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 1  Amenorrhea Constant hunger, weight gain, tired, moody, lightheaded I took 10 mg for 9 day. I was supposed to take it for 10 days but I've gained 5 lbs in a week and it is in general interfering with my ability to get everday activities done. Plus, I still haven't got my period. F 26 9 days
 2  to induce a period Feeling hungry and more tired than normal. Other than that no other side effects. I took Provera, 10mg for 10 days to induce my periods. I begin on 05/01/07. Took last pill on 05/10/07. It's been several weeks and I'm still waiting for my period. My Gyn ordered Lab work including blood & Hormone test on 6/04/07. Blood test results came back normal however I'm waiting for Hormone test results. Does anyone out there know what they are looking for when checking Hormone levels? F 45 10 days
 3  induce periods Depression, fatigue. Lack of energy. Malaise. I have been taking 10 mg for 10 days now, supposed to take for 15 days then off 15 days then back on for 15 days. I sought out this site to see if depression was a side effect and am glad to see it is although really would have appreciated my MD telling me that. Hoping to get a period soon. I seem to get one every 3 months and am trying to conceive. Aside from feeling increasingly depressed, no sign of other symptoms. F 32 10 days
 1  induce a period hungry, weight gain, horrible cramps F 18 10 days
 4  Amenorrhea constant hunger, moodiness, insomnia I don't get periods on my own, but after taking 10 mg 2x for 5 days, I started period on the 4th day after last pill. I am currently on Provera so I can begin Femara cycle after two failed Clomid cycles. F 27 5 days
 1  Treat Endometriosis Update from 9/16/2006 Depo Provera (injection lasts 3 months)Day 1 temporary paralysis, anaphylaxis (paramedics called, severe flu like symptoms, very tired Day 2 still ill with severe flu symptoms and injection had attacked my chest wall making it feel like I was short of breath. Saw Dr who didn't believe it was the injection said come back Monday (4 days later). Did that and he did reflext tests and sent straight to Hospital A&E. Kept in under observation for 2 days. MRI scan and other tests carried out. Confirmation it was injection. Antihistamine max dose still in March 2007. Used American made Natural Progesterone Cream - Serenity, sold by Health Science to counteract the progestins, as still in pain, which operation was meant to sort out. Nat Pro says on lable not to mix the two, as one knocks the other out but desparation was to try. Saw Gynaecologyst in March 2007 after 9 months on Nat Pro and he had to admit the Natural Progesterone cream was working a lot better than he thought it would, and admitted that he had run out of things to proscribe and some of his other patients were on it! Found out about Nat Pro on an American F 38 3 months
 4  induce AF moody, depressed Last time I took 10 days of provera and then got a pretty heavy period (red) and I hadn't bled before that time for about 3 months. This time I started provera because I didn't ovulate after 35 days and I only took 5 days of provera. My period came 3 days after the last pill and was pretty red the first day but very dark brown (like dirt) the 2nd. Today is the 3rd day and I'm wondering if this is normal... F 22 5 days
 3  induce a period hunger, bloating, more frequent urination I have taken the 10 mg dose for the 10 day cycle, and have not experienced my period yet. I had not problem getting pregnant after I went off the pill after taking it for 6 years. My periods were never regular before I went on the pill at age 19. I never began a regular cycle after going off the pill to become pregnant. We didn't try for 3 mths after quitting the pill, and became pregnant within a month of trying. I have had negative pregnancy tests, and am not pregnant, but have not had my period for almost 5 months. F 27 10 days
 3  induce cycle hungry, no energy, nauseated, clumsy, dizzy, insomnia, cramps 2 days after taking 10mg for 5 days I got the dreaded AF. After not having a cycle for about a year(other than spotting) I got it with a vengeance. I am on my 6th day of bleedeg with cramps from hell and changing my super plus tampon every 1 1/2 -2 hours. No energy and my house is a mess but I can honestly say I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand I am glad it is "cleaning out the system", but on the other hand I will never take this again. F 29 5 days
 2  induce cycle very bad migrane ...I took Provera 10 mg for 5 days and my last pill was a 3 days ago and haven't had my period yet. Can please anybody share experience and what should I do and how long should I wait if it doesn't work? Thanks not sure if is going to work. 31 5 days
 5  missed period for 3 months finger bloating I'm on day 9 of provera and spotting. I don't know if this is considered the first day of my cylce or not, since I was told I wouldn't start my period until a few days after the last pill. Anyone else experience this? F 34 9 days
