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 3  no per. for 4 mon. thnxz to depo Well I had: bloating, extreme hunger, memory loss, dizzy, constipated, tired, insomnia, vivid dreams, kinda pissy, gas, and Hot flashes and a temp. some days I had none at all Worked kinda good stopped it and the next day I started to bleed normal now it's barely there sooo Yeah I dont think it's going to last F 16 10 days
 3  To stop my excessive bleeding Breasts were tender. One day during the 10-day dosage, I was extremely hungry. Only one day that I can remember this happening to me. My gyno prescribed this to me for 6 months. I'm supposed to take the 10-day pill at the beginning of each month. If my excessive bleeding does not stop, he will recommend inserting the Mirena. I was on B/C pills for 16 years and my periods were on time and normal. Once I got off them - what a nightmare! It's been a year and I've had nothing but problems with my periods. I bleed so much that sometimes, I feel I need to go to the hospital for a blood transfusion. My first day on my period is ok but 2nd and 3rd are extremely heavy. So heavy that I need to change tampon and pad every 30 minutes. I just started taking Provera last month, and my period this month was extremely heavy. But, I will give it 6 months to see what it does. F 48 10 days
 4  To induce period/PCOS none I started provera 10mg for 10 day on oct 17 and finished oct 26, on oct 30 I started my period and I am 3 days into my period. My only complaint is that my period is 4 times heavier than it used to be although my Endocrinologist did forewarn me due to the fact that I have not had a period in 5 months and the cysts from the PCOS I would have a heavy period cos the lining of my uterus will need to shed all the accumulated cysts. I have bought 3 different types of pads and I change every 2 hrs..... that is how heavy it is. F 27 10 days
 5  endometriosis None I feel fantastic! After a year of constant pain I was pain free in 3 days. I take 10mg 3 times a day and have more energy than ever. I was warned about weight gain and did initailly gain some weight which I now have under control. Was it a side effect or just an excuse to eat more? Feel so good that the consultant advised me to continue on this rather than go for a hysterectomy. great relief> F 49 10 months
 2  to induce period hot flashes, mood swings, acne, weight gain, bloating, swollen breasts I was prescribed 1 tablet for 10 days . My understanding was I was supposed to get my period after completing the 10 days of taking provera. The fifth day from when I began to take the provera I got my period. I continued to take the medicine until gone like the prescription said to. It's been about 2.5 weeks since I stopped taking provera and I have not gotten my period. F 28 10 days
 4  Induce period to take clomid I took Provera for ten days, didn't see a period until 9 days after I was finished taking Provera. I then had one day of red bleeding, followed by nine days of brown discharge and some discomfort and insomnia, followed by four more days of heavy bleeding, then one more day of light discharge. It ended up being pretty drawn out, but I hadn't had a period in three months, so it helped! I am now awaiting my next period so that I can take Clomid and attempt to conceive! F 26 10 days
 1  To induce a period Depression, anxiety Took 10 mg daily for five days. Felt fine while taking the drug, but since have felt extremely depressed and anxious. I've since read that it's contraindicated for anyone with a history of depression. It's meant to induce a period within five to seven days, but it's eight days on, and I've had no period, only very, very faint spotting three days after finishing my prescription. Physically have experienced no ill effects apart from some mild bloating. F 34 5 days
 5  Restart my cycle Mild headaches. After coming off the BC pill I hadn't had a cycle in six weeks. I spotted from time to time but no real flow. My doctor prescribed Provera and I started my cycle five days after beginning this medication and it is flowing like a river. F 42 4 days
 5  to bring on my period Mostly none, in the begining I got more energy and at the end of the 10 days I felt alittle bloated I didnt get my period till one week after stoping, so hang in there. F 31 10 days
