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 1  hyperlipidemia Tingling in my arms and legs, insomnia, muscle aches, joint pain, mental fogginess, aggression and general malaise. This was not my first cholesterol medication (zocor, pravachol and zetia have been some that I've been placed on - all with side effects) but my doctor assured me that this one was different. Well, it was - the side effects came on FASTER! Tingling the first night, joint and muscle pains within a week and the mental fog and aggression after only two weeks. This is a nasty drug and the side effects can mimic those of aging. And on pravacol, my LDL actually went UP! I should mention that I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, colitis and asthma placing me in a high risk group for statin side effects, but even if you're not these drugs are pure poison! F 58 19 days
 3  High Cholesterol Headaches every morning, nausea, and trouble falling asleep. After being told my cholesterol was 250 my doctor put me on 5mg of Crestor. I was never told when to take this med but talking to others I was told night time is the best. When I mentioned this to my doctor she said Crestor is active for 24 hours so it really shouldn't matter when but the body produces more cholestrol at night. After 7 weeks my cholestrol dropped to 189 but I'm convinced that has more to do with the fact I started walking on a indoor track for 40 minutes 5 times a week.It is proven that excerise reduces cholesterol levels. I'm going to take Crestor now in the morning and see if I sleep better at night. F 53 2 months
 1  Prescribed for high cholesterol Horrible, horrible. Twilight zone feeling - disconnected. Dizziness, extreme fatigue, irritability. Wanted to sleep all the time. I stopped taking it. F 47 3 months
 1  High Cholesterol numbness in legs, chronic back pain.stabbing pain in back. at first the back pain was thought to be an old spine injury flaring up in old age...ha!...had MRI's done, visited countless doctors, was pocked, prodded and told stories. recently the pain increased markedly in my back and was clearly defined as not on the spine as kidneys felt like they where about to pop. i stopped the meds 24hrs ago and i have half the pain already. i am hoping it will go away over a few dys... the agony is unbearable now. M 40 4 years
 1  calestrol high
 4  Heart Attack I had some nausea at first, taking 5mg per day. I am now taking 10 mg per week, basically 1 mg per day. A very small dose with food seems to work best for me. I found that this med helped me right after my heart attack. I had two stents placed in my right coronary artery, but since it was over three hours from the start of the ahHA, I had a dead area on my heart. I was having problems with Vytorin. Zetia didn't do anything for me. Crestor gives me stamina and energy I wouldn't have otherwise. As of February 2009, My TC is 189, my LDL is 108, my TGL is 281, and my HDL is 24. I will say, Dr. Esselstyn's book, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, has made a huge difference in my continuing angina. Nothing was helping that until I began following his dietary suggestions verbatim. No Fat! So, the quality of my life has greatly improved. Good Luck, Alan K. Now, if I can find retreats that are fat free, I will be home free! M 61 26 months
 1  Slightly elevated cholesterol I had the most unbelievable pain in my lower back and chest muscles. I couldn't take a deep breath without considerable pain.I was taking 10mg per day. Another thing I noticed was weakness. I should not have been put on such a strong statin in the first place. I was switched to Pravastatin (also 10mg) so far so good but its only been a week. M 69 12 days
 2  high cholesterol Been taking 10mg. for over 18 months. Extreme gum/mouth pain started 3 days ago. Looked online & found others who have experienced gum pain too. Also, I have had some numbness in my hands and arms occasionally, but I never thought about it being a side effect of Crestor. I guess that's what is causing the numbness too. I'm quitting the Crestor tonight. Was pretty happy with Crestor until now. F 47 18 months
 1  very high Cholesterol head aches, tiredness, hair on my head became fried looking and feeling almost like the hair shaft was being stripped. Mood swings, low energy, muscle spasms F 52 6 weeks
 1  Total cholesterol level 238 I had difficulty sleeping that night after taking 5mg of Crestor for the first time. Actually, when I saw the doctor's precription I was glad that I was started at a low dose because I know someone on 20mg of the drug. That said, I was surprised to experience the side effects that I did on only 5mg: difficulty sleeping that first night, slight nausea the following day, some light-headedness, slight chest discomfort (a very slight but noticeable dull discomfort--not pain), an acid-reflux type experience, and tiredness. I actually thought twice about driving to get new tires for my car because I did not feel quite right. It kind of reminded me of the time I started smoking at age 17: I coughed my head off. But after a while, I didn't have those symtoms. That should have been a warning. (P.S. I smoked for ten years and gave it up 33 years ago.) I thought, maybe this Crestor is telling me something on the first day of use. I was prescribed Lipitor last year for the same high cholesterol issue: it's been regularly higher than 200, averaging about 220 for ten years now. My HDL and tri- are ok. I stopped taking Lipitor because of the cramps, nightmares, and terrible feeling. But last year I did something different, other than having a pretty good diet: I walked about two miles every day. It must have helped because last year my number was 190--without medication. I got lazy, stopped the walking, and when I had my annual physical recently, it shot back up to 238. Needless to say, I'm off the Crestor and back to walking. This med may help others who are at especially high risk--but not me. Every case is different. The problem is that we live in an easy-fix world. M 66 1 days
