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 3  induce period bloating, moody, sore boobs, feeling my ovaries get more tender Dr. gave me Provera 10 mg for 7 dyas, First day of provera was 4/15 and last day of pill was 4/21, I am still waiting on AF. Will be taking Clomid on days 3-5 if AF ever gets here. I have had 3 miscarrages. My periods are very irregular and also don't know if I O often either... help F 35 7 days
 2  Heavy Bleeding 6+ months Dizziness/loss of consciousness, CRAMPS, nausea and vomiting, hot flashes, diarrhea Started taking Provera to end 6+ month cycle of near constant bleeding. Was told bleeding would cease while on Provera, but it has only gotten heavier. My OB said that he suspected that might happen, and it confirms his theory for why I am bleeding without end. Have 4 more days to go before ending course of treatment and starting the "period from hell" (what my OB called it). Very scared of what's to come, and I've had two children, natural childbirth by choice both times! F 28 10 days
 3  1 month heavy bleeding tired oh so tired, sweats, nausea, sore back, dreams you say hmmm weird. I took this med for 5 days to stop heavy bleeding not even 2 weeks ago it was gone for a day and 1/2 ( my hubby was happy) bleeding came back even heavier and now feel very crappy my house is a disaster. my family is tired of me using the bathroom every 20 minutes. does the pill increase of decrease bleeding I have not figured it out yet F 30 8 days
 3  to induce periods tender and fuller breasts, weight gain I've just been through my first round of provera and my period came just days after. apart from swollen breasts, things seem normal. F 31 10 days
 1  bleeding weird dreams, joint pains, depression, irritability, mood swings, stiff neck, backaches, water retention, nausea F 50 8 days
 3  To induce menses Major bloating by day 2, slightly dizzy at times; mild to moderate headache; very tired I just started Provera a few days ago. I successfully gave birth to my daughter, now 2, but have been unsuccessful in getting pregnant for the last year. My periods have always been irregular (won't get for 3 months, then get it for 3 weeks straight, etc.), therefore, my doctor prescribed Provera. I'm into day 3 and I have all the signs and symptoms of an upcoming period...just hasn't come quite yet. I have to say that I'm much more bloated than I typically am used to, and I started a mild/moderate headache this morning. I definitely think it is working because of all the symptoms I have. Looking forward to taking Clomid as soon as it comes. Wish me luck!!! And good luck to each of you! F 27 3 days
 1  Pain from Endometriosis Extreme depression/sadness, terrible crying spells that lasted for hours, anxiety and panic attacks. Also shaking and feelings of low blood sugar even though I had just eaten. Weight loss. I wish I had known of these side effects before taking the medication. Though it did help with the pain of the Endometriosis, the side effects far outweighed the benefits. I was on 10 mg every day to hopefully stop my period. This did not happen in the 30+ days that I was on the medication. F 38 30 days
 4  no period or ovulation for 80 days mood swings, hungry I took provera to jumpstart my period and HOPEFULLY get my cycle back on track. I stopped the BCP and then had 3 normal cycles. The 4th cycle, I got sick so it was only about 22 days and then I spotted. The 5th cycle lasted 80 days and ended with provera. I took 10MG for 10 days and then got my period the 2nd day after stopping. The first day was spotting and the second day was a normal flow and then back to lighter that evening. I'm assuming that my period is now wrapping up and will be over in a day or two. My husband and I are TTC so hopefully I ovulate and get PG next cycle. F 22 10 days
 5  to have a reg. period backpain,very sharp stomach pains, pain in my knees food cravings depression I started my period 3 days later after taking the pill for 5 days because of the pain and the depression I stop but this month it came on without me taking the pill it's so much lighter i can wear reg. tampons with out pads. Before I would have heavy periods. F 24 5 days
 2  Induce Cycle Major back pains leg cramping, EMOTIONAL,headaches, itchy skin, spotting, major appetite increase this is not my first experience with Provera, I use it on and off throughout the year to induce my cycle. I have been diagnosed with PCOS so a monthly cycle is rare. Ive done a cycle of provera and Clomid in hopes of getting pregnant but I ended up with hyperstimulated ovaries and was in a lot of pain. F 31 7 days
 5  4 AF so i cud Ovul8 I havent had any noticeable side effects yet. I was prescribed Provera 10mg x 10 days, I would like to know how long should i expect a period? And has anyone became pregnant after taking Provera alone? i know that a few of you went on Clomid, but would my chances of conceiving be lessened bcuz i was not prescribed Clomid as well? please email me at [email protected] with your successful or unsuccessful experiences please i need advice my husband is awaiting a first born :) F 22 2 days
