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 2  induce period irritable, extremely tired, increased facial hair, increased skin blemishes (zits) I'm freaking out because the pharmacist told me that I should have a period the day after the last pill, and today is the second day after the last pill and I'm not seeing anything yet. It worked for me a few years ago, but now I have insulin resistance/ PCOS and I want desperately to have children some day... if anyone has experience with this, comments would be greatly appreciated. F 25 10 days
 2  spotting/bleeding on BC pills A little swelling, but no mood swings or other negative side effects. Was prescribed to stop between period bleeding. Did not work! On day 5, bleeding stopped....and then re-started, getting heavier than before! Day 8, same thing. Today is day 9 and finally the bleeding has stopped, however, my last pill is tomorrow. I will not take this again because it's just putting more crap into my body. F 49 10 days
 5  PCOS and trying to concieve My breasts were just really sore but I'm ok. This is my second time taking provera the first time i took it was in 2006 I took it to start a period and then after my period I would take clomid and well i did become pregant 7 weeks pregnant i miscarried though. I love Provera because its what started my whole cycle. I am now just taking it again to start the whole process over again because we are going to try to conceve again! F 22 7 days
 1  induce a period Gee, where do I start? Severe, debilitating migraine (never had one before in my life) that lasted for 6 days, EXTREME exhaustion as in sleeping 23 hours a day, hot flashes and night sweats, restless sleep and insomnia the 3rd day, rapid heartbeat, DIZZINESS, disorientation, confusion, clumsiness, vertigo, constantly thirsty, terrible cramps and back pain, spotting, mood swings, nausea and vomiting oral provera (10mg)- I at first thought that I was getting the flu because my nurse told me that provera has no reported side effects that she knew of. HA. I looked it up online and saw thousands of sites with my symptoms listed there as side effects. I called another nurse who listened to my symptoms incredulously and said "you must be getting the flu...the hot flashes MAY be from the provera but i've never heard of the others being side effects". Does that seem odd to anyone else? That two fertility specialist nurses would be so ignorant to the potentially terrible side effects of something they are prescribing??? And to not even look it up or consider that it might be the meds? THEY RECOMMENDED THAT I STAY ON MEDROXYPROGESTERONES despite the fact that I couldn't work, drive, walk my dogs, or get out of bed. I had to have my boyfriend walk me to the bathroom sometimes so that I wouldn't stumble or walk into a wall. After the 3rd day of the provera when my visi F 24 3 days
 1  prevent endometrial cancer OB/GYN wants me to take provera to prevent endometrial cancer. My lining is quite thick, but biopsy said no cancer. I'm very apprehensive about taking this drug due to the side effects. Any thoughts? He wants me to take for 7 days at 10mg for 3 months. F 49
 2  Induced period I am 27 years old, I have PCOS and I am trying to conceive. I was prescribed Provera to induce my period so that I could begin taking Clomid. I finished my last pill a week ago and still have no sign of my period. F 27 5 days
 5  Irregular periods heavy bleeding, little more tired than usual After reading through these comments, I see that medications really effect people differently. I did not have any problems with Provera. I did experience heavy bleeding, but it's supposed to shed the lining of the uterus, so that's just something you'll have to face when you take this. It's annoying to change your tampon several times a day, but it's for the benefit of your health, so it's a small sacrifice to pay. I'd rather have to deal with that than deal with complications of the lining not shedding. I did notice that I felt a little tired during the time I took it, but no big deal. It definately did what it was supposed to do. I've been very happy with it. F 25 10 days
 3  Regulate periods to start Clomid I took Provera 3 cycles in a row to regulate periods in order to start Clomid. I have had no side effects except for the bad cramps on day one and two of periods. For those who are scared to take this after reading all these side effects I would say everyone's body reacts different to different medicines and may you wouldnt experience all these side effects. I just hope it works and hopefully I will conceive soon:)Please pray for me:) F 27 10 days
 5  To induce Period None my period was MIA for 2 months and Provera did the job. Can Provera help me get preganant by regulating my Period? F 30 5 days