 1  high choles., triglis. Leg pain, skin crawling, insomina, anxiety I'm one who can hit the pillow and 5 secs. later I'll be sleeping. I've been on crestor for 3 weeks and have not been able to get more than 4 hours of sleep. Restless legs, skin crawling, anxiety. Called the doc. today to see if this drug is causing my problems, but after reading the blogs, I'm taking myself off this nasty drug! M 47 3 weeks
 1  High Cholesterol,Hypertension,Diabe Extreme muscle pain and weakness, mostly in legs, felt like the muscles were being ripped away from the bones,chins hurt like I had chin splints,could hardly walk in the mornings the pain was so bad,arms hurt,muscle spasms on right side of body under arm down side, headaches, blurred vision, felt like I had been hit by a Mack Truck, took pain med which did not even touch the amount of pain I had,could hardly go to work let alone do my job, stopped Crestor last night feel about 60% better already. Much better mood...I could not figure out what was going on, I had back surgery 7 years ago and thought something was wrong there, but the pain and weakness just kept getting worse, until I thought maybe it was the Crestor. I would not wish this kind of pain on any one. I will never take this medication again, sure has not been worth the pain and suffering.. F 54 2 months
 1  High cholesterol I tried to be optimistic about Crestor, even after hearing all the horror stories of muscle pain. I have fibromyalgia, so I am VERY used to a lot of body aches. However, I have NEVER had muscle pain this bad. Within the first 2 days of taking only 5 mg daily, I started having trouble sleeping, awakening with nightmares several times a night (strangely, I have not heard this complaint from anyone else). After about 10 days, I started with the muscle pain. I'm talking debilitating, can't work, can't think, can't function muscle pain. Within 36 hours of discontinuing it, I'm back to my regular fibro pain. I'll try the natural route next! Hated it! F 52 14 days
 2  cholesterol right leg weakness , swollen feet, legs and ankles, more on left leg. Walking is very difficult almost like I am in need of a wheelchair I have always been a daily active distance walker and this should not be a problem. Am convinced that Crestor is the culprit but my doctor does not seem to listen to my complaints saying that it is a very safe drug. the fact that Crestor is the most potent frightens me as I went of simvastatin (Zorco) because of side effects but Crestor has only made my problems worse. F 83 7 months
 2  high cholesterol/triglycerides Memory loss, clumsiness, mood swings, muscle and joint pain, sometimes so bad it wakes me in the middle of the night. I was really reluctant to go on a statin and asked if we could just try a change in diet and exercise but was told no, and if I had to be on it the rest of my life, it was a small trade off to not have heart issues. I felt really well before taking this and now my hips and knees hurt along with my sciatic nerve. This may work for some people but as of today, I won't be taking it anymore. I feel much older than I am and much older than I should. F 37 30 days
 1  High LDL - 130 Anxiety - increased over a week - tried stopping for 5 days anxiety stopped - started again - in two days anxiety back. Not sure I would trust the monograph - I've talked to to many people that have had to stop for one reason or another - they must have 'managed' the studies to get the low side-effect numbers. M 54 30 days
 1  high chols. terrible body ache, fatigue. not worth side affects!!! F 44 5 years
 1  High cholesterol Initially no defined side effects. Vague aches, pains, memory loss,muscle pain,lack of mobility,unexplained stomache pains, inability to keep a chain of thought. After three years of increasing problems burning pins and needles in my feet, lack of strength, I became totally toxic and after numerous test and lack of explanation I took myself off Crestor. I have not been able to work for four years, I now have myalgia and am being referred to a lipid clinic due to continuing breakdown in my muscles.The pain became so severe I thought I might have cancer in my bones but have been told it is the muscles that are sore.I also have a permanent stitch in the left side of my chest which makes me feel vunerable. I was a very fit active woman in 2003 with elevated cholesterol, I have aged 10 years and have had no quality of life. I fear my condition is permanent but live in hope. I want this drug banned, the idea that for fiscal reward they would promote a product capable of such harm is a disgrace. The idea that they might feed this drug to children who have not finished developing beggars belief. I take Lecithin now and not every day my cholesterol is 6.3. Your body needs cholestero, its our repair kit. Crestor reduces cholesterol, I do not dispute that but the harm it causes is not worth it. F 59 32 months
 1  High Cholesterol Severe pain in my leg to the point I limp when I walk. I have been very tired no matter how much sleep I get and emotional roller coast. I would not recommend this medication to anyone, would be a last resort. F 50 10 days
 1  High LDL of 188 Extreme Fatigue - eyes are heavy , yawning even though i slept 8 hrs night b4, muscle pain which started in thighs and ankles and now exists in back and neck and wrists. Unable to focus, anxiety. I've done all blood tests and everything negative !! plus one doc doesnt think crestor has anything to do with it, and other doc says all tests are negative. I quit the pills two days ago and never going back on it !!! i just hope the side effects wear off quickly !! M 27 45 days