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 3  Sample for chlosterol Increase in depression, fatigue, mild headache in morning, nausea and bloating. Stayed in bed all day yesterday - just didn't want to go anywhere. Napped all day. I am on Armidex, post breast cancer, so already have muscle and joint pain. This has not increased that pain at this point. F 50 2 weeks
 1  high cholesterol, 220 Extreme joint pain, lethargy, depression, sleeping long hours, exhaustion, dizziness, felt like I was going to pass out, got to where I was foggy and couldn't concentrate or remember things. Makes it very hard to work, felt like I was 85 and walked like an 85 year old. Not ready for that. I would rate this worse than a "1", I would recommend that no one take this drug. The extreme joint pain has involved most all joints. I wake up during the night with elbow pain, feet and ankles hurt when I get up in the morning, knees always hurt, fingers swollen, hurts to make a fist. I stopped taking about 1-1/2 months ago, came home today and took off shoes and feet are swollen, have trouble getting up off toilet or out of chairs or car. Doctor finally listened and did a liver enzyme test which was high, will repeat in about a week. Fogginess and extreme exhaustion seemed to clear up after a couple of weeks of being off of Crestor. F 53 3 months
 1  Cholesterol 2nd time taking it - two years apart. Leg cramps, passing out, dizziness, anxiety...told doctor had bad reactions before...prescribed it anyway. He should have to take it! I stopped taking immediately and plan to find new doctor. One who will listen!!!! 49 6 days
 1   My mother started on Crestor 6 months ago. After about 3 weeks we noticed a change in her memory. Her short term memory was completely gone! She forgot to eat, forgot simple things, it was very upsetting. I asked her doctor about the side affects of Crestor, one being memory loss, and she said not to worry. But worry we did as my mother got worse and worse. She quit taking the pill and within six days she was back. She has the normal memory loss for an 85 year old, but not the kind of memory loss that she had when she was on Crestor. It is like night and day. My advice for children of aging parents, check their medications. Their memory loss may be the result of medications particularly Crestor. BEWARE F 55 6 months
 4  high cholesterol Leg pain and neck pain. My neck pain and leg pain has been livable till this week. Now the pain in my legs wake me up at night and I have constant neck pain. I stopped the 5mg of crestor yesterday. This is my 6th drug to lower my high cholesterol. I exercise and eat really good, so I will try a natural way. My high cholesterol is usually around 250 when not on one of these drugs. M 60 2 years
 1  high cholestrol numbness in feet, muscles pains/cramps in arms, legs, neck, shoulder, & severe anxiety. Thought I was having a stroke. Have had MRI, CAT scan & heart scan - all normal. I quit taking after 3 years when I had a severe reaction. I felt like I was literally dying. A year later I am still suffering some side effects. I have refused to take any statins for the past year despite Dr's warnings that the cholestrol will kill me. I just had a calcium test on arteries-O score. On 5/8/09, my cholestrol was 292. I began taking Mega Red fish oil & grape seed extract with resveratrol. On 6/13/09- my cholestrol was 233-59 pts lower in a little over a month!! My good cholestrol was up to 64. Try this combo if you can't tolerate statins & see if it helps. F 63 3 years
 3  high cholesterol Joint pain, muscle aches esp. at night- feels like the flu, hand stiffness in the am. Some of this resolves after moving around in the am. Due to poor family history I was initially started on Lipitor 20 mg. every day. Within 6 weeks developed severe heart palpitations,which I have never had, was told by 2 MD's that it could not be the Lipitor, wore a heart monitor for a month which documented the rapid and irregular heart rhythms. Stopped Lipitor- palpitations stopped- resumed Lipitor at 10 mg palpitations resumed within 2 days. Stopped statins for 2 months- felt great- restarted on Crestor 5mg every day- no heart palpitations but started again with joint and muscle pain ect. cut back to every other day- still experiencing. Cholesterol is 195 down from 243. But since my HDL and Triglycerides are great and my ratio is good I am going to stop the med because I am tired of feeling old before my time. These symptoms led me to my computer this am and now I know I am not crazy. Remember no one knows your body like you do- advocate for yourself- get second opinions- I am a nurse. Thanks for the input. Good Luck everyone F 55 6 months
