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 3  no period for 2 months Had some cramping but I usually do get cramping when my normal period starts. Did not have a period for 2 months. Was given 10mg of Provera a day for 5 days. My period started 4 days after I finished the Provera but I am still on my period. Have been on my period for about 10-11 days now. F 26 5 days
 2  thin lining of uterus sleeplessness, bad cramping-had to sleep with heating pad on stomach and back, bloating, overall just felt not myself Was taking this to keep lining of my uterus thin as I was scheduled to have d & c and other surgery in 3 month; I had had some very bad periods that last quite long, sounded like a good idea but not for me, I would have rather dealt with the long period. F 46 14 days
 5  yes no side effects period started about 4 day s after I finished the medicine F 38 10 days
 3  To induce period after taking clom. Moody, extremely tired, sore, gas/bloating, increased appetite, and slight depression. After taking the medication for 10 days I received my period four days later. It was a light period and lasted for 7 days, now I have been spotting for the last 6 days...I feel that my body is confused and doesn't know how to respond. F 28 1 months
 4  To stop heavy bleeding achiness in legs; tired and depressed (although could be my job), puffiness in legs and ankles. F 53 40 days
 1  Secondary Amenorrhea Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, loss of appetite, weight loss, nervousness, loss of self-esteem, difficulty concentrating I have been on Provera for four months. After my last dose I had a traumatizing panic attack and have subsequently been anxious and nervous non-stop for no reason. I feel depressed and hopeless and can't concentrate. All of the anxiety has caused me to lose my appetite and a considerable amount of weight. I don't feel like myself and don't feel like I'm ever going to be the same again because the panic, anxiety and depression have taken a major blow to my confidence. I would strongly advise against this medication for anyone with a tendency towards anxiety and/or depression. F 26 4 months
 3  induce period to start clomid extremely tired all the time, VERY moody, nausea, indigestion, weight gain, cramping TTC for 1 1/2 yrs. I was on 50 of clomid for three months, the first month my LH surge came on day 16 and did IUI, didn't work. The next two cycles no surge so I am now on provera to get AF to start 150 of clomid. I am so tired and really hope this drug works, can't imagine the cramps when I do get AF as I am getting intermittent cramps now which are pretty bad. F 30 9 days
 2  Stope heavy bleeding With in an hour i got a massive headache and have really bad cramps. Im moody and exhausted and rather run down. I started take it because my husband and i wanted to start to conceive. I had the murina IUD and my cervix grew around it. they had tro surgically remove it and for 12 days i we bleeding with clots heavily. I would soil a pad every other hour or so. BC of this i have anemia now and have to take iron suplements. this is supposed to help stop the bleeding. 2 days into it and i have 3 left, still the same. F 26
 4  induce a period for clomid 50mg once i took it before bedtime i was out like a light all night, moodiness,cramps,other than that not much i was on 10mg for 10 days and next to no side effects, took my last pill one day ago, still no AF but were hoping soon and then its on to clomid 50mg, wish us baby dust!oh,and weve been trying for 2 years F 19 10 days
 3  Haven't had a period about 3 years not able to sleep real bad headaches and very bad cramps very very heavy flow I am 35 years old and I've never felt a menstral cramp that hurt that bad, I started my cycle after taking the last pill of 14 day supply i started my cycle on March 16 and I am still on March 24 and it is flooding really bad will it ever stop F 35 14 days
 3  missing period huge increase in appetite, had shortness of breath and dizziness second day but not any time since then. intense pains in my uterus-pulling pains. nausea i didnt have my period for 5 months, then i finally got it-but only for 2 days and barely nothing and then haven't had it since then making it about 4 months i havent had it already. always had regular period before. provera, for me, cause extreme pains in my uterus-especially the 2nd day when i wasn't expecting it. i never felt such pain before, by body was on fire and sweating. i took tylenol and eventually went away, never have i felt such pain before. i take tylenol now when ever i feel the pains coming on. im on my 6th day and 4 more days to go, hopefully my period will come back! F 16 6 days
