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 2  Start my cycle for clomid treatment Before period: Moody, breast tenderness, craved sweets, fatigue............... During Period: Worst cramps of my life, craved sweets This medicine did it's job, but it was not worth the horrible cramps! I was popping advil every 2 hours to keep the pain at bay. I also craved anything sweet, which is unusual cause I usally crave salty things when i'm on my period. F 20 4 days
 4  induce period cramping, fatigue, bloated my doctor prescribe me to take provera 10mg 1 times a day for 5 days because the last time i had my period was 3 months ago... i was so scared and i thought i was pregnant... i keep on using pregnancy test and its all negative... after taking the last pill... i waited for my period... i have read that those who take provera expect their period to come 3 days after taking the last pill... in my case... my period came 5 days after taking the last pill.. so it depends... i am very happy that i already got my period... but it was really hard for me during the days that i was taking the pill.. i feel so sick.... but it help me got my period F 24 5 days
 4  To stop a period that lasted 3 mos. Moodiness, tired all the time, cravings and hunger increase, cramps at the end of the dosage I had my period for 3 months and went to the doctor. She prescribed me Provera for 10 days and wanted to start me on the pill for 3 months but I am against using the pill. She told me I would experience breast tenderness, but never told me that I would have another period after finishing this med. I experienced cramping the last couple of days on Provera. It has continued even though I have started my period. It's extremely heavy with lots of blood clots and I don't see an end in sight. Wish I had known this was going to happen. Now I'm not sure what to do. I chalk this up to poor medical care rather than a poor medication. F 29 10 days
 1  Induce Period I was scheduled to have endemetrial thermal ablation so my doctor wanted me to shed the lining of the uterus prior to this procedure, and gave me Provera. After taking it for 10 days, I did not get my period, and a week later, still no period. It didn't work at all for me, so I had to reschedule my procedure. Very disappointing! F 46 10 days
 3  induce a period bloating, depression and crying spells easily induced by any remark or minor disagreements with anyone!! i have pcos,and very irregular periods, i wanted to plan my wedding so i wouldnt get my period around the days of the greatest moment of my life!! today is day 9 and still nothing!! i hope i get it within the next three days other wise the plan didnt work!! F 27 10 days
 4  no period in 2yrs I am on the third day of taking the medication and I am having the worst abdominal pain. Depressed! I just want to go home a lay down. My husband and I are trying to have another baby so if this works then it was worth it, if not I hope I never have to take it again. F 27 5 days
 1  regulate menstrual cycles for PCOS EXTREME fatigue and nausea. Irritability and mood swings. Excessive gas and bloating. Acne. I will never take this medication again and I'm going to tear my doctor a new one for even thinking that poisoning me like this was acceptable. The risks are insane...I would rather take my chances with an increased risk of endometrial cancer than take something that will increase my risk of breast cancer, stroke, heart attack and blood clots. I have missed 2 days of work due to the immediate side effects alone, let alone the long term potential for disaster. F 38 6 days
 2  OB-GYN prescribed it First of all, I've been on Provera since around 3/2006 for a few days here & there and was put on indefinately in 5/2006. Over this year, I noticed that I was VERY EXHAUSTED--sleeping nearly all day on Saturdays. Two weeks ago, I had uncontrollable crying--not even thinking that it could be because of the provera. I've had mood swings, depression (I think). I haven't had these things as a norm, so when it first started, I just thought it was something wrong with me, or because I was just pre-menapausal (which I am). I've been to my obgyn twice this year (have another follow-up on 12/18) and each time, he asks me if I've noticed mood swings or depression. At that time (June 2007), I hadn't noticed it. A friend recently mentioned it the past three months. I am going to ask my ob-gyn to either remove me from the provera or reduce the dosage. I take it once a month the first 10 days of the month. I take 5 mg (was 10 mg earlier this year, but he reduced it). I'd rather take my I wasn't told about any "possible" side affects from my doctor nor my ob-gyn (and my primary care was fully aware that I was on provera). It wasn't until I mentioned it to someone that they advised me to do a search, and I found this site just now. Wish I would have done this long ago instead of assuming what I was going through was normal. This is not normal for me F 46 18 months
 5  induce period after missed period I missed my cycle for 3 months and i am always regular. I am trying to conceive. Increased hunger and moody for 2 days. My period came on 14 days later and I am so happy. I didn't have any real sideffects or problems.I got my perios after the 1 dose. It came 14 days after the last pill. F 29 10 days
 4  no period extreme anger, nausia,nonsocial, cant carry on a conversation(unable to think of words), shaky like low blood sugar, worried about everything, very negative (not like me), had a period for 90 days then nothing for 64 days, trying to conceive, needed to regulate period then start clomid, side effects are worth it if I get preg. F 33 7 days
