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 3  induce period to start Clomid - TTC breast tenderness (DEFINITELY nipples!), fatigue, extreme sugar cravings, lightheadedness Well.. so far I have been on Provera's generic form for 5 days. I started taking the drug on Tuesday and I should be done Monday night, I have a 7 day dose. I went off the Pill in March and went 48 days without a period, then 43 days, and then nothing since July 11. The husband and I have been married for a year and a half and we are trying to conceive ASAP. I was definitely freaking when there was no period but after numerous negative pregnancy tests (not to mention endless frustration), I went to the doctor and he put me on this to start my period and then start taking Clomid on day 5-9. Am hoping this works. I was on the Pill for 6 years and am getting frustrated! I know lots of people have been trying much longer than us, but I am a very impatient person. I wanna start NOW. But so far nothing bad has happened on Provera, just what I listed at the top. Anyone feel free to email me, I just feel a little comforted knowing that other people are in the same position I am! Thanks and goo F 22 5 days
 2  Irregular periods, hormone balance I can't stop crying (crying now...). I have cried more in the last week than I have in the last 2 years. I had no idea that this was a side effect until I went on this website. Also, feeling of hopelessness and despair. I'm normally a very positive person and I was worried something was severely wrong with me. I'm disappointed my doctor recommended this drug. F 42 13 days
 3  amenorrhea slight cramping - slight bloating - increased appetite Well ladies I am seeing some very interesting info about Provera. As with all medications this will affect everyone differently. I do se where some were asking what are they looking for when they test your hormone levels. Just that hormone levels, which are a precursor to many things, PCODS & early menopause for example. Just hang in there ladies. F 27 10 days
 2  no period fatigue, inability to sleep through the night I have PCOS and was doing well with the glucophage therapy.... one month I missed my period and was having terrible hot flashes. I went to see my doctor and my bloodwork showed that my FSH level was 62. She prescribed Provera 5mg for 5 days. It has been 14 days since I ended my provera and still no period. It has been 71 days since my last period. I am very concerned. The one thing provera did do was cure my hot flashes! F 30 5 days
 3  Induce period HEAVY clotty flow I am taking provera to have a period to have an HSG performed. I can't sleep through the night because I am bleeding so heavily. I hope this doesn't last long. Work will not be fun. I am so glad that I started on the weekend. I have not been moody (to my knowledge) but I was freaking out at how much blood I have lost. I sure will be cleaned out. F 35 5 days
 4  Induce period Sleepy, irritable, nipples very sensitive, moody, bloated constantly, and emotional. I started my period 3 days after my last pill. I do not look forward to taking that pill in the future!! F 22 7 days
 1  regulate period terrible acne that lasted 3 weeks after stopping this medication. Bloating. I still had spotting while taking this medication and went right into a full period that lasted a week. Would not take this medication agian. EVER!! F 41 6 days
 3  clean uterine lining achiness, mood swings, extremely painful cramps, hives,breast tenderness. Two months ago, my doctor discovered pre-cancerous cells in polyps attached to my uterine lining. It was also discovered that I produce too much estrogen, and therefore I was put on provera to thin out my uterine lining and protect me from a more serious outcome in the future. (uterine cancer). I have to take 10 millgrams a day for 90 days. I started 23 days ago. The first week I felt like I had the flu mixed in with some wicked mood swings I believe my boyfriend is still recovering from. It's a little bit better now, but I got a period last week and woke up screaming in the middle of the night due to the severity of my menstrual cramps. But I have to take the medication, and I can only hope it does what it is supposed to do. Here are some things that have helped me. I rest when I need to rest. I cry when I need to cry. I don't drink alcohol (at least not for the next 67 days). I drink lots of water and I work out when I am feeling well enough. I am putting my email here for anyone w F 38 23 days
 5  To induce a period None for the first 4 days. I felt FINE. Today is day 5 and I feel a little achey all over, but thats about it. F 30 5 days
 1  treat endometriosis Continual bleeding and spotting. Bad mood swings, feel so depressed and tired. I am only taking 10mg 3 x a day but the effects are not great. I have not read many good comments about this drug and would like to come off it but have to wait till I see my Gyno. The depression and tiredness is really getting to me and my family. The bleeding is becoming a major issue for me too and getting me down. F 36 3 months
 3  Induce a period weepiness, mild depression, and anxiety. In addition I experienced a huge craving for sweets. I believe this medicine may have affected my blood sugar levels as well. Additionally, I spotted on an off from day two after my last pill but never received a full blown cycle. F 26 10 days
