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 2  slightly high cholesterol 2 [email protected] : it did work (HDL/LDL) BUT : muscle pain upper arms, later, sore elbow, tendinitis?. 5 months ago, big toe partially lost feeling. 2 wks ago, 3 days of fever pains in legs, calfs, hips. Maybe dark urine 1 day but not sure. Then the skin on thighs, shins, hips, gradually lost some sensitivity. Loss of knee reflexes. Unable to run properly, fear of losing balance. Knees stiff. Difficulties with memory and logic. Tired. Referred today to neurologist. I took it for 2 years without noticing more than slight arm pain. Why a crash after 2 years ? OK, maybe it's not the crestor, but it looks fishy. Anybody else lost sensation in skin or lost knee reflexes after an episode of muscle pain ? M 55 30 months
 2  High Cholesterol Mild headache, joint pain, fatigue, mood changes, not sleeping I've been on Crestor for about 8 weeks, doc switched me from Liptor which I was on because simvastatin made me sick. Now I've got pain in my left hip so bad it hurts to walk, I have bouts in the afternoon all I can do is try to stay awake, I don't sleep well at night wake up and can't get back to sleep, have been very different person lately. Taking 10 mg. I'll see my latest results in a week but this sucks. M 42 8 weeks
 5  high cholesterol Been on 20mg Crestor for 4 to 5 years, previously on 40mg Lipitor. Joint pain a problem on Lipitor so I was moved to Crestor. Over past 3 years, joint pain in shoulders, hips, and back is increasing. Last year, I developed muscle pain in my neck; woke up one morning with what felt like a couple of pinched nerves in my neck; the pain was so severe I could not get out of bed, but after about 20 minutes the pain subsided enough for me to move around. The neck pain has stayed with me over the last year, along with slightly increase joint pain in hips, back and shoulders. The neck pain is the worst. After x-rays and MRI, doctors attribute pain to arthritis onset conditions; so much for small-town medicine. Use an ice-wrap around neck to eleviate pain; chiropratic really did no good. I have choosen to go off of Crestor completely for about 3 to 6 months to see if pain condition subside. I will return to this site then and give update (hopefully). Crestor is a great drug in reducing cholesterol levels, for me anyhow. I used to have a total of 240, it is now 140. My LDL is down to 58, and my triglycerides are at 90. Crestor worked better than Lipitor or Zocor. Looking at high cholesterol, Crestor is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but the side effects will most likely do you in sooner or later. M 59 5 years
 1  overall cholesterol 245 First time taking any cholesterol med. - 10 mg. of Crestor. Weird numbness all over, but especially in forearms, hands and forehead. Some dizziness. Bloody nose out of nowhere. I feel like my body is rusting! Some pain in calves and forearms. Excess gas, nausea, bloating and 3 lb weight gain with no change in diet. Craving for sugar, which I never have. Trouble sleeping. Total "space case" feelings. Extreme fatigue and sometimes loss of balance. Feel like "something's wrong". The side effects started happening within 4 or 5 days and are getting worse each day. This is really scaring me. I felt totally fine before. There is a family history of heart disease, but this can't be the answer! If you feel like you're going to die or suffer from terrible side effects or possibly cause additional health problems, what's the point? Will be contacting my doctor and say "No thanks" to this regimen. Will have to figure something else out. The drug companies need to stop using us all as guinea pigs and risking our lives and our doctors need to stop taking kick-backs and really care about their patients. I don't trust any of them!! F 54 12 days
 1  slightly elevated cholesterol After 2 weeks of use I began having muscle spasms but was told by my doctor it was not due to Crestor. By 4 weeks muscle spasms became severe and occured 2-4 times a day. By 6 weeks I took myself off Crestor. One year later I still suffer painful muscle spasms about 2-3 times a week. I am much better but I have suffered greatly in the last year. I only hope they eventually will cease all together. Originally, my cholesterol levels fluctuated between 185 and 205 with the bad ranging from 95 to 121. I was put on 20 mg, a fairly large dosage, really for nothing and have gone to hell and back. F 60 45 days