 2  high cholestrol, High ldl, high HDL After reading all the information, I have decided not to take the Medicine because it seems like everyone had side effects. I have not taken any cholesterol lowering drugs since 1998 and my cholesterol level has remained the same. My good cholesterol which is high benefits me. I am still debating whether to take it for a trial run for 6 weeks and then make a decision. F 60 0 days
 2  hscrp level high 3.3 been on it aprox. 4 weeks and at around the second week I noticed some tenderness in my thighs and also put it off to recently walking more. But in the last week I've felt sluggish and find it difficult getting on and off my vehicle (I drive an SUV) and even the side steps aren't much help. That's when I became concerned, because I felt like an old offense. Then 2 or 3 days ago I noticed more pain in my legs and sometimes my joints too. Went to bed feeling the pain, bothered me through the night and woke up feeling it... I didn't take it last night, and don't plan on taking it anymore. First thing Monday I'm calling my doctor to let him know...then I'm going for a second opinion because I feel that the hscrp levels are a bit too high and at the time I took the test I had a sinus infection...I researched and found that the test could've picked up on that and thus gave me a high reading. I will be going for a second opinion and have another test done. I'm not crazy about taking meds especially when the doc says for the rest of your life...looking for "natural" options F 38 4 weeks
 1  High LDL Severe pain in feet and left knee occured. Went to orthopedic dr. who thought I might have a torn miniscus. Had an MRI and xray, found nothing but swelling and inflamation. I received cortisone shot and anti-inflamatory drug. I have also been feeling extreme fatigue and having nightly leg cramps. After reading this post I am convinced it is the Crestor. I have taken it for about 6 months, 10mg. I think I will stop and see what happens. F 60 6 months
 1  elevated cholestoral After appox. 6 weeks on 5m Crestor, I started feeling bloated. Then suddenly experienced piercing pain behind my lower ribs on my left side. It is very painful when inhaling. On the same day, a shoulder pain started up at base of neck as if a knot is there. I cannot turn my head weell. Now, I can't do anything physical yet I am very athletic and typcally in perfect condition. I stopped Crestor 4 days ago and the pains are still here and won't go away. Analyzing myself, I can tell my pains are totally unatural and not behaving normally; feeling more like I had been poisoned, I started retracing my steps to remember were I had been...what I had done. Then I realized it might be the Crestor. Today, I found this site looking into side effects...well, let me say: I was perfectly healthy. This had better go away! M 55 45 days
 1  Cholestorol Rhabdomyolysis is a serious disorder that causes kidney damage resulting from toxic effects of the contents of muscle cells. Myoglobin is an iron-containing pigment found in the skeletal muscle. When the skeletal muscle is damaged, the myoglobin is released into the bloodstream. It is filtered out of the bloodstream by the kidneys. Myoglobin may obstruct the structures of the kidney, causing damage such as acute tubular necrosis or kidney failure. Myoglobin breaks down into potentially toxic compounds, which will also cause kidney failure. It is important to treat Rhabdomyolysis quickly. Early and aggressive hydration may prevent complications by rapidly eliminating the myoglobin out of the kidneys. The hydration needs with muscle necrosis may approximate the massive fluid volume needs of a severely burned patient. This may involve intravenous administration of several liters of fluid until the condition stabilizes. Diuretic medications such as mannitol or furosemide may I expeirenced all of the side effects listed in the previous column. Please use caution when taking this drug! I stopped after 7 days. Do I want to reduce my cholestorol so I don't have a heart attack or damage my kidneys?? I think Doctors had better start paying attention to the drugs that may cause kidney damge because a diabetic can ill afford to loose there kidney function!!! F 56 7 days
 5  high ldl none works great! M 57 5 years
 1  cholesterol Foot, leg, sciatic nerve, hips, back, arms, hands = PAIN Dizzyness, nausea that kept me home from work!! Lethargy/exhaustion. I have only been on this medication for 10 days. F 65 10 days
