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 5  hyperplasia it seemed to fix many ailments, no major side effects...change in taste I am in my 3rd month of treatment of Provera; I take it the last 10 days of the month. I was prescribed it after having a DNC in July for hyperplasia. My doctor said that the pathology reports indicated pre-cancer. I found this site before my treatment and read many of the comments. Being most concerned with the mood swings and weight gain, I was not too thrilled about going on the med; however, my mother had uterine cancer and I knew that this was something I had to do. Before Provera, I was very moody, tired all the time, and chronically constipated. Now, it seems as those these ailments have disappeared. I went on Provera because I had no choice, this cancer is in my genes. I am sure that this will not be the last time; however, the side effects were not nearly as bad as I thought they would be. I've actually lost 8 pounds since my surgery. F 29 60 days
 5  very heavy periods every 2 weeks none Marvelous, I have my life back! It has made such a difference F 46
 3  No period 2 years Major breast tenderness, 5 pound weight gain in 14 days. No period for 2 years after depo shots and seasonale. Doc put me on this med 10mg for 10 days. It has been 5 days since my last pill and all I see is weight gain and breasts that feel like they are going to burst but no period. Still waiting. F 38 10 days
 5  I had no period for two years I took the generic brand of Provera, but I didn't really get any of the side effects. If anything I may have been a little more impatient than usual. That was really it though, nothing major. I got my period the day before my last pill. It's been a week now and I'm heavier today than I was on my first and second day. The cramps are AWFUL, but I'm glad that I finally got my period back. Well, kind of glad LOL. Overall I have to say that I'm really glad that I took the pill. Who knows how much longer I would've been without a period. It's different for everyone, but I'd definitely recommend this to others! F 25 10 days
 4  induce a period 2 migraines, major bloating I was on BC for 6 years and stopped 11 mo. ago to try and conceive. After missing 2 periods, I was diagnosed w/ PCOS. I took generic Provera for 10 days and didn't get my period until 6 days after taking the last pill. I would take it again in the future if it can help me get pregnant! For me, the side effects weren't that bad. F 29 10 days
 5  Induce period to start Clomid A little bloating the first few days I took 10mg for 10 days. I took my last dose yesterday and it looks like my period is starting F 29 10 days
 2  no menses since few months no side effect on me! ...but my baby is dead. I took 10 days of Provera last month. I made a pregnancy test at each day for make sure...3 hours after my last dose my preg test was positive. One monts later the heart of my baby stopped. I had induced abortion...3 times! I think he really wants to stay with us but this drug hurt him so badly... apologize for my mistake english is not my first language. F 28 10 days
 4  irregular cycle fatigue, some pain on and off to my left leg around calf area and upper foot, bloating heavy period this will be my second time on it. My gyn wants me to get on birth control instead but I'm not to sure I'm terribly scared of getting an embolism even on provera I have to be careful you can never tell. F 32 10 days
 4  To start cycle/ begin Clomid Very irritable, depressed with crying spells (not like me), weight gain/ bloating This is the 2nd time I've had to take it to induce a period. Not ovulating on a regular basis and trying to conceive for a little over a year. This is emotional enough so the drug is definitely not helping and my husband is all but hiding from me for the week because he's afraid to set me off. That said, it does the trick and if it gets me to the next cycle of Clomid and another month's chance to conceive, I will consider it a necessary evil and continue to take it. If anybody who is in the same boat needs to talk, feel free to email me. F 29 4 days
 3  Induce a period Pain in uterus/ovaries,like cramping except nowhere near my period; so very tired all the time (couldn't get through a day without a long nap; made my already-bad acne (from not having a period) worse Don't know if it will help me or not....taking this so I can take Clomid later. I have to take it once a cycle for 7 days each time. This is the 3rd round of many. F 25 7 days
 5  Delayed periods Moodswings for the 1st 2 days My doctor had prescribed provera 10 mg for 5 days as I had not got my periods for 5 mths. I started taking it and on the 8th day I got my periods. This drug really works and there are no such side effects as mentioned by others. I am very satisfied and very happy that I finally got my periods. F 28 5 days
