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 1  induce period mood swings, crying spells, depression, TIRED all the time, can't sleep at night, cramps, blurred vision I HATE THIS MEDICINE!! It makes me feel like a completely different person. I had to miss 2 days at work because of this! F 23 5 days
 1  removal of polyps I had surgery last week and my doctor removed lots of polyps. He stated they were pre-cancerous and wants me to start taking this medication for 3 months. After reading some of the stories, I'm kinda scared. I have been trying to get pregnant. Does anyone know if this reduces the chances of getting pregnant? I just started reading about provera and haven't found any info on that yet. F 34
 2  induce period tired, irritable I actually took the generic kind of provera. The only thing I experienced was being so tired, and a little irritable. Had to take it I haven't had a period in 3 1/2 weeks and not pregnant. I had to take the pill 10 days, but that ended 4 days ago, still nothing, not even cramps or anything still feel the same as I always did. Have to go to the gyn at the end of the month. This didn't work for me so I wasn't satisfied. F 18 10 days
 3  to induce period/begin Clomid No noticeable side effects after 7 days of Provera. I'm feeling mildly crampy today, however. It's been 3 days since my last Provera pill. I'm just hoping this gives me a period. My husband and I are TTC and I have very irregular cycles. F 32 7 days
 3  no period for two months I experince really bad mood, always felt tired and sleppy I also felt bloated My doctor prescribed these pills ( provera 10mg ) for ten days, becuase I had no periods for two months. I am on day 5 and i fell as if I am on teh first stages of pregnancy . I feel tired, and sleepy I wake up in the middle of the night felling hot and bloated ...I just hope all of this will have a good result and that I will get my period. F 25 10 days
 3  regulate periods to start letrezole Brief but bearable moodiness first couple of days. Helpful sofar but haven't got period yet! Cleared up my jawline spots/acne immediately! Have got PCOS but not sure how long i've had it, also have just moved to United Arab Emirates so not sure if spots are from change in climate or from the PCOS... Have been trying for a baby for a while and going onto Letrezole instead of Clomid. Has anyone had experience of these two? F 27 7 days
 4  induce period very dizzy, headaches, tired all the time, i forgot stuff seconds after someone said something, especially numbers I started my period 5 days after the last pill. It is now day 7 of my period. i wish i knew before i bought this drug that the super center pharmacys include this drug on their 4 dollar program, could have saved me a lot of money. F 25 10 days
 3  No Period for Over 2 Years I have been prescribed this pill because I haven't gotten a period in over 2 years. I'm still waiting for my blood tests to come back, and as long as they come back negative I will have to take 10mg for 10 days. I've been reading through all the posts, and I've heard good and bad things. I'm trying to get some feedback and information from people who are in my age range. I want to be sure that this medication is a good choice. Thanks! F 25 10 days
 1  heavy period and clotting nausea, severe headaches from day 1, loss of appetite, diarrhea I had be prescribed provera to stop the month long heavy bleeding and clotting. Headaches started from day 1, nausea and loss of appetite and nausea by day 3 and was so bad I quit taking it by day 5. It was to the point I could not function normally. The bleeding would slow down only to have gushing periods immediately after a "Hot Flash". was told to double the dose which only made it much worse. stopped taking it and 2 days later headaches and nausea are starting to subside. F 43 5 days
 2  Regulate Cycle Nausea, Bloating, Severe Mood Swings, Bleeding irregularly My OB/GYN gave me the 10mg pill for 10days for 6 months. I am supposed to take it on the first of the month, then after the dosage is done I am supposed to have my period. However, I have found that a few days before I am supposed to take it I start bleeding! What is going on? I thought this was supposed to regulate my cycle and instead it is making me more frustrated. I will say that once I start taking the Provera, the bleeding stops....and then resumes once I stop taking it. What is the point of taking something if it's not going to work the way it's supposed to? Has anyone else experienced this? Is this supposed to happen? My doc says that this is what should be happening but I don't agree....HELP!! F 25 4 months
 4  prolonged bleeding Slight anxiety and anger, increase in appetite, especially on about the 3rd day. I'd definitely recommend this medicine. I believe it's saved my life. I was bleeding so heavily for 2 months my iron was at critical levels. Was put on cyclic Provera indefinitely. I take 10 mg daily on cycle days 15-24. I do get very heavy periods a few days after the last pill that last about five days and pretty serious cramping. Nothing Advil can't take care of Work can be scary on day 2 with how heavy the bleeding and clotting is, but I'm used to that now and I've become very regular. My iron is climbing back up to normal levels. Don't be afraid of taking this medicine! I feel some PMS rage and anger, but nothing worse than the depression and headaches I had before taking it. I haven't had weird hair growth or many other side effects. F 43 7 months
