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 2  To stop uterine bleeding Extreme pelvic pain, bloating, hot flashes, rectum pain and eating too much. Worst pain I've experienced ≠ started bleeding on the second day of taking the pills. Uterus is still painful, painful tummy whenever I eat Wouldn't recommend it to anyone. F 24 5 days
10mg 1X D
 3  Low progesterone levels I have been taking Provera 5 for 17 days now and it's the 11th day of me bleeding. It is supposed to help me get my periods and increase my progesterone levels, but 11 days of bleeding is too much. Is this normal and when should the bleeding stop F 27 60 days
5 mg 1X D
 4  Bring down my period and TTC I can't sleep mood swings and today is my 9 th day and I'm at work and I went to bathroom and I have blood after not bleeding for 19 days I'm so excited because it's a chance that I'm going to ovulate after this period I can try for my child . F 28 10 days
10 1X D
 3  Endometrial. Hyperplasia Bled for a month, bad cramps, tender stomach and loose stools. Took transexamic acid and bleeding stopped but still bloated and sore stomach Wasnt told about provera at all. Not the best way to stop aub. F 58 6 months
10mg 1X D
 2  Endometrial hyperplasia More bleeding than before I started course. Bad cramps and loose stools. No sleep and off work as flooding. Have been back to my gp who is writing to the consultant. There was no consultation with me about provera or about any side effects. Feel really poorly and it's taken away my everyday life. F 58 7 days
10mg 1X D
 3  Stop bleeding due to PCOS I had already been bleeding off and on for 3/12 weeks before starting this medicine but only when I wiped or if I tried to have sex with my husband. I took the pill for 7 days and at first my bleeding slowed down but then by day 2 after stopping my period got extremely heavy with clots. I changed my pads at least 5 times in one day which is completely not Normal for me. I'm currently still bleeding heavy and hasn't stopped yet. I did have mood swings , weight loss due to decreased appetite. I have to sometimes get up in the middle of the night to change my pad due to extremely heavy bleeding. F 32 7 days
 4  Irregular periods and TTC Headaches, cramps, constipation, anxiety, and fatigue I took 10 days of Provera and day 3 after finishing my 10 days I started (so day 13). I have had painful cramps, heavy flow, and clots. I started this because Im trying to get pregnant. I have PCOS so my Dr also prescribed me Metformin. Although the cramps are painful Im willing to just keep pushing through because I want to conceive. I just take some Tylenol and that does help! F 28 10 days
 4  Irregular Periods I am on my 6th day of taking this med, feeling fine. I've been exercising more than ever before. Most comments on here are scary. The only negative thing I have going on is sore nipples. I ran regularly so this morning during my run Ive started to feel pain in my left side. Pain was strange, not something I have ever experienced during running before. Except for that no other changes, mood is normal and stable, no changes. M 31 10 days
 2  Abnormal bleeding It stopped my abnormal bleeding , but created many other problems bad bloating couldn't sleep , when I came off the pills I experience bad headaches nausea and dizzy ,bad breath . It stopped the bleeding within a day but the problems taking tablets and aftermath had I known before I probably wouldn't of taken them at all F 33 10 days
 5  Terminal cancer Bad taste in mouth,is my only gripe. I think it is giving me more time, I have been on it one year F 72 100 days
 1  perimenopausal issues Periods every 20 days with heavy bleeding. I got a scan of the uterus done this week and it shows endometrium thickness when before taking this medication I had no thickness. Also my fibroids have increased in size and my platelet count has increased to elevated. it is not working for me. instead creating more problems. F 51 5 months
10 mg 1X D
 2  Hyperplasia with atypia I feel bloated most of the time. For the first two months, my spotting was non stop (every day) and was lesser on the third month. Terrible pelvic pain and back pain that comes and goes. I sometimes feel anxious, irritable and depressed. I also have water retention on my feet and sometimes it's difficult to pee. Cannot sleep easily. F 37 4 months
20 MG
 3  Missed 3 periods in a row Mild cramping on day 5. Bleeding on day 10. Extreme cramping day 12-14. Unable to sleep do to cramping. Fatigue, not hungry, weight loss The cramping is so intense. On day 10 after starting provera i got my period. I normally cant fill up a tampon quickly. But on day 10 the period was light. On day 11 i filled up a tampon in an hour and i leaked. I never have done that. Dr advised me to take 600mg of ibuprofen. I am still in pain. I have a phone appointment to follow up with doctor to order labs to figure out why i missed 3 periods when i was always regular before this. F 23 5 days
 4  To give me my period I have not had my period for 7 months. My doctor prescribed me provera 10MG for 10 days. I have had increased appetite, weight loss, and now itís day 7 and Iíve had increase pain on my ovaries and spotting. I have had very bizarre yet vivid dreams. Other than that, I canít really complain. I hope my period comes. I hope you ladies find relief because reading some of these comments sounds very frightening. F 31 10 days
 1  To thin my uterine lining After a few days started spotting. Now have horrible cramping, passing clots, and extremely bloated. I donít understand why this drug is given to some to stop bleeding and to me to make it start F 52 8 days
 5  Imbalance hormone I take 1 provera then after 1 hour I got my period I don't know what happen ... Because my doctor said that after 5 days you take provera and wait for 2 weeks then you have a menstruation but suddenly it will happen after I take for an hour. Tell me what happen who knows about this .. thanks 23 1 days
 3  Amenorrhea Chest pain, hard to breath, nightmares, pain on the arms, anxiety attacks, hands sweating and tremors The side effects were not strong during the first days, they became strong after day 6. F 40 10 days
 3  Regulation of period I had been with irregularity of my period for almost a year . My cycle has been 45+ days . My gyn gave me provera and Endometrin to fix my cycle since I have been trying to conceive. I finished my provera and a 12 days after I finished I had spotting in the 30 day of my cycle , no real period . A lot of cramps but nothing that I couldnít hold it . It gave me insomnia and crazy dreams F 29 10 days
 1  Heavy periods I have not stopped bleeding since I started taking it. Much more boating and cramping then usual. also have mood swings with irritability and depression F 56 2 months
10 1X D
 2  Sudden heavy bleeding Heightened anxiety, depression, back pain, breakouts of acne, I had the depo-Provera shot years ago for birth control and knew it was hard on my system, but I was willing to give it another shot because the heavy bleeding thing was more acute and scary than a little bit of anxiety - now I wish I would have turned the treatment down. I stopped bleeding in the ED before I took my first dose, so, Iím not sure if it even had any effect at all. F 41 14 days