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 1  To lower my LDL Wrist pain, lower back pain, left hip discomfort, upper left leg cramps I thought my back pain was due to pain I normally have, if I lift too heavy objects, but after about taking the Crestor for 2 weeks, the pain became constant. I had the hip discomfort for 3 days after about the 7th day of taking the medication and it went away. It came back again about the 18th day and never went away. The wrist pain would come and go. The upper leg cramps started about the 18th day. F 56 21 days
 1  High cholesterol--360 I've been on Crestor about 9 months. About 7 months ago my left knee starting hurting and has gotten progressively worse. My right elbow is also in great pain. My entire body is sore--feels like tight muscles and as though my bones actually hurt. Lower abdominal pain started a month ago. I've been to one doctor and am scheduled to see an orthopedic surgeon, but after reading these comments and seeing a similarity in complaints, I'm stopping the Crestor (only 5 mg/day, but when I had my blood test after 3 months the doctor said I was a "reportable" case as my numbers had gone done so much). I've been so chronically fatigued, and today my teeth actually started hurting...I had a blood test taken today and will see cardiologist in two weeks, but I feel as though this drug is poison and am hoping it has not caused permanent damage to my liver or my joints. Thanks for all the detailed comments. F 54 9 months
 1  High cholesterol Was on Lipitor for over a year and had many of the side effects others have mentioned: extreme muscle soreness, cramps in calf, fatigue, felt exhausted all the time, major foot pain including burning and tenderness, foggy, difficulty concentrating depression. Even went for physical therapy and accupuncture for the muscle soreness and foot pain! Went off Lipitor 9/17/09 and started to feel much better mostly with muscle soreness, cramping and expecially foot pain. Feeling better, no longer feel like I'm "underwater" and a 100 years old. My doctor started me on Crestor 10/28/09 and I'm experiencing the same symptoms like Lipitor. I had a three week sample supply and just dropped the rx off last night for Crestor to pick up today. I just found this website and called the pharmacy to cancel the prescription. I just can't believe how many people have experienced the same variety of problems I've been experiencing for more than a year. I never connected any of it to the Lipitor but now that I've switched to Crestor and I was starting to feel the same symptons, that's it for me on these type of medications. Unbelievable that so many of my health problems have been related to a medication that is supposed to help you. I usually don't write things on blogs or websites but I hope that my voice, along with the others here, will help other people not suffer like we have. The emotional stress and disfunction that I've experience has sometimes been debilitating and I'm finally hopeful that the quality of my life will only improve. I hope the same for everyone with a similar story! F 52 3 weeks
 3  Cholesterol of 300 unable to lose weight no matter what; dizzyness upon standing from squatting position; fullness; hair becoming extremely difficult to manage or style; dry skin; aggressiveness or tendency to have short fuse, experiencing differences in facial appearance, seems to be making me look older. Has anyone experienced this???????? Was originally on 10 mg, then dr increased to 20, experienced dizzyness and aggression or annoyance, cholesterol came down to 179, but dr wanted to increase dosage fearing it would creep up, after another 6 weeks of not taking it every day it increased to 200, dr put me on 20 mg/day and I feel miserable; F 55 6 months
 1  High cholesterol weakness of the leg and arm,left shoulder pain. muscles treambling,stomachache and bloating.irritability. F 45
 1  High Cholesterol Bloating, gas, shoulder pain, ankle pain, wrist pain, weight gain, leg cramps in my calves that would wake me in the middle of the night I would not recommend this drug to anyone! I tried Lipitor and had similar side effects, but Crestor, by far was the worst medication I have ever used and after only two weeks of taking this, these side effects exhausted me and two days after stopping it I could feel a huge difference in how I felt. F 51 16 days
 1   cholesterol within 3 days I have severe leg muscle pain & flu symptoms. F 47 3 days
