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 3  no period for three years Ok, I got 10mg for 10 days. For about 5 days I felt FINE,had light spotting, and normal appetite and energy, by the 6th day I was mildly nasuaus, and started bleeding lightly on the 9th day. Heavy bleeding started after about 2 days off it, but still not the flood we had hoped for. Also BAD BAD CRAMPS. It has been 14 days since I stopped, and Im still bleeding, and having BAD BAD cramps (10mg lorcet, and 4 advil help, but do not completely erase the pain) I go into the dr in two days for tests to see if the thickened lining is gone. If this works, it was all worth it, if not, it kinda sucked. Definitely not fun, but its worth a try over a D&C any day. F 30 10 days
 3  endometrial hyperplasia mood swings,head ache,dizziness,bloating,weight gain, lack of energy, loss of concentration, lack of sleep, and abdominal cramps have been taking provera 10 mg BID, to stop my bleeding but still experience spotting once in a while and ometimes brown discharge. F 30 17 days
 5  irregular period/ starting clomid Acne, ooo and gas but I don't know if that was me hehehe!!! I love it...If I need to take it I will. I haven't had a period like this for a year so I was happy to see AF... 50mg for five days... Three days later AF... F 24 5 days
 5  hyperplasia weight loss, normal moods A couple of years ago I wrote a comment after my DnC to remove hyperplasia with atypia. I was surprised to see that the comments people were leaving said that they gained weight, had mood swings, and felt tired. I had the opposite effect. Last Feb. my doctor took me off Provera. I had severe mood swings, was very tired, and in spite of going to the gym 3-5 days a week, I gained 20 lbs. Apparently, my body needs Provera. I am now back on it. I started it again 4 days ago and have already lost a pound and I FEEL NORMAL! I truly believe that if you are having adverse side effects, talk to your doctor. You could be on the wrong dosage or medication altogether. Good luck and don't let the plethora of negative comments scare you. F 31 2 years
 3  Irregular Periods - Cyst on Ovaries I had every side effect known! This drug is AWFUL to be on. My boyfriend I thought was going to break up with me becuae I was such a "You Know What" luckily he is extremely understanding. I had cramps, MAJOR mood swings, migraine, chills, fever of 102 for 3 DAYS! Awful neck pain, hungry all the time but only for cheese and sweets (I swear all i have eaten the past 9 days are cheese curds, cheese pizza, and oreos), extremely bloated, boobs are "full" and painful, and my skin is very very dry but on my face it is oily and starting to breakout. I have not had my period in 4 months and now have a cyst the size of an apple on my right ovary, hopefully this works! F 26 10 days
 2  complex endometrial hyperplasia HUGE increase in appetite. This is day 5 and I noticed the appetite after the first dose. Other than that, I have no other symptoms. I've been working out much more to help with all the food I'm eating. Any advice for counteracting the increased appetite with this medication? I have to take for 12 days this month and continue for two more months before getting another biopsy. F 36 5 days
 5  Irregular Periods Fatigue during first two days of taking medicine Began taking Provera in order to "jump start" my body into having a period so I could begin taking birth control pills for the first time. I took one pill each day for 10 days. I started my period on the 11th day. F 24 10 days
 3  Multiple periods While taking Provera, I had a huge appetite, I craved for sweets and fish, headaches, chills, fever, mood swings, constipation, gas, pain in legs, cramps,passed very small blood clots,tenderness in breasts, soreness under arm pit, and NO SEXUAL DESIRES. F 36 10 days
 3  Very very embarrassing heavy flow Extensive lower stamach or uterus pains,spotting on my panty liners,skin irritation on the viginal lips, itching when passing urine and headaches I'm on my day 8 with this provera and my gynea wants me to take it for 3 months and this is my first month. I just hope it's going to help me. F 30 8 days
 3  PCOS no period 2 months fatigue, moodiness, lower back pain, bloating I'm on day 6 of a 10 day cycle and so far the side effects have not been too bad. I have trouble sleeping and find that I am tired during the day. I am also much more irritable than normal but that could also be the lack of sleep! And I am BLOATED! I look pregnant! Hopefully this all goes away when I get my period :( F 30 6 days
 2  missed period after having tubes ti extremely tired, sore and achy all over I was supposed to take 10mg for 10 days. I took it for 8 days and stopped. I couldn't handle it. So far no period. F 29 8 days
 3  Ovaria Cysts ,spotting slight tenderness with nipples My Gyno put me on provera because i was spotting for five weeks straight , i also have a cyst on my left ovary this is day 4 i have been taking provera and so far the spotting has eased up but have to take them for 21 days in total so hoping for some relief i need to get back to my sex life F 28 4 days
