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1X D
 2  high cholesterol Pain in legs, memory loss, total loss of libido Crestor 10mg lowered my total cholesterol from 300 down to 150 and also killed my libido and erections. My wife told me if I don't stop the Crestore and get my libido and erectons back she will leave me. I have just stopped taking it and hope to get my sex life back soon. M 65 6 months
10mg 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol Feeling of tightness in shoulders, chest, neck and legs. Sometimes felt as if I would not be capable of walking. Tiredness, chest pains and very bad bloating, exacerbating my acid reflux situation. Particularly scary feelings while driving, which fed anxiety to point where did not feel like risking driving anymore. An altogether terrible experience and I know that when I go back to doctor will have to battle his attempts to put me on a substitute. I quit on my own initiative 8 days ago, as I could not take it anymore. Even so, while not quite as bad, the side effects continue and are only gradually reducing. I cannot wait until Crestor finally clears my system. M 72 3 weeks
10 MG 1X D
 3  high cholesterol Severe debilitating knee pain that is unrelieved with ibuprofen or tylenol. Stinky urine in the am. Initially headaches but with MD advice switched to night time dosing and they went away. Generally tired. Because I haven't had any additional blood work I am reluctant to stop totally. I want to know if it is helping. However, the knee pain is so bad it is interfering with my normal activities --work, driving, shopping etc. F 57 40 days
10 1X D
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 1  For high cholesterol Aches and pains in joints, then 3 months after starting loss of hearing in right ear. Also weight gain and swelling in upper part of belly. Have never felt so bad, like a 100 year old woman (I am 63) . Have been off 5 days some hearing coming back in rt ear and pains in joints getting a little better. Never ever again will I take this drug or recommend it! F 63 6 months
20 mg. 1X D
 2  Cholesterol levels Extreme lethargy, dizziness, joint pain, weight gain. I don't believe I noticed side effects when I first started taking this drug. But after years on it, I began to suffer from the side effects. I was even seen by psychologists and psychiatrists due to apparent "depression," but I now believe that my symptoms were solely from the Crestor. I even ended up retiring from my job because I was having trouble getting through the day. Over the past six months or so, I've experiment reducing and eliminating Crestor. I felt much better and even lost weight both times I suspended the Crestor use. Each time I resumed taking the drug due to cholesterol levels, but I'm positively convinced that Crestor is the source the side effects. I have got to find a substitute treatment. M 67 5 years
30mg 1X D
 1  high cholesterol Immediately experienced nightmares followed by insomnia. Unable to sleep more than 3 hours per night. The cure feels worse than the disease. F 61 5 days
5 mg 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol (Genetic) TERRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS!!!! In the beginning, it was great. The Crestor brought my cholesterol level down after taking it for only 3 months. NOW IT'S TERRIBLE! I am 64 and have always been a "bull" of a worker. I am not overweight, I am strong and have only ever been fatigued due to a long work day. I am terribly sore all over, all my joints are swollen and the back of my calves are on fire! I'm up for maybe two hours in the morning and am ready to go back to bed after breakfast. I am so tired and sore. My knuckles are so tight that I feel like my skin will split. I have always had the hands that could squeeze my own weight but now I feel tingling and numbness and I have no strength in my hands at all. Have a hard time pushing the button on my deodorant can and did not have the coordination or strength to clip my nails. It's horrible! I am off this stuff forever! M 64 9 months
10MG 1X D
 1  High cholesterol Ok Always been a big strong man, !!! age 45 thought I better get my bloods checked moved to new area new doctor ,came back with high cholesterol ,Doctor recommended, I take Crestor 10 mg a day . I am about 6,3 surfer, cyclist, swimmer, jogger, generaly a fit guy ,but slightly overweight ,As I write this I'm lying on the sofa after just about walking, a course I used to run!!. This crap just didn't agree with me, after the first day ,bad headaches, so tired, dizzy spells, and just generally feeling strange,believe me it's really scary !!!! Finished taking it one day ago now feeling slightly better ,but still need to rest after pathetic exercise. I know I need to lose a few kgs, I have done it easily in the past, I enjoy keeping fit. IM going to try the natural way, nothing can be as bad as this!!! M 45 3 days
10 1X D
 2  High cholesterol I had been on 5 mg/day but my arms felt like I had over done bicep curls. I cut back to 5 mg every other day, which helped. Cholesterol and Tri-glyceride drop was dramatic. I recently obtained 10 mg and began taking every other day. I now have issues with dizziness to the point that I don't like to stand anywhere where I can't touch a solid object for fear of falling. I've decided to stop Crestor hope the dizziness will go away. I can't see living life like this. F 53 10 weeks
