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 3  Raise HDL levels I experienced muscle pain, lack of energy as well as short term memory loss. M 58 8 months
10mg 1X D
 1  High cholesterol Extreme muscle pain after about a year. Pain like I've never experienced before, just agony all night long. Mostly in shoulders but would move around to knees, ankles, feet, fingers, wrist. Doctor said I had tendinitis and never even mentioned to me that it could be the Crestor he prescribed me. Had MRI's, US, XRay all showed nothing wrong. I spoke to my next door neighbor who is a cardiologist and he said I had statin-induced myopathy and I should come off of Crestor. That was yesterday. Now I'll wait and see if pain goes away. Stay away from this medicine unless you absolutely need it. M 43 1 years
10mg 1X D
 1  high cholesterol Muscle aches, problems with muscles giving out in my legs when I walk. One sided headaches. Worst was the hair loss. I started out on 20 mg and noticed slight hair thinning. Dose increased to 40 mg and half my hair fell out 3 months later! Scalp showing all over! I've been on tons of cholesterol/triglyceride lowering medications, but Crestor is the first one that I've really had a bad experience with. It wasn't able to lower my cholesterol numbers either. My hair quit falling out after I stopped taking Crestor. F 50 2 years
40 mg 1X D
 1  high LDL & Triglycerides & Low HDL Generalized m. & joint pain esp in back, chest, shoulders, hips. Shooting/stabbing sensations in feet&hands. Heart palpitaions CRAP!!!!!!! M 62 3 weeks
20 1X D
 1  high cholesterol itching, major naseau, severe body aches, no urination, chills This drug should be banned, it's just not worth taking..... I thought I was having a heart attack and ended up in the ER F 67 3 weeks
10 mg 1X D
 1  high chloseterol tingling and numbness in hands,forearms, calves and feet, depression, pain in hips... The 20 mg once/week prescription was a last ditch effort by my doc after I had experienced adverse side-effects with Zocor and Lipitor statins. Never again. - Salt Lake City M 59 8 weeks
20mg 1X W
 5  High Cholesterol, high Trigs. No side effects compared to other statins. I have tried most of them with the usual bad side effects. 3 months on Crestor and no side effects. Lowered total cholesterol from 297 to 172, Triglycerides from 225 to 162, LDL from 209 to 97 HDL remained at 43. No diet change. Continue to exercise daily and maintain proper weight, non smoker and very low alcohol use. High cholesterol is hereditary M 56 3 months
5MG 1X D
 1  chloresterol When I took 20 mg. previously, my arms hurt so bad, I could hardly use them. After a month off drug, they were okay. Doc put me on 5 mg. and suddenly my leg has nerve pain from hip to ankle. Knee feels like it's misaligned, and sometimes there is a burning sensation. I stopped meds, and am hoping this all goes away. If you develop any unexplainable pains, consider that it may be the medication F 62 30 days
5 mg 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol Decreased strength of arms, pain, and no muscular build up with intense exercising. I stopped Crestor 12/26/10 for 2 week trial. May go month and request retesting. Dietary changes did not change my high cholesterol panel. Further testing showed plaque, so was started on Crestor. The Chol dropped. However, I was also taking Soy protein shakes (Revival) daily. When I stopped the Shakes, the Chol increased. I have resumed the Soy, increased soluble fiber and am curious to see if the Cholesterol changes. F 70 2 years
5 1X D
 4  elevated HDL, LDL I took Crestor in 2007 developed frozen shoulder right arm. Treatment with outpt shoulder manipulation & 1 month PT. Stopped taking Crestor. In March 2010 started back on Crestor, had a problem with feeling of lump in throat. Questioned if reflux. visited with PMD, prescribed omperazole but no relief. then went to ENT, had Transnasoesophagoscopy which showed no problems with esophagus, trachea, or stomach. I stopped taking Crestor and now feeling of lump in throat is gone. Also, experienced weakness in both hands/arms expecially in right arm where frozen shoulder was located. Crestor great for lowering cholesterol levels, but bad side effects could occur. F 45 2 years
20 mg 1X D
 1  High cholesterol Severe lower back pain, hip and leg pain, extreme fatigue. Affected daily life considerably. Went off the medication and felt better within 2 weeks, but when I found out at my November physical that it had lowered my cholesterol, I went back on it for about 10 days, and pain started again so I stopped taking it. That was about 2 - 3 weeks ago and I am still suffering a lot of pain. Hopefully, this stuff will be out of my system soon. F 71 2 months
