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 5  Induce Period Some bloatting, cramps. Nothing too bad. I haven't had my period for over five months and took 1-10mg tablet for 10 days. I was told to call the docter after ten days of taking the medicine if I did not get my period. Luckly I found this website and saw many people didn't get their period until after they stopped taking the pill. On my fourth day of not taking the pill I finally got my period. So I am very happy with this medicine. F 22 10 days
 2  Period not coming I started taking this after going off the pill (10 years on it) and my period hasn't come yet. I've been hell on wheels the last several days, being a huge bitch to everyone in sight. It's been awful. I didn't know the medicine could be to blame until I went online and searched today. Thankfully I finished the medicine yesterday or there's no way I would have taken it again knowing it could be to blame for my horrible moods. I won't take this again. F 27 5 days
 4  alot of clotting during periods bloating, extreme pms F 43 3 months
 2  to induce period after Depo-Provera light spotting around 3-4 dose, depression, fatigue, irritable, highly emotional, still don't have period I still have not had a period after taking 10 doses; I only experienced light spotting while taking it. It seems Provera did everything but what it was supposed to. F 29 10 days
 1  Regulate a period Severe cramping, bloating, increase in appetite, mood swings, crying fits, grumpiness, headaches, indigestion, and more. I was put on Provera to start a period, since I hadn't had one for 4 months. On the third day of the medicine, I started having horrible cramps to which I'd have to hunch over in order to breathe. I was informed that I'd start on the 3rd day of taking the medicine, and I'm finally starting 4 days after the last pill. Also, my doctor didn't tell me about any of the side effects, she made it seem to be a miracle drug for my period. I will never take this medicine again. It was too painful. F 19 5 days
 4  heavy periods Fatigue, inability to concentrate, forgetful -- it kind of makes you stupid. Weight gain. This didn't seem to react very well with Paxil -- bleeding seemed to get worse. This was my last chance before uterine cauterization to stop the bleeding -- started taking it after a pulmonary embolism ruled out taking the Pill to control my periods. I take this in pill form, not Depo shot (you couldn't get me near a Depo shot, which really wrecks your hormones, if you paid me). Difficult to get the dose and timing right, though. Doc initially told me to just take it the first 10 days of the month (and then first 20 days of the month when we upped the dose) because my periods were irregular -- bleeding was still heavy until I changed it follow my natural cycle (when I used to have it) more by taking the last 10 days and first 10 days of every month. Then the bleeding dropped to a very tolerable level. It's a very large dose, though (200mg a month). F 39 5 years
 2  stop bleeding after childbirth mild to moderate cramping (nothing too severe) mild but frequent headaches, exhaustion, an emotional roller coaster!! My OB prescribed this to me because I've been bleeding since I gave birth 4 months ago. I have been taking it for 8 days now and am still bleeding. I am hoping the bleeding will stop so I can get off this pill ASAP since it's making me feel physically exhausted and irritable. F 25 8 days
 4  induce period I have pcos and my doctor put me on provera to start my period. I took it once and it started my period about 7 days after my last pill. I am now taking it again and just as before, I am cramping and have had a slight headache. It does just what it is supposed to do. Hopefully now, my husband and I can try to have a baby. F 36 10 days
 3  to induce a period severe cramping, some nausea, fatigue Got my period 3 days after the last pill. Although the medicine worked, the side effects were horrendous. The day after the last pill, I broke out into a cold sweat and started experiencing severe cramping, which inhibited my ability to walk. Also going to the bathroom was painful. I took the maximum dosage of painkillers to suppress the cramping. F 33 5 days
 1  induce period I felt bloated at first and then totally emotional. After about 4 or so days I became very depressed and stopped the drug. After I stopped the provera, my heart raced and I felt totally sick to my stomach. I did not feel better for a about 4-5 days. Be careful---this drug can cause serious depression and mood swings. F 35
