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 1  borderline high cholesterol Stiffness in legs. nausea, tired and listless, mind is fuzzy and depressed.Also, headaches similar to migraines. I will not continue to take this drug and see if I improve. And in addition I will let me dr know. It is not a good trip! F 59 3 weeks
10 mg 1X D
 3  High Cholesterol I was experiencing fatique and muscle soreness and weakness. I thought I had Fibromyalgia so I went to a Rhuematologist. Immediately she said to stop the Crestor that my cholesterol lab values were fine. She said it could take up to 4 weeks for this to get out of my system and she will follow up in 8 weeks. I also have gained 30+ lbs even though exercising and watching my diet. I blamed this on my thyroid as I only have 1/2 of it left. After reading this site I realized it could be the Crestor because it is all abdominal fat. I stopped the Crestor today 10-28-2010. F 46 3 years
7.5mg 1X D
 2  high cholesterol tingling feet and legs, some bad dreams, severe back pain last week I could not walk due to a severe stabbing pain in my back that persisted and resulted in 3 days off work. So far no other effects, but I go for the blood test again next week...what ever the results, I think I'll do the diet/exercise thing more and take my chances the natural way. Glad I saw this site. F 60 1 months
20 1X D
 1  HIGH CHOLESTEROL A great deal of muscle pain -- and I DO NOT mean tenderness, I mean pain! F 68 90 days
30 mg 1X D
 1  high cholesterol horrific spasmotic leg pains at night that woke me up, crying with the pain. Charley Horse type spasms, usually just one leg but sometimes both. had to quit taking it and it still took a couple months before the cramps really went away M 54 12 months
20 mg 1X D
 1  High level cholestorol Pains all over body, fatigue, extreme mood changes, feeling of weakness and inability to function, anxiety Took a week for symptoms to show, then pains and confusion hit. I suffer from Bipolar disorder, and after years of being fairly stable, I found that this drug sent me in to an emotional spin. I was anxious, angry, upset to the point of crying constantly and felt like a complete failure because my body just would not work and would not stop hurting. Stop using this drug straight away and talk to your doctor if you feel like this. There must be other drugs that the body can tolerate. F 39 9 days
1X D
 1  To lower cholesterol and raise Upper back pain at top of my spine just below the neck. Also numbness in penis and difficulty in erections. M 51 5 months
2.5 mg 1X D
 5  High cholesterol Had ache and pains all over. Family physician prescribe me Crestor and after aches and pain, he told me to stop taking it. But my cholesterol was still high. Finally my heart doctor sent me to another physican that specialized in people have trouble with Crestor. This new doctor said people who have a reaction to Crestor have been found to have a very low vitamin D deficiency. He did lab work and found that my Vitamin D was very low. He prescribe me Vitamin D through my pharmacy and had me on it for a month, then started me on the Crestor again. And it works. I'm still taken Vitamin D and Crestor pain free. No more pain and my cholesterol is in the normal range. M 62 1 months
40 MG 1X D
 4  High Cholesterol None Lowered my cholesterol by 50%. Triglyicerides were 326 in the year 2005. Are now 114. Diet and exercise were also probably a factor. M 38 4 years
10 mg 1X D
 1  crestor muscle aches, pain in legs, cramping in calves of legs at night, severe pain in hips and shoulders, weight gain, stomach problems, fatigue, chest pain, trouble sleeping... I took Lipitor & had bad results with liver emzyme levels, and my Dr. switch me to Crestor. I have had symptoms or side effects for a long time, and attributed them to gettig older or arthritis. I have been having severe hip pain for the last 6 months. It takes me hours to get going in the am. I wake up tired everyday. I recently went on a cruise and skipped my crestor pill for a few days and noticed that I felt better. I thought it might just be the warm tropic air. Since I've returned home I contnued not taking Crestor. It has been 2 full weeks and I am feeling the best I have felt in months. I have an appt. with my Dr. in 1 week, and I am telling her I think I'm discontinuing taking it forever. I am also on synthyroid, and wonder if I ever should have been prescribled this medication. I happened on this site by accident and can't believe that so many people have the same symptoms that I have been experincing. My main regret is that I didn't check out the side effects on statin drugs before. F 64 3 years
10 mg 1X D