 1  to lower bad cholesterol Crestor 5mg daily. In the beginning I really didn't notice any difference. After 4 weeks now my joints hurt so bad it is hard to stand it. My knuckles are so swollen on both hands I can't close my hands. I tried to think what had changed in my life causing this. The only change was the Crestor so I went to look for side effects and found this site. I am quiting today. I took fish oil for a year and lowered it almost 200 points. I will stick with that. The pain associated with the Crestor is not worth it. I was sure I was getting arthritis at an extremely rapid rate. Glad to hear I am not imagining this. Will check back when been off a couple of weeks and let you know if the pain is gone and I can use my hands without severe pain. STAY AWAY FROM IT!! I have been a RN for 31 yrs and never dreamed it took a website like this one to help me figure out where all this joint pain was coming from. F 54 4 weeks
 3  high cholestrol weight gain and now achilles tendon pain. As bad as these are, when I was on Zocor,the side effects were 100 times worse. while it has brought my cholestrol down, the side effects are troubling. I am currently taking 20 mgs. I am going to ask my dr abut switching to 10 mg. Hopefully the side effects will be less. F 50 365 days
 1  high cholesterol after one year, tingling in hands and feet, short term memory loss, emotional changes, pain in lower back, lack of motivation. I hate this medication. M 55 1 years
 1  To raise my HDL Initially there were no noticeable side effects, then almost from nowhere I started feeling leg pain and joint pain. The pain got worse after about 3 weeks to the point where it was very difficult if not impossible to walk comfortably. I use to walk about 3 miles every evening, and now I can no longer do that. Finally stopped taking Crestor after almost four (4) weeks, realizing that the only change that could have caused this discomfort was taking Crestor. Within 24 hours much of the muscle pain seemed to diapear. The joint paint in my left knee continues to be problematic even after being off of this medication for nearly four weeks. This medication should be taken off the market. After nearly four weeks of being off the medication the joint pain is still almost unbearable. Trying to walk on a knee that keeps on popping is extremely painful and disconcerting. NEVER take this medication !! M 56 28 days
 1  High Cholestrol (Bad) Headaches, severe weakness in arms and legs, chronic exhaustion,back ,neck shoulder pain. nausea, severe chest pains, muscle spasms. Ive been taking 5mg of crestor for roughly 3 months. I spoken to my doctor with regards to the above symptoms. He assures me its not the crestor causing these. Until i started taking this medication I was active energetic and happy.Now It takes energy just to get outta bed and go to work.After reading these postings its pretty obvious to me whats causing me to feel this way . Ive had Heart Stress test done -no fault found, Ultra sounds on my heart spleen pancreas and intestine -no faults found Ive had MRI's cat scans all clean yet it still amazes me my doctor doesn't think its the crestor. Im stopping this drug immediately after reading about these side effects. Funny how the crestor site fails to mention how often it seems these occur. Statins are a scary drug and seems one with many side effects. M 40 3 months
 1  High cholesterol Aching/ soreness in right shoulder, down right arm and in underarm severe numbness in 4 fingers on right hand Thought I had carpal tunnel. Two visits to orthopedic and neurology tests showed normal. Finally " Are you taking any new drugs" Yes 5 weeks on Crestor...BINGO. This site VERY helpful- F 48 28 days
 1  High Cholestoral pain & swelling to knees/legs, pain in arms, both feel like they weigh a ton, no energy, weight gain, constipation, trouble sleeping, no libido I previously have taken Lipitor and Prevachol with the same side effects, although it took Crestor 8 months to start affecting me this way. I have stopped taking it and I assume when I tell my doctor she will try another one on me. F 51 8 months
 2  to raise HDL Have tried EVERYTHING to try and increase HDL (which is normally in the 34-38 range), all other lipid levels are fine...The main thing I've noticed w/Crestor is a change in bowel movements....Seems like I have to use 2 rolls after every damn movement w/this drug...Also, some abdominal pain & lower back pain is common....To top it off, drug really isn't raising HDL that much, perhaps 2-4 points...My doctor is also a friend of mine, & he gives me the samples drug reps. drop off, thus I'm not paying for this gastily drug....I would pay to eat from a garbage can before I'd pay for Crestor... M 39 1 years