 2  prolonged heavy bleeding extreme appetite increase, took provera for 10 days.two days later bleeding started, never experienced cramps like these or clotting so heavy. as this is first cycle of provera i'm unsure about it's benefits.although i'm very wary about restarting it in ten days's xmas eve and i'm in bed, bleeding through tampon every 20 minutes.....not what i expected...and no painkiller seems to make any difference to the killer cramps.....naturally i'm depressed! F 44 10 days
 4  Trying to get pregnant Some cramping, but nothing major The first time I took this pill I got my period for for almost 2 mo. The second time I took it I got my period for only 5 days. Hopefully this will regulate my period and Me and husband can start having our kids. We have been trying to get pregnant for 3 yrs. F 19 15 days
 3  have too much oestrogen suddenly feel depressed, ( i am NEVER depressed), can't face anyone, unable to face problems, stomach cramps, could sleep 24/7, tearful thank goodness it's only a 30 day course to balance my uterus lining (cystic glandular hyperplasia) and thank goodness for this site.. i thought i was going mad until i read your posts F 53 10 days
 5  induce a period severe cramping My husband and I have been trying to conceive our first for two and a half years and now my doctor wants to test me for PCOS. He first put me on prometrium for 12 days. I had severe cramping, dizziness, and mood swings. But no period. Then I was put on provera for ten days. I've been off provera for nine days now and still no period. I've taken provera on two separate occasions and it worked both times, but now I'm worried that this time it's not going to work. Not only am I not pregnant, but now the doctor says he's going to put me on birth control if this doesn't work. Despite my unfortunate circumstances, I still highly recommend provera. F 24 10 days
 4  hormonal imbalance Was on birth control pills since 16 yrs. old. Whenever I stopped hormones unbalanced. Took provera for 10 days after stopped 1-3 days later period started. Last time took med was 2001 worked well. Hormones unbalanced again spotting and period for 10-14 days. Prescribed Provera by Dr. this time no period haven't taken in 7days period still hasn't started. F 47 10 days
 3  induce period; fertility treatment extreem mood swings, depression, nausea, and insomnia provera worked the first month I took it. I was so excited!!! then I took it again this month and it is a week after the last pill and there are no signs og a period. This is very disappointing because I am trying to get pregnant. F 22 2 months
 1  help start period crying, cramps, sadness, hunger, i started my period that day after i took my 1st 7-day pill. my period is now VERY VERY heavy. i change every 1/2 hour. i would not recommend this pill at all. F 19 7 days
 1  Severe Endometriosis severe dizziness, nausea, diarrea, loss of concentration/memory, panic attacks, depression/bouts of crying, very heavy and prologed bleeding (11 months!!), unstable blood sugar/fainting, weight gain due to incresed appetite, mood swings - felt like I was going mad. I would never take this drug agin. I wish I had been warned about the side-effects. Added to the endo symptoms, which became much worse, I almost lost the will to live. ASK ABOUT SIDE EFFECTS if your doctor tries to put you on this drug. I am having a radical hysterectomy, even though I am childless and this will be a huge thing for me to go through, and cope with afterwards. Even so, it will be better than the hellish side effects I have endured from artificial progestogens. F 34 8 months
 1  missed periods for 3 months I took provera 10mg for 10 days and experience bloating, anxiety and depression, dizziness,pain on the back of my neck and head, crying all the time. I do not recommen this drug. The physicians do not tell you the side effects you may experience. I have my period but the cost is aweful. I am trying to feel better but I still have all the symptoms of the side effects. Research before you take it and try something different if you feel it is making you sick. F 31 10 days
 1  regulate periods hot flashes,mood swings,rage,crazy bouts of crying 4 nothing, loss desire to eat,could not sleep well, upset stomach,very stressed out and very depressed the Doctors did not tell me their were any side effects i felt them almost right away. If I had only researched before I would have never taken something with these kind of side effects. I will NEVER take this again.the hot flashes came 1st then the upset tummy.when that would go away I would just sit and cry. After crying I felt rage and depressed. I feel my doctor should have been honest with me and let me have time to research and make the desision that was best 4 me. Instead I went into this blind and uneducated. F 26 5 days