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 2  Irregular cycle Bloating, sore nipples (one week since taking provera) sore and enlarged breasts 2weeks since taking provera, weight gain 1-5lbs, metallic mouth taste, increased sense of smell, frequent urination, flank and abdominal pain, gas, active bowels (rumbling tummy and gas) no diarrhea. 7 days 5mg on provera, 12 days later still no period. As per gynaecologist starting 10mg for 7 days symptoms are just getting worse but bloodwork and pregnancy tests are negative. F 20 7 days
 1  Delay period for birthday I'm not sure if this is break through bleeding or my regular period. I was starting to spot on day 10 when still taking the provera. I had a few blood clots only on days 1-2. Sometimes the flow was light like I could wear a regular tampon but as the days went on I wore pads cuz it got heavy and had to change it 2-3 times a day. It's my 5th day and I'm still cramping a bit not as much as before and still bleeding. Hopefully this will stop in 7 days cuz my anniversary is soon. Provera did not Delay my period like I wanted to. Doctor have me 30 to delay it but after the 10th pill and I saw spotting I stopped taking it. F 21 10 days
10 mg
 1  Menopausal with DUB Bleeding and clotting (size of a fist) heavier than before the Provera. Severe cramps before passing the clot head ache and really tired F 52 20 days
 3  Pain in my vaginal area Heavy bleeding ,pain in breast, passing clots ,severe cramps F 56 1 months
 4  Irregular cycles Only dizziness and 3 weeks later had diarrhea that morning. I had to take 2 pills 2 times a day for a week. I started the pills on day 2 of my cycle.. After my cycle ended. 3 days later I would bleed a little every morning or sometime at the end of the day. It was said that my cycle is supposed to return normal two weeks after F 23 1 weeks
 2  IVF/ after egg retrievals My legs felt very tired, kind of weighted down. Burst blood vessel on my knee. I took Provera every time after an egg retrieval. The first time I took it, I donít think I had any side effects. The second time was also ok, but a few days after stopping taking it, one of the blood vessels on my knee burst out of the blue. I didnít think of Provera because I had started taking other IVF drugs by that time. The third time, it hit me pretty much from the start. I felt cramp-like pain in my legs; they felt soo tired and heavy. Sometimes I would feel like my blood vessels got pulled. I was scared of my blood vessels bursting again. I was so glad to be off of it. Itís been almost 3 weeks since I took my last pill. I still get some weird sensations in my legs but not as bad as when I was on Provera. Next egg retrieval, Iím not taking it, I have a similar drug at home, Iíll take that one instead. F 35 10 days
10mg a day
 1  Endometriosis Itís day 4 of taking this and I have had night sweats, fever , neausea, extreme tiredness had to call out of work because of how bad the side effects where. Cramping so much and my mood swings are awful. F 24 10 days
10 mg
 1  Endometriosis Day 5 thought I was gonna die, day 6 feels like my ovaries are going to explode. Extreme pain, extreme nausea, vaginal pain, cant urinate properly. 4 more days left to go, I cant do it ! F 30 10 days
 1  Endometriosis Nausea, leg cramps and insomnia. I had hoped it would help my constant spotting too; it did not. The side effets are too distubing to me. Plus the danger of getting a stroke is present. F 52 4 days
5 mg
 1  Stop period for holiday Constant headache, breathlessness, palpitations, weakness in arms and legs, increased fatigue, abdominal pain, bloating F 39 12 days
 5  Infertility/No Periods Emotional for the first three days, slight breast tenderness I've had very few issues with this medicine. I'm on day 7 of 10, and let me tell you, I feel great. I haven't had a natural period in a couple months and I have to have one so I can start taking Clomid. I've read horror stories about how insane it makes you feel and the awful mood swings- I must be one of the lucky few that has had few issues. I would definitely take this medicine again. F 28 10 days
10mg 1X D
 1  Cysts and painful peruod Horrible abdominal pain. Bladder infection feels like everything falling out. Nausea no appetite. Burning when going to toilet I feel 10 times worse now F 35 10 days
5mg twice
 4  Endometriosis Weight gain but really helps with pain of endo! Having to up the dosage every so often tho. I take 30mg in the morning and 30mg at night. Sometimes get spotting only when I miss a dose. Get really vivid dream if taken right before I sleep. F 20 0 days
