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 1  High cholesterol Was put on 10mg M, W, F. First week was fine. In 3rd week now and I am getting terrible aches in my leg musles. The bottom of my feet hurt when I walk or stand on them for even short periods of time. Not able to sleep through the night anymore either. I would rather risk a heart attack or stroke rather than deal with these horrible side effects. I'm exhausted all day now and can't even enjoy a walk without feeling like I ran a marathon. Not worth talking this drug. M 37 3 weeks
 4  High cholesterol Slight soreness in knees in the first 2 weeks. I believe since I lift weights and exercise 3-4 days a week my soreness is not as great if I didn't exercise. My levels were total - 360, hdl-53, ldl-240, trig-300. I was not really unfit or fat, mostly from family history. Before getting on meds, I started exercising and cut down on carbs. In two months my numbers went down big time, but were still a little high. Started on 20mg, for a week then cut the pills in half. Been on for 2 months. My #'s now are 187, 54, 119, 89. Still have to get the ldl (119) down some. My philosophy is to pay for the more expensive healthy foods now instead of paying for the meds, dr's, and high med. insurance later on in life. M 37 2 months
 2  High Colesterol Only taken Crestor for 2 weeks. However experiencing muscle spasms amd tingling in legs and other parts of my body. I have noticed a hightened level of anxiety. After reading these posts, I plan to cut the dosage in half and inform my Doc of that. I am not willing to endure the pain, sore muscles etc. Thanks for the comments from everyone else. I am sure most of the people who love the drug don't search for sites like this. But for the rest, it is very, very valuable to expose all of the maladies your Doc's Crestor sales rep fails to emphasize. M 62 2 weeks
 2  high cholesterol Muscle and joint pain, dry mouth ,EXTREME sensitivity to insect bites,elevated blood sugar. I have stopped taking this medication. F 59 6 months
 2  Dr recommended for Type I diabetes I am unsure if this drug is the culprit but I have gained 20 lbs and crave sweets all the time. Not ideal for a diabetic. I do have lower back pain which makes me wonder if my kidneys are being compromised by this drug, diabetes or any other drug I must take. I never had high cholestral. My doctor convenced e that it is a preventative measure since diabetics have pulmonary problems the longer they are diabetic. I also have no energy or motivation to do anything whereas before I was very active on the weekends. I am unsure what to think of this drug. I feel I might stop taking it for a short time to see how I feel. M 43 3 months
 5  lower my blood pressure I really had no side effects at all. Sitting long periods of time, little problem getting up F 54 40 days
 1  high cholesteral constant flem in throat. Always hacking to get it up. Taking Crestor for two days. Had same problem when on it before for several months. Going to ask Dr for different prescription. M 54 2 days
 3  yes pain in my arms and legs, stomach cramps so bad that you could not touch my lower stomach without the pain shooting though my body my sister is who 67 and myself both take 5mg of crestor and experince stomach cramps and bleeding. reported the bleeding to our obgyn who took tests and could not find the cause of the bleeding.I stop taking crestor and the bleeding stopped. want to know if anyone else has had this experince? F 64 12 months
 2  hereditary high cholesterol Fortunately, none of the painful muscle effects I have read in the other postings....some constipation, but unexplained weight gain of 20 POUNDS!!!!This totally SUCKS!! I have been a healthy person who works out (not a fanatic, but I always try to keep reasonably fit, 3-4 times per week),non-smoker, healthy eater, I normally dont drink b/c I don't want the extra "empty"calories. No matter what I do, I can't drop a single ounce. I may be able to get 4-5 lbs off, comes right back on. I even tried Jenny Craig, same thing. I have had other testing done & my rmr (resting metabolic rate) is above average. On the JC diet, they start you off at 1200 calories. I never made it past that level & lost 6 lbs that came right back on. I did the diet for at least 3-4m onths. MY workout program includes cardio-kickboxing, low weights, walking, and other cardio. I also feel like my muscles are not firming up like they should...I read in a previous post that the muscles just F 40 4 years
 2  High Cholesterol 20mg daily. Severe, I mean severe, knee joint pain. Left knee worse. Could not sleep. Ringing in left ear, tinitis, and loss of libido. Sugar and binge eating cravings in evenings. PCP said it was the onset of bursitis and tried to prescribe another med. THANKFULLY I found this site and 2 weeks off it now the knee joint pain and ringing in ear has subsided. Hopefully with my strict diet, exercise and Lavaza,(WORKS GREAT), for LDL I can manage the High Cholesterol. M 47 5 months