 3  elevated ldl and low hdl Muscle soreness in arms, shoulders, neck. Hands feeling like they are tight and swollen. Wrist very sore. Ringing in ears everyday. Night sweats. At first really crazy dreams. Some weight gain. Blurry vision. My overall ratio was out of whack because my HDL was so low 31. It has helped to bring the ratio back to a more desirable level, since it brought my LDL down, but it really didnt change my HDL. I am going to stop taking Crestor because I cant stand the muscle aches and pains. I thought I had the beginings of some terriable arthiritis. M 47 11 months
 1  cholesterol I took 5 doses and got tendonitis in both feet. I had similar problems but only worse with Lipitor. However, my symptoms resolved after quitting Lipitor. It has now been 19 months since I took Crestor and I hobble to bathroom every morning; it gets some better during the day but I am never without foot pain when I walk. M 50 5 days
 1  Family History - High Cholestral Debililating side effects after only six doses as noted in my prior post about a week ago. After one week off medication I have returned to feeling normal again aside from an acute Sciatic nerve condition on my left side that was brought BACK after several years by the medication. I am going to my Chiropractor today. Hell I can deal with the Sciatica and I am sure it will pass. Small amount to pay in terms of what this drug would have certainly did to me over the long run. Worst week of my life! Summary: My BERKLEE bloodwork numbers must have been skewed and abnormal the first time and showed higher numbers. Maybe I ate something a day before that caused this who knows? Anyway I am off Crestor or any other statin for sure and will continue the flaxseed, Pomegranate concentrate with a dose of red yeast rice each night before bed. Just to keep an advantage over any PREDISPOSITION to a heart attack because of family history. I never want to experience the pain that I did while on Crestor Went back to my Cardiologist and explained the problems. He summized to my complete amazement that the muscle pains could be caused by my profession as a fitness trainer. I laughed and told him "first off" I could not find the energy to move let alone exercise while on Crestor. Not to mention the pain I was experiencing at the time. Addmittedly I told him that I may not have been so in tune with my diet, but am very in tune with my body and how it is SUPPOSED to feel without any exercise. He went on to say that my charts all looked good , cholestral borderline, EKG, Heart Scan, Calcium score 0 etc. He went on to explain that he was being cautius because of family history. I defended that by telling him that my father never exercised, was overweight, had high blood pressure and ate a fatty diet. I did not think I fit that mold at all. As it turns out he orders another blood test and I get the results: Total cholestral 158 HDL 56 LDL 65 surely 6 doses of this drug could not bring down my numbers this much! Especially from the original "BERKLEE" Borderline reading. M 47 6 days
 3  high Cholesetrol I have taken for 3 days, I can not sleep. I skip one day, not taking Crestor, I slep like a baby. I will try a couple more days to see if my sleepless is because of Crestor. F 52 3 days
 4  high cholesterol After 6 months on Crestor, I am having serious joint pain. I have pain in my hands, shoulders, and hips, especially when I wake in the morning. Since I had muscle damage on Lipitor, I am assuming this has been caused by another statin drug, Crestor. I am going off it to see. I would rather live with high cholesterol than the pain. I must say that it was an excellent drug for lowering cholesterol! So how would you rate the drug??? For lowering cholesterol, a 5. Otherwise a one. M 69 6 months
 3  Elevated LDL & overall cholestrol Moderate to severe anxiety; moderate depression; headaches upon waking (mild); very slight joint achiness. Started with 10 mg. about 3 years ago. After 6 weeks, LDL was down from 149 to 85; overall cholesterol down from 239 to 162. HDL & triglycerides stayed at about same levels (they were never an issue). After about 3 mos., I noticed a big increase in anxiety & then some depression. It took me a while to ask if there was a relationship between these symptoms & Crestor. I went off of it for about 6 mos. Anx./deprs. got noticeably better. Started taking again; after a couple of months, same issue. Kept on it for about 6 mos., then off again. Went back on at 5 mg. & have been faithful for 6 mos. Same issue has returned. However, my numbers are about the same with 5 mg. as with 10. I'll probably go off for next 3 mos.; then maybe try something else. It makes me crazy, but it is working well. Physical symptoms have been very mild. F 54 3 years