 2  sudden heavy bleeding manageable side effects were sore breasts and improved appetite. Side effects that were not so manageable (requiring pain relief) were uterine cramping and joint and muscle pain. Side effects that were not tolerable were depression, thoughts about harming myself or others. Hitting my self in the stomach. Behaving uncharacteristically. I think this drug is very helpful for some women. Having supportive people around when you use it is advisable. Some women will have dreadful symptoms. I have lowered my dose to 5mg a day. I am bleeding again but I hope I will not flood suddenly. I have a scan tomorrow, which will be transvaginal, so it would be nice not to bleed but if I take more provera I will feel suicidal. I am going to take tranxemic acid in the hopes it will notb e too messy. yay for being female ay? When scan is done, I will stop provera, because I would prefer to bleed to death than feel like I want to die. My sincere best wishes to all those women out there dealing with this shit.:-# F 43 5 days
20 mg 1X D
 5  excessive bleeding slight headache a little extra hungry I have been going crazy afraid to leave the house with the excessive bleeding. After my Dr did all tests and there were no other problems I was prescribed Provera 10mg once a day. Within 4 days the bleeding stopped completely and I feel like a million bucks! After reading all the other ladies having so many problems I guess I am one of the lucky ones. I have so much energy now, in a great mood and the slight side effects I will definitely take over bleeding and not being able to leave the house. 47 8 days
10 1X D
 1  Endometriosis Adenomyosis EXTREME breast pain and swelling (icing and rubbing cannabis oil to try to control the horrendous pain) my breasts have never hurt this bad in my life, fatigue, mood swings, exhaustion, horrible and severe cystic acne all over body, bloating, food cravings, crying hysterically over nothing, absolutely no control over emotions or responses to everyday situations from being enraged to crying for no reason. This was supposed to induce my period after the 7 days cycle, 6 days after last pill no period. Still having awful side effects and no energy at all. Told physician I don't respond well to hormone treatment but was told this was necessary steps in diagnosing if I need hysterectomy. Period should've naturally started yesterday, still nothing. Never in my life have I been praying for my period to start because I get debilitating cramps and heavy bleeding and clotting. I need period to start to flush hormones out of my body. At my wits end, can't deal with these horrible side effects any longer. F 31 7 days
10 mg
 1  Heavy bleeding with clots Severe hot flashes, worst in my life. Heart palpitations, dizziness, loss of appetite, nausea, more heavy bleeding, cramping, bouts of uncontrollable anger, insomnia due to hot flashes at night. I would not recommend this drug to anyone. Synthetic hormones will mess up even worse. Please do a lot of research before trying this drug! I should have and wish I would of never taken these pills!!! I felt awful and out of touch with everything. I was only on it for 5 days, but that was enough for me, I couldn't handle the side effects, they only got worse and the doctors only want to mask the problem and not fix the problem. I didn't sleep the entire time I was on it due to the severe hot flashes I would get at night. During the day my whole face and upper check would be beat red. Please do research before you take this! There are so many other ways to regulate your hormones and this is not one of them! F 46 5 days
10 3X D
 1  Irregular periods I have never had such heavy gainful period not even after birth of my 3 children been bleeding for 15 days!! F 25 10 days
 1  Menopause Went nuts, mean, anger outburst, couldn't have sex with husband. Irritated really bad. DON'T TAKE IT DON'T TAKE IT. TRUST ME. BAD MEDICINE. F 44 7 months
1 pill day
 2  Perimenopausal, migraines Severe hunger cravings, hungry all the time, weight gain, fatigue, sluggishness I was age 50 and still having my periods but was probably perimenopausal due to vaginal dryness slightly, and a few hot flashes but not bad. Mainly wanted to help my hormonal migraines from hormone fluctuations before my period. I started HRT with Estradiol (estrogen) 1.0 mg so had to add Provera 2.5 mg. Such intense hunger cravings for junk food or just any food. Even when full. I still got headaches but maybe not as bad. After 5 years of being on it I had gained 30 lbs and felt sluggish and tired a lot, no motivation to exercise or diet. I said the hell with it and stopped about a month ago at age 56. Instead of taking 1.0 mg of estradiol with the Provera, I cut my estrogen pill in half so take 0.5 mg daily and NO PROVERA. I think my uterus will be fine. I will NEVER take Provera again. My food cravings are gone and I have lost 7 lbs in a month because I have the energy to exercise and can resist food better. I feel my sex drive was going away in the last year, don't know if it was the Provera but since off it for a month and staying on the 0.5 estrogen (break pill in half), my sex drive is way better. If my gyno says I can't take 0.5 mg of estrogen without the Provera (since I have a uterus) I will say NO WAY am I EVER taking Provera again. I'll keep the lower dose estrogen and hope the uterus will be fine. I might try vaginal estrogen cream, but it's way more expensive. I hear you don't need Provera if you use a cream. PROVERA IS AWFUL. F 56 5 years
2.5 mg 1X D