 1  Heavy period immediate hair loss My hair started falling out immediately after my first use of 10 mg for 10 days yes my cycle no longer looked like a crime scene but I am going bald.I would not recommend this product to anyone. I swapped the devil for the witch F 43 10 days
 4  Missed Period for 2 months Anxious/Hyper, Moody, Hot and cold I went off BC after 7 years. I got my period for two months following, then nothing for 2 1/2 months. Went to the doctor, and he said not to worry and put me on Provera. I have been taking it for 3 days now, and havent had too bad of side effects, just super PMS, and quite anxious. I have gotten really tired then can't sit still (not like me) Hoping after the 10th day I will get my period again and start ovulating. F 24 10 days
 3  heavy bleeding tired, mood swings, feeling like everything is too hard (not like me at all!) unable to sleep, weight gain around stomach area I started on Provera to control heavy bleeding. It solved that and put me back on schedule, but I have to wonder if the side effects are worth it and what would happen were I to stop. F 47 4 months
 3  regulate my cycle moodswings ~ weight gain ~ TIREDNESS!! ~ my breast are soo sore I just started taking 10 mg for the first 10 days of the month to try and regulate my cycle i have pcos and endometreous i am only 20 years old and was told since i was 14 i would have a hard time concieving which scares me to death i have been on 7 different birth controls to regulate and stop the cysts from going so we are trying a different aproach which i am extremely scared about because of all the side effects and if you do get pregnant on this med how much harm it can do to your baby. i was just wonder how soon should i expect my period it has been 4 days since i took the last pill and still have not gotten it yet and how bad will it be thanks!! F 20 6 months
 4  Late/Absence of Mensturation Slight Acne, heavy Sweating, Hot Flashes, always Hot I was on the BCP for about 8 years and went off 8 months ago when I got a very painful ovarian cyst. My period were reg. but very heavy and bad cramps. I was reg. from August-March) In April, I was prescribed Provera b/c my period was very late-It was about 45 days since my last period and my PCP gave this rx to me. I also consulted the GYN and got no answers or recommendations-I was told "there is nothing wrong with you END OF STORY". They had me get a blood preg. test and it came out neg. I aslo took 10 Home Preg tests and all were neg. I was so frustrated and scared that something was wrong b/c there must be a reason why I wasn't getting my persiod and no one gave me answers so I started the Provera (10mg 1 pill per day). On Day 8, I experienced pain very similar to the ovarian cyst from last year. The pain was the worst it has been and was just like the cyst. All of a sudden, I got my period on Day 8 along with the pain and now it is 2 days later and I have no more cyst p F 28 8 days
 2  Heavy bleeding tiredness, aggrevated lipoma, bloating As soon as I started taking 10mg x 1 per day, the lipoma under my rib cage had a "sensation", throbbing. I queried internet and found that it can aggrevate fatty tumors. I only took it for 1 month. Not taking it again. I'll just deal with the bleeding until I reach full menopause F 53 1 months
 2  No period for 2 months moody, tender breasts, hot face, anxious Can anyone please tell me how long it took them to feel better and how long it took for the side affects to go aways after stopping Provera? I just finished my dosage. F 30 7 days
 4  birth control/acne spotting, MIGRAINES, major mood swings, improved acne, sore breasts Monthly periods turned into one short, light period every three months when I was due for the next shot. HOWEVER, I was on it for two years and every month my headaches would get worse and more frequent until I had to stop taking it. Thanks to the drug I am immune to Tylenol and all other over the counter meds and now have to take migraine drugs and anti-seizure meds to keep the headaches away. I was actually sad to go off of it b/c I loved the no periods and great skin, except everyone around me hated the mood swings. And the sore breasts were no big deal. F 22 2.5 years
 2  simple hyperplasia; excessive bleed Insomnia; slightly moody (but no more so than before Provera); fatigue; joint pain; headaches. I am on a 3 month regimine of 10mg Provera to treat simple hyperplasia w/o atypia and abnormal uterine bleeding. I was under the impression that Provera would STOP my bleeding. However, after taking it for 3 weeks I am now in the middle of another period from hell. Severe clotting, changing tampons/pads (I use them together) about every 30-45 last night. It seems to have slowed down a bit today - I can last at least 60 min between changes! Woo hoo!!! I'm calling my doctor today to find out if this is REALLY what she was looking for the outcome to be? I'm 51 years old.... just take it out! I don't need it anymore!! F 51 20 days