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 1  Cholesterol was high This is one of the most vile medications I've ever taken. First lets talk about the fact that the medication made me nearly suicidally depressed. Which I must comment on the fact that because it takes awhile for that side effect to manifest, it wasn't apparent that it was a result of the medication. It took me awhile to figure out that it was the Crestor that was responsible for the depression. I could have easily off'ed myself before figuring it out. BE AWARE! BE VERY AWARE. Thank god the effects diminished very fast after stopping the medication. However, it took a full month to completely rid myself of side effects. But that was one month of feeling better every single day. Thank god! Other side effects that I encountered were a frozen shoulder. This I'm not sure was created by the Crestor, but it's very likely, however for sure the Crestor was making to so that it would not get better! This is also improving steadily upon ceasing the Crestor. I also had the muscl There is no question that far from extending my life, this medication was going to shorten it significantly. I'm off the Statins permanently! I'd rather die naturally at whatever age my body is capable of taking me to, rather than give my life over to big pharma for their self-serving profit agenda. What utter nonsense our medical system has become. The doctors are almost useless. All they do is write prescriptions for meds that need to be taken every day at a cost of $3+(sky's the limit) per pill. When I was growing up, unless you were diabetic, you took medication to make you well and then you discontinued it. Now, every medication that comes out is something they want you to take everyday. What's wrong with this picture? M 52 8 months
5 1X D
 1  lower my cholesterol Terrible leg pain,hip pain,arms,feet,ankles,elbows every muscle in my body. Not just slight pain but PAIN! This went on for 2 to 3 weeks, I finally saw my Doctor who promptly stopped my Crestor. I could hardly get in and out of the car. When I arrived home I looked it up on the internet and was in shock. I am still suffering some pain it has only been three days since my last dose. I am supposed to wait three weeks.Then I want some test done, I want to know just how much permanent damage was done. Someone should sue this drug maker, this is horrible drug doesnt need to be out on the market I have nothing good to say about this drug F 51 8 months
20mg 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol Severe muscle loss and muscle pain. Constant joint pain and memory loss. Constant fatigue and depression. Insomnia due to pain in legs, back and hips. Despite explaining these symptoms to Doctor at every visit, he never mentioned that Crestor might be the problem or explained side effects. Now 10 years later and desperate for answers I started looking into my medications and discovered that most of my symptoms could be attributed to Crestor. I have stopped taking it and feel better already and am off all of the pain medications. I feel like I have unduly suffered for ten years. M 61 10 years
20 mg 1X D
 5  LOWER LDL none crestor lowered my ldl from 160 to 55 and hdl from 31 to 43 M 59 3 months
20 1X D
 4  high cholesterol Initially, I felt very irritable which is unlike me but that only lasted a few days. After about two weeks, I developed right shoulder aching and my neck began to ache as well. It felt like I pulled muscles. Then the aching began interfering with my sleep. The medication lowered my total cholestrol from 272 to 174 with LDL, HDL, Triglicerides, etc all falling into the normal range which was excellent. My ALT and CK were all normal as well. Due to the muscle aching and fatigue due to poor sleep, my doctor had me stop the medication. Now that we know it worked, I am questioning the dose and whether I need even 5 mg? I am going to talk to her about halving it to 2.5mg and trying it again at the lower dose. Now that I am off the Crestor, I have no aching and I am sleeping well again. F 59 60 days
5mg 1X D
 1  High LDL/TG Nausea, Dizziness, Muscle Aches, Headache, Stomach Pain Everything went well the first week though I did have a headache nearly every day as well as a slight stomach pain. The second week brought dizziness, nausea, a few muscle aches along with the stomach pain and head ache. I stopped taking it after 10 days. It's been 5 days since I stopped and the symptoms are slowly going away. Hopefully they will be completely gone soon. M 39 10 days
10 MG 1X D
 1  to reduce Cholesterol All over stiffness when I wake up. Muscle pain in neck, legs and feet, especially after standing for a couple of hours. I have had more headaches, but did not associate them with this medicine until reading other posts at this site. Often can't think straight, and have trouble remembering small things, like someone's name. Have trouble sleeping from my pain. Have chills, as if I have fever, but have not actually run any fever. I have had 75% of my thyroid gland removed several years ago, due to Hashimoto's disease, and take synthroid to regulate. I thought at first that maybe my Synthroid needed to be adjusted and visited doctor, but that was normal. Doctor sent me to rhuemotologist to see if I had an auto-immune disorder, and he believed I may have fibromyalgia. Now, I think it could all be related to Crestor. My doctor initially started me on Lipitor, but had to stop due to elevated liver enzymes? He put me on Crestor which lowered my cholesterol from 268 to 150. But, I have decided to cease this medicine to see if these side effects go away. The side effects have now exceeded the benefit of the medicine for me. I will see my doctor about other ways to manage my cholestorol without statins. F 42 2 years
10 mg 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol Nausea, depression, fatigue, a feeling of being in very poor health. I don't know for sure if Crestor is the culprit here. I can say that before starting Crestor,I had a physical, and everything was perfect except my cholesterol was very high. I felt very well, but my doctor insisted on my starting Crestor.Before starting the Crestor, I had alot of energy. Now, I feel extreme fatigue and i feel like I want to throw up all the time. I don't seem to have the muscle pain most people complain of, but I do feel extremely ill. F 60 2 months