 2  Induce a period/Infertility Incredibly irritable, hungry all the time, extremely sensitive, depressed. I just finished my first dose of Provera 10mg, 7 day course on Wednesday, April 4th. I couldn't believe how quickly the side effects hit me. I felt like my stomach was bottomless, I was constantly hungry. If I wasnt throwing a fit about something, I was crying about it! It has been 6 days since the last dose and I have yet to get a period. I was Dx with PCOS on March 27/07, and haven't had a period since November. F 29 7 days
 1  amenorrhea severe cramping, nausea, body aches, depression/irritability I was prescribed 10 mg x 5 days and will be taking my last dose today. I HATE THIS! It makes my entire body ache and I honestly feel like a 13 year old girl does when she gets her first period- except mine has yet to come (3 weeks late after stopping yasmin). I woke up the other night with cramps so bad I had to call in sick to work. I am an ob/gyn RN but I had NO idea that the side effects were going to be this horrible. My physician did not mention any side effects, so I really didn't know how bad the cramping was going to be, and still is. I know it's a "chemical d&c" but I would rather have the real thing than go through this again. How long does it take to start feeling "normal" again? F 25 4 days
 5  To Induce Period/ Infertility Very tired & sore breast. Maybe a little weight gain. I have been ttc for about 6 months. I am on day 5 of 10 of Provera (10mg Provera). I will be taking my first dose of Clomid this month (50mg)on days 5-9 of my period. Hopefully I will get my period about 3 days after I finish my Provera (which is my normal time to get my period when taking Provera)& I can start the Clomid. To anyone that has taken Clomid before: are there any side affects? Just wondering?!? GOOD LUCK to all & I would recommend Provera to help with periods. F 25 9 months
 5   Very tired & sore breast. Maybe a little weight gain. I have been ttc for about 6 months. I am on day 5 of 10 of Provera (10mg Provera). I will be taking my first dose of Clomid this month (50mg)on days 5-9 of my period. Hopefully I will get my period about 3 days after I finish my Provera (which is my normal time to get my period when taking Provera)& I can start the Clomid. To anyone that has taken Clomid before: are there any side affects? Just wondering?!? GOOD LUCK to all & I would recommend Provera to help with periods. F 25 9 months
 5  Infertility-To Induce a Period Mood swings, weight gain, insomnia I took Provera for ten days. I got my period on day 9. I am now 5 days into my period and it has been very light compared to periods I get on my own. I was diagnosed with PCOS three years ago after only getting my period about twice a year. I use Provera to induce a period so I can start a clomid cycle to get pregnant. I did this two years ago and it worked and I conceived my daughter. The side effects are tough, but the outcome is very worth it. F 30 10 days
 4  To induce a period I am on day 9 of the 10 days of taking provera, no spotting or sign of period but hoping! Side effects have been increased hunger and occasional hot flashes, but not severe. I guess taking anything related to hormones will have an effect! I was diagnosed with PCOS 4 years ago and in the last 3 months have been using metformin and in myself it has really helped with the side effects of PCOS. I never had regular periods before though never went longer than 6-8 weeks for a period. I have been waiting nearly 4 months now, not sure this has been prolonged due to the metformin. Though periods aren't pleasant they do help you feel more like a woman!!! Lets see how I feel when and if it comes :-) Will update :-) F 28 9 days
 2  Extreme pain after orgasm Breakthrough bleeding starting about 11 days into cycle Prescribed 10mg from Days 5 - 25. First month ok. Second month bleeding began after 11 days. I am also unghappy that the box comes without any information sheet describing possible side effects etc. Only drug I know without such info. F 49 6 weeks
 4  Induce Periods While on the pill: acne... days after pill, Mild cramping, heavy bleeding, clotting I started the generic version of provera on March 1, 2007, 10mg for 10 days. I finally got my period on the 19th, so it took a little longer then prometrium to get my period but it finally came. The bleeding has been pretty heavy for 4 days so far, hopefully it slows down soon. It's not that heavy where I'm staying home because of it but it's heavier than usual. My dr. usually has me take either this or prometrium every 2 months since my cycle isn't regular. F 29 2 months
 5  Induced period took it for 10 days. Slight cramps while on meds, but after period started, had extreme mood swings and irritablility. All side effects went away after stopping the pill and having a period. Doctor thinks I might have PCOS. Havent had a full blown period in 10 yrs, so when trying to get pregnant, thought it was weird nothing happened after stopping BC pills for a year. Had ultrasound to see if the lining of my uterus was abnormal, but everthing is okay. started this med because wanted to get back ON BC pills and needed a period before starting them. F 29 10 days