 3  Induce Period befor Clomid increased appetite, very sore nipples, pain in ovary area We are trying to concieve, but I didn't have a period in > 6 months. It has been 7 days since my last dose, and still no period. This remedy did work for me last time with minimal side effects. F 29 7 days
 4  4month missed period Gas I didnt have any major problems with this medication. I took it for 7 days, had mild cramping the first day and thats it. My period came on 4 days after stopping the pills. So for me it worked great dont know if the gas came from the chile I ate or the meds but either way,Im happy! F 33 7 days
 4  27 Day Period Only side effect was that I was a tad moody, but no where near the moodyness I had while I was bleeding.. Doc gave me ten -10mg,2 on day one and 2 on the seond day and 1 for the last 6 days. periods are back to normal now.. Still keeping my fingers crossed though because this was the sencond time having to take Provera for the same reason. But both times worked great for me.. F 28 8 days
 4  to get a period to get pregnant none I was on depo-provera for 2 years before ttc. I have not had a period since my last depo-provera shot in Feb 2007. I just started spotting in November 2007. I was hoping provera would induce a "real" period. I started to have some spotting on the 4th day after finishing the 10 day course of provera 10 mg. According to my ob, the medicine did it's job. If it gets me closer to getting preg...great. If I'm not preg within 3 months, my ob will start me on clomid as well as the provera. F 30 10 days
 4  PCOS-To start period none It worked immediately for me. i have been regular since i took it last march, up until now and the doc has put me on it again to get me a period. we are trying to conceive and i need to be regular in order to ovulate. I have nothing negative to say about this drug. F 27 10 days
 3  never had a period & want a baby well i am on day 5 of my 10 day 10mg doseage.. no real noticable side effects yet. maybe some weight gain,and a small rash on my arm, but from wht i hear moset side effects are after my 10 days are over.. i just want to have a period so tht me and my husband can have children.... i have never ever had a period and all my hormone levels, thyroid, pap smear and chromosome tests came back as normal???? im like wht is going on... so is my doctor.. i am hopeing this works and if it does any side effects i suffer thru wil be worth it... anyone tht is going thru the same thing e mail me.. i would love to have someone to talk to that understands my frustrations or can give advice....clueless...... F 29 5 days
 3  excessive menstrual bleeding/clots It did help. But I stopped taking it because I am concerned about the risk factors and Provera doesn't get to the root of problem. Recommend books by Dr. John R. Lee on hormone balance. Provera is a synthetic progesterone with many potential adverse side effects. Alternative: NATURAL PROGESTERONE. Started applying natural progesterone cream and my periods are much ligher with minimal clotting. No harmful side effects. Try it! F 45 1 years
 2  Endometriosis constant sugar binges,feelings of woe,gloom and doom,poor concentration,memory problems,aggresion,resentment I am already on medication for a prolactinoma(tumor) in the pituarity gland which affects hormones,you get breast milk,excess hair but cant fall pregnant,this was diagnosed after 2 years without periods,so i was reluctant to take yet another hormone tablet,but i did as you do if your desperatly trying for a child.Well i bled for 17 days and almost lost my mind with depression and mood swings,that was 9 weeks ago and i have not had a period since!!This is crazy as the pills i was taking for the prolactinoma were to regulate and bring back my periods!I have ceased taking all until i see the gyno. F 36 14 days
 3  induce period depression, lethargy, irritability, cramps other than making me depressed and tired, it worked within 5 days. F 17 5 days
 4  Regulate menstrual cycles from PCOS None. I have not had any side effects from taking the 10 day supply prescribed. I just found out I have PCOS and am trying to conceive so I needed to start this in order to begin Clomid treatment. I have one Provera pill left and I've so far had no bad symptoms. I would take this again if my cycle doesn't regulate. F 32 10 days
 5  Estrogen dominance/amenorea My mood significantly IMPROVED...not sure why! Provera helped me a lot. I'd been hesitant to take it, and worried about side effects, but after 2 days I had my old energy back and was much less tense. Menstruation returned two days after last pill. I had gone 3 months without a period prior to this and had much estrogen in my body, with low progesterone (.25) Am posting my experience in order to help women in the same situation as I was. F 28 10 days