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 5  High cholesterol no known side effects Crestor has lowered my total cholesterol to 150. Having taken most of the statins since Ive had high cholesterol all my life, this is the only one to bring me beneath the 200 mark..EVER. Insurance wants to pay only for generic, I pay extra for this one and do not mind. F 45 2 days
 1  familial chlosterol weird spinning or falling dreams,dizziness and nausea, severe constipation,foot pain, weight gain,hip pain,fog in brain,large muscle pain in legs,night its not all in my head.i am a healthy lady age 49. i feel better almost immediately when stopping dosage.i need to change my diet and stop this so called medicine. M 49 2 years
 3  High cholesterol weight gain, craving sugar (if I skip the pill at night-no cravings next day), increased thirst, numbness & tingling in left arm and hand, find myself having difficulty making decisions over small matters, increased dreams I also have a lot of neck pain, but I always have.Last few weeks I have started back serious gardening and I am more fatigued and sore than I have ever been--I was blaming it on "being a year older", but maybe not.On 10 mg of Crestor, my cholesterol dropped over 100 points in 2 months, and my ratio improved. F 58 3 months
 1  To lower cholesterol Severe muscle (shoulder, elbow) pain, blurred vision, unpleasant breath (unknown rotten fruit, sleeplessness, day time drowsiness, depression and anxiety, restrictive physical movement (can not move the shoulder without excrusiating pain, elbow felt as if the bone was broken. I was taking Lipidot without any side effects. Switched to Crestor at the advise of the physician. Didn't know that Asians are more affected by Crestor!!! I won't touch it again. M 60 1 months
 4  high LDL Constipation (a couple prunes every few days works). Very bad at first but went away. Anxiety attacks are awful, but when I recognize the onset I try biofeedback to relax, drink something warm, soothing music..etc. Cut back on coffee. Brain fog quite worrisome- today I could not remember how to spell the end of my son's name...was the ending or en??? That was disturbing. Got to stay sharp at work...I "chunk" job tasks and write everything down. Try singular multi-tasking. Sometimes over react-- out of character and very strange. Often feel like I am catching a cold (light headed and achy), but don't. Red rice yeast, CoQ10 and fish oil really lowered LDL for me-149,(HDL 119) but Crestor dropped LDL to 86, HDL up to134. Very good number for someone with evidence of calcification in coronary arteries and family history of heart disease. F 54 13 months
 1  High Cholestrol Very painful ankle, foot and knee I have been taking Crestor for about two months and only recently ( like yesterday) heard that it can cause joints to become painful. I have never had a problem with my feet or ankles and and all of a sudden I can hardly walk. I took Lipitor for a number of years and wasn't aware of any side effects. I thought I would try Crestor in the hope that it would bring my Cholestrol level down more than it is at present F 57 2 months
 1  Cholesterol was 220 Muscle pain in arms, forearms, shoulders and somewhat in upper leg and calves. Joint pain in elbows and knees. Prickly feeling in fingers during sleep time. Overall loss of muscle strength in arms shoulders and legs. I noticed these symptoms shortly after I started taking Crestor, maybe in the first ten days. My wife started on Crestor at the same time I did. She has significant muscle and joint aches and has stopped taking it. She also has many of the same symptoms mentioned in this forum. I have been on Crestor for 18 months. I feel like my muscle strength diminishes every week. I exercise consistently 4 -5 days a week on a bike and with weights. I am not trying to be an Arnold Schwarzenegger but I still do the same routine I did at age 18. Contrary to what some may think, the routine is not painful. Not at all. You feel good and your muscles tell you that you have had a good workout. You know during the workout and the next day. I effectively test my strength each day that I lift since I usually go to the same, canít-lift-anymore, limit. Prior to Crestor, these sets felt great. My muscles felt full and strong during the workout and in the following days. I felt no pain the nex M 62 15 months
 3  Elevated LDL Neck pain, tired a lot, tingling sensation in left ear, vision and short-term memory loss This is my 3rd med now in a years time. Started out on Zocor (simvastatin), then switched to Mevacor (lovastatin), now Crestor 5mg dose. First 2 brought my #s down substantially, but now just trying to find something that doesn't have so many bad side effects. M 44 10 days
 1  High Cholestrol Took drug for 5 days. Day 1-3 no problems. Day sudden onset of flu like symtoms, aching joints, and burning in lower back on the right side. Felt like something inside was swelling up badly. Took drug on day 5 and symptoms got worse to include blurred vision, increased sugar levels, mental confusion, could not concentrate. Quit drug and starting feeling better in 24 hours but it still took a week to get back to normal. Not for everyone. M 55 5 days
 5  High Cholesterol No side effects. I physically have no side effects from taking crestor. There have been periods of time that I went off of it for 3 months and still no side effects. I really like this drug because while taking it daily, as I should, my readings come back positive. Without it I'm 301, with it I'm 182. F 34 2 years
 1  Lower Cholesterol Joint pain in right knee and elbows, muscle pain in right leg, fatigue, any level of physical activity brings on extreme fatigue and raises the level of knee pain. My cholesterol reading although very good needed to be lowered after needing angioplasty and stints. I was on Crestor for only two months when my knee just flared up in pain followed by muscle pain. My doctor sent me to an orthopedic doctor his x-ray found no problem and gave me a cortisone shot, it did not help he put me in physical therapy and it got worse. I finally stopped taking Crestor on 12/18/07 but have not felt any better as of today. M 59 4 months