 4  continual bleeding after a d&c depression; body ached all over to the point of tears have not finished this drug yet, tomorrow is my last day.... hoping it will be a smooth finish but from the comments of other posts I know I have to do some serious praying :-) F 38 14 days
 3  Induce period/for Clomid A little bit of a warm sensations on my face(nothing too bad) a bit irritable at night. Not so bad so far. So far so goo, I am into day 2 and so far no negative effects. F 29 2 days
 1  No period for 3 months Blisters developed on my feet and began spreading up my leg and then the palms of my hands began to blister. I am 54 now but was given Provera in my 30's. After 5 days of taking the pill the ooozing blisters began on my feet. I went to the foot doctor as I thought I may have stepped in something in the grass. He treated me for several weeks but it kept getting worse. The blisters had began on my hands. Finally, he asked me are you taking any medication? I told him I had been put on Provera. He immediately looked up the pill and found that I was having one of the severe reactions and he called my GYN and faxed him the information and the pill was stopped. However, the effect of this pill stayed in my system for 5 long years. Just before every period the blisters would begin again. Now my new GYN wants to put me back on this pill because I began to bleed after not having my period for two full years. I refused and she is not happy. Would you want to go thru that again? Of course, the doctor does not believe me! F 15 days
 1  Skipped periods I go for several months without a period. My gyn prescribed provera for me. Have not taken it yet, looking for more info about this product. Read some of the horror stories and are not sure I want to take it. Have all the symptons of pre menopause hot flashes, night sweats, moody. The inconstancy of my periods are not that big of a bother. F 43
 4  induce period to start clomid headaches, tender breasts, cramping I was relieved that my dosage did not effect me too bad. I had annoying headaches the first 3 days and started spotting during the last 3 days. I had a heavy period 2 days after my last pill. This is my first period in 5 months. I would try this drug again if necessary to begin a new cycle. F 28 7 days
 3  Induce Period Depression and crying spells, anxiety, restless sleep, bloating. I was feeling no symptoms for the first few days, then by day four emotional and physical symptoms started. F 29 10 days
 1  to ger rid of ovarian cyst MOOD SWINGS, HORMONAL HAIR, NUMBNESS IN THIGHS COULDNT WALK FOR 3 DAYS My gyno prescribed provera to me as a means of getting rid of a last cyst i had growing on my ovary. I took it and after 3 days i felt moody, my partner couldnt stand me, and then i felt a numbness in my thighs and i couldnt walk for days! i called my gyno and he told me to stop taking it straight away. a few months down the track now and i have hormonal hair EVERYWHERE! face, cheeks, breasts. i wish i never used it!!!!! F 22 5 days
 4  Induce a period Headache, still had some spotting while taking medication. Heavy cramping and bleeding once started period day after stopping medication. Went to Dr. after slight spotting for almost two weeks. Last normal period was almost 3 months ago. Figured it was just pre-menopause problem. Dr. put me on 10mg for 5 days to induce a normal period after an ultrasound showed I did have a build up of endrometrial lining. Only real discomfort while taking the pill was a slight headache last two days. Other than that felt fine. No weight gain, irritability, or any of the other problems noted on this site. I did, however, keep spotting. Mostly after my nightly gym routine (1/2 hr. weights; 1/2 hr cardio). Medication did the trick because I started a period day after taking the last pill. Did have heavy bleeding and cramping with this but over the counter analgesic did the trick. I'm just hoping the bleeding does not last too long. Don't want to end up going in the other direction now. F 49 5 days
 3  induce period I did not experievce anything but BAD MOOD SWINGS!!!!! So I took the provera for 5 days and they told me that I would start my period around the 3rd or 4th day. NO I did not start till around my 10 day. Anyways so I started on my b. c. pills to help with my period (eversince my tubal I have problems with it) and I woke up this morning and I could hardley move. I have cramps so bad, it actually feels like contractions, and my period is nothing like it used to be. It is like Hudini. There one minute and gone the next. Only to reappear later. And the clotting is real bad!!!! Beware using this brig!!! F 25 5 days