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 4  inducing period There were times that i have a headache as well as backache..cramps i also experience it Well i have been prescribe 10 mg tablet which is twice a day for 5 days and my dr. Told me to contact her if still theres no period two weeks after the last intake of first i hesitate that provera will not work for me i used to have a regular cycle and suddenly it just stopped i dont know why i know its sounds crazy but it happened gosh thats for almost 3 mos..i did everything acupuncture, diet, exercise until i give up doing it all alone decided to have check with ob then 8 days after the last pill i got my period..girls just dont give up be patient it will come F 27 5 days
 1  Regulate Period SEVERE headaches, nausea, mood swings, sweating, constantly tired, weight gain I was put on Provera in April. I went 4 months with no period and then bled for 35 days straight. I have PCOS and endometriosis. I was put on these pills to 1. stop the bleeding and 2. regulate my periods. Doctor prescribed them 7 days out of the month. Since April, I have gotten ONE period! In the last few days, my headaches have gotten so severe, I had to stop taking the medication altogether. I went 3 days with a constant headache. It became so severe that I went to the hospital, and was told to stop taking the medication asap. Worst. Hormone. Pill. Ever. I would not wish this crap on my worst enemy!! TERRIBLE. F 27 7 days
10 1X D
 1  regulate period I experience stomach cramps heavy bleeding and blood clots This is not a good form of both control at all F 34 1 months
 1  excessive bleeding nausea, terrible back pain, cramps, heart fluttering, moods swings, personality changes, exhaustion, headaches, nipple tenderness This med is awful. Didnt stop the bleeding and I have never felt more ill. 51 20 days
20 mg 1X D
 1  birth control Heavy bleeding and black clots long periods 7 days my normal before depo shots was 3 days not heavy. Can't use tampons anymore they hurt. Didn't get pregnant though had spotting through the year but not much. Not horrible cramps as I had before. There needs to be more research on this drug and what it all can do well on and the effects after I just want my 3 day periods back with the horrible pains I don't like this heavy bleeding and having 2 period not even 2 weeks apart F 21 1 years
1 shot 3mo
 3  Endometrial Hyperplasia Severe, debilitating cramping, and heavy bleeding. I actually took Provera for 14 days straight, now off of it for 2 weeks to let it do it's job. I am experiencing severe cramping, without pain relief, profusely sweating, and bleeding heavily. Not having a period has never been my problem. Needless to say, I will not be doing the other 2 series of this medication. Provera may be good for one, but this is not for me. F 37 10 days
 5  Extreme heavy non stop bleeding None really Provera stopped the bleeding but once I stopped it the flooding came back. F 50 10 days
15mg 1X D
 1  Absent period I'm trying to sit my final exams in 2 weeks and I have a constant headache, I'm tired and weak. I'm always bloated and cannot cope with this excess weight ONLY around my stomach region. I'm a vegan so my daily "punch" of lactose also makes me feel very sick and when I asked my doctor about changing my perscription, she refused. I'm so sick of this horomone pill and it's been making me very cranky and annoyed. I excercise most days but I still keep gaining more and more weight each cycle While on this pill. I cannot wait until my 2 months are over so I don't ever have to see it again and I can get my feminine physique. F 18 4 months
 3  Taking to shed the lining of uterus Took for 14 days and the day after last pill got a terrible period been bleeding through overnight pads every 45 minutes... Can't sleep... Cannot keep up with flow... Terrible cramping unlike any I've had... Day four of bleeding and backache finally left. Depressed... Low energy... Dizzy... Heart palpitations upon stairs or bending F 42 10 days
1xa day