 1  high cholestrol After taking 20mg daily , headaches , neck muscle aches , general tiredness I had a stent in my main left decending clogged artery 1999 , since then I was taking lipitor 20mg , have done 5 times since then the surgical proceedure of checking my arteries , all plaques were removed , it seemed to reverse my problems. All the time I had muscles pains and lately my left shoulder and tendons were hurting . CPK levels were normal , but my left shoulder and left bysep muscle is very weak . My doctor changed my medication to crestor 20mg only three weeks ago , and headaches have started to annoy a lot . Been taking panadol , norgesic to reduce muscle and headache pains very frequently . I am stopping crestor to see if my headaches would subside . Statins do reverse plaques and clogging as in my case along the years , but crestor seems too heavy on my body. shall keep you posted on any new results . If my headaches subside , I shall go back to lipitor 20mg , it has worked fine for so many years. M 46 21 days
 4  High lipids None F 58 3 years
 5  Heart attack @ 43 Occasional muscle tenderness at the ankles, possible loss of libido. On many meds hard to determine which is the cause for my situation I was placed on 20mg right after heart attack, total cholesterol was 212, LDL was off the charts. Total is now 135 other numbers are just as terrific. My LDL does get some assistance from an additional medication. I was even asked by my cardiologist to participate in a Crestor study but declined. Heart attacks at 43 are somewhat rare, not overweight but....I am a smoker, still trying to quit but don't want to take additional meds. F 46 3 years
 1  high cholesteral/family history 220 muscle pains in leg, nausa, constipation, headachs, pains in my side/back, pain in my ankle/feet very concerning with all the negative comments. Was given sample by Dr (10mg) for 10 weeks after heart checkup. went into cardiologist for chest pain (left side). Did echo stress test, Dr. stated was better than normal for someone my age. Dr never mentioned any of the side effects nor was there anything on the sample package. It was not until I started to feel pain my ankles last night (I almost fell it was so bad) that I suspected some thing was up. Never had that kind of pain in my ankle. All the Drs I have seen keep saying my chest pain is due to stress and they can not find anything wrong with my heart. Yet I still have chest pain.. so much I have limited my excersize out of worry. Who do you believe in the day and age when Dr are paid to perscribe drugs.. will ask my next door neighbor, an emergency room Dr., At least I know he is not on the payroll and stands to gain nothing from me other than a good friend and a neighbor. After reading this web site (and others) I wi M 44 10 days
 5  cholesterol None noticed over 5 years so far I have pleased with the results. I had been taking Zocor which was ok but began to become less effective after a few years. Switched to Crestor 10mg and have had great ldl/hdl readings since. I am very interested in the new indication of Crestor for Athero treatment M 5 years
 1  High Cholesterol Initially, nothing. Two weeks in, I am experiencing severe platella tendonitis in both knees, the left worse. One morning I awoke to the sensation that food may have been lodged in my throat. Shortly after a warm and very itchy rash began to develop in various areas of my body. Shortness of breath and right side chest pain associated with upper abdominal pain. I feel older than my age, always feel lethargy, lack of sex drive. Have been to the triage a number of times for food allergy treatment. Symptoms which I now believe can be attributed to the use of Crestor. I think I will attempt 'Jezil' again. M 33 3 weeks
 5  High Cholesterol and Triglicerides No side effects at all except being less anxious about my high cholesterol and triglicerides Seems to be working fine. Cholesterol and triglicerides have been cut in half - below 200 cholesterol first time in 10 years. Liver function normal. Would be easier to get 10mg tabs that could split instead of getting 2 prescriptions. - increased dosage from 10 mg to 15 mg daily after 3 months. Now in month 4 hoping for even better results at next Dr. visit. M 47 4 days
 1  Very high Cholesterol and tryglceri short term memory loss, disorentation, confusion, EXTREME IRRATIBILITY TO THE POINT OF VIOLENCE, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, muscle pains, shortness of breath, itchy skin I found this site when I firt started taking Crestor and thought these folks where off their rockers- well after almost 14 months I am through with this med. I am a healthy 42 yr old male with genetic disposition to high col and tri I take no other meds and after taking Crestor these symptoms began to get worse and worse---the changes in my personality where extreme, I am a Judge so could not tolerate these "thinking/mental" changes thought is was lack of sleep etc but am now convined it is the Crestor-stop taking this stuff!! M 42 14 days
 3  To lower cholesterol level I took 10mg dose. The first 10 months was fine. Two months ago I started to notice muscle twitching. My doctor convinced me to continue with the treatment since the medication lowered my level from 295 to 146. I did not experience any muscle pain at all. The muscle twitching gets progressively worst. At first I felt it every once in awhile. Now I get them almost all the time everyday. I also felt real weak in my legs and arms muscles. A sense of restless all over the body. The doctor still not convinced that this was caused by the medicine. We are stopping for a month to see what happen. M 48 12 months