 3  PCOS increased appetite (cravings for sweets, chocolates and red meat), easily fatigued, cramps, headaches, acne, mood swings (paranoid and easily angered) I've been taking this the first 10 days of every other month and it seems like every month my side effects get worst. It works because it actually brings my cycle but also makes it very hard to lose weight and keep a sane state of mind during the school year. F 20 6 months
 4  to stop bleeding vaginal dryness, hungry constantly it had its intended result and feel better overall F 26 10 days
 4  PCOS, ttc Mild cramping, moody, hot flashes 5 weeks after a ruptured tube, i had not started. my gyn put me on metformin and provera to start my cyle so i could take clomid. im on day 4 after taking the meds and still no monthly visitor... F 27
 2  To bring on late period Nothing really. I felt a bit hungrier than usual. This didn't work as it was supposed to. It is now 14 days after the last pill and my period never got started. Clearly it works for most people, however, so my response is atypical. F 39 7 days
 5  induce my menstrual cycle. TTC night sweats, increse in appetite, bloated, moody!!! the best advise i have is to PLEASE TAKE AT NIGHT BEFORE BED!! it helps you sleep and you wont have any of the side effects. F 29 10 days
 3  PCOS none while on the med, but extreme neusea around the time to be taken, extreme spike in appitite (my stomach was NEVER full!!!), my oily skin got oilier while other parts got ecessively dry, major mood swings (ie depression, anger, worry), got sick while in sunlight (i have to wear a jacket in the summer!), swelling, bloating, tenderness in breasts. i take 10 mg for 5 days every other month... i have to continue it due to high risk hemmorage F 17
 2  To induce a period. Increased appetite, mild cramps I stopped using birth control pills, and never regained my period. After about 60 days without a period, my doctor put me on Provera for 12 days. About 3 days after the last pill, I had mild spotting for another 3 days, but no real period. I'm now pushing day 90, and am scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow. There is no chance I'm pregnant. I'm almost 38 years old, and have never had any issues like this. I took birth control pills for 16 years, started a normal period immediately, and got pregnant 6 weeks later. I resumed birth control pills when my daughter was about 5 months old, took them for a little over a year, and am now my body won't cooperate. F 37 12 days
 1  to restart my period Mood swings,cramps, increase in appetite, most of the time i was feeling depressed It has been 14 days after i took the last pill and since then i have only spotted for 3 days nothing to talk about. Had cramps and haven't had a period yet. F 36 5 days
 4  endometrial hyperplasia Not too bad. I have been tired but like others very anemic. I did have 2 REALLY bad crabby days!! OUt of control but got over it. Very heavy & clotting for 22 days. RX 10mg for 21 days. 3x week/2x week etc. On day 14 & my period stopped 2 days into taking rx which was nice! Break through started abt day 7. (just old & gross/here & there)We will see how next cycle goes & then suppose to take this 15 days monthly for 2 months & re-biopsy. I might add I held off on taking this when 1st prescribed due to reviews but glad I finally took. F 43 14 days
 4  to help with irregular bleeding none so far lets hoper it stay that way I was given provera to take for th first ten days of each month the bleeding ended. Now 3 days after taking the last pill for the month my cylce is starting again i'm hoping that its my cycle and not that crazy spotting again.If this meds do not help they can have my ovaries my ob told me that when you have irregular bleeding like that you are not shedding your lining well I hope this med work reading all of you guys stories is kind of making me not want to take provera. F 29 1 months
 1  To start my period. Increased fatigue, heavy bleeding with large clots, moody. My OB/GYN started me on a 5 day run of Provera, last year (2008) to jump start my period, as I thought I was going to have the Minera inserted in me. Since my doctor only inserts the Minera while women are menstruating, I was so late that they finally started the Provera. I wish I never used that drug b/c I have NOT BEEN THE SAME SINCE last year! My periods are still very heavy and all messed up, only from taking Provera for 5 days! I suggest to anyone who is thinking about taking Provera to really think about it, and possibly let mother nature do the job instead of a chemical! F 45 5 days