10 mg 1X O
 1  High cholesterol Severe body ache, flu like symptoms. Took medication twice. Going on the 3rd day now and I'm still suffering so much from body ache. It hurts so bad to move. Never again will I take this. I had no problem with Vytorin, I'm goin back to it. Dr. Told me ,vytorin breaks down muscles well this med is much worse, I can barely function any longer and I only took it twice. Beware people. Horrible medication with so many complaints from others this med should be outlawed. Truly needs to be OFF the market! M 60 2 days
10mg 1X D
 1  high cholesteol Got severe shoulder pain so bad I had to take pain killers.I cut the dowager to 10 milagrams after 4 days the pain was 70 % gone. I'm going to stop taking altogether and bet it will be gone. I didn't have that pain before I took crestor M 58 7 months
 1  High cholesterol More crestor nightmares! 2 guys I know have come down with diabetes and cancer!!! Both had low cholesterol, down below 120! Both took statins...neither smoked nor drank and both exercised.....Statins are killers, do not take them! I got off of them after 8 months, Will never get back on them again, and will never go back to the doctor who prescribed them to me! It's the worst drug on the market! M 49 8 months
10 1X D
 1  cholesterol same as all the complaints of others, it causes all types of problems, I believe it caused my neuropathy. a friend believes it caused his diabetics. F 74 3 years
10 1X D
 1  cholesterol I have a few things going on that I think I can attribute to Crestor. My right shoulder joint is on fire to the point where it hurts to get dressed. I know I already have some arthritis in this shoulder, but the pain is far worse now. I easily scrape skin and bleed like crazy on the top of my arms from the elbow to the wrist. I never had this previously. If not that, I get large areas of blood under my skin if the skin does not break, in the same area, some as large as a quarter. I am also extremely weak and exhausted most of the time--I feel OK for about 3 hours in the morning each day, then the yawning begins. Short-term memory and focus is also a big problem, and I was just never that way. I recall years ago going off Lipitor and all symptoms I had then went away. I am going to go off of this now on my own, no matter what the doctor says becuase I can't live with the pain and exhaustion. I will report back, but am sure I will feel much better. M 60 1 years
10mg 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol (genetic) Tingling hands, sore, stiff ankles, hands, fingers, wrists. Sore shoulder blades. Basically, all joints stiff and sore esp in morning or after sitting long time. Mild loss of memory. Ringing in ears. I complained when I initially went on this drug but my doctor told me to stick with it because the soreness in joints would lessen after getting up in a.m. I have stayed on it for 4yrs but lately have noticed slight weight gain in belly and ever worsening hand stiffness and ankle soreness, now lasting most of day. I think my body was telling me ENOUGH of this drug. My doctor finally told me to stop it for two wks even though he doesnt think its the Crestor. One day later, my hands feel better and no ankle soreness. I can lift things again without screeching in pain! Thats with me only taking 2.5mg day! I was actually googling diseases like Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis b/c of the joint pain (although I had no other symptoms). I was desperate to figure out my joint pain because I didnt think it could be the Crestor b/c of the small amt I was taking. It obviously doesnt matter the amount. Any of this drug is tooooo much for my body to deal with. F 54 4 years
1/2 5mg 1X D
 1  high cholesterol swollen knuckles I was so happy to have my cholesterol now at 197 from 269..ldl down, hdl up, but blood sugar up and hands getting hard to use. Also tired and dizzy and confused at times.(I am active, work, and am normally alert) hope this will get Crestor now. Will take supplements F 70 2 months
5 1X O
 1  High cholesterol Started on 5, started having terrible ly smelly urine, Then stiffness, some weakness. Recently was upped to 10 mg for high CRP, then, frequent Charlie horse cramps even in thigh and calves, bouts of exhaustion, stumbling. Stopped on own, symptoms got worse, then went away, including years of very stinky, dark and cloudy, dark and weird smelling pee. Doctor told me to go back to 5 mg and symptoms are now daily,: pain, cramps and legs stiff, feet burn and itch (sugar levels ok), sometimes foggy thinking, several night times up to urinate, no energy very stinky urine is back Would prefer to not take it or anything like it if possible. After second week of cold turkey stopping of the 10s, I felt better, pee smelled normal...just felt better. I hate being back on it, even at lower dosage. F 65 5 years
5 1X D
 1  Cholesterol too high. I too had serious joint problems in wrist, elbows, knees. I put on weight. I was getting lumpy. My vision was affected. Hard to focus at times. I came here. I stopped taking Crestor. Improvements are very obvious. I do not blame the doctor that prescribed this, as it was in good faith to try and help me. Doctors do the best they can to help us. I appreciate them. No doubt that as time goes on more doctors will become acutely aware of some of these serious side effects. This just didn't do enough good to outweigh the bad. M 4 months
5 mg. 1X D