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 5  high cholesterol Extremely bad headaches, hard to work or sleep thru them. shoulder tension and pain, possibly connected to the headache or vice versus. I have a family history of high cholesterol, and in my teen years had high cholesterol, but thru diet and exercise involvement in school, my cholesterol was within normal limits for years, until this year when it shot back up to high levels. My Dr started me on Crestor, which I don't take any meds and am pretty healthy so I was skeptical. I want to be healthy though I am a single mom of a 2 year old and he needs me, but I am no good to him if I am missing work, and miserable, and I mean honestly I started to feel depressed and angry and it's Xmas time, and now reading the comments am thinking perhaps I am experiencing those in addition to these horrible headaches that OTC meds are not touching. I am stopping taking this med asap, hoping there is a better med with less side effects or I am going to have to try diet and exercise again. F 31 14 days
20 mg 1X D
 5  high cholestrol calf ache? Normalized and regularized my bowels, shrunk my prostate and lowered my PSA, relieved my sciatica, elevated my good cholestrol and lowerd my bad cholestrol. Indeed a wonder drug! This is the only medication I am taking. M 64 2 years
5 1X D
 1  lower cholesterol Aching, stiff and sore from head to toe, weakness,extreme fatigue,headaches, foul mood due to all of above. I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and thought I was going downhill over the last couple months. Stayed on all meds trying to work through the misery. I couldn't take it any more; call fibro dr to change my meds. No relief, now reading this site and a couple others and I am having the same issues as so many others who have taken CRESTOR. Calling my PCP now to tell him "No more". Thanks for sharing-what a great site! F 55 65 days
5MG 1X D
 1  Elevated cholesterol readings Muscle soreness,legs,and upper arms(deltoid area),weakness both areas. Had taken Crestor 5 mg. EVERY OTHER DAY for over 2 and a half years.With higher reading,increased to once daily.Now,after 4 months,have muscle pain and soreness and increased physical disability.Am thrice weekly "Y" participant,exercising with Silver Sneakers,walk the tread-mill one-half mile bi-weekly,and water walk like-wise.Am too sore to do so currently.M.D.advises returning to QOD,but I'm taking a break ,period. F 85 3 years
5 mg. 1X D
10 1X D
 1  elevated triglycerides Back pain, weak legs, slight stomach flu like symptoms, muscle spasms, cramping calves and hamstrings, flushed feeling, tingling feet and fingers, overall weakness and heavy feeling in upper torso.. Fought for years to get over low back pain from a herniated disk. No pain for the last year and a half. Started Crestor 70 days ago. Went to the Doc for returned back pain which continually worsened over the last 30 days. Didn't have a clue it might be the Crestor but Doc asked me if I was having any stomach problems so I decided to check out some info and found this site - Holly cr*p, I have almost every symptom mentioned here and then some. Back pain, weak legs, slight stomach flu like symptoms, muscle spasms, cramping calves and hamstrings, flushed feeling, tingling feet and fingers. Calling Doc today to get off! M 57 70 days
10 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol 6 wks after starting Crestor 10mg began experiencing excrutiating pain in shoulders, neck, down arms, and in lower back, leg weekness, and mild forgetfulness. Have a herniated disc but pain intensified 10 fold. Started using a walker, had to sleep in a chair (as could not push to a sitting position in bed), needed TOTAL help with shower (prior was completely independent), losing independance. Stopped medication 1 week ago and can now get up out of chair much easier, horrible pain in shoulders, neck, and arms is going away. Pain in lower back is back to normal level (for me). Able to assist with my own shower and get my meals again. P.S. Please review your parents medications and if they have had a change in their independence or any of these symptoms talk to them and their doctor about stopping medication. F 87 2 months
10mg 1X D
 5  high cholesterol (familial type) None Great drug M 53 2 years
20mg 1X D
 1  High HDL Low LDL Horrible muscle cramps from thighs down to toes. Toes actually curl, instep cramps so tight it feels like the bones are moving. Ankles and calves are the same. Try to sleep and wake up to such severe cramps, cannot even get them to let loose. I quit taking Crestor 2 weeks ago and am still not getting any relief from the cramping. Saw my Cardiologist yesterday and he said to quit for good. I just don't know if the cramping is ever going to stop! F 53 2 years
20 MG 1X D
 1  High Triglycerides each day it got worse: all over muscle pain, including it hurt to hold my head up, extreme weakness and shakiness in my arms and hands, thighs, making it hard to sit, stand, hold things, type, lie down, especially walk. Very Confused. Spells of eye "white outs". Uncoordinated. I was only on this for 7 days. I take several important meds for other conditions that require medication, and they *cause* high triglycerides. I honestly would rather let my triglycerides go and eat and exercise more than EVER deal with another type of these drugs. No thank you. My dad and mom both had regular bad Cholesterol probs they took crestor and had to stop due to side effects too. Dont take this. F 34 7 days
10 Mg 1X D
 1  high cholesterol and to raise HDL I switched to taking 20 mg of Crestor about a week ago when I read that Zetia, the drug I took along with Crestor, could cause hearing loss. I took the 20 mg one week and lost my balance and nearly 1/2 my hearing in my left ear, according to the audiologist . This is just my first full day off Crestor, but so far it doesn't sound like I am going to regain my hearing. I think anyone taking this drug should have their hearing tested twice a year before they have to purchase expensive high-powered hearing aid devices. Loss of hearing can sneak up on you. Definitely don't take pain medication, anti-inflamatories, or any antibiotics while using crestor. M 68 730 days
