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 4  Induce a period While taking the pill: Absolutely none. The week after: slightly blurred vision, slight fatigue, heavy abdominal cramps, nonstop bleeding, the kind of bleeding that would make a serial killer blush. I didn't have a period for about a year, when it did come back it was slight spotting. Provera was proscribed to regulate the flow. I took the pills for 7 days and felt fine, but the week after has been challenging. The bleeding was slight spotting for the first 2 days, and then has been pouring nonstop for 5 days. Soaks through super plus tampons and through heavy duty pads after 2-3 hours. I'm glad I found this site, because after 4 days of the bleeding getting worse and worse each day, I thought that there could be something horribly wrong. Luckily, it's a normal, but very uncomfortable side effect. I just hope it cleans out the build up of lining in my uterus and everything will be back to normal. F 23 7 days
 5  Induce Period Headaches, weight gain. Just over a yr ago I gave birth to a stillborn girl.Been trying to concieve 8 months now.Doc prescribed me provera to induce cycle, it has worked each time. On 200mg of clomid now and still not working yet. F 27 3 months
 4  Hyperplasia I am experiencing many of the side effects that are described for this drug. My first round (10 pills) was in February and I experienced mood swings (bad), tender breasts, mild cramping, and somewhat tired. About 4 days after the 10th pill my period came, and I bled worse than I have ever in my life! I couldn't leave my house for 3 days because I was bleeding so heavy and it couldn't be controlled. Lots of clotting. Now I've just completed my second round of Provera, and anxiously waiting for my period, in hopes that it's not that bad the second time around. However, for some reason, the side effects were even worse this time. Tired during the day, but sleeplessness at night, severe mood swings, tender and firm breasts, and very bloated. Although the side effects seem to be worse for some women and not so bad for others, I will say that it does work. F 40 2 months
 5  Induce Period Nipples very tender, irritableness, very bloated (feeling pregnant) I went off birth control pill in November in hopes to start trying to conceive, however after 3 months of no cycle, and numerous failed pregnancy tests, my doctor prescribed Provera and I stopped my last pill on 03-12-07, still waiting for my period but looking forward to actually feeling like a woman again. I've felt so bloated, nothing fits anymore, it's frustrating feeling like this but if it means being able to start trying again, it will be all worth it. That's the only bad side effects. F 33 10 days
 3  Spotting Between Periods Crying or on verge of tears, extreme irritability (I snap over nothing), feeling absolutely miserable and very unhappy, feeling incredibly anti-social, feelings of hopelessness, feel full all the time, blurred vision occasionally. Side effects slightly lessened but are still really bad (ie. only cry every couple of days now rather than every day) despite halving dose from 20mg to 10mg after first month. Have spotted between every period for the past 4 years and after trying a range of contraceptive pills (and no pills) my gynaecologist inserted a Mirena Coil (IUS) last year. Spotting still hasn't stopped so we're trying an increased dose of progesterone now. I've now only spotted for 3 days in the last 2 months and haven't got my period between cycles so it looks like it's working but with very bad side effects. Am supposed to take for another month but don't think I can handle the depression. F 29 2 months
 5  Induce Period Cramping,Clotting, Very Hungry even after 20 minutes of eating,EXTREME SUGAR CRAVINGS. I've been pretty regular with my period until the begining of 2006. I went on birth control to help stimulate the problem. Ortho-Tricyclen Lo did the job but also made me gain a few pounds so I decided to go off of it in August 2006. I didn't get a period for September which I knew was because my cycle wasn't back to normal as of yet. I got a period in October and all was fine. So I thought. I didn't get a period for the months of November and December. I wasn't pregnant however. I went to my doctor and told her my problem. She prescribed a 10 prescription of Provera. She told me to take the pills after New Years 2007 but on January 4th, 2007-my period came. What a relief! No period for the month of February however so I took the Provera pills for 10 days and the third day after I stopped the pills-my period finally graced its presence. Alot of cramping and bleeding however-but hey- I've never been happier to see the dreadful thing... THANKS PROVERA..:) F 21 10 days
