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 2  high Cholesterol Severe pain in both ankles and both wrists. Thought I had the flu,or another sinus infection brewing.Went to my ENT Dr.-no sign of infection,I stopped taking Crestor 1 week ago and can walk to the batroom at night without any pain in ankles, and I can rotate wrists without any pain.I am on my feet all day at work and I was ready to have tests done for arthritis, or Lymes disease.I had no Idea that this causes joint pain!!!!! however this did lower my numbers drastically! But cannot tolerate this pain in joints! F 53 3 months
 1  Cholestral, family history Headache, extreme fatigue, pain in left foot area and also lower back, acute sharp pains in chest area, dizziness, insomnia, lethargic. 10 mgs was supposed to be a mild dosage. This drug is extremely powerful with debilitating side effects. I never felt this bad over a six day period and I consider myself a strong 220 lb. male. Only a matter of time before they ban it like Celebrex . I stopped taking it and am due in tommorow to see the Dr. for a natural cure. No more statin "gambles" for me. I felt compelled to report this in the hopes that it helps someone to avoid this NASTY drug. By the way when I called my cardiologists office they seemed totally surprised by my complaints,,, as if they haven't heard them before. Just check the blogs on this crap and count the "patient" negatives verse the positives. M 47 6 days
 4  Cholesterol Joint / muscular pain after 2 years. M 44 2 years
 2  high chl very sore ankles, some bloating and mild abdominal discomfort no other side effects M 43 2 months
 1  high triglycerides going numb and dizzy, did not sleep well, felt like crap. have been taking lipitor for 10 years (no major problems) the doctor put me on crestor because of one bad triglcerides test. Started to feel dizzy and numb in both arms within the 1st two days. Ended up in emergency room. I put my self back on lipitor after 4 days, already starting to feel back to normal (3 days later) M 49 4 days
 1  Cholestrol Mild headach, tingling on one side of my body, Severe muscle pain in both arms. After taking this medication 10 weeks, suddenly starting experiencing side effects. F 61 10 weeks
 1  high Cholestrol muscle pain weakness I wish I would of never took it. in pain for four years. I'm sure to have it till the day I die Crestor will make your life a living hell If your takeing this crap make sure you have test for "RHABDOMYOLYS" The pain stared in my feet woke up one morning and I couldnt walk my life suck now because of a little pill called "CRESTOR" F 51 2 weeks
 3  heart attach stent high cholesterol, fatigue, sometimes crashing fatigue so bad I could barely stay awake at work; low energy, costochondritis & upper back pain (at same time), acid reflux,gastero. Afrid of kideny problems. M 38 2 weeks
 1  high cholesterol Chest pain, bloating, gas I have tried Zocor, Lipitor, and now Crestor. After few weeks, I begin having esophageal spasms, gas and bloating. Have had numerous tests to rule out everything from gastro to heart problems. Every time I try to take one of these meds, it starts again and gets worse. Takes several days to weeks off, for it to subside. F 55 4 weeks
 1  high cholesterol Started at 10 mg then increased to 20 mg. Little things started happening to me that I did not associate with Crestor. Pain in right hip when walking. Pain down back of leg after driving. Temporal headaches. Mild shoulder pain at bedtime. All these symptoms came and went over a period of time and I could find something to blame them on. Car seat position or to much red wine or I lifted something heavy or I when exercising I walked to far or fast. At 71 you expect some things to hurt once in awhile. What I think was happening these minor pains were getting ready to combine and attack at the same time. The day after driving home from Florida at the end of March (1400 miles in 2 days) I was racked with pain in my shoulders, hips and legs. Blamed it on the drive and went to my chiropractor. After too many visits without enough improvement I went to my doctor. He said I have Polymyalgia Rheumatica and prescibed 20 mg Prednisone. At this point I would take anything to relieve the pain. I have been on it for six weeks now and finally started thinking about Crestor side affects after watching one of their commercials on TV. Started searching the net and I'm convinced my problems are from Crestor. I stopped taking it last night and am not taking it again until the pain is gone or unchanged. I have a feeling its going to take awhile to find out because of the length of time I have taken Crestor and the 20mg dose. If you have any new shoulder joint pain at all after going on Crestor GE M 71 12 months
 1  High cholesterol Took 10 mg first time before going to bed. Usually I don't have problems sleeping but after taking this medication I didn't sleep but maybe 4 hours. My heart raced as though I had been drinking too much caffine. Took medicine for 3 nights and did not sleep for 4 nights and 5 days so far. I hope it leaves my system soon!!!! I cannot take this medication because I cannot sleep and my heart races afterwards. I hope it does not do everyone this way! F 52 3 days
 1  to reduce LDL to optimal guideline Left ankle tendonitis ("sprain") pain preventing walking. Possibly left plantar fascia (sole) pain/fatigue discouraging walking after a few blocks. Possibly also pain in right calf muscle after few blocks. Possibly also pain in right hip after few blocks. I want to skip your 1-5 satisfaction report as my impression is way more complicated. Crestor DOES reduce LDL very well. But it also causes side effects (pain and fatigue in joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons) much more often than most doctors realize. Further complicating these effects is that they may become evident only after years of usage. Some people, for unknown reasons, are hardly affected at all--especially at low doses for limited periods. (Remember, FDA trials can't go on for years.) Further, these symptoms are easily confused with those of common problems like arthritis and peripheral artery disease. (Worsening this confusion is modern imaging that shows clearly that cartilage, for example, is worn away. Or that there are artery blockages. These are common, but they doesn't necessarily mean the cause of one's pain has been found!) A personal note: because of a bad family history, I took Zocor 10mg, then Lipitor 10mg for years. (I now suspect that unrecognized discomfort and fatigue gradually caused me to give up walking, my main exercise, during that time. Result: weakness and weight gain--bad for the heart in themselves.) After a disastrous experience, I resolved never to take ANY statin drug again. But later I foolishly let my internist talk me into Crestor. Again, to be cautious, I took only 2.5mg (I cut tablets in half) which, since there seemed to be no side effects, I eventually increased to 5mg. Years later I have tendonitis--no walking. M 89 30 years
