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 3  I had an ovarian cyst Since takin provera I've been experiencing an upset tummy all the time and cramping F 30 10 days
 1  PCOS patient/lack of menstrual cycl Took meds for 10 days, as required. Now, three days later, I am unable to keep anything down. Severe mood swings as well as diarrhea. Crippling abdominal pains, dizziness, nausea and a few other symptoms. Called to speak with my doctor, and his nurse says just to "deal with it because it can't be that bad." The GALL! F 20 10 days
 1  Heavy Bleeding massive headaches, numbness, tingling in my right hand, down my right leg and foot, severe cramping, lower back pain, bloating I could go on and on about what I felt while taking this as I've never had a reaction to any for of Progeterone as I've been a surrogate twice without any issues to it. This was my first cycle since my 11-12-12 C-Section. I got my cycle 2-8-13 and was prescribed the generic of Provera (Medroxyprogesterone 10 MG Tablet) to take once a day for my extremely heavy cycle that I had from a C-Section. I started taking it on 2-12-13 and on 2-17-13 I started to have a numb and tinging sensation in my right hand and down my right leg and foot. I called and left a message with my OBGYN on 2-18-13 and was told by his nurse to continue taking it, I stated to her what about the numbess and tingling and was told to continue to take the medicine since my cycle was starting to lighten. I went from soaking a pad, panties and pants every two hours to about every 4 hours, that's considered lightened. By the end of the week I couldn't lift my right foot. I've had severe pain, cramping, lower back pain, right pelvic pain so when I got my cycle on 3-4-13 just as heavy I went into his office and seen him he gave me Generess Fe and Irospan 24/6 to take, I told him about the numbess, tingling and my foot and he didn't say anything. I bled for 2 months straight with spotting after that. I went to see my regular doctor when I couldn't get my OBGYN to sort what was up with my foot because I almost face planted the ground several times and didn't know what was going on with the numbing, tingling F 37 19 days
10 MG 1X D
 3  restart my period I was on depo birth control shot 4 6yrs stopped a yr n mnth ago so i took provera 10mg once day for ten days today is 8th day since taking last pill & still no period cramping anxious moody fatigued and some loss of concentration rash/bumps on chest and arms i just wana feel normal again so ...still waiting n week i go back to Dr if no period by then...... F 28 10 days
 1  Not get pregnant i was wondering if you had any idea about having nausea throughout the day, dizzy, weak legs, not able to sleep at night fall asleep around 1am and wake up at 3 or 4am and cannot go back to sleep until later on in the morning and could sleep all day, night sweats not often but had them, mild headaches not often, my breasts get alil tingling sensation but not often but i have noticed it, constantly bloated in my upper stomach area, not really having an appetite but get hungry at night, hot flashes, crying over silly things or things i have no business crying over, hair growing back really fast after i shave, dizzy when i stand sometimes, brownish discharge, increase vaginal discharge, no period since i been on this shot, vagina dryness, i do not want sex at all, constipated, dry skin, loss interest in my daily activities... i feel as if i am pregnant which i know i am not. Through all this my nights seem to be ok just not able to sleep at all. I just feel pregnant (which i know i am not i want off this shot bad!!! I willnot go get my 4th inection... i am done and learned a lesson F 31 10 months
1 1X AN
 1  thick endometrial lining acne depressed mood suicidal thoughts thoughts of death weight gain hunger bloated feeling (gained five pounds, it felt like 10) extreme emotional sensitivity I know that some women are fine taking these types of hormones. For those of you who have issues taking birth control, like myself, stay away. F 31 10 days
10 mg 1X D
 5  Had bleeding for 2 months straight Day 11 has started extreme extreme bleeding and severe clotts. Not very hungry. Face seems puffy. Broke out on my face acne. Dr recommended to restart my cycle. I was bleeding for mont and a half straight. I was bleeding throughout the whole ten days of taking provera. Day 11 very severe clotting. Can't even make it from bath to bed without having to back to bath. Hope this works gonna tough it out. I seem to be like the lady that stated she couldn't get out of the tub etc. F 45 10 days
10mg 1X D
 3  induce period/ovarian cyst sufferer After taking it for 10days 3x daily 7 days after I spotted, its a good sign. F 22 10 days
 4  Endometriosis Have had absolutely no side effects, it's improved my pain which is amazing i can feel normal again and stopped my periods hopefully reducing the growth of the endo F 21 9 months
 2  heavy periods/thickened cervix First time I've been on this kind of drug. However I do take thyroid Med. I am very tired after I take it. And had diarrhea all day. Hope it gets better. Ill check back in. F 46 2 days
 1  not having a period for a long time The first few days I was fine I was on it for 10 days on the 11th day I started cramping as if I was getting a period them I stayed having light bleeding well for the past two days i've had major cramping and really heavy bleeding i'm tired my legs are sore i'm calling my doctor today about this heavy excessive bleeding 10 days
 2  Enometriosis - after cystecomy Been on this drug 4 days so far and have had the following: Extremely tired, Aching muscles in arms & legs (especially knees and elbows), Swollen & sore ankles, Headaches switching from left to right eye, Very slight depression, Visual blurring & seeing small black creatures running past me that aren't really there, Bleeding since day one of taking the first tablet... Dont know what to make of it really... might have to give it another week to assess it properly. F 28 60 days
10mg 3X D
 2  bleeding Severe pain in ovaries, on 7th day nausea still spotting Is it ever going to end. I am so tired of bleeding and have had some crazy dreams I thought it was just me and now realize that it is the pill doing it am going back to md seems like it has not helped me to stop...just added more problems to my list cause i was just bleeding altho time bleeding spotting hurting dreams can't wait to see my md F 52 12 days
10 mg 1X D
 4  Pcso Depresion tired attend to suicide F 20
1X D
 5  Infertility This would be my second time taking provera. First time taken it for 10 days and got my period the 2 day after the last pill, had no side effects at all. The flow was normal and lasted 5 days. So im taking it again to induce my period so that i can start clomid an try to concieve.... Keeping my fingers crossed!!!! F 24 10 days
 3  Premenopause - Stop Period Vaginal discharge & Itchiness. Moody. My period lasted for 3 weeks and was very heavy. Doctor suggested Provera to stop period & regulate. Stopped after 5 days but had a brown smelly discharge that was horrible. I am up to day 14 and discharge has eased now very itchy. Will give you an update once I get to Day 21. F 46 21 days
10MG 3X D
 4  no period/PCOS, trying for a baby My sleeping patterns were off... I couldnt sleep well at night and was exhausted ALL day. I found myself to be moody, but nothing different than PMS. (It was a bit odd tho, because I dont get PMS very often, prob due to the lack of hormones). I would go 4 months here, 2 months there without a period... and we are trying to conceive, so when you dont have a period, you dont ovulate. If you dont ovulate... you got it, no baby. I'm hoping this works and we get pregnant on the first month of being on Provera, although I know it may take a lotttttt longer. I have PCOS and so that makes things even tougher. If not, on to Clomid and whatever else is out there! F 29 10 days
10mg 1X H
 2  induce my period severe hot flashes and night sweats F 49 5 days
10mg 1X D
 3  to regulate my period First month it worked fine. The second month however i bled for 21 days!!!! Heavy bleeding then a lot of spotting. I am on my last minth of it so far so good. I just can' t sleep at nite. F 45 10 days
 5  To start My period after months Excessive hunger,nite sweats,light headaches F 30 7 days
10 mg