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 3  amenorrhea of 2 years extreme moodiness + severe cramps gyno gave me 10 days of 10mgs of provera, i started my period as soon as it ended. glad as i was that my period was induced, it's already day 20 of my period. that's 3 weeks worth of my blood coming out. i've been on a bc pill for 2 weeks, trying to stop it but it hasn't really worked except stopped the horrible cramps. F 21 10 days
 3  to control heavy menstural cycle emotionally depressed, feeling angry and insomnia not until now that i'm on the 5days break i've noticed why i'm having constant moodswings, feeling really lonely and pushing away all my loved once by just bn angry and wanting to be left alone..i am very outgoing person and now i'm quite worried.supposed to start round 2 next week but bit concerbed now! F 25 21 days
 3  Lack of menstration Didn't seem to have any side effects. If anything I may have only noticed slightly less hunger than normal, which was a blessing! I took 10mg of Provera for 10 days. It has been 12 days since I finished the 10 day course and I still have had no period. I have noticed some unpleasant mood swings in the last few days, so perhaps I may have my period soon. Other than that nothing. F 34 10 days
 4  PCOS bloated feeling, always hungry, really bad mood swings My husband and I have been wanting to get pregnant for the past 6 years, so far no go, due to the PCOS and not having my period for the past 7 years. The side effects are worth it if you are trying to get pregnant! I am on the 10mg for 10 days and praying to start my period so we can move forward with the steps in getting pregnant F 26 9 days
 3  menses last 10-17 days, heavy I am on day 4 of taking 14 days of 10mg, my breast are sooo sore. I can barely stand clothing on them. Wondering if this is normal. I am 41 years old doctor gave to me as a chemical D&C, he says it works on 50% of women, I hope I am that 50%. If not they can take my uterus cause these 10-17 days of heavy bleeding and clots is crazy. F 41 4 days
 3  excess bleeding itching and rash F 51 2 days
 3  Lack of period / PCOS Extreme moodiness. I would become so angry and cried over everything, even when I knew it was just the Provera. I had some bad cramping for the past week, but that might just be me (back when I still had my AF). I was prescribed 10mg for 14 days because I hadn't had my AF for 1.5 years. It started on the 10th day of ingesting Provera, and today is the 8th day of AF. It was really heavy for the past 6 days but it's "medium" right now. I'm on day 5 of a bc pill but my AF is still pretty consistent. F 21 14 days
 3  missed period for 3 months moodiness, angriness got into a crazy fight with my parents..dont know if the drug induced it but i look back at it and i dont see how i could have just done that myself F 20 10 days
 1  Lack of periods Outrageous mood swings, extreme fatigue, excessive bleeding both in volume and length. This was the worst experience I've ever had with a medication. The mood swings were VERY violent and so was I! I really felt the urge to truly punch people. At one point, my anger would build so strong that my vision would blur for a split second. The bleeding was very heavy, going through a super plus tampon and pad within 3 hours. I'm on day 13 of this right now and it's hell on earth. I've missed a week of work because of the side effects. Time to ask the doctor if there is another solution out there for me because this isn't it for sure! F 28 8 days
 4  Only had 4 periods a year Swelling in my feet..really bad. Blurred vision and hot flashes. Maybe a little moody. I have taken 2 months worth 10mg for 10 days. I have had very light periods. No cramping a slight headache. My libido is better and I have more energy then I have had in a long time. I am pretty over weight and have lost a few pounds. I have been walking everyday with my increased energy and honestly I feel alot better except for the swollen feet. Would like to know if anyone else has had swollen feet and if I should be concerned about it. F 41 2 months
 3  absent period first round- no noticeable side effects, second round- extreme mood swings, nausea, headaches... I dont remember anything the first month i took it, other than mild cramping, but then the second round has been completely different. I am a pharmacist, so i was aware there are possible side effects, but this was unreal. Happy to crying in a minute...i would also get really angry for no reason...needless to say i never finished my second round... F 27 10 days
 4  PCOS None, actually. 10 mg for 10 days due to thickened lining from not having a period in 5 months. Spotting started day after I stopped Provera. HEAVY bleeding for 3 days (so far - going though a pad AND tampon every 1.5 hours)), but it's just doing what it's suppose to. Quite a bit of cramping and lower back pain. I'm suppose to repeat every 3 months if I do not get a period. Perhaps next time the bleeding won't be as heavy. F 29 10 days
 5  PCOS (to start a cycle) The first time I took Provera I didn't have any side effects besides mood swings. This time, however, I am not having any mood swings but am experiencing sleeplessness and really annoying restless arms! I am taking Provera to kick start a menstrual cycle so that I can start fertility medication. F 28 2 months
 1  Irregular metrual period increase appetite, and lower stomach pain I took provera 5mg F 25 7 days
 3  Loss of period- 3 months Crying, being teary all the time, depression, fatigue and physical and emotional sensitivity. My breasts are also swollen and I have random bouts of cramps. F 27 10 days
 4  Endometrial Cancer appetite increase, fatigue ( & insomnia), vivid dreams, loss of libido, muscle aches(thighs/calves). Haven't seen a lot of comments about the higher dosage, so I thought I would add mine. I was prescribed 200mg for 10 days on/20 days off for 3 months. Did not start AF until day 18 after I stopped taking the med (yesterday). Dr said, "just keep taking it whether you have one or not". Cramps are high, flow is light (very bright colored), minimal clots (had very minimal flow while taking the med as well). Have been on higher dose progestins for over a year. Best way to control appetite is to become extremely regimented (eat food at the same time every day in same amounts); cut out sugars, processed foods, wheat, dairy and fake sugars. My Dr said, "be prepared to gain 25-50 pounds". I did. Once I regimented my eating, I lost the weight I gained(albeit very slowly). The cravings DO go away if you improve your diet (lean towards lower carb and omit high allergy foods). Good luck! :) F 37 10 days
 5  complex endometrial hyperplaysia Wind and a little constipation. I've never felt better in my life! All of the symptoms I was experiencing due to the CEH have alleviated. I'm full of energy, positive, clear skin, libido return, no headaches. I'm very lucky. I hope that it remains this way for the full 6 month treatment. F 39 10 days
 4  PCOS, heavy continuous cycle +clots I am on this now for day 5. Yesterday I started feeling dizzy and hard to focus on anything other than how weird I was feeling. I did have spotting until day 3 and now...YEAH nothing now. The spotting could have been from the biopsy that I unexpectedly received at my last DR appt. :o( My doctor feels that I am having such heavy bleeding that doesn't stop due to my PCOS that I have previously been diagnosed. I too have had some very vivid and weird dreams at night. Did have cramping day 1-2, have subsided. Can't wait for my next appointment, hopefully I won't have to take this monthly, although the DR prescribed for 6 months of refills. She said maybe I'll be on birth control such as Mirena or something else. That sucks because I have had my tubes tied in order to not have to take such birth control. But, I will take birth control over surgery any day! Good luck to all of you and god bless. F 34 5 days
 3  multiple uterine polyps Before taking Provera I suffered depression, feelings of anxiety, mood swings, no appetite and constant nausea. So far I have noticed little change in my periods but I am so much happier, less depressed and actually have an appetite which means that for the first time in years I can enjoy food without feeling sick and full after 1 mouthfull. I have to go back for a scan in september to see whether it has helped with the polyps. I also suffer from underactive thyroid gland and my meds are obviously not taking care of everything as it would seem that my body needs the extra hormone that taking provera provides. F 45 2 months