 4  To induce cycle; to start clomid Did not experience weight gain, moodiness. Just felt a little crampy as if my period was about to start. I can say, I took this with little to no side effects. F 32 10 days
 3  PCOS, to start Clomid VERY tired - can't stay awake at work but can't sleep at night! also v tender breasts while taking it, and cramping since i took last pill 3 days ago. But it did stop the uncontrollable crying... We were expecting to try to get pregnant this time last year, but since I came off the pill then, I've had spotting every 13 days (for 6 days) and break down in tears all the time. Before this I hadn't cried in years - hubby is learning to deal with it! Makes waiting for a baby so much worse. Took my last pill 3 days ago and still no period - what do you do if nothing happens?? F 30 5 days
 3  induce a period bloating, weight gain, cramping, moodiness havent seen results yet but i've gained a few pounds from water retention and it isnt really helping my depression, seems to make me more uncertain about my feelings F 16 2 weeks
 2  To stop heavy bleeding and clotting Severe cramping, heavier bleeding, and major mood swings The ER physician precribed one pill per day for 10 days after a bout of hemmoraging led me to the ER. My regular physician then increased my dosage to one pill 3 times per day. My bleeding is still going on, I am still clotting and my mood swings are hellish. I now have an appointment with a gynecological specialist who will hopefully fix this for me. My problem has been going on for approximately 3 years. F 35
 2  induce a period extreme lethargy, moodiness, sleep problems, cramping, hunger I have taken this medication to induce a period. I felt one coming along before I started, but I took it to make sure. It has been 47 days since my last cycle. I have PCO and it just makes these symptoms impossible to live with sometimes. I just want a period already! How long after you stop the round of meds does it take to get a period? I thought I'd have one by now! And these symptoms! It's like living with a period without actually having one. F 37 7 days
 4  Secondary Amenorrhea Some minor bloating, tiredness, and I guess I would say that I felt somewhat "moody" and irritable, but that could have easily been a result of my anxiousness and anticipation, waiting to see if Provera would work. So, overall, I would have to say that it wasn't bad at all. This last October, it had been a full year since my last period. My ob/gyn prescribed 5mg Provera for ten days. On the day of my last pill, I started to spot, very minimally, and had light cramping, so I thought it was my period. This light spotting continued for the next day or so, and then stopped. I waited a few days, then weeks, and then finally, 41 days later, without any signs like cramping or breast tenderness, I got my period. It was a pretty normal flow, and lasted only two days. But, I still got it, so I guess I can't complain. I had no cramps,irritability or fatigue. My ob/gyn called in a prescription for birth control, which I just started today. So, overall I guess I had a pretty good experience with Provera. I never knew that I would have to wait 41 days to get my period (I read that it would be much, much sooner) and I still have no idea as to why my period stopped in the first place. But, all I can do is be happy that I got through taking Provera (because I heard so man F 21 10 days
 5  Secondary Amenorrhea Normal effects that I usually experience during PMS Provera worked great to induce my period that I haven't had in 11 months (due to a low body fat percentage). While on the pill, I experienced my normal conditions of PMS that I used to have before the loss of my period. 2 days after my last Provera pill, I had a normal period. I plan on taking it every month for the next few months to get my body back into its cycle again. F 19 5 days
 3  induce period tired and bloated and hot flashes I started to take provera to start my period and I am on day5, I am very sleepy nad havent had a period yet.... so I am just waiting. F 26 5 days
 4  Irregular periods First two days I felt tired and emotional (cried without any reason). Somewhat moody. I started taking Provera because I was having irregular periods for the last 2 months. My Dr. prescribed the pill for 10 days, and after 3 days of taking the pill I started having my period. My cramps were actually stonger than usual, but I was happy to get my period. Usually, my period lasts for 5 days, but I noticed that with the pill it lasted 7. Two days after my period ended I started feeling cramps again!!! When I went to check myself, my period had started all over again!!! I was very frustrated because I could not explain why I had my period again. Right now I still have it and it seems neverending. I would say that the pill did work, but I will not take it again. I don't feel like going through this all over again. F 27 10 days
 3  To start period & shed lining Headaches, severe mood swings, crying spells, instant and constant hunger, cravings for sweets, diarrhea, cramping, acne breakouts, mild depression, hot flashes, irritability, restless sleeping at night and EXTREMELY TIRED ALL DAY LONG! My doctor put me on Provera on day 75 of my cycle. My period was no where in sight! I'm trying to get pregnant, and not ovulating on my own, so I will begin Clomid after the Provera process is over. I do not like the way I've felt while on this medication, but if it gets me closer to being a mom, it did it's job. F 25 12 days