 1  high cholesterol and tryglcerides I've been on Crestor for 7 days...I have an elevated CPK and have tried all kinds of statins which caused upset stomach and pain...muscle pain all over especially in the legs. My PCP told me that she wanted me to use Crestor. But for years they have told me that I shouldn't be taking a statin due to the muscle problem (CPK) and yet continue to prescribe statins. I've even received a note from one of the NP's that I should stop drinking so much.....I don't drink.... my liver bloodwork is abnormal)they don't address the possibility that what they are prescribing is causing my liver abnormalty. When you get shuffled around and see MD's and NP's, no one knows what the right and left hand are doing....Way too many patients. My symptoms are such that I can't afford both physically and mentally to continue taking Crestor....I'm tired, have stomach pain and most of all I hurt all over and feel bloated and puffy...How does one have a normal day? I have inherited high cholesterol - I don't suggest Crestor at all.....the side effects are terrible. F 66 7 days
 5  high cholesterol None Before Crestor my total number was 317 - after only three months it's now 195. My LDL also dropped like a rock from 254 to 130. My HDL was always high and was 54, now is 55. And my triglycerides were 57, and are now 48. Overall I could not be happier with Crestor. I take half of a 20 mg pill each day. I have never experienced side effects like I did with Zocor. I am so happy to have numbers that are within the normal range! My doctor is amazed. My family has a history of high cholesterol and my diet is healthy, so that never affected my numbers at all. Crestor did the trick. F 32 3 months
 1  high cholesteral joint pain, knees, hips especially, also low back and shoulder. All 'new' pain since taking crestor. Went on vaction and could hardly lift my foot to the curb, couldn't imagine what was going on, I am not new to excerise! I'm stopping the med. today after finding this website. Shame on all the drs. for not being truthful (or maybe enlightened) F 50 25 days
 3  High (bad) Cholesterol Am not sure if it's the Crestor or not. I have a good level on my good Cholesterol not sure if that is LCL OR HCL but my bad is 144. Been on Crestor 5 mg for almost a year. Loss of energy, fatigue, and leg cramps at my ankle at night only, started using the soap under my sheet and cramps have not been around for about 2 nights now. I would like to know if anyone has had a better experience with an OTC drug to lower their Bad cholesterol? F 57 9 months
 1  High Cholesterol Severe pain in feet/heels when trying to stand or walk, swelling of feet & hands, extreme muscle & joint pain, left knee swelling & pain more severe then right, spasms and tingling in legs, leg pain at night making sleep difficult, elevated blood sugar levels, dry mouth, heightened anxiety, night sweats, lower leg rash, trouble concentrating, short-term memory loss, strong sensation of arthritis in both hands & fingers, numbness in fingers & feet, sensation that something is stuck in my throat, weight gain, over all loss of muscle strength, mental confusion. 43 feeling 90. Have been off of Crestor for 2.5 weeks after going to emergency room unable to walk. Blood sugar levels fine in April...244 in July! Sent to physical therpy...was told they had seen this before many times...may take serveral weeks to recover. Going to check for perm. nerve damage. Feels like this is going to be a long recovery. Would rather had suffered a heart attack then go through the pain that I have had to endure due to the side effects of Crestor. F 43 3 months
 2  high cholesterol incredible and constant fatigue, depression, loss of libido love that it reduces cholesterol, but just cant handle the side effects. M 55 3 months
