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 4  To induce a period Bloating, water retention, slight cramps, slight moodiness and a hunger that could not be satisfied! I was diagnosed as having PCOS after I came off the pill and did not have a period for 15 months. I took provera 10mg for 10 days; I experienced water retention (felt sooo bloated), slight cramps, had a hunger that could not be satisfied and was a bit of a grump but I would say this is mild to what some women suffer from before their periods. It only took 2 days for my periods to start after stopping the provera. I would recommend you try it as it worked for me, I read some horror stories beforehand which put me off initially but I am glad that I gave it a try. Good luck to you all! God Bless! F 25 10 days
 5  To induce menstruation No side effects noticed I took 10mg of Provera for 7 days. Three days after my final dose, my period came. Did the trick! F 25 7 days
 1  Induce Period nausea, headaches, bloated, hair loss, constipation, FATIGUE, sore breasts, major food cravings, MOODY PMS-like symptoms, cramping, lower back pain, pain in the uterus, excessive gas I HATE IT... I RATHER NOT HAVE MY PERIOD!!! F 24 10 days
 3  to stop a seven week long period weight gain. Hunger I had a seven week long period. Provera was given to me to stop it. At pill number 2 my period was gone. No major side effects except that I was hungry all the time. I gain about a pound a day while I was on it. F 32 10 days
 3  induce period hunger, like eat a FULL meal, and be starving (mouth-watering) 20 mins later. Fast pulse 30 mins after i take the med, can't sleep, cramps, weight gain, but i'm only on the third day, so I didn't figure i'd have period yet. lol but i have a pms appetite, thats for sure. I have to take it for 10 days F 20 3 days
 3  heavy bleeding, endomet hyperplasia depression, bloating/weight gain, sleepy all the time My gyn warned me about possible "moodiness". The very heavy bleeding and clotting has stopped since I started the med, but now I have almost daily spotting or light bleeding (puts a damper on the sex life!). Depression and weight gain (despite daily workouts) are really getting to me. Hope the weight gain is water bloat and will go away quickly when I stop the meds. Not sure the benefits outweight the negative side effects - especially the depression... F 50 3.5 months
 4  Induce a period I feel some what bloated and intense anxiety...It's hard to sleep with the anxiety and I also have severe mood swings...Although it has balanced my skin and cleared any breakouts it also brings on a period which I feel is short and light compared to my natural ones F 19 3 months
 1  to induce menstruation I have been taking this for 4 days and feel like I am going t die. I have terrrible crying spells, lower back pain, cramps, anxiety and can't sleep. I will not take another pill!!! I would not recomend this drug to anyone who has an anxiety disorder. F 35 4 days
 3  Heavy period 4 Weeks I have a headache, I cannot stay awake very long, everything aches, vomiting. I've cut my dose from 5 mils twice a day to 2.5 twice a day. I'd rather put up with the heavy period... than feel like I'm going to DIE. F 46 6 days
 4  To induce Period Feels bloated, dizzy, tired, cramps and moody. Provera worked for me. I've taken it for several months now and I always get my period after the last pill is taken. But, the time my period showed up is varied. The longest time of my waiting for the period to come is a week after I took the last pill. Sometimes, it comes just one day or two days after the last pill is taken. But, it always worked for me. So despite having bad side effects on my body I'm still happy and satisfied with provera. I have PCOS. My period is always irregular. Sometimes I won't have it for more than a year. Provera has helped me a lot. F 33 5 months
 3  missed period for 8 months I haven't taken provera yet, but I am trying to do my research. I am reading a lot of bad things about it and am thinking twice about taking it. Could someone help me please? Tell me your experience if you are in my age group. email me at [email protected] F 20 10 days
 1  induce period bloating, headaches, hunger, fatigue took for 10 days...I've been off it 18 and still no AF F 26 10 days
 3  induce a normal period DEPRESSION! I asked my doctor if these symptoms were normal he said basically its in my head. Tired, bloated, hungry, extreme PMS-gained 7lbs in a couple days(water weight)CRAMPS! I was supposed to take 10mg a day for 5 days and get my period within the next week. Nothind happened so he put me on Premarin to fix my hormone levels. Three days after I started that I started bleeding very very heavily! Its been a couply of days and I cant understand why it didnt work right away but if it fixes my cycle it will be worth it. we are trying to conceive #3 So cross your fingers! F 25 5 days
 3  Heavy Excessive Bleeding Weight Gain. Excessive bad mood. My vision changed and I started using reading glasses. My Ophtalmologist says it's just my age, but I never had vision problems until 2 mos. after starting Provera. It seems to get worse the more I take Provera. My periods are somewhat lighter. Not bleeding entire months at a time. Better than expensive surgical procedures that may or may not work. F 44 10 months
 3  Induce a period Fatigue!, bloated, slight diziness I stopped taking birth control 5 months ago and have only had one period since. My doctor put me on Provera 10 days, 10 mg to induce a period. I have several questions: 1) We are trying to conceive; could Provera harm a fetus? 2) Will Provera displace a fetus if I am pregnant and dont know it? 3) How long after the 10 days of Provera will I get my period? I am a bit worried. Any advice will help! Thanks, girls!! F 27 5 days
 5  to induce period for clomid cycle none I was expecting a bunch of horrible side effects based on what everyone else here wrote - but really nothing effected me! Still waiting for my period to start, it's been 3 days since my last pill. F 27 5 days
 5  to stop heavy clotting hunger,weight gain,random pain in some joints,sleepy upon rising some acne,tender breasts I have a 2.3cmm fibroid, that is why the heavy clotting/ bleeding. The last 4 periods before provera lasted 31 days/25 days/24 days/23 days. During this time I went to the emergency room and had 2 blood transfusions for anemia. The doctor put me on 10mg of provera, to stop the clotting. I have had another long period, but with no clotting. I do not wish to remain on the provera because of the side effects,but I am glad the heavy clotting has stopped. The doctor has lowered the provera to 5 mg and has suggested ablation,which I am headed for. He told me it takes approx 90 seconds under general sedation in the out patient/hospital. I will stay on the provera until I get the ablation. I would rather put up with some side effects from the provera than risk having blood transfusions. To find out more about ablation, go to I hope this posting was helpful. F 53 3 months
 4  no cycle/ no period I have cramps in the uterus just a day or few before my period start. I feel a little depress and grumpy during these few days also. No diziness or else. Provera`s been helping me for the last 7 years. 10 mg a day for 10 days. Every two months or so. I control my cycle with it . It helps me to stop the weight gain and reduce water retention. I also took it to get pregnant in collaboration with clomid. It worked ! To each it`s own. Provera works well for me. F 31 7 years
 1  Induce period My periods stopped 6 months ago and started the 10mg x 10 days and only did 7 days , as the side affects where so bad and finished it 5 days ago and still no period and in a lot of pain and boils on my face and very tired and weak and never take this women it is bad, wish I could go back and never taken it at all What ever way you feel now it is worse after the pills , The side affects are so bad , I did only take 7 days which was even hard to take that long No period yet and moody still, very tired , body swollen and sick and trying to work been like this has been hard So I wish I had seen this site before i started the pills , DO NOT TAKE THE PILLS , thats my oppinion and sticking to it F 34 7 days
 3  induce my period hot all over, mild rash (non-allergic), severe dizziness, bad cramps, tired, feeling overall sick without cold symptoms, severe nausea. still waiting on my period, just took last pill. 2 pills a day, for 5 days. would recommend taking the pill, just have some insight as to what symptoms you're going to experience. F 16 5 days