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 5  Induce period to conceive On the second and third day of taking provera I experienced three hot flashes and I lost my appetite, which was nice. I did not have any other side effects while I was taking it. After the 10th day I started my period right on time, however that night I felt so sick; light headed, dizzy, hot, severe nausea, shaking and a headache. Today (the next day) I woke up feeling fine, however, it's noon and I feel all the symptoms again. I'm not sure if my body is just reacting to medication wearing off or if it's side effects of my period (which I have not had before). I don't know if this is common and I know everyone reacts differently, but I feel like crap. It worked exactly the way it was supposed to and the sick feeling is worth getting to the end result. F 25 10 days
 2  heavy period lasting 2 months extreme tiredness, vivid dreams(i hadn't remembered any of my dreams since i was 10 and now its been 7 days straight.) clotting and cramps seem to be even more intense w/ more pain than ever. Migraines 5 out of the 7 days. ER doc put me on one pill every day for 10 days. I'm not very happy w/ the outcome so far of being on Provera. It seems that it hasn't helped the situation at all! Maybe after the 10 days I'll notice a positive difference... but so far nothing. F 24 7 days
 2  endometriosis breathlessness, dizziness, fatigue F 31 12 days
 2  heavy breakthrough bleeding on pill severe fatigue! nausea. weakness. chest pain. I really wanted something to help me, but I don't think this is it. I feel like sleeping all day everyday. Bleeding not stopped. F 30 4 days
 4  Induce period to start Clomid mild nausea in a.m., heavy breasts several days prior to period starting, bloating, pretty common PMS symptoms that were more intense with this medicine. Also had one day of heavy bleeding with clots (sorry if TMI) during period and several days of spotting (unusual for me). I took Provera 10 mg for 10 days. Well, it did what it was supposed to do: start my period. I read the average length to induce a period after your last pill is 3-14 days. I didn't start until 18 days following my last pill, and the PMS symptoms started even during the 10 days I was taking the pill. So it seemed like a lengthy time to have the symptoms. But really the symptoms were all things I have every time I had a period, just more intense (but tolerable). Because I took Clomid following this medicine, it's hard to differenciate between symptoms from Provera, normal PMS and Clomid. I think overall Provera made me moodier than usual (sad, crying) and gave me a feeling of fullness, almost like I should still be bleeding. But it worked for me and I was prepared for symptoms due to it being a hormone. F 34 10 days
 1  PERIOD LASTING 3+ MONTHS So far, nothing too horrible. Vivid, psychadelic dreams; very hard time waking up (could sleep for 10+ hours); vision problems (things appear to move/wave/distort that shouldn't, such as words on my monitor); cramps; gas; and....Wow!.....IMPROVED MOOD!?! Well, aside from improving my mood, it really hasn't helped end this 12+ week-long period. Before taking Provera, I had hair loss, no libido, weight gain, acne (some cystic), depression. Other than the depression, I have not noticed a change at all in my other problems. This was the last resort before I have my innards removed! F 41 4 days
 5  POCS Main side effect is breast tenderness right before and during my period. Some cramping between periods but nothing bad I have to say that this pill works!!! I take 10mg pills for 10 days. I started my period on the seventh day of taking pill. Period lasted for seven days but that is normal for me. Also my bleeding was not as heavy. I was diganosed with pcos in March. I was only having one period a year and I was in PMS mode 24/7. Since taking provera my moods are so much better. The couple of side affects I have with this medication are much better than the symptons of PCOS! F 29 2 months
 2  PCOS Mood swings, Mood swings, and more Mood swings! Usually quite happy and postive, whenever I go on provera I get very sad, sensitive, depressed and irrational. I also get insomnia so its hard to get to sleep and I am tired alllll day. I take 10mg a day for 10 days for my PCOS. Supposed to be every other month but can only handle it / willing to put my family through it every 4-6 months. The side effects start shortly after taking my first pill and they last for about a month. I have been going through this hell for almost 2 years now. F 26 10 days