10 mg 1X D
 1  High cholesterol I took this drug for a month and after two weeks developed severe pains in both shoulders going down to my elbows as well as pain in lower back and in both knees. Couldn't sleep with the pain and had to take strong pain killers and heat packs just to get to sleep. After 30 days suddenly the penny dropped and I recalled the pharmacist saying that Crestor could cause muscle soreness and if so to stop taking it and return to the Doctor. I stopped taking Crestor two weeks ago and although some slight improvement am still in agony. Have aged 10 years in 6 weeks. Will not take this or any other similar drug again and am taking wild krill oil and changing my diet to bring my cholesterol down naturally. Will see the Doctor next week to be certain. I am pleased to hear others have had similar effects as I was starting to think it was bone cancer. Hope I will be back to normal soon. F 62 30 days
20mg 1X D
 1  High cholestrol Severe headaches every day I am not going to use it any longer. F 44 10 days
1X D
 1  cholestoral severe pain in legs. back, pain in kidney region. stiff neck blurred vision. I have bulging disks in my back and need to have a hip replacement so the pain I experienced was masked by thinking my condition was worsening,. Eventually I couldn't walk without severest pain to move was agony, I stopped taking CRESTOR AND THE PAIN LESSENED WITHIN 48 HOURS BUT THE DAMAGE TO MY KIDNEYS MAY NOT BE SO EASY TO CONTAIN. I would never recommended this drug to anyone and I think it should be taken off the market, I am still suffering pain because of Crestor F 66 65 days
10mg 1X D
 1  High Closesteral Severe muscle pains in legs, pains in arms. Can't sleep at night, as I write this it is 2:18am and I have to get up for work at 4:15am. Lost of memory and having eye problems (eyes feel weird, muscles twitching). Weight gain in mid section of stomach. Doctor recommended 10mg because my Colest. was high. Always exercised, ate pretty good and in decent shape 5' 9 1/2" weight 160lbs. I kept thinking I injured myself lifting weights or I was biking too much. Doctor said it was an age thing. If I read these posts I would never had taken the damm pill. I hate prescription drugs, the only one I am on. I'm just scared to death now that this pain is permanent and won't go away. Only stop taking Crestor today. I'm missing work now which will become a big problem. M 47 3 months
10mg 1X D
 1  Cholesterol Depression,Aches & Pains,Swelling of Legs,Peeling of Legs and Feet like a Snake,Breathing Problems. Took her off Crestor and all symptoms disappeared in 5 days.Dr not happy wanted to give her another Med for each mentioned Side Effect.Had Dr switch her over to a non Satin called Fenofibrate and no side effect noticed in last 10 months. F 69 6 months
20 1X D
 1  High Chol Bloody headaches and tired but not sleepy. Sore legs and lower back ache legs really tire on stairs and feel breathless. Memory is terrible.."um..I can't remember what I was saying...what was I saying?" Yuck meds = horrible. I bet this does a great job lowering chol - but is it worth it. Quality of life feels so compromised. Tired and forgetful versus rahter die energetic and remembering who was with me when i died. Drug companies are lazy - they create this stuff and then generalize side effects. Be aware that you need very little of this drug, see to see that 1mg and 2 mg are sufficient in dose and effectiveness. Don't take 10,20 or 30mg,..that's crazy. Eat better and exercise.change your attitude and life patterns and stop believing the Dr is a health god. Mine couldn;t wait to give me another prescription.with lots of repeats. How could anyone take 10mg or more? . . M 45 40 days
5mg day 1X D
 1  lower LDL severe muscle pain in left leg, both inner thighs and upper arms loss of strength The pain started at 11 mos and pregressively got worse. I've always had a high tolerance for pain but this is the worst I've ever experienced - sleepless nights and pain at an 8-9 level. Some relief during the day. Have been off the med for 1 month and no relief. Doc says it could take 6 -8 weeks. Over the counter pain relief doesn't work nor does oxycodone or flexeril I'm a very healthy 70 year old and I want my life back!!!! M 70 14 months
10 MG 1X D
 2  High Cholestorol Lowers bad and raises good cholesterol. Side effects: joint tenderness & pain; intermittent muscle pain, joint fatigue, and perhaps sudden unexplained weight gain, bloating and gas. I found this site while searching for the cause of an ankle problem and saw all these symptoms others are having. I'd begun to wonder whether I needed a check-up for some degenerative joint problem. I had not considered it to be related to Crestor. I took Crestor for several years with no apparent side effects. I stopped when my prescription ran out, and I just didn't get a new prescription. I've been back on it for a few of weeks, and suddenly, at times, my joints are very sore and my legs are heavy. A few weeks ago, while nearly standing still, my left ankle kind of "collapsed." After heat and ibuprofen, it got better, but the extreme pain recurs after a small amount of modest walking. The recurring pain from seemingly no real cause sent me on the Google search that brought me here. After looking at everyone else's posts, I see other things that seem to have suddenly appeared recently--like fatigue, occasional numbness in my arm, and red eyes--that others have mentioned here. F 52
10 mg 1X D
 1  For High cholesterol I have gotten very bad joints, muscle weakness in legs and arms. Severe muscles spasms, to where my legs jump and cause my whole body to jolt. I would not advise anyone to take Crestor. Trying to sleep at night while your legs are jumping is not easy. Many mornings I wake up, my sheets and blanket is in the middle of the bed. Where I guess I didn't rest well. Getting off of Crestor,, is rough,, the leg spasms get much worse. I just don't know when the spasms will go away. I will pray about this. F 56 7 years
10 MG 1X D