 2  to induce bleeding mood changes, slight weight gain i took provera 10mg for five days and I am on my fourth day and still waiting for it. I had missed my periods for two months before I started took this medicine. Doctor suggested it was probably because of excessive travel and stress. Can anyone who has taken this before, tell me if it has to be taken every month to get periods or is it a one time dose? F 29 5 days
 5  induce period (PCOS) brief hot flashes, headaches, insomnia, basic PMS symptoms i haven't had a period in almost 2 years. my doctor diagnosed me with PCOS and gave me 10 mg of Provera to take for 5 days. i took my last pill i think 5 days ago and got my period today. the side effects i experienced weren't bad and would definitely recommend! F 20 5 days
 4  induce period irritablity, severe mood swings, increased appetite/thirst, weight gain, water retention, acne, body aches finsihed taking last pill 4 days ago and still waiting for period, i am getting cramps so i suppose itll be here anyday. Side effects a MAJOR dissapointment F 19 10 days
 1  birth control weight gain, fatigue, mood swings, depressive episodes I was not informed of all possible side effects, being told only that I may spot irregularly. I never had irregular spotting, but my state of mind was definitely irregular. If I had known how this drug would affect my mood and weight gain, I'd opt for lifelong abstinence over taking Depo. F 30 3 months
 5  induce period-- PCOS Significant weight gain This is my second experience with Provera. I take 10mg tablets for 10 days for amenorrhea (absence of menstrual cycle). The first month (January) I noticed that I was constantly hungry and would eat so I got heavier then. However, this month I was prepared for the hunger attacks, but they never came, and I ended up gaining more this month that I did last month--- and I purchased a treadmill and ate healthy. I would venture to say that I have gained 15-20 pounds since January! My husband and I are trying to conceive, so this medication is a necessary evil, but my goodness, that's a lot of weight! But, they do work well, I have started my period both times! Good luck ya'll! F 26 10 days
 5  Birth Control none. No weight gain, nothing different. I stopped periods within the first 6 months. I have gained 6 pounds in four years. I recently stopped, but have had no problems with the shot. F 49 4 years
 2  missed period Fatigue, Mood swings, crying, depression, and stiff neck F 25 7 days
 4  PCOS Stomach Cramps - worse than my normal but not too bad Have PCOS and firs step in trying to get pregnant. I took 10mg twice a day for 10 days -thought it had not worked but finally got my period 8 days after taking the last tablet - longer than average but worked fine! F 10 days
 1  PCOS / Induce period Severe mood swings, major depression, crying spells, anxiety and nervousness, chills with temperature drop, back pain, tired all the time, anxiety, spotting Was put on Provera after having an anovulatory period with spotting that lasted for one month. F 32 12 days
 4  Enduce period Mild cramping, strange dreams, big appetite I'm halfway through a 10-day course (10mg) and was happy to read other user experiences with the drug (and know that some of my mild side effects are "normal"). Am trying to get pregnant and my period stopped coming about three months ago (largely stress related). Hoping to get my period after the pills are finished. F 33 10 days
 5  Random bleeding None - I was very worried about potential side effects but have felt fantastic since I started taking the drugs (5mg per day) After months of alarming intermenstrual bleeding, plus severe bloating and disturbed moods (like REALLY bad PMS) my doctor diagnosed a progesterone shortage and prescribed Provera. I have felt MUCH better from day one ;-) F 39 1 months
 5  PCOS / induce period None I am 19 years old and have had an irregular period since my first one. I went for 6 months without a period, then got it suddenly again pretty regularly and then went for 1 year without my period. My doctor prescribed me Provera and it worked and I have had my period regular for the past 3 months since I have taken it and I am happy to have fixed this problem! F 19 10 days
 1  Sterilization Surgery Racing heart, headaches, very tired. Lower back aches, shoulder pain. Dizziness. I felt like I was have a heart attack. Resting heart rate was approximately 100 beats a minute. F 46 11 days
 4  to stop bleeding after 25 days moody, rash around the eyes. I did stop bleeding after the 5th day which was great. I was able to get into the Doctor to have an ultra sound. I continued to take the full dosage 10mg for 10 days. On day 8 I developed a painful rash around my eyes and I still have it 12 days later. Going to the dermatologist today. I am pretty sure it is an allergic reaction to the provera. F 47 10 days