 3  uncontrolled hemmoraging Mood Swings Day 2 the swinging starts. I get irrational, easily upset, and EXTREMELY mad over small things. It is very easy to hurt my feelings while on Provera. I took a 4 mile walk (just walked out the door at 9 pm) tonight to get away from my husband - who all other times is wonderful! I only take Provera when I start my period (once every 4 months or so), but have been on it for almost 2 years F 37 4 days
 3  No period for 2 months Bloating, Horrible Mood Swings, Headaches, and Insomnia I am supposed to have a cycle within 10 days of finishing the medication. F 27 5 days
 3  induce period. start clomid. nothing really. Slight cramps. This is the second time i have taken provera. The first time was in January after not having a period for almost 3 years. After taking it for 10 days i only spotted for one day and didnt see another period after. Being on this again, and starting the clomid, hopefully I will be able to get regulated so I can concieve. Has anybody had any success getting preg. after taking this? F 19 10 days
 2  Induce period;PCOS;TTC. Serious fatigue, nipples are super tender, dull headache all day, depression, irritability, nausea. Was put on Provera for 7 days to start period. Last pill was 4 days ago, no period yet. Doctor told me I would probably start on day 5 of pills.. nothing. The frustration of no period does nothing to help with the depression and irritability. F 21 7 days
 4  painful prolonged periods and PMS mild acne, frequent spotting and zero sex drive. I took this for 20 days every month for 3 months. My periods became much lighter, less painful and reduced to only 5 days. Fantastic! My mood swings were less extreme and it completely eliminated my pre-menstrual sleeplessness which helped a lot. The acne got worse with each month. That combined with the loss of sex drive decided me to stop taking it. F 39 3 months
 3  no period /10 months Right after taking it I was so tired I couldnt keep my eyes open, cramps, horrible mood swings, very vivid dreams, extreme nausa. After I finished taking it, insomnia for a few weeks. 3 days after finishing my last pill, my period started. It worked but I would definately look for a natural alernative if I ever needed it agian. I was taking 10 mgs. F 25 10 days
 3  Induce cycle to help concieve So far I have not had any side effects that I have noticed were from the medication. Tired and a little moody...but I'm a mom...that happens often! I have not seen results of Provera yet either. I am on day six of 10 on the pill...when does the cycle come? Does anyone have any input? F 27 6 days
 2  Induce Period Weight gain, extreme breast tenderness, depression, restless sleep. I finished 10 day cycle and I am on day 7 and no period. My husband and I want to have a baby, so we are hoping this will work. F 27 10 days
 1  no period after D&C some cramping After 10 days of taking Provera and 10 days off I still didn't get my period. F 33 10 days
 3  Missed Periods I haven't experienced as of yet. This is my first time and my first day. After reading the postings on here I am very nervous about what side effects that I may experience. My Doctor didn't mention anything severe to be concerned about. I haven't had a period since January. Before that I was very regular. I stopped taking the pill in July and was hoping that we would be like many other couples and be blessed with a child the old fashion way, no luck so far. I am concerned about the next step of Clomid. I am open to any feedback. F 26 1 days
 2  Bleeding for 21 days An hour after taking 10mg, I am ready to kill. I've never had mood swings before (ever) and this is just ridiculous. I can't concentrate, I'm forgetting things. I feel tired, fuzzy and generally off. And I don't think the bleeding's slowing at all. My Dr. told me if symptoms don't improve after 3 days of taking Provera, to take 2 10mg tabs per day. I think not. I take any more of this stuff I'll end up on the evening news. I've got a call in to see if there's something else that I can take. F 49 4 days
 3  induce period after miscarriage I am normaly so hyper, I do not drink a lot of caffiene. However, I have caught myself trying to hold my eyes open if I sit down for a few minutes to do something. I have also started spotting and it is only my second day on the provera. Is it normal to start spotting so early? Will I eventually get a regular period? I had a miscarriage in December and have had irregular periods the past three months and then this month, I just didn't start at all. My doctor thinks I am not ovulating regularly and is going to start me on Femera once I start my period to hopefully induce ovulation. Is anyone else going through this? Please email me and let me know:) F 34 2 days