 3  adenomyosis Bloating, irritability, weight gain, always hungry, wake up tired, take a nap and still tired, slight constant headache. The doctor has prescribed this to take prior to a uterine biopsy and possible Novasure (if biopsy is clear). I've had horribly heavy periods with flooding and large clots for the past 4 years. It got really bad after my tubal ligation.With all the weight that I've gained Id rather just have the heavy periods until the procedure. I'm super uncomfortable. Im really hoping the doctor is going to let me get off of it after my biopsy. I'm afraid if I'm on it for too long, that I'll have a difficult time losing the weight. F 38 27 days
10mg 2X D
 1  Menstrual problems Horrendous, as bad a pain as giving birth except continual. Wouldn't give them to a rat. Absolutely the worst experience I've ever had on tablets. F 50 1 weeks
 1  Heaving Bleeding/Continual Cycles Nauseous, vomiting,headaches/migraines, horrible cramps, ankle/hand swelling, hot flashes, depression, nervousness/anxiety, insomnia, continued bleeding. Aweful. I've been on these meds for 2 weeks, and I don't feel any better, if not worse. The bleeding continues, and I've been so sick. I hate it!!! I've missed out on life so much, because of all this. F 36 1 days
 1  pcos, to start period after 5 month Took for 10 days, had severe cramps and stomach swelling, one it's a week later and I just barely started bleeding but with extreme cramps I can barely walk. F 19 10 days
 1  Heavy Bleeding, fibroids Tender breasts, cramping, fatigue, tingling fingers, bloating, weight gain Have been taking provera for 45 days to regulate my cycle due to fibroids. Thought it was working, until day 21, cycle was heavy, still have heavy bleeding and cramping, fatigue. Bleeding for 24 days straight, no end in sight. Depressing. F 46 45 days
10 mg 1X D
 1  to prevent bleeding after surgery. Headach, pelvic pain,back pain,anxiety,depression, acne, mood swing. Did surgery Aug.2014 got depo provera 6 days after, to date I haven't seen my menses. F 46 1 days
 3  Abnormal uterine bleeding (2mo) Nausea, extreme dizziness constantly (no relief even with medication), diarrhea, extreme exhaustion (going to bed at 5 pm), loss of appetite Supposed to take this for 10 days but I called Dr because Icouldn't take dizziness any longer. He said to take for 2 more days and be done. My bleeding had significantly slowed down however F 24 4 days
 3  Pcos ttc and no periods 4 2yrs Cramping alot I dnt knw how many cycle(2years) but this one is very odd normally i would bleed 3 - 4 days after taking provera but this cycle started the day after i finished with provera and its day 7 nw i've used 4 packs of pads already busy with number 5 nw is extremely heavy with large clots F 22 10 days
 1  Heavy Bleeding due to Fibroids Extremely tired, painful legs, "crying spells" and still heavily bleeding (20th day) with large clots. I've read this should be given if abnormal bleeding is due to hormonal imbalance & not due to fibroids. Stopped taking it. Myomectomy in a few days which I hope ends my suffering. F 40 6 days
 2  AUB - Heavy bleeding Severe - headache, Nausea, diarrhea, cramping & heavy flow; Moderate breast tenderness, moodiness and some bloating/fluid retention. Oh and my hair is shedding pretty heavily. I have PCOS with Abnormal Uterine Bleeding. I was prescribed Provera to stop an acute AUB episode of very very heavy bleeding. It did not work the first 9 days I took it. Flow was horrible, large clotting and horrid cramps (I don't usually have cramping at all) PLUS all the added side effects of the medication (headache/migraine, nausea, diarrhea, etc). Day 10 arrived and my flow was down from non-stop raging gushes to a 4-6 hour window of light bleeding; however, as soon as a clot broke loose the heavy flow began again. I have been prescribed an additional 10 days (same dosage). Now I get to look forward to "Provera period" (google it) about 5 days after I stop taking the medication! Can't wait to go through this all over again. Feeling like I'm stuck in a never ending, hopeless spiral of heavy flows. Looking into ablation or hysterectomy next. F 38 10 days
10 1X D
 5  PCOS/ no period for 13 months/TTC Bloating, tired, mod swings This is my 2 nd time using provera and both times I have had minimal side effects. The drug seems to work well. I take the pill once daily for 10 days and 3-4 days after I get my period... Which is usually fairly heavy.once don't this round will go on clomid as TTC. F 25 10 days