 2  High Triglycerides and Low HDL Muscle pain mainly in my legs (which was better when I remembered to take 100mg of CoQ10), memory problems, headaches, became more and more irritable as time went on (to the point that my wife didn't know what would make me mad), but finally quit taking it when my blood sugar hit the 400's. It took two to three weeks after quitting the 10mg Crestor for my blood sugar to come back down under 120 (doctor didn't think it was connected). He just started me on Niaspan. After the original blood tests the doctor gave me 3 months to try diet and supplements, started taking 900mg of pantethine a day. My triglycerides went from 444 to 354. A year and a half taking 10mg Crestor (I did quit taking the pantethine every day) triglycerides went from 354 to 219. Total cholesterol went from 204 to a low of 117. My HDL actually went down from 27 to 22. Hopefully the Niaspan will help. M 43 1.5 years
 1  HIgh Cholesterol I've been on Crestor for ~6 months. I first noticed that I my sexual desire was greatly diminished. About 2 weeks ago, I started getting a rash and what I thought were insect bite marks as they were small, almost like chigger bites. They just got worse and worse and it turns out that they are hives. They burn and itch, and usually go away after ~3 hrs. I stopped taking Crestor today, but I found out that the 1/2 life is 19 hours. I'm hopeful that the drug hasn't caused permanent damage, but only time will tell. I'm going to seek natural methods to lower my cholesterol. Thanks Crestor manufacturer for hiding & downplaying the effects of this DANGEROUS drug. I'm certain that Crestor (10 mg / day) is causing the hives and diminished desire. I took an antihistamine today to counter the effects and the reaction after doing extensive research. Funny, the "Crestor" sites downplay the side effects, probably in cahoots with the medical community. Cholesterol was lowered, but I'm not convinced that that's a good thing. M 52 6 months
 1  High Cholesterol Sleeplessness, muscle discomfort in legs, trouble concentrating, short-term memory loss I was taking a low dose of lipitor on and off for about 8 months. I started to have trouble sleeping, but thought it was just stress. My doctor switched me to Crestor and told me to be more diligent about taking it. After about 2 months I thought I was falling apart due to my lack of sleep and muscle pain. I want to the doctor and my CK levels were above 500. I was taken off the crestor about 7 weeks ago. The pain has lessened, but has not gone away. I am wondering now if anything can be done to help with the pain. M 3 days
 4  high cholesterol 20mg - constipation; excessive, malodourus flatulence, 10mg - above side effects reduced, 5 mg - none as of yet. Won't forgive my doctor for starting at the high end. All dosages significantly reduced my LDL. Have read that statins reduce CoQ10 levels, an enzyme necessary for proper muscle function, which my doctor says is irrelevant. I take 3x50mg each day. I exercise quite regularly and vigorously: rowing, cycling, jogging, weights; and haven't had any muscular side effects. I plan to use Crestor irregularly, but especially after binging on rich foods. I avoid it if I've consumed alcohol (>2 drinks). Also take 2000mg of Niacin. M 66 9 months
 1  To lower cholestoral Extreme mussle pain. Back pain so bad I couldn't walk. Kneck pain which prevented any movement of my head. Couldn't sleep because of the pain caused by the medication. It lowered my cholestoral ... but the side effects were worse than having a heart attack. NOT WORTH THE SIDE EFFECTS! F 63 15 days
 1  high cholesterol/triglycerides After taking crestor for 5 days I had terrible body aches and muscle pain. The only way to describe it is debilitating. There has to be something else other than this med and its horrible side effects. I notified my doctor and was told to stop taking it and call them in a couple of days. F 36 6 days
 4  High Cholesterol (244) I have not noticed anything specific. I do not feel the joint and muscle problems that others speak of. My one concern is an unexplained 18 pound weight gain after starting Crestor. No change in diet (my diet was good to start) and no change in exercise (it could be more, but it has not changed). All of my numbers have dramatically improved from 5mg dose. Overall 244 to under 150. I am going to stop dosing to see if the weight changes. M 45 4 months
 1  High Cholesterol pain in legs, feet, joints, exhaustion Had taken previous statins with bad effects. However, Dr. said this 5 mg might work. Also take 10 mg Zetia for long time with no effects, but hasn't lowered my cholesterol much. Within 3 days I knew the symptoms were from the Crestor. Took 1 week and vow to never take a statin again. Waiting to feel back to normal again. I'm beginning to think this cholesterol thing is all hype anyway. F 54 7 days
 3  High Cholesterol - 270+/- Initially no side effects - cut my cholesterol in half. Now 9 months into it I have been experiencing upper thigh, knee and leg joint pain. Worse in left leg. Thigh feels fatigued almost burning sensation. Sexual desire has been reduced. Discussed with Dr but he does not feel it is related to Crestor I like the fact that Crestor reduced my cholesterol but the side effects are making me question my decision to take the statin drug M 43 9 months
 1  High cholesterol and triglycerides After taking 10mg Crestor for 2 months, I noticed fatigue and my muscles getting weaker. My exercise routine has started to suffer as my strength and endurance are decreasing. I have pain in my hip joints, low back, around my waist and in my right elbow. It did not dawn on me pain was due to Crestor until I read these ratings. Crestor seems to be sabotaging my efforts to workout and get in shape. If you are into health and fitness, don't take Crestor M 41 2 months