 5  TC-300 Trigs 565 No side effects noticed at 10 mg for 6 months. I've taken 10 mg Crestor for 6 months now. Within 4 wks it brought my TC from 300 down to 153. Trigs went from 565 to 202 in that time. I need to get in for current bloodwork but I was very impressed with the results. I've had carpal tunnel in both arms, shoulders & elbows for 15 yrs and have a pretty high tolerance for pain (50 yr old female). I don't know that I'd even notice a bit more joint pain, although I haven't had any to my knowledge. I'll probably cut back to 5 mg/day to see if the results stay good. I have no insurance or health care of any kind so all medication & bloodwork costs are out of pocket (& expensive). So if I can get by on 1/2 the dose that'd be great. F 50 6 months
 1  elevated cholesterol I had been on Zetia and Lipitor but both caused extreme fatigue. I'd wake after 7-8 hrs of sleep only to go back to bed and sleep in an almost unconscious sleep for another 3-4 hrs. After started Crestor I thought great no fatigue but in a short time I started having new onset joint pain first rt knee then left hip, all this came on suddenly...end result I had a partial rt knee replacement August 2008 and later total left hip replacement..all within 8 monthes of starting on CRestor. Cause of hip distruction..unknown...I know why everything change after starting Crestor 5mg..Take this drug with much caution! for hrs. My rehab Dr. told me to stop it and said sometimes the joint complications are irreversible. I'm now experiencing rt hip pain I've had enough replacement..I haven't worked for 15 monthes due to surgeries and rehab. I attribute it all to complications of Crestor. F 60 8 months
 2  Cholesterol was between 240 and 260 I was prescribed 5mg Crestor and I took 1/2 pill every other day. After one month my cholesterol went from 236 to 116. After about three months I began to notice that I was breathing through my mouth. In a couple of days I began to experience a feeling of fullnes - as though my food was not digesting. After a few days of this I had a violent episode of vomiting. I cannot overstate how dramatic this was; I have vomited about five times in my almost 7 decades. I stopped taking Crestor for about 10 days and after all the symptoms went away, I took 1/2 of a pill. The next day the fullness began to reappear. I stopped for another ten days and once again took 1/2 pill. After two days I once again began breathing through my mouth. I have not been able to tolerate any of the statin drugs and I desperately want to find a way to take this. Other than cholesterol I am in excellent health. F 66 3 months
 1  high cholesterol level I have suffered from mid-thoracic back pain (bone) and muscle pain in the back for 5 years, about the time I was started on cholesterol lowering drugs. I thought this pain was work related and have had to retire early. I have had many treatments to relieve my pain such as steroid injections and even a very expensive Radio-frequency Neurotomy proceedure performed in six areas of my back. I am taking strong daily analgesics and Naproxen to help me cope. This can't be good for me! My concern though is that this has set up a viscous cycle that will be hard to reverse. I had gone off Crestor for a few weeks with only marginal relief. However my MD told me to go back on it at my last visit and things have gotten much worse. I exercise at a gym each day followed by a hot tub to maintain sanity. I would rather have a shorter life and higher lipid levels than fight with daily pain affecting all areas of my life. Sound familiar to anyone? M 63 12 months
 1  High cholesterol Heart pounding, difficulty sleeping, itching and some constipation. I was hoping that I would be able to take Crestor after finding that Zocor and Zetia would not work for me because of the vast side effects. Both Zocor and Zetia caused such weakness in my muscles and legs that I discontinued them last year. I have a small frame, have always weighed approximately the same (125 lbs) and cannot imagine why I am being given the same dosage as people twice my size. I metabolize food and drink very quickly and generally take only half the dosage given to me, unless it is an antibiotic. This .10 milligram tablet affected me very negatively as soon as I began taking it. Am wondering if anyone ever starts with lower doses rather than what the drug company recommends at .10 milligrams??? I do not mind taking something for my high cholesterol although I don't have a family history of heart disease or any other indicators that I will develop that - do have more calcium in my arteries than I should have and that is why the doctor recommended it. I eat correctly and can't adjust there and exercise daily so can't adjust there.......what a puzzle? I cut back today and am taking only 1/4 of the tablet - .025 dosage - to see if that helps but I want to be able to sleep soundly as I did before I began taking this drug. F 68 8 days