 1  elevated ldh severe nausea, nightmares, shoulder pain, right kidney pain. After 6 weeks only of Crestor 5 mg, pain in the calves and hamstrings was severe and my legs would not hold me up. The Crestor was stopped, and even in 24 hours I had improved. In another 6 weeks, I was well again. I had been put on several of the other statins, with milder, but significant side effects. Crestor had the most severe side effects. I am now trying Moduchol 500mg AM and PM (hard to find, available on and PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE NICOTINIC ACID 500mg three times a day, by doctor's orders. It's amazing how many pharmacists and doctors don't understand the difference. Plain Niacin over the counter is just a vitamin, and shouldn't be mixed up with the nicotinic acid properly used for lipid therapy. I also became wise too late about reading labels for fat and salt, and eliminating food habits that are not good for me. I only weigh 120#, so weight is no problem. My high chohlesterol is heredity. F 50 6 weeks
 2  I have very high cholesterol I have been experiencing leg and foot cramps and a sore shoulder since I started taking the drug in 1/09. Initially, I had some gastro side effects which eventually went away. I have had muscle issues with Lipitor so was taken off of that several years ago after a short time of usage. My doctor recommended I have a heart scan and I got a score of zero which seemed to indicate that though I had high cholesterol my arteries were clear of plaque. But a recent carotid scan showed a very minimal buildup of plaque so again my doctor said let's try Crestor which is water soluable instead of fat soluable like the other statins. He has now taken me off of the drug to see if my muscle spasms and cramping go away and we can blame the drug. I also have hypothroidism and the information about Crestor says the drug should be administered very carefully to people with this condition. I as a general rule am very anti-drug. I know for every benefit their is a downside...a side effect and maybe a few years from now they come out and tell you how unsafe it actually is. The drug companies want all of us on statins. But with my cholesterol so high, I just don't know what to do. F 64 4 months
 1  high cholestreol Pravastatin lowered my cholesterol 60 points in 9 months, without any noticeable side effects, but my primary thought we could do better, especially with the HDL. So...10 days on 80 mg of Zocor rendered me profoundly tired and fighting with myself to do things that only require normal amounts of activity. Crestor had the same effect as the Zocor in only 5 days! After 5 days on 20 mg Crestor, I once again experienced extreme tiredness and general malaise. After 5 days off of the drug I did a small roofing job that required 7 hours of moderate varied activities and after a 30 minute ride home got out of my van and felt nearly crippled. I have never had this experience before. Crestor and Zocor also gave me late evening acid stomach which I controlled with Rolaids. I will never know if Crestor can effectively lower my colesterol, since I will not tolerate the side effects long enough to find out. After a one month statin hiatis I will try the Pravastatin again. After all, significant improvement is just that. M 67 5 days
 1  to lower my cholesteral tinging hand and feet pain in my legs sore muscles in my legs feet plus many other problems F 59 10 years
 2  Coronary infarct..2 stents.. Severe leg weakness,numbness in feet,leg cramps After coronary,started with Zocor....was switched to Lipitor as more effective. After 6 months had leg weakness so bad I couldn't walk. Stopped Lipitor...returned to normal quickly. Dr.then put me on 10mg Crestor. No apparent side effects EXCEPT FOR LOW BACK PAIN!!(This was blamed on degenerative discs.) Recently (for last month) (after 5 years on Crestor) began to have mild numbness in both feet and hands....weakness in all leg muscles...and very dark urine. Intend to stop all use of statins. Hope better quality of life worth the increased heart attack risk. Will keep you posted. M 82 5 years
 1  For high cholesterol, high LDL Mainly muscle twitches and spasms, but also being 'excited' like drinking too much coffee I tried Crestor first for three weeks, then experienced the side effects and stopped taking it. Then the side effects disappeared after about one week. After a few weeks I decided to try again and took Crestor for two months. Side effects started to appear, and I stopped taking it, again. This time, the side effects lasted for more than one month. After reading on the Internet about possible solutions, I decided to try Coenzyme Q10 (100 mg twice daily), and after this treatment, the twitches and spasms are almost gone! I will not take Crestor again!! M 47 3 months
 1  inherited hi cholesterol This is a follow-up to my post yesterday. Today I went off Crestor. After my crashing fatigue at work yesterday and growing lethargy over the past 2 months along with growing chest/back pain and joint pain, I decided that I just cannot function with these symptoms. I could possibly live with the pain but I cannot live with fatigue so severe that I cannot physically stay awake. I'm not sure what I'm going to do now. I tried Zocor about 2 years ago and had the same effects although not as much fatigue, just mainly joint pain. I had tried Cholestoff, the natural supplement for the past 2 years and originally it had helped by lowering my cholesterol 30 points in 3 months but after 2 years, my cholesterol is right back up where it was so it stopped working at some point. So right now I'm feeling very defeated because it looks like statins just don't agree with me but yet at my high cholesterol level (250) and with family history dictating that, I cannot afford NOT to be on something either. F 46 2 months
 3  inherited high cholesterol (250) fatigue, sometimes crashing fatigue so bad I could barely stay awake at work; low energy, costochondritis & upper back pain (at same time), acid reflux, some joint pain won't know entirely how satisfied I am until my cholesterol is checked again in July F 46 2 months