 4  To start period for clomid I was SO BLOATED. Felt moody and had incredible cramping. But that was only for the first few days. After about the 4th day everything was back to normal. I even lost a few pounds from when I first started! I had some hot flashes as well but I'm still not sure that was due to the meds. I've always had them at night. First of all I guess I should state that I was on my period for about 20 days when my doctor told me to start taking this. It was supposed to make me stop bleeding and then start up again. Yesterday was the last day of the meds and I'm still spotting but waiting now to start full on. Then 5 days after that start on the Clomid. I'm not too young and my husband and I are trying for our 1st child. Hopefully this works. I've got the strangest body ever! 2 to 3 periods a year! Yikes! F 32 10 days
 4  induce a period/ starting Clomid Extremely tired, some bloating other than that nothing. This is my second round of provera and like the 1st I have been very tired. By day 5 I am unable to stay awake but those effects go away a day or two later. My husband and I are getting ready to start our first month of clomid. I would love someone to talk to who is going through the same things! Thanks! F 24 2 months
 4  Regulate menses While taking the pill: slightly more irritable/emotional than normal. The week after: Slightly fatigued, some lower back pain, breast tenderness, and my uterus feels sore. I left a comment on 3/18/07 the first time I took Provera. The longer you go without having a period, the worse Provera will be. I hadn't had a period for over a year at that time and after provera I gushed blood for about 5-6 days straight just shedding all the uterine build up. I'd suggest having available sick time off from work before using Provera just in case you feel you need to stay home. It wasn't really painful, but my period soaked through BOTH heavy-duty pads and tampons after 2-3 hours. Blood was everywhere. This time it's only been about 5 months, and I notice a difference. I have a really heavy flow, but not enough to impair me from working. My Doc. has me on Provera for one week every 3 months. Provera gets the job done, at least for me. There's a lot of scary posts about it, and it is uncomfortable, but it isn't the end of the world. F 23 7 days
 5  TO INDUCE PERIOD NONE SO FAR took provera after 2 months after my last period on june 23. On the 4th day of taking the pill, my period came and I'm amazed to see the big difference it made to my body. I'm so proud I took Provera to help me with my periods monthly. Great medicine if u have the same problem. Big time recommendation to all! F 28 10 days
 5  PCOS Mood swings, hot flashes, mild cramping, tender breasts I am tring to get pregnant again so I needed my period regulated, provera is very helpful along with glucophage to regulate cycles and cause ovualtion. The side affects are nothing compared to the frustration of infertility. Im willing to cope with them. I have been taking provera for my peroid on and off for a couple of years now. F 26
 3  To get period to start clomid. None so far. I took my last depo shot November 2006. I had my period March 2007 and April 2007. I have not had a period in 4 months. Today is the third day I've taken a 10mg dosage. So far I have no symptoms. I won't be completely satisfied until my period starts. F 35 5 days
 3  induce a period bloating, headaches, hunger, fatigue and heavy pain during my periods i missed my periods for 4 months. i took provera 10mgx10day. got my period on the 3rd day after my last pill. The only thing is i had a very bad stomach during my periods.But am satisfied with this pill!!! F 23 10 days
 2  to stop excessive bleeding I was prescribed 20 mg/day for the first 3 days and my bleeding stopped. But when I reduced the dose to 15 mg/day according to the instructions, it started up again, lightly. On my second visit the doctor told me to go back to taking 20 mg, but I still kept bleeding more and more every day. Meanwhile, I became forgetful, I felt cold, cried at the slightest provocation, had very low energy and was just more depressed than I'd ever considered possible. Four days after I had discontinued taking the drug, I felt normal again and I concluded that Provera withdrawal must have been causing my mysery. I had already felt somewhat depressed on the days when I was taking 15 mg; this happened each time for a few hours, just before my next dose was due. On my second visit to the doctor I mentioned this, but he did not draw the conclusion that this was a side-effect of the drug. He never mentioned possible side-effects anyway, and the tablets (which I got in New Zealand) did not come with an inform F 47 12 days
 4  To get period to start Clomid Nothing too bad...especially for a drug that is supposed to make women get a period! Just very sore breasts (particularly nipples??), a bit more emotional and increased urge to overeat (even when not hungry!). Gained some water weight, but lost after 3 days and had moderate cramps. All in all, not nearly as bad as I thought! Obviously this medication effects everyone differently and has a horrible reputation, but I'm hoping to be someone who proves it not terrible for EVERYONE! F 24 5 days