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 4  I have extremely irregular periods Horrible headaches, tiredness, drowsiness, dizziness, increased appetite, being irritated easily, bloating, extreme back pain, strange dreams I am taking this med. because I rarely can have a period naturally and I need help. I was doing okay by having short periods the last couple months, but over the last 7 weeks nothing. So, I knew it was time for provera which always does the trick. I am on day 8 out of 10 and my head is pounding as i type. It is very hard to work, while taking this medication and I fear what's coming because the periods from this med. are intense and painful and scary. I have some much abdominal pain and I bleed a lot. So, it is definite that I would not take this med. if i didnt have to because the side effects are pretty awful. But I have no other choice because birth control affected me worse and is not safe, in my opinion. What I would do for a regular menstrual cycle and to never have to take this medication!! :/ F 25 10 days
10 mg 2X D
 4  Heavy bleeding Bloating in mid section. Awesome results. At first, a lot of break through spotting which eventually stopped. I have been "period free" for over 2 months, and feel so much better (mentally, emotionally, physically). Gotta give it time if the side effects aren't too much. I feel like a new woman. F 90 days
10 mg 1X D
 1  abnormal bleeding extremely heavy bleeding and unbearable uterus hurt horribly...very long bleeding episode F 53 7 days
10 1X D
 3  Missed period I was given provera because I didn't have a period for 2 months. On day 7, I felt as if I had a fever. My face and body was on FIRE! I was sweating through my clothes. I continued like this for 3 days. On day 11 my period came down. I' was cramping. But my period wasn't normal. If anyone would like to share their experience please feel free to reach out! Provera worked it got what I needed done BUT. The hot flashes etc were terrible!!!!! F 36 10 days
 1  conception protection Omg where do I begin?! I hate this shot. I got it for bc protection. I usually use pills, but I decided to try the shot since I have a sensitive tummy. Few hours after the shot, I got hot flashes, emotional, loss of appetite,tingling in my arms hands and feet, foot cramps, headaches,sore eyes, and slight tummy aches that were tolerable. I also had an allergic reaction, so my breathing was off with a rapid heart beat, yes I got that fixed. I am extremely disappointed in this. My doctor failed to mention ALL of the side effects. I do not recommend this, and I strongly believe it should be off the market. Too much use of it causes osteoporosis and more complications. Though it may work for others, it did horrors for me. I have yet to meet up with my Gyno to discuss my issues with this shot that is in my system! =( Best of luck to you all. :) F 22 3 days
150 mg sho
 5  Heavy periods/depression Achey legs This medicine was a life saver for me. I started taking it because I'm a teacher and wanted to wait until summer to have a hysterectomy. I loved it so much, I put off the hysterectomy. I felt really happy all the time. Finally, after 8 years decided to have the hysterectomy...I really miss the Provera. Now, sad and easily irritated. F 44 8 years
30mg 1X D
 4  PCOS, end my cycle after 30+ days The main side effect I have noticed has been drowsiness. I am now on day 8 and have been feeling some cramping that lasts through the night. I have a hormonal imbalance and for the first time in a long time I'm actually feeling 'horny'. F 30 12 days
10 MG 2X D
 2  Prepare for endometrial ablatation So far, bloating, tiredness, diarrhea, gassy & one day of nausea & it's only been 3 days. I have to take this for 21 days to soften the lining of my uterus for the surgery. Not sure how I will do, but so far not doing well as I'd hoped. I normally don't have problems with side effects & such, but this is my first time ever taking hormones. I've never had children & the surgery is to help me being since I'm now off the pill after being on & off for 20 years my system is trying to regulate itself, but now have painful cramps & heavy bleeding. Hope the symptoms will stop soon or I may have to quit & find alternate routes till my surgery. So for now only a 2, but I will check by back in. F 39 3 days
10mg 1X D
 4  Irregular periods/to induce period Almost immediately started cramping and mostly was VERY irritable the entire duration. AF came on the last day and it lasted about 7 days. Heavy on first day but regular flow thereafter. F 27 10 days
 2  To force a period, ttc I was very worried about side effects after reading reviews but mine were very mild. The only thing I felt was that I was very tired. That being said I'm giving it a 2 just because it didn't work for me. I haven't had a period in 9 months and although I got slight spotting after 4 days off Provera it never started a full period. Dr said I just don't have enough uterine lining to shed so I'm on to the next step! F 28 10 days
