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 3  high cholesterol Ever since ive been on crestor I get toe cramps out of no where to the point I feel like I will fall over. And ive been experiencing heart palpitations like crazy. Been to the dr and had EKG and holtor monitor's and no one knows whats wrong. F 28 5 months
 1  mildly high cholesterol family hist Leg cramps, joint pain from wrist to ankles feeling like the flu, mild fever, eyes burning, lethargy, mild headache. Been on Crstor for 5 plus years and the aches took me off work today and saught medical help immediately M 43 5 days
10 2x dail
 1  high cholesterol I can relate to 95% of the symptoms u guys have mentioned! So, I did a little homework of my own... I stopped two weeks ago, guess what, I feel ten years younger! No, I did not.ask my doctor if I could.stop, I just got.fed.up with the crap! I'm now on a high fat low carb diet, believe it or not, if u do it properly u can actually lower u colestrol... (paleo/Banting diet) Good luck to all who still suffer… F 49 5 years
 1  High Colestarol Both Knees and elbows in extreme pain if I crouch down I need help to get up again I do labour at my job and its ruined my life as Im always crouching and the pain is extreme at times. Dont take this crap!! M 48 3 months
5MG 1X D
 1  high cholestoral Exhaustion, joint pain, seeming to get worse. Latest thing is terrible tingling and numbness in both hands, trying to rule out the Crestor, Stopped taking it about 5 days ago. Will check back in. F 66 2 months
10 1X D
 1  Familia Hyperdypedimia This drug has ruined my life. I am in constant pain. Thigh pains that shoot, shin pains, even vaginal pains. NOT worth it! There was an expert who said no women should be on statins. F 52
40 1X D
 1  High cholesterol No known side effects for first 2 weeks. Today experienced severe nausea, fogginess in the head and vomiting. Had to go to bed in dark room to stop the spinning. Lasted for about 5 hours. Will not take this drug again. Will use natural means to lower my cholesterol. My cholesterol is within normal range but Dr wants to bring it down further now that I've been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. M 55 2 weeks
20mg 1X D
 3  Elevated cholesterol / ApoB Although my blood cholesterol / Apo B scores are much lower, experiencing noticeably reduced libido, constant anxiety and transient leg pains. I have no idea whether there is any cause/effect here. I am normally happy, active and fit but am now living life in a fog of depression and have almost no sex drive. Since I am at low risk for heart issues, I can only try going off the drug again for a period as an experiment, since I do not want to start depending on yet other drugs for altering mood. I have never suffered from anxiety yet it is currently so intense I want to drown myself. The anxiety may well be from financial problems of an ongoing recession but I have usually coped much better with high stress. Seems extremely effective in lowering LDL (84 from 160)) ApoB (85 from 150). originally started on 10 mg/day Lipitor for several years due to high LDL and CRP but after reading many online scary accounts of symptoms as well as getting leg cramps, discontinued for a year. Cardiologist convinced me statins would reduce my risk of heart problems (although I have no apparent heart issues and am very fit) since LDL / Apo B levels were elevated. He prescribed a starting dosage of 5 mg/day which we increased to 10 mg/day after a year. It has done a very good job of reducing cholesterol....but? M 62 2 years
10 1X D
 1  lower cholesterol joint pain and sudden weakness like I was going to pass out. didn't have a clue what was going on until a guy I worked with asked me if I was taking a cholesterol lowering drug. shortly thereafter, i quit taking Crestor altogether, although it had significantly lowered my cholesterol. The joint pain subsided and eventually the lightheadedness went away but in there place, I now have excruciating cramps in my thighs that wake me in the middle of the night. Most times I cannot walk with them. I can only crawl or lay on the floor. I do the best I can to keep moving until the cramps recede. The first time this hit me, I honestly thought I was going to die. I wouldn't recommend this stuff to anyone. F 71 90 days
? 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol This drug has caused me shortness of breath, insomnia , sharp pains in my toes and feet and in my thighs. This was the last of the statins for me to try and I'm done with all of them . If diet and exercise don't work then I'll let fate determine my existence. Good luck to all that try or stay on this medicine or any other statin. M 44 1 months
20 mg
 1  High Cholesterol extreme cramping, pain in joints of hand,urine smelling bad, muscle breakdown stopped taking crestor and still had muscle breakdown a month after stopping. cleaned up my diet and had my levels checked a year later and my ldl went up only 10 points. not worth all the side effects M 63 5 years
30mg 1X D
 3  Cholesterol Stabbing pain under feet, occasional deep burning/pain under balls of feet and heels. Hypersensitivity to toes, ankle swelling and pitting edema on calves. Felt like plantar faciatis. Also painful initiation of walking after sitting or sleeping. Often have trouble completing a sentence. Stopped Crestor and all symptoms are going away. M 51 10 months
5mg 3X W
 2  high cholesterol I have been living with chronic anxiety for 9 years at least. I was able to get off SSRI antidepressants and now I am getting rid of CRESTOR. today, after a lot of energy clearing and healing work, I had the sudden idea of looking online if there is a correlation between Crestor and anxiety & depression: YES THERE IS!!! and i never thought about searching this before. My suffering in the last 9 years has been indescribable and I asked God many times to take my life, as the pain was too much and my anxiety has created huge problems to my beautiful family. I am getting off Crestor immediately. M 48 10 years
10 1X D
 1  cholesterol after open heart surger Headaches, entire body aches, shooting pain in toes, arms tingly, huge nausea, feeling like crap 24/7. I have taken my last one on Saturday April 26,2014. Going back to holistic ways. This Crestor was wrecking my body and I want my life back. I will do holistic and putting trust in my faith. F 63 9 months
 1  tryglisaride pain in feet,ankles joint pain,hip pain,depression,felt like my life was over ,felt old,felt ill 24 hrs a day,lethargic,muscle weakness,heart palpitations, diarrhea,nausea,difficulty walking lower back pain,kidney pain.i am probably forgetting some,memory lost.I rated it a 1 because there is no 0.within 24 hrs after i stopped taking it i felt 80 percent better i even ware heals. F 52 2 days
10 1X D
 3  High Cholesterol Anxious, loosing memory, getting thin in ugly way, knees pain, and I FEEL OLD ! I really don't know! I got confused when I saw all those comments, I say to my self maybe other companies are writing bad things about Crestor to stop people from taking but, but again why other people are not writing good things about it? for me I am 32 years, I have bad habits, I smoke 2 packets per day, I sleep always late, but always play sport and run a lot and swim also and yet with all those habits I was somehow fine before, now I always feel old, and very thin, and no matter how I work out my muscles never grow! they were better before the med, I am taking Crestor 5 since 2 years and I don't know what to now do, cuz when I stopped it for 3 months last year, the blood results where bad. By the way, I came here last year and read all those comments but I ignored them somehow, and my doctor say all is fine with me as long as my results are fine. But guys I really feel 52 even I am 32..hope someone with my case can reply to me! I read about alternative to statin; I think I will consider them even though I am afraid they will be as effective as medicines. so what u think? M 32 2 years
5 MG 1X D
 1  high cholesterol Lower back pain, sore ankles, knees, hips, insomnia, headache. I looked everywhere on internet until seen this site. Thank you, thank you again, I am stopping this medication right now. Not blaming my doctor making me believe that is good pill but will look for other alternatives not worth putting cholesterol down and not having quality of life. F 52
10mg 1X D
 1  cholesterol headache that has put me in bed. almost migrane. tried half dose cannot use. cost me a fortune to wrong F 69 20 days
10 mg 1X D
 1  Preventive after TIA (mini stroke) Off and on headaches almost migraines. Then in Dec 2013 woke up with pain in right leg which spread to left leg a month later. EXTREME pain in all areas of legs.........lower back pain and very sore upper right shoulder. I wobbled around like this while my doctor and ER gave me pills upon pills. Crying daily from the pain lowering hours at work until now I am off. Saw a neuro who suggested it could be the Crestor. Stopped it that day it is now a week later and I can actually walk with way less pain, still some back / shoulder pain but time will tell after I get this poison out of my system. I have given birth to two children, been through a hemorrhoidectomy which was a test of my sanity in itself . NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I FELT SUCH PAIN. THIS SHOULDN'T EVEN BE USED IN TEST LABS ON ANIMALS IT IS CRUEL AND UNCALLED FOR. THIS BODY IS NEVER GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER STATIN IN IT. IF IT MEANS ME DYING EARLIER THEN SO BE IT. F 48 3 years
10 mg 1X D
 1  High cholesterol Had tried Zocor & had painful side effects a year ago. Finally a month ago I agreed to try CRESTOR and give cholesterol meds another try. Well...I feel like I have been ran over by a freight train. Within the first few days I noticed "Charlie horse" type cramps in my calves and thighs, headaches, sharp "cluster" headache pains, I noticed getting out of bed that my feet hurt to touch the floor, after about a week is when the "insomnia" started, vivid, crazy dreams. I have hurt so bad in my wrist, collar bones, shoulder, fingers, forearms and neck that I would think I am dying of bone cancer. I have taken My last one 5 days ago, I will NOT take this point i would almost rather take the risk of bad cholesterol. All I can say is my advise to anyone is keep a journal & make notes of your daily progress/symptoms that start with taking "statin" for your cholesterol. That way you have a timeline of what it does to you. I just hope to goodness this fades away soon, I have hurt/ached so bad today in my shoulders,jaw, neck that I want to cry. F 45 3 weeks