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 3   Nightmares..stopped taking and the nightmares went away.. started again and they came back full force : ( Then I wake up so don't get much sleep. F 39 360 days
 5  hi cholesterol, family history none, lowered my cholesterol remarkably I have a family history of heart disease and had high cholesterol although I watched what I ate. My doctor prescribed this years ago and it gave me immediate results without any negative symptoms. I read and hear of how bad this is, but I have not had any side effects. I have blood work every 6 months to watch for problems. F 58 6 years
 1  High cholesterol/Heart disease Extreme fatique. Unexplained 15 lb. weight gain. (eating the same as before Crestor)Pain on right side around upper rib. Depression. No zest for life. Deminished Libido. Back pain. Problems with short term memory, constipation. I stopped taking Crestor 3 days ago after being on it for 4 1/2 months, and I'm already getting my energy back. It did help my bad cholesterol (from 140 to 70). But I am convinced Crestor is the reason for all these problems I've been having. I hope to be back to normal soon. I rather have high cholesterol than have all these side effects. Be aware if starting this medicine, you will have some undesirable side effects that the Doctor won't tell you. F 43 4 months
 1  Slightly elevated cholesterol Within a week of starting my prescription for 5 mg Crestor, I began to experience muscle aches in both upper arms. When I told the doctor, he said to cut the 5 mg pills in half. He also admitted he had the same problems taking Crestor, and said he had cut the pills in half also. The arm aches seemed to go away after I cut the dosage to 2.5 mg, but gradually other problems have appeared. Both knees ache (the left knee is worse) after a short walk or mowing the lawn. My pre-existing carpal tunnel problems in both wrists has worsened. I also gradually became aware of frequent numbness in both hands when driving the car. But what's worst is the leg cramps. I remember now that I've had lots of leg cramps when sleeping since starting Crestor, although I didn't initially associate them with taking Crestor. Three days ago, I had a particularly violent cramp in my left leg that woke me out of a sound sleep and took several very painful minutes to dissipate. I only started this drug because of family medical history: My father had several heart attacks and eventually succombed to one. I have stopped taking this drug because I never had problems like this before. The additional aches and pains this drug has caused me have prevented me from exercising as much as I know I should. I do not recommend this drug. I'm making an appointment with the doctor tomorrow to let him know that I can't tolerate this drug. M 62 8 months
 1  hyperlipidemia Within week and a half had severe muscle pain in left leg, followed in days by same pain in right leg, then arms, shoulders, etc. Doctor took me off Crestor after three weeks, at which point felt like 90 years old. Very scary experience. I am one of the people my doctor calls statin intolerant, so unfortunately, until something else comes along, my hyperlipidemia is virtually untreatable. F 58 22 days
 2  high cholesterol, high LDL, low HDL Severe numbness and tingling in fingers, face, and many other areas on my body...severe muscle weakness in legs. F 58 4 months
 1  high cholesterol Almost immediately I began experiencing muscle aches so severe in my legs that I could not sit or stand comfortably, had about a twenty pound unexplainable weight gain. Fingers and feet swelled so that shoes and rings could not be worn. Fatigued to the point that by 11 AM my energy level was spent for the day. Had to lay down and nap. Could not sleep comfortably at night due to leg pain. After I was taken off of Pravocol by my Doctor and put on Crestor, the effects were felt almost from the start. I attributed them to stress,and a case of the flu. They became so bad that I sought help not from my doctor but from the internet, and guess I have the explanation. There are too many of us experiencing the same symptoms on this drug. I will take myself off of this drug immediately, and risk the high cholesterol. F 48 90 days
 3  High cholesterol Was taking 10 mg. Crestor three times a week. In July it was upped to 10 mg. daily. Since then, I've had nausea but never attributed it to this medication. In the past week, I've had incredible right shoulder blade pain, which radiates to my chest. have no symptoms of gall bladder, or other digestive problems. In reading others comments, I'm wondering if the Crestor is behind these pains. I'm going to stop my medication as of tonight and see what happens. Even a massage hasn't helped this shoulder pain, and like someone else posted, I've taken so many Advils, who knows whats next! Anyone else feeling these symptoms? Not sure about this. When taken three times a week, my levels did come down. Haven't been checked yet since taking daily. F 53 2 months
 1  high cholesterol vertigo in the mornings after taking it for ten days F 66 10 days