 3  No period I got a period over two weeks ago after taking Provera and am still bleeding. In addition I have, a few days ago, developed acne on my left cheek. The latter symptom is simply unbearable. I will never take this pill ever again. I have never done well on hormones, but my gyno told me not having my period so long could lead to cancer. I know now I should have listened to myself. You know your body and how it works better than anyone. F 28 10 days
1X D
 5  Endometriosis I have to say, I was really concerned about starting this drug, because of possible side effects. It's been wonderful so far. The only side effects I've noticed are gas, increased, strange dreams, and slight bloating. The bloating is nowhere near what the endometriosis caused. It has stopped my period, and the extreme pain that went with it. F 40 3 weeks
 5  Endometrial hyperplasia Cotton mouth and decrease appetite no major side effects witch I am sensitive to meds I was scared worked great for me ... ..... Had the endometrial imblation best thing ever ..... F 38 5 days
10 mg
 2  stop bleeding cramps.constant lighter bleeding.pms systoms all the time.anxious.dizziness.very sore breasts.sweating.bloatness.indegestion F 42 1 months
 1  lessen severity of menses I have ovarian cysts & extremely painful & heavy periods so my Dr started me on this in hopes it'd lighten my flow. It's only been two months but my period is just as bad but now I have dizziness, vertigo, my feet have been swelling just laying down, angry mood swings & horrendous acne of all varieties-this cycle cropped up 5 cystic pimples (in addition to a chin & forehead full of regular acne) which may not seem like a lot but they never go away, they're painful, literally take months to heal & then I'm left with nasty scars that don't go away! F 27 2 months
10 mg
 1  No period After being on the Depo-Provera shot for 9 months, I never got my period back. My gynecologist was concerned that I hadn't had my period for almost 2 years (I was only 17) and wrote me a prescription for Provera. I was told to take one pill a day until I got my period, then stop taking them. She wrote me a prescription for 10 pills but I got my period on the third day. It was the most horrific period of my entire life to this day, and as if I hadn't gained enough weight from Depo, I gained even more on Provera and broke out in the worst cystic acne ever. I saw my dermatologist and he told me my acne was so severe I would have to start taking antibiotics and if those didn't work, Accutane. One horrible drug to the next. Please, do your research. Depo-Provera and Provera ruined my life. F 21 3 days
 3  Irregular Periods After 10 days of taking Provera (2 seperate months) I did start my period and according to Ovulation Test(s) I did ovulate both months. The side effects I could handle was weight gain (increase in appetite), cramps, and lack of energy. The side effect that I can not handle is both months I lost so much hair that if I didn't have thick hair to begin with I may have been bald. For those 10 days each month when I would shower, literally handfulls of hair would fall out. It was extremely depressing. F 35 10 days
 2  not being able to get my period I took it for 14 days actually, nothing weird. Spotting on the 6th day and then about 2 days after last pill, HEAVY bleeding. Couldn't walk, in constant pain, back ache, cramps, couldn't eat. Going through a super plus tampon within 30 minutes. Disgusting. Mood swings, throwing up, dizzy, can't sleep. F 17 10 days
10 MG
 2  Regulate my periods It's like one day I'll be completely okay, and then the next I'm so dizzy and feel like I'm going to pass out. It's kind of scary but my doctor is trying to push me through this being very supportive but the side affects are horrible. I don't feel right at all. I hope this helps my periods get better because then it will be better. F 22 10 days
 1  Heavy periods, clots & cramping UPDATE FROM 10/29 - Bloating has gotten much better, although still bleeding which is aggravating but cramps have stopped. Prescribed this med as prep to thin my uterus for ablation which I will be having in a couple of days. I do not think that I could take this med on a regular basis if I had to continuously bleed. I have been bleeding for 3 weeks now and still not sure how my body will react to the ablation. Had pre-op yesterday and I was terrified after going over all of the possible things that could go wrong with having the procedure. Not even sure how all of a sudden I am a candidate when I was told last year that I was not due to my fibroids but I need some relief bad! I pray this works! I have insomnia and the med is outweighing my sleep meds most nights. My hair isn't shedding like it was when I first began taking it but OH MY...THE FACIAL ACNE IS HORRIBLE!!!!! F 41 17 days
10 mg 1X D