 1  cholesterol 222 Extreme exhaustion radiating pain all over body most specifically in shoulders and neck. Lack of focus, bruising of skin, dark urine. Weight loss. Symptoms of heart attack. My husband has RA and after taking a routine lab to check liver and blood he was found to have a Cholesterol level of 222. The rheumatologist wanted his level to be 175 due to the RA. After a few weeks of taking it he was experiencing extreme exhaustion, lack of focusing. He has many sleepless nights and pain over his entire body. With RA you always have pain so it was not easy to realize something was wrong. After one night of no sleep and extreme pain in the shoulders he made the statement I thought I had an heart attack. The symptoms did not get better. I looked up side effect for Crestor on the web. He had them all. He went to the rheumatologist and told her what was going on. She said the dose was way too low to effect him in that way. She did a EKG and blood and said he had an heart attack. WE went to the hospital and he was there two days. Later they came back to say Crestor not a heart attack. We have an appointment with the cardiologist in Sept. We will see then wha M 48 60 days
 1  cholesterol levels high Lower back pain, legs get tired when walking - every day. Some days worst than others. I am on Tricor which also has the same symptons as Crestor. Prior to Crestor my lower back pain was not as bad. Been on Crestor for about 6 months. I can see that Crestor significantly causes muscle pain in the majority of individuals posting here. M 63 6 months
 1  high cholesterol Extreme pain in left hip and lower back, as well as some pain all the way around the middle. I have been unable to sleep through the night for almost three weeks now. On my doctor's orders, I took Crestor 20mg for one month, after having been on Zocor 40mg for several years without any problems. Within a week of beginning the Crestor, I had so much pain I was unable to sleep. The only slight relief I could get was by sitting in my office chair, so that's where I spent most nights. Yesterday, I stopped taking the Crestor and tried to get in contact with my doctor. He is "out of the office until September." Now I am OUT OF HIS PATIENT LIST FOREVER, and I'll never take this stuff again. At 74, I probably won't be around much longer, anyway, and I see no joy in living for another thirty years while feeling as if I'd rather be dead anyway. I hurt constantly, I can no longer go to the fitness center, my blood sugar has skyrocketed, my urine is extremely dark and smelly, and I have gained almost twenty pounds WHILE DIETING! DON'T TAKE CRESTOR! M 74 28 days
 1  High Cholesterol Fatigue, severe muscle weakness, joint problems, very dark urine. Scared the hell out me. Was first of all taking a low dose, which seemed OK. But the MD wanted to get my levels lower and upped the dose. Symptoms started almost immediately. I have problem knees from sport and both knees quickly swelled with fluid as though I had injured them. The dark urine was particularly scary as it suggests it was causing kidney problems. M 52
 1  hereditary high cholesterol extreme muscle pain in hips, back and legs At first didn't experience any side effects, thought it was just muscle pain from working out. Pain has recently become more extreme, even when not working out. Realized when precription ran out and I was a week without crestor that I had not as much muscle pain, then when restarting script even though not at gym pain became extreme in back and legs, put 2 & 2 together then read these comments and most describe me, including unexplained weight gain. Will see Dr, have stopped Crestor will try Policosanol advised by Chemist today. F 59 15 months
 2  cholesterol F 65
 1  High cholesterol Pain in arm muscles,difficulty standing in the morning due to sore feet, shooting pains in fingers, toes, arms, joints, lower back, and feeling like something crawling under my skin on my leg and ankle. Crestor did lower my number by 100, but the quality of my life diminished while taking it. Now the doctor wants to put me on Lipitor 10,but I am afraid to try it. F 58 8 weeks
 2  diabetes weird dreams, very itchy skin on my lower legs and chest. Anxiety. I would not recomend this medication unless cholesterol level is life threatening. My levels are in the healthy range but as I am a diabetic my doc wanted them even lower. F 45 6 weeks
 1  diabetes- total cholesterol at 160 okay for six months or so but I am just finding out hat Crestor might be the culprit for really increased anxiety, back pain, shoulder blade pain, neck pain. Knees are a little painful but I walk 45 minutes every day. Was put on zocor initially and that worked for about 1 year and then put on crestor. My natural cholesterol is about 170- hdl 60. Since I am diabetic- they want total under 100...... M 49 7 months