 1  High Chloresterol Disturbing sleep patterns. Very vivid dreams. Scarey. Leg cramps. Especially when sleeping. Also cramps in my stomach when I bend over even trying to tie my shoes. Bad joint pain in my right hip. I can't walk up steps except by left leg and then right on same step. I tired taking Liptor and had the bad dreams. My chloresterol is very high in spite of cutting down on high chlor foods, taking fish oil and eating a ton of oats. My family history is bad, so the doctor said that I really needed to take something. Since the Liptor caused the bad dreams, she suggested Crestor. This is worse !!!!! I'd rather live 10 years pain free and rested than 20 years like this. F 57 10 days
1X D
 1  high cholesterol trouble sleeping, waking up, bad dreams, trouble remembering things I should know immediately. will continue to do fish oil, gugo lipo, diet and exercise. Do not need to be a part of the over medicating of America. F 58 28 days
5 mg 1X D
 1  high cholesterol severe pain in heart/chest/ back /and left arm do not take this drug caused me extreme pain I cannot function at all I am hoping the symptoms go away or I do not know how I will go on with all this pain F 54 30 days
10mg 1X D
 1  High cholesterol constent pain arms shoulder, sweats, cannot sleep day or night, pain in calves muscle, nightmares,cannot think clearly. I have been off crestor one month not geting any better,pain and not sleeping seems to be killing me. Dr drew blood to see if I have Rhabdomyolysis. Question does anyone know how long this will go on.This drug is poison please do not take. I REALLY THINK IT HAS ME. M 58 2 months
20 mg 1X D
 3  high cholesterol none M 49 30 days
20 1X D
 3  High Cholesterol Painful erections lead to loss of interest in sex, headaches, migrains, back neck and head hurt a lot sometimes. Memory loss. Talking too much in real life, or typing too much on the Internet. Not able to focus or concentrate at times. Dizzy, confused, feel like throwng up at times, nightmares, sounds, music, tv shows, get on my nerves sometimes and I try to communicate but get cut off and forget what I was talking about. Used to be brilliant with computers in programming and fixing them. Now I can barely function problerly. If I talk to someone like that they walk away instead of helping me. Some even make fun of me nd mock me even my brothers and some friends. Some friends and family members avoid me and refuse to return email or phone calls and I do not know why. Costs too much, I am on medicare and the coverage gap or doughnut hole forces me to pay as much as $800+ a month on medicine and disability does not pay me enough to afford that. So sometimes I have good hearted doctors give me samples until the doughtnut hole resets. Without this medicine I may die, but not like anyone cares about mentally ill people on disability whe medicine costs too much, and we either get samples from other doctors, charge it to credit cards, or go without them for a while. If it keeps up I will lose my house and my wife, son, and brother-in-law will suffer and forced to live in an apartment or trailer or cheaper house. I got many persciprtion assitance discount cards that are supposed to help. But pharmacists claim they are no good and refuse to accept or use them. M 42 6 months
20 MG 1X D
 2   sore throat, deep muscle pains, swollen ankles, knees starting taking Crestor in July 20 mg, thngs were great feeling wonderful, increased energy, 2 weeks ago, in the evening started getting deep knee, ankle, hip pain, plus very hot joint pain, this got worse called family doctor, stopped medicine, but these effects are still very strong will see doctor this week F 49 3 months
20mg 1X D
 2  high cholestoral severe headaches, fatigue , muscle soreness in neck, nausea I thought I had the flu but it all started a few days after starting this medication. Tired all the time, severe migraines every day since taking this medication. Not worth it. F 53 8 weeks
10 mg 1X D
 1  high cholesterol started with severe muscle cramps in calves and feet. Developed brain fog, back pain and muscle aches. Became so fatigued I could hardly get out of bed and felt faint. Had chills as though I had the flu. When I confronted my doctor with my litany of ills and asked if she would report my symptoms to the FDA her response was," they already know it." If they already know it, why is this drug still being given out like candy when it's efficacy is questionable and its side effects are known to cause misery and even death. F 63 6 months
5mg 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol Extreme muscle pain in back I will never take this again. I tried it once before and did not associate the back pain with this until I tried it again. I had high triglycerides (over 300) and started eating salads and drinking pomegranate juice. I dropped to 150. Wow! My cholesterol did drop 40 points with this and diet change F 57 2 weeks
20 1X D