 4  Induce Cycle (Missed 2 Yrs) Incredible cramps, fatigue, bloating Had taken approximately 4-regimes of Provera over the past few months to induce my cycle, with little to no results. Some spotting, lots of menstrual symptoms, but no cycle. Saw a new GYN who did an in-office biopsy of my cervex and discovered that my cervex was completely closed (not sure why). She dialated my cervex and I began a crazy-mad cycle that same day. I shed the lining that had built over the 2 years and had another cycle 5 days after that one ended. Not sure what happens from here, but wanted to share this in case someone else has the same issue. F 45 28 days
 3  Prolonged Bleeding Cramps! Not unbearable, but constant and uncomfortable. Also have achey thighs and a mild headache. Am 40 years old and up until last year have always had normal, regular periods. Last year they began getting heavier and heavier. Last period was January. No period in February or March. Then started in April and have been bleeding for 18 days now. Doctor prescribed Provera 10 mg for 10 days. I am on day 3. Bleeding acts like it is going to stop by getting really light, but then it seems to start back up over night. Wasn't having the cramping until I started the provera. Not sure which is worse to deal with, the bleeding or the cramping. Going to the doctor May 4 for an exam! Ready to get this over with! F 40 3 days
 1  Prolonged bleeding Extreme fatigue, moodiness, depression, vivid dreams - not scary, just weird, severe cramping and increased flow 10 mg for 10 days. On my 8th day and I'm worse off than before my Rx. Did not stop my bleeding at all - actually made it worse increasing from light to moderate. Still passing clots and have severe cramping. Taking 800 mg Motrin every 8 hours and still have pain. Fatigue is the worst - I could nap all day and still sleep 10 hours at night. F 36 8 days
 5  my period would not stop completely i'm a little tired and get mild headaches after my 10 days of pills. ( 10 mg for 10 days) i will be 35 next month and have taken this drug for 2 years now. it has helped me where nothing else has. i count 14 days from the day i start my period then i take provera for 10, then within 3-10 days later i have another period. i have never had a regular period--not even with birth control pills. i now experience "break-through" bleeding maybe 3 times a year. (that's good for me). i have recently started taking a vitamin/energy packet for women from GNC. this has been a help with the low energy levels. provera has helped me a lot. i wish other older women in my family could have taken this before their so-called periods ended. ( i come from a "infertile family". my brother and i are both fertility babies). i would encourage women to at least speak with their dr. about taking this if they have problems. i'm truly greatful to have this drug available to me. as far as weight gain - i quit smoking the same time i started this drug. i have gained 15-20 pounds but it's hard to say if it's from provera or kicking the smokers habit. hope this helps. best of luck to whom ever reads this. F 35 2 years
 3  excessive and long term bleeding Fatigue, but could be from the loss of iron from such long term bleeding; mood swings, irritable, not much of an appetite, but when I did feel like eating, all I wanted was junk food; some lower back pain; instensive cramping I started taking Provera 10mg/day for 10 days in Oct. 08 to stop 8 weeks of bleeding, getting heavier each week. The bleeding did not stop, so she added 10 days of Agystin and the bleeding stopped within a few days. When I was supposed to take the medicine in Nov., I had just started my period, so waited until Dec. to do the 10-day regimen again. I did fine, and also in Jan. 09. Then I skipped my period in Feb. and started again on Mar 18th. Have not stopped yet! I called my gyn 2 weeks ago and she put me back on Provera for 7 days, but bleeding did not stop and is getting heavier, similar to one of the other women who wrote in, massive clots, super+ tampons and pads every 3 hours and being afraid to move without squishing out clots. I called last week and she added Agystin again. I've been taking that for a week, but still bleeding. Going in to see her again. She had said if this didn't work, would need to do an oblation of the uterus. That may be the next step. F 51 7 months
 3  induce period to take Clomid Not many while on it... Now 2 days into period, very moody and tired. Also, certain foods are just nauseating to me. If I didn't know better, I'd think I was pregnant! It did work - I started my period within 3 days of finishing up the pills. It is weird that the side effects are happening after I've finished taking it. I hope it's worth it! F 29 7 days
 1  Prolonged bleeding Extremely Tired all the time, Just want to sleep but cant get to sleep...bloated, and very depressed, on the verge of crying all the time, anxious,bloated, moody, spotting. Sure it stopped the bleeding, but I have never been so depressed for no reason before, apathetic,this is not me, as I am a upbeat kinda person who doesnt want to spend her whole weekends (becasue I work fulltime) sleeping. F 37 14 days
 3  amenorrhea tired while taking Provera, slight depression and irritability afterwards waiting for menstrual cycle to start I took 10mg for 10 days and it has been 8 days since I finished and my cycle has not started yet. I felt fine taking the medication but am now a little depression with some irritability so am anxious for my cycle to start so hopefully these symptoms will go away. My MD said it could take 5-7 days for my cycle to start. Since I am on day 8, I am curious if it isn't going to work and if so, will I have to do another 10 days of Provera? F 34 10 days