been on crestor 10mg for 3 wks. Have extreme headaches, neck and shoulders hurt bad, low back pain, jaw pain, hip pain, fingers aches. Feel like I have the flu 24/7. I hate this drug! Makes you feel horrible. I would not recommentd this to anyone! F 37 3 weeks
 1  Slightly elevated cholesterol Muscle and joint pain in legs, back, arms and neck but not severe, more of a dull ache. Loss of motivation, confusion and can't think they way I used to be able to, feeling tired and weak all the time. Can't remember what my readings were. Taking 10mg everyday for 3 months. I did not take it today and feel 100% better, actually felt like doing some things around the house this evening after work. Going back to the Dr. on Wed to talk about this. If the way I feel today is any indication, I really want to get off of this stuff. First statin I've been on, and want it to be the last. M 48 3 months
 2  to low cholesterol insomnia, joints pain , severe stomach ache F 54 60 days
 4  high cholesterol, high LDL, low HDL none F 49 12 months
 1  High LDL Low HDL Memory loss, sleep loss, severe joint pain (hips), mild depression, moodiness & irritability, low motivation. Memory loss was scary as was loss of motivation. All side effects have gone away since I stopped taking the drug 2 months ago. Last spring I could not finish my golf swing or even try to walk 18 holes. Last month I walked 18 holes each day for 14 days in a row without hip pain. the drug worked very well in lowering cholesterol to very low levels (122 total HDL=36, LDL=76) but side effects produced very negative changes in my life. I am seeking alternative ways to lower cholesterol M 65 18 months
 5  High Cholesterol None specifically Four months ago, my total cholesterol was 247, LDL 162, HDL 52, Trig 165. After diet change (months ago) and Crestor (6 weeks ago), my results were as follows: Total 169, LDL 96, HDL 49, Trig 120, all within the guidelines by my doctor. F 41 6 weeks
 1  cholesterol was 213 After 4 days I begin experiencing back, neck, shoulder pain, Knees ached so much it was difficult to walk or stand for very long. I have flu like symtoms and could not sleep without the pain waking me up several times during the night I gain 4 pounds in 4 days (without any increase in day to day calories) After reading other comments on this site I have stopped taking Crestor (10mg) and will watch my diet more. M 56 8 days
 1  High Cholesterol Severe leg pain Neuropathy bottom of right foot Insomnia I used this drug about 3 years ago and experienced pain in both legs from the knee down that was so severe that I was very alarmed. That doctor dismissed my complaint and made me feel that this was nothing at all. However, my current doctor, while reading my chart, and just before prescribing the medication, said that I had side effects when my previous doctor prescribed the medication in the past but I did not remember this while speaking to him at the time. After 3 years I forgot about that episode and after taking the medication for 30 days, I now have leg pain that is becoming increasingly more severe and I have stopped taking this drug. F 44 30 days
 2  Lower cholesterol Cramps in feet and legs. After 1-2 yrs on Lipitor I developed foot & leg cramps; Dr. took me off for several months & cramps subsided; started me on Crestor & after a week the cramps were back. F 52 7 days
 2  High cholesterol (282) Lower back pain, leg pain. Had a tough time standing upright by day six on this medication. My doctor prescribed Crestor to replace Vytorin, which also gave me the same side effects. My HDL (good cholesterol) level is high (HDL=201, LDL=192), so I told the doc that I'm through trying statins. He said to get regular cardio exercise and take Omega-3 supplements instead. I'll test again in six months, but I'm not concerned since my HDL to LDL ratio is low. This drug works well for one of my friends, but it didn't agree with me. M 38 6 days
 5  High cholesterol (260) None My cholesterol level has been about 160 since I started taking this drug. Personally, I believe a person can imagine they're having side effects if they really think it's going to happen. This drug, as well as others I take, have helped me tremendously. I'd like to live a long life and drugs can help me do that. F 51 2 years
 5  High cholesterol (260) None My cholesterol level has been about 160 since I started taking this drug. Personally, I believe a person can imagine they're having side effects if they really think it's going to happen. This drug, as well as others I take, have helped me tremendously. I'd like to live a long life and drugs can help me do that. F 51 2 days
 1  to lower cholesterol after 3 months, I started having severe headaches,cramping in lower right area (of groin), both hip areas, both knees and both ankles. When I lie down, I get cramping from waist to below ankles. I had a sharp pain at the bottom of breast bone and a jarring feeling below breast bone and just at diaphragm when just walking. Between my shoulder blades, I had an annoying pain. I thought I had developed restless leg syndrom, also. I was on Lipitor, for about 2 mos. and had developed knee pain. I was hoping Crestor (5mg) would be better, beings I was on it 3 mos. I just wish there weren't so many side affects...just to get better!!! F 62 3 months
 2  High Cholesterol Leg cramps. Knees hurt and week. Flu like symptoms. Dry mouth. First tried Tricor, had same side affects but worse. Now I am trying Crestor. I am giving it my best effort in hopes side effects will go away. My cholesterol is 800. Need something to bring it down. F 41 14 days
 1  high cholesterol Joint and muscle pain and muscle spasms, heart palpitations. I have been in so much pain this past week I can hardly walk. Stopped taking Crestor last night. Hope it's not too late. Zetia made my stomach hurt, but I can live with that better than I can live with this awful pain. Going to ask my doctor to try something else. Crestor makes me hurt the same way Lipitor did, only Lipitor didn't cause palpitations. F 58 3 weeks
 2  cholesterol Weakness in upper legs. Palpatations. Doctors are very defensive about statins. I went off Crestor yesterday and will fight to stay off. I really think it does more harm than good. M 70 3 months
 1  High cholesterol / triglycerides I started this yesterday with 10mg dose. within 5 hours my lower back and upper legs were aching so bad I could hardly walk. Also has the worst diarhea I have ever had since yesterday. I am hesistant to take it today. F 34 1 days
 4  Improve LDL-HDL ratio No side effects to date. Currently taking 10mg daily. Reduced total cholesterol from 176 to 91, LDL from 107 to 58, triglycerides from 191 to 96, increased HDL from 31 to 32. M 42 53 days
 1  cholestrol and triglycrites severe leg pain I stopped taking the crestor 4 days ago and the leg pain still has not gone away. Does anybody know how long the pain will last?? F 48 60 days
 3  My LDL were 147, HDL 68 overall 220 First 2 weeks no side effects. Last night while sleeping, extreme bad headache (like eating cold ice cream) woke me up and had restless night after that. Headache came and went and when I got out of bed, still had slight headache. Also, on Lotrel for high B/P, but my #'s are normal. 63 years old, gained 5lbs. since starting Would like to know if anyone has had headaches from this medicine and I'm hesitant to continue it. F 63 2 weeks