 2  to induce period extremely heavy bleeding, terrible cramping, mood swings I was prescribed Provera by my obgyn after having a hysteroscopy D and C. I was told to take it the first 14 days of the month after which i would have a period. I have been having very heavy bleeding for 7 days non-stop and no signs of it letting up at all. The cramps feel like labor pains!...and the mood swings "Oh My God"!!! I'm usually the one to keep people laughing on the job. My co-workers like being around me. I had a mood swing at work and totally went off on my boss. Luckily i still have my job. I wouldn't recommend using this drug without doing some research first. I wish i had. F 39 14 days
 3  to induce period well no side effects really have not had a period since march 8th 2007 dr gave me provera ten mg to take for 5 days then take clomid days 5-9 but today is my second day after i finished provera no period hope fully it comes please email me if your going through the same thing F 29 5 days
 4  to regulate and ovulate to conceive mood swings, increase appetite, mild cramping If you want something really bad you will put up with the side effects (considering they are mild):) -- Also, for those of you - I have read and heard that taking provera and clomid, there is a good chance you will become pregnant. F 44 10 days
 4  period lasting for 3 weeks weight loss I am trying to regulate my periods after taking one depo shot(which I don't recommend at all). My doctor gave me provera for 10 days to help me stop bleeding and to regulate my periods so I can ovulate. I was nervous about taking provera after all the side effects I read about, but decided to take it anyway. I started bleeding heavier after about 3 days, and by heavier I mean excessive. That finally slowed down and I stopped bleeding after 7 days. I didn't have any side effects except I lost a little weight, but I figured that was because I stopped the depo shot. Overall, I did't cramp or feel bloated while taking provera and would take it again if I needed to. I will see what next month brings, hopefully I will be pregnant. F 32 10 days
 2  Induce period ? My DR wants me to start Provera next week, but after reading the reviews on this site, I am very worried. Is there anything else that someone has used/heard of that didn't have all of these naty side effects?!? F 28
 1  secondary amenorrhea weight gain (as a result of significantly increased appetite/sugar cravings and water retention) major mood swings/depression (characterized by hysterical and uncontrollable crying several times a day) I took 2 Provera pills for 5 days to induce a period after 7 months without menstruation - I assume I have some sort of hormonal imbalance because I have gone without a period for 6 months in the past, and my body fat distribution is significantly altered when I do not have a period (previously I had always gained fat in my breasts but now it is concentrated primarily in my stomach and butt, although my weight is the same). Two days after starting Provera I began to have the most severe mood swings I have ever experienced - I was crying for no reason and I could not control it - I cried in public and in class. I also began to have overwhelming food cravings, especially for trail mix and granola, which I thought was strange because I do not have a sweet tooth (I never eat sugar, candy, or cake, and I had always been vigilant about my diet, which consisted of healthy, whole foods). I was so emotionally volatile for a week that I missed several classes and was afraid to leave my room s F 21 5 days
 2  irregular period I'm having cramping like my period is going to start. I have to check every 5 minutes to make sure. I've been taking provera for 3 days of a 10 prescription due to really irregular period. My periods last somewhere in between 10-14 days(most with heavy bleeding for the first 2-3 days). I've gone to alot of doctors in San Francisco and they all say don't worry about it just take tylenol to ease the pain(yeah right). So two weeks ago I go on a vacation to Idaho and go to an ob doc to see what is going on. She said that everything should be fine and gave me a prescription of 10mg of provera. I'm still taking the meds cause I want this bleeding to regulate it's self but now I"m reading all the problems with provera and it's got me a little worried. Should I be feeling this way? I've had 3 beautiful children(all by c-section)and had a tubal ligation with the last baby. So I"m not looking to have any more. Is it a possiblity to just go ahead and get a hysterectomy at 27? I also have alot of other female issues too. Email me if you have any questions or answers that would be helpf F 27 10 days
 5  Induce Period after Stopping BC I didn't have any side effects. I went two months without my period (after the initial withdraw bleeding) after I stopped wearing the patch. I took 10mg for 10 days and my period started on the 4th day after I stopped. It's normal and I have had less cramps then when I was on Ortho Evra. F 30 10 days
 3  induce period some dizziness, headache, fatigue, some cramping I went off my birth control 7 months ago and have only had one period. I went to the doctor and she put me on Provera 10mg for 10 days. I am confused when I should get a period? and if this will make me ovulate, or just bleed? My doctor didn't explain anything to me, so I am searching the internet for info. Anything you can tell me or share with me would help! F 24 5 days