20 MG 1X D
 1  High cholesterol Extreme pain from spasms in the buttocks, especially the left side. Increased weight when I had been losing weight, a total of over 50 lbs, then a sudden turnaround begining about 2 months after getting on Crestor. Increased back pain, neck and shoulder pain. Restless sleep so much so I would wake up in additional pain. Moodiness, high anxiety levels. I feel tired all of the time as well; probably from lack of sleep. Stomach and chest pains, and no, it's not my heart. I stopped taking Crestor about 5 days ago and I am slowly seeing these side effects disappear. Now maybe the scale will stop going up and begin going back down. F 52 4 months
10mg 1X D
 1  High cholesterol Extreme fatigue coupled with depression - could not drag myself out of bed Tried a second time a monh later - same effect F 65 3 days
5mg 1X D
 1  High LDL Ever since approx. day 2, even on this low dose, I have had joint pain in shoulders ,slowed thought process, and increased pain and weakness specific to left foot that has stopped me from walking even short distance, I cannot live this way, i must be able to exercise, I am going to stop, this is the last stain for me, and I have tried them all! F 53 6 weeks
5mg daily 1X D
 1  high choleserol severe burning pain both legs, worse on right side, almost like a severe charlie horse. Affected walking,getting up and down from bed,chair car etc. causes limping. cause weird dreams,rstless sleep,fatigue.Would not take again. F 69 14 days
10 and 20m 1X D
 5  High Cholesterold Aches and pain After aches and pain stopped taking it. My physician found out low Vitamin D deficiency will cause Crestor to give you aches and pain. Started taking Vitamin D and went back on Crestor. NO PAIN AND NO ACHES. HAVE YOUR PHYSICIAN DO BLOOD WORK TO CHECK YOUR VITAMIN D, IF YOU HAVE A VITAMIN D DEFICIENCY (LOW)THAT CAN BE THE PROBLEM WITH CRESTOR. ONCE YOU TAKE VITAMIN D, THE PAIN AND ACHES WILL STOP WITH CRESTOR. CHECK WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN FIRST BEFORE STARTING VITAMIN D. M 62 1 years
40 1X D
 1  slighlty high chlosterol after 3rd day, I felt like I was wearing leg weights, nausea, no matter what I are I threw up, mood swings, from anger to tears at a moments notice, lack of any normal sleep, horrible nightmares, pain in mylegs, and arms., arms got so weak it was impossible to hold a few plates in my hands. I had such weakness I couldn't perform my job and actually went home one day. headaches, that continued, just general exhaustion and pain and each day a new symptom appeared. My blood pressure was up and down at a daily rate, my pulse rate stayed steady at about 120 even when I woke up, Nothing about this dug worked for me and I believe if I took it any longer it would have donegreat danger to my over all health. I am 5 ft 8, and weigh 144 lbs, and have been a heathy eater my whole life, what this drug did to me I would wish on no one! I would advised everyone to avoid at all cost never to use this product, when I complained how bad I was feeling 24 hrs later In was given this advice by my so called caring doctor; I was advised by my doctor to half the pill, but who wants to feel half as bad. I had no problems till I took this drug, and on my own, stopped using it and and have felt great ever since. My new doctor told me simple diet changes would work and that's the route I'm trying at this time F 56 14 days
10 mg 1X D
 4   just a lille joint pain now and again but it took my nubers to 114/44 its to much money but crestor will help if you need help also get 20 mg if you take 10 mg and cut them in half its the same price and you get 60 day supploy F 56 7 months
10 1X D
 1  High LDL Muscle and chest pain, abdominal cramping, headache, explosive diarrhea, foggy brain, weight gain and total exhaustion. I have been on 6 different cholesterol meds: Lipitor, Welchol, Simvastatin, Pravastatin, Livalo and Crestor. In addition, I have had to supplement with Co-Q-10 and Vitamin D just to compensate for the depletion from these meds. I have also tried, Gugu-lipids, Red Yeast Rice, Policosanol, Flaxseed, Oatmeal etc. The prescription meds are absolute poison! I, too, was worked up to rule out MS. Frequent labs, expensive meds, expensive tests...MRI's, CT's, frequent Dr. visits... All the pain and expense and life altering changes..because of Big Pharma. F 57 6 months
5 QOD 1X O
 1  High Cholesterol Increased lower back, leg and foot pain makes it impossible for me to continue my walking regimen for weight loss and physical conditioning. The pain keeps me awake for hours. I thought it was an exacerbation of a back injury. After reading others' experiences, I know I'm wrong. Last evening was my last dose of Crestor. I'll take my chanced with an improved diet. What good is extending life expectancy if that life is lived in pain? M 56 21 days
40 1X D
 1  high chloresteral I have had leg cramps, crazy dreams at night, can't sleep at night, can't get my brain to work-works in slow motion, bad attentions span, weak muscles, slow moving F 65 2 years
.15 1X D
 3  Bypass surgery I also have joint pain, primarily on my left side. It seems to migrate from my hip to my knee then to the groin area. Also my right shoulder seems to always ache. I was on Lipitor and used to get these awful muscle cramps so the doc changed my meds. I think he needs to change it again. M 47 1 years
40mg 1X D
 3  High cholesterol Tremendous pain in knees and legs. Slight fogginess in thinking. Crestor has worked in lowering my cholesterol. Wonderful. Hence the 3. It did what it was meant to. However, the pain it has brought to the joints in my legs, especially my left knee (weird huh?), has been so painful at night that it has almost brought me to tears. I have had MRIs, ultrasounds, blood tests, all show nada. In Australia, Crestor is affordable $32 a month but now I'm here in the USA, and of course have no insurance (I won't get into that), it's $170!! So, I am about to stop taking it and before I do, I wanted to do some research. Found this site and it got me to thinking. Maybe I don't in fact want this. I'm gonna ween myself off my last 6 tablets or so... then we'll see if this pain, almost like a burning sensation, will dissipate. I'll be stocking up on ginger, garlic, vitamin D and CoQ10. M 40 3 years
20MG 1X D