10 mg. 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol Very rapid and irregular heartbeat. I already take Cardizem to slow down my SVT. After taking the Cardizem for a month and noticing dramatic results (my resting heart rate went from 160 to 64 after starting Cardizem), I added the Crestor upon my cardiologist's advice because of high cholesterol. Almost immediately my heart rate increased and I suffered with bouts of very high anxiety during sleep. Since it started immediatly when I began the Crestor, I did some digging and found out both anxiety and irregular/rapid heartbeat are a side effect. For a person with SVT, this is definitely not a drug that would be useful. I am off it now and will not take it again. F 59 4 days
10 MG 1X D
 1  high cholesterol LDL Bone spurs, muscle soarness, achey, hard time walking, achilles was very tendor, right shoulder spurs and soarness, stiffness....bad sleep, depression M 54 180 days
10mg 1X D
 5  High Cholesteral At first I experienced muscle cramps and almost had to quit working out. Until I picked up the Vitamin D intake to 2000 IU's per day. I met a "lipid specialist", who told me that in every case of muscle cramps with Cholesterol Meds, it was due to low Vitamin D levels. I picked up my Vitamin D to 2000 IU's per day, and the cramps went away entirely. If you have muscle issues with cholesterol meds, pick up the Vitamin D intake. M 56 3 years
5 MG 1X D
 3  High Cholesterol Correction: Total Cholesterol went from 258 to 205. HDL went from 51 to 59. LDL went from 170 to 123. Triglycerides went from 187 to 114. I'm 5'8" and weight 150 lbs. M 59 3 months
5 mg 1X D

 1  Cholesterol Complete memory loss for 7 weeks. I am in recovery now. Not suited for me..... M 61 2 months
10 1X D
 1  elevated Cholesterol levels At 5 mgs, very little problems. The pharmacy after 6 months made the mistake of jacking me up to 40mg's and Im only 46 with a 220 reading. All of the sudden, I could not walk in the a.m. for an hour. My calves were so torched! I was lifting weights 5 days per week, and my elbow tendons literally disintegrated. I could barley lift a 12 ounce bottle of water. This is after doing 80 lbs dumbell presses. My white cell count decreased rapidly and my immunity was comprimised in a big way. I have been off for over 2 months and still have sypmtoms. My tendons are still very bad. My leg pain is better. The worst thing of all is my creatinine levels (Kindey function)has gone to 1.7 which is boarderline kidney failure. I was healthy as a horse with a genetically increased LDL level 6'2 196lbs and ripped! Now I do niot work out and am undergoing kidney studies up the kazoo! MD's tell me that the muscle breakdowns the statins caused release a chemical that the Kidneys have trouble clearing. Who knows....sick a lot, common colds (almost never sick before) and the Kidney thing is ongoing. Head aches still after being off for about 60 days. One Doctore told me it could take up to 1 year to completely recover. M 46 18 months
5-40 1X D
 1  hi ldl, low hdl, hi triglycerides suddenly went deaf on on one side I took crestor for the first time 5/2010 at 10:30 pm. Awoke at 1:45 am completely deaf on left side. The specialists say there have been no other reports of Crestor causing deafness but it's too much of a coincidence to rule it out. Cardiologist reported it to FDA and changed me to another drug. Never regained any hearing. Kinda bummed out M 66 1 days
1X D
 1  Arthereosclerosis/stroke Muscle and joint pain M 62 365 days
5 mg 1X D
 1  cholesterol and high triglycerides Had no side effects until September 2010. Crestor brought down my cholesterol and triglycerides. It also help drop my blood pressure. My doctor upped the dosage from 5 to 10 mg since Crestor was doing so well. I tried 10mg for a while but was uncomfortable with higher dose so I split the tablet. My blood pressure dropped to 90s/80s. Side affects started with being light headed at times and then waking up with a left shoulder ache. I thought it was from painting but I'm right handed. Heat,message chair, medicinal pads, stretching did not help relieve the pain. I stopped taking Crestor 1 month ago after seeing my doctor, who said Crestor side affects are normally in the thigh. Doctor said I should exercise my shoulders since I sat a computer. I started weightlifting exercises. I continued to have severe pain from my left shoulder down and then from my spine to my left side. I lifted a small 46lb box and felt my shoulder muscle crackle. My left thumb, index and middle fingers felt like each was wearing band-aid. They felt numb and could not feel a hot plate. My left arm would feel tingly and painful, like I had slept on it if I sat on certain chairs or toilets. I would wear my massaging chair if I could. Most pain eventually goes away but this has lasted for 3 months. I finally went to a chiropractor for the 1st time and have had 3 treatments. I have 3 visits per week for December. My fingers feel tingly and I can now sit longer. I can't lift anything heavy (5-10lbs)for long otherwise my shoulder starts to hurt. M 54 22 months
10 1X D