 1  to delay my period for a week all of them.I'm in hell.nausea,headaches,extremaly rupid pulse,can't swallow,cramping,back pains and lower stomach pains,skin irritation and all this almost from day one... I was trying to delay my period and took this medicine by my own.almost from the beginning I started with terrible headaches,fever and hot/cold flashes,on my second day I've got really bad feeling in my chest and unbelievable heart beatings,I felt like I'm going to die and went to ER with 145 pulse in rest,on the third day I've got in adition to all I mentioned crumps and back pains,panic attacks,chest pain,rupid pulse like I'm chocking,chills,flashes,fever and headaches.I'm done with this curse.never ever no matter what I won't take it again.I'm really glad I'm still alive.whoever invented this drug should try it by himself. F 33 5 days
 4  irregular period avg of 5 months between periods. perescribed 10mg for 7 days. On the first day of taking the pill i had mild cramps. No side effects after that. worked like a charm. period came 4 days after last period, and was suprisingly lighter than my normal period. F 19 7 days
 3  No period for a year; possible PCOS Severe bloating that comes and goes, enormous appetite, some cramping, blurry vision, tiredness I took the shot two days ago, and after reading others peoples comments saying that it did not make their period come, I'm worried if mine will come. The side effects at this point are not too severe. F 23 2 days
 1  delayed period for 1 month Insomia,food starving,tiredness Please if your just 1 or 2 months delayed and your not pregnant pleae dont use provera..Its really bad med.I already have my period and Im almost 13 days now that I dont take the provera but i still have the side effects.I so tired and sleepy buy my head dont want to sleep.I feel now im bloating.Still I can feel lower abdomen aching.. M 10 days
 2  no period for nearly 3 months I take one pill (10mg) once a day before bed ( 11pm ). Unfortunately I do not sleep for a while after. I've got constant nausea, I"m achey, I feel like I could vomit at any moment. I'm only on day 2 and felt side affects nearly immediately. I was told I would start my cycle anytime in the next 2 weeks. I'm hoping I will not need to take this medication again, it's making me feel horrible! F 21 10 days
 1  1 month misperiod Insomia,food starving,really bad headache,loose weight Doctor prescribed me provera 10 mg for 10 days.I taking the 8 pills and my period come.But I dont really recommend this medicine.Now I have my period and its 10 days of my period now and its doesnt stop I still back pain,lower abdomen aching.My life is so dull.If I just know that this will happen to me I dont really take that medicine.Yes it will help about your delayed period but its really ruin your life so bad. M 26 10 days
 4  to induce a period to take Clomid While taking provera for 5 days, I didnít notice much side effects. In fact, I only had a bit of trouble sleeping, but nothing else. (following my first comment on 2/4/2009) I finally had my period today, 15 days after my last pill of Provera. Thank God! It has been the most painful weeks of my life because of the depressive mood it got me into. I never cried that much for no reason. I am usually a happy and optimistic girl and being this sad and dark was very hard for myself. Thankfully, it is for the best and it is now the past. In 5 days, Iíll start Clomid. :) F 26 5 days
 2  missed period for 1 month headache,starving and dizziness I was taking a pregnancy test but all the result is negative.So doctor prescribed me 10mg of Provera and im on the 4th pills but still I dont have my period.I dont know when my period comes.Hope my period come sooner.Im worrying about this now. F 26 10 days
 1  pms headaches panic attacks, anxiety, depression, agoraphobia,hair loss, complete loss of labido, scarey thoughts, exhausted all the time, sore and weak muscles, numbness in hands and fingers,complete loss of self confidence!!!!! NEVER TAKE THIS DRUG. IT CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE! IT HAS MINE AND IT HAS BEEN 16+ MONTHS I HAVE BEEN FIGHTING THIS. ALL I HAD WAS 2 SHOTS AND THAT WAS IT. I WAS FINE AND FUN BEFORE NOW I HAVE NO LIFE!! F 39 6 months