 1  High cholesterol Joint pain, severe burning muscle pain - I feel like I've been beaten up! Feel weak, bruised, very sore, difficulty walking. Palpitations, tire very easily. Stomach problems, nausea. Never had such miserable side effects. My Dr switched me from Pravachol to Crestor because of muscle pain. This is worse! Would never recommend this to anyone. Lucky are those few who never have side effects. Better to watch what I eat and concentrate on exercise. Hope that discontinuing drug will improve symptoms. F 63 4 months
 4  High Cholestoral Virtually none And all my lab tests are nomal except Havn't reached optimal goal for LDL Was on Lipitor Had achey feelings and my teeth hurt.Asked Dr.for more samples but he was out.He had samples of 10mg of crestor.I started taking it and and the muscle and teeth pain subsided.Neither drug gets me to my targeted cholestoral level.and i will not take a higher dose.Dr added Zetia will have too see how this works M 51 2 years
 5  high cholesterol None what so ever. I switched to Crestor because my insurance quit paying for Zocor and I am glad I did. My total cholesterol went down about 30 points my good went up 10 points my bad went down 20 points and my triglycerides came down 20 points. I have been very happy with this drug. M 50 3 years
 1  cholesterol as high as 300 Terrible pain in upper left thigh bone and muscle as well as calf one advised me about syndrome associated with statins where there can be severe muscle damage. I stopped taking 5 mg of Crestor after 3 weeks and the extreme pain disappeared. We are researching other medicines. F 55 3 weeks
 1  high cholesterol Extreme pain in left hip and lower back, abdominal pain, constipation, general rundown feeling. Started taking Crestor and within a week developed extreme pain in my left hip and lower back. I have had lower back problems for many years and had just purchased a new vehicle so I attributed pain to getting used to the new seats and never considered the drug to be the cause of my latest problems. Took 4 or 5 Chiropractic treatments that seemed to help a bit but then suddenly after almost 2 months on Crestor the pain got worse and the treatments were doing nothing to help the situation. Then one morning I was getting out of bed and I suddenly dawned on me that the pain had started just about the time I started taking the Crestor. I contacted my Doctor who advised I stop taking it and within 2 days the pain was 90% gone and every day I feel a little better. I'm currently waiting for the results of blood tests to insure no permanent damage but I will not be going back on this drug! M 62 2 months
 4  Poor HDL/LDL Ratio I was originally prescribed 10 mg dosage. Took the dose before going to bed. Had quesy stomach in the morning. The Crestor lowered my total cholesterol from 205 to 117. My HDL remains at 34. Doctor recently cut my dosage to 5 mg and my stomach feels a whole lot better in the morning. M 51 20 months
 1  high cholesterol Severe pain, swelling, throbbing in hands. Insomnia, memory problems. Neuropathy in legs and arms. Doctor switched me from Lipitor 10mg/daily to Crestor 10mg/daily. Went from feeling fine to feeling terrible. I feel flulike all the time. Saw doc about pain in hands. Doc thought it was arthritis, x-rays showed nothing. I am stopping this drug TODAY. Wish I had done this research BEFORE I took this drug. Can only pray symptoms will reverse. F 55 5 months
 1  Cholesterol high Back pain, kidney pain, hip pain, so bad I couldn't sleep of think of anything else. Totally debilitating drug Stopped taking and began improvement within a day - after two weeks feel great. M 64 60 days
 1  High Cholesterol 5 MG of Crestor started 20 days ago. Numbness all along my right side, especially in right leg and along the right side of my head. I have also been having difficulty sleeping, frequent bouts of diarrea, and the worst of all Panic Attacks. At first, I thought I developed a food allergy but the more we put everything together it all started 6 days after starting Crestor. I have had difficulty thinking clearly, memory loss and have felt a general sense of anxiety. My throat feels thick and constricted and I feel like a small child is sitting on my chest at the collar bone. I have visited the ER twice in the last 10 days for what I thought was an food allergic reaction. I'll still go get allergy tested but am hopeful this poison will be out of my system quickly. Won't ever take it again and probably will avoid all statins. M 33 20 days
 1  High cholesterol Muscles just so weak I could not get out of a chair and could not walk without a cane. Took Crestor for 3 months and had muscle ache and after a year of not taking the pill am still having problems with my feet. My Dr. also had problems with Crestor and only takes it every other day because of the effect it had on his muscles. M 66 3 months
 2  high cholesterol extreme pain in my heels and hips that made walking and bending over very painful I had first attributed the symptoms to some very strenuous physical work that I had been doing. It never dawned on me that it could be a side effect until reading about it. I have quit taking the med 2 days ago and symptoms are already subsiding